Michael Brown
Michael Brown 2010
Michael Brown










Archfuck of the Universe, Astromystic, Sorcerer of Saturn


Potential Monochromatic Tier Four

Appears in

The Secret of Storms Saga, The Silent Fool Saga, Oots Saga, Klastrofagai Saga, Nemesis Saga, Magnetar Saga, Black Hole Saga

Michael Brown is an Archfuck of the Universe and the main and most prominent character in Kamilogy. He is an a world-renowned Astromystic and a master of Saturnian Magixx, a kind of Magixx that uses planetary WOHOHO powers, and a master of Arcane Magixx, a manifestation of divine Magixx. He is also a professor of astronomy at Ahhu's Universe of Magixx located in Engawer, the capital city of Redridge. Michael Brown is indulged with the power of Cosmos. He works in his own observatory and research center on the mysteries of WOHOHO and Magixx. Michael Brown is married to Lady Whose Name Is Argentina (her name is actually Lady Whose Name Is Argentina and not Argentina). Michael Brown's father, Thomas Brown, was a powerful sorcerer as well who dissected the so called Lines of Redridge. Michael Brown and Kaxtror are best friends and life long rivals. Michael Brown represents Team Redridge.


Do you know Michael Brown? I know Michael Brown! Winds of the dawn! That's my crown!

Ideals and Prophecies

Cosmos, Wisdom, Intelligence, Spirit, Arcane

Skills and Specialties

Saturnian Magixx

Michael Brown is a master of Saturnian Magixx, a kind of Magixx that uses planetary WOHOHO powers.

Preview of spells:

E-Tholin Surge─Creates a surge of highly charged E-Tholins that hit and damage the enemy.

Call of Jovin─(Ultimate STES) Summons the essence of the planet Saturn to fight among the caster.

Arcane Magixx

Michael Brown is a master of Arcane Magixx, a manifestation of divine high Magixx.

Preview of spells:

Magixx: The Power─Creates a powerful orb of arcane energy that can be used to blast enemies within range.

Arcane Power─(STES) temporarily boosts total WOHOHO.
Mike brown lol

Michael Brown in his youth


"Wisdom - Motherfuckers - that shit is gold!"

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