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Spirit Substance

What humans refer to as the soul, what is sometimes called the spirit or which we refer to as the entity, is not what is supposed by most humans. They imagine a vapor, something that can move through walls like a ghost, something without substance that seeks to influence the physical world around it with little success. They realize the soul can remember, as past lives are recalled, but do not imagine that a physical brain is required. The view that humans have of the soul is, as could be expected, the view from the human vantage point. What is missing from the vantage point is the ability to see the soul, as the substance is not something that the human eye can perceive.

The soul has substance, and grows in bulk early in its development as many incarnations, many lives, are experienced. This bulk cannot be gauged by humans, who look upon one another as having equal souls, when nothing of the kind is the reality. Some souls are so tiny and poorly constructed that they dissipate after the incarnation, what we term aborted entities. This type of soul may be present in many animals and even some plant forms, as the stuff of souls is dispersed throughout the Universe and incarnations happen naturally. Where the human eye cannot gauge the mass of another soul, the spirits gauge this very well. You know instinctively that another is old and wise. Spiritual growth occurs most rapidly early on via incarnations, but later this growth proceeds based on experiences outside of incarnations, and incarnations are not needed for this purpose. Incarnations continue to be used as a learning experience, however, from time to time.

The soul not only has memory, it does not forget. It is not by accident that intelligent life forms have nerves, brains, and memory in the form of chemical impressions. It is not by accident that this same structure is found for intelligent thought on all density levels. It is intrinsic to the way the Universe is structured, and thus souls likewise have such structures. The stuff of souls is simply another density level, one that touches on all the others. It is finer and more durable, at the same time. It could be called the base of matter, in that regard, as it permeates all levels where matter can reside. Intelligent life forms come in many shapes and sizes, but all have brains and nerves. Thus a soul can incarnate in a hominoid at one point in its development, and into quite another life form during another incarnation, without any adaptation required.

The soul does not require food or nourishment as physical life forms do. The human animal cannot retain its shape without fuel, without maintaining a certain temperature and replacing damaged or consumed biochemicals. It must eat to survive. Souls do not require a temperature maintenance, and by their nature maintain their own chemistry, the only outside reach required is to acquire more of the stuff of souls, present everywhere in the Universe, when growth in bulk is occurring.

Spirit Form

The stuff of souls is something of a mystery to we, the Zetas, and we cannot entirely answer the question. We have been told the process of soul building, and participate in being Spirit Guides and Birthing Envoys. We have experienced our own incarnations, and in many cases become very aware of our past lives. Yet there are mysteries not explained or answered to us in 4th Density, for whatever reason God's plan entails. Thus, the base question of why God has chosen to create the Universe, or have it operate as it does, is not ours to answer.

What density is our spiritual form in? The substance that composes the spirit is not of the same substance that composes the physical world. Where the physical world of 3rd Density cannot sense or interact with the physical world of 4th Density, due to their vibrational differences, entities in spirit form transcend these physical barriers and can interact, and the reason is simple - the spirit has only one density, so all are in touch with one another. Does this mean that an alien moving into 4th Density during a visitation on Earth can still spiritually interact with the contactee? Absolutely. This is exactly what it means. Do not entities in light form greet 3rd Density humans experiencing a Near Death Experience? When we speak of spiritual densities, we are referring to moral or growth levels, not a form of physical density.

Humans who have what we have termed virgin souls, those first congealing in the consciousness of the human, are no less able to communicate with other souls than old souls. The issue is not their ability, as a virgin soul, but for want of a better term, their weight and mass. Old souls have an equivalent of the human brain's tendrils, connections, and number of brain cells. They live on because of this, the complexity of interactions and memories that hold the soul together. Young souls that dissipate because of lack of what we have termed a spark, have few connections, few substantial memories that create connections, and thus there is in essence nothing there. However, during the lifetime of this virgin incarnation, the soul that IS there can communicate with other souls, and thus is part of what is commonly termed the collective subconscious. They, however, ask more questions than give answers, and have few insights, so are more the receivers than the transmitters.
The world in which an entity evolves upon does made an imprint on the entity, that has a strong but not dominant effect on it's future. This is an easy concept for mankind to relate to, as the culture that they come from determines their outlook, how they interact with others, and the restrictions they impose upon themselves. However, just as humans find they become citizens of the world during travel, or living and working abroad, just so souls incarnating into other lifeforms find they have a common bond and base with other souls. Evolution into higher spiritual densities is akin to world travel, in the human experience, a rich tapestry of encounters with fascinating cultures and attitudes. Each learns from the other, and grows. And eventually, the experiences of all are the experiences of each. Where is leading is part of God's plan, and not something we can speak to with experience or knowledge.

Light Form

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Some visitations are from entities who no longer take physical form. Physical form was in the past for these entities, but they are spiritually evolved now, and take what would be called light form. The contactee is probably not aware of his contacts with these entities, unless in his dreams, which may or may not be consciously recalled. These entities have an extreme mental capacity, beyond what humans can endure. These entities have a force of love, also. Returning from a contact with these entities, the contactee feels as though he has risen from a warm bath into the cool air. He wishes to return to the warmth. He wishes this never to end. The contactee needs to bear in mind that what he desires is in his future. The entities in contact have also endured what the contactee is enduring, in their past. This is one of the reasons they have such an intensity of love for humans. Entities in light form appear to humans as balls of light, the strength of the light in proportion to the mass of the entity.

Human spirits are sensed, as ghosts, as a light cooling of the temperature or perhaps a visage of the human as it appeared during its last incarnation. This in no way relates to how the entity is shaped at present, but is an impression the formerly human spirit is giving to the human at the scene - I looked like this. Temperature changes are due to the disincarnate entity desiring to influence the scene, and being inexperienced at how to do this.

Wise and massive entities, almost invariably in the Service-to-Other orientation, appear as balls of light so their human contacts can mentally register their presence. Humans sense these entities well before they see them in light form, as the light form is assumed only as a type of dress to allow the human to better comprehend the situation. The contactee strongly senses someone in the room, or nearby, even though the contactee may be quite alone by all appearances. This sense that someone else is present is so strong that the contactee may actually glance around, disbelieving what their eyes are telling them. It is for this reason that these entities assume a light form, so that the contactee can relate to what is happening and get down to business.


Out-Of-Body experiences can happen anytime an entity, or spirit, is incarnated, regardless of the density. It is true that most 3rd Density incarnations proceed from beginning to end without an Out-Of-Body experience, and that, on the other hand, it is rare for a 4th Density incarnation not to have an Out-Of-Body experience, but this is due to the relative awareness of the entity, not the density.

Humans experience Out-Of-Body in association with great trauma, where they are near death or severely injured. Some humans recall seeing themselves lying on a table while a medical procedure or examination is taking place, apparently Out-Of-Body during this distress. Is this a deliberate use of Out-Of-Body, as a type of anesthesia? No, as Out-Of-Body maneuvers are always initiated by the human. However, due more to alarm at the strangeness of the setting, many humans do go Out-Of-Body during physical procedures. If they are in deep paralysis, which is a means of anesthesia often used by ourselves or others concerned with the well-being and comfort of our contactees, then the physical body is still. However, the spirit, elsewhere in the room, observes.

Once having been Out-Of-Body, the entity incarnating in a human body is wise, and not infrequently intrigued. How did I do that? Being Out-Of-Body offers all kinds of opportunities. Instantaneous travel, through walls, and invisibility. Humans adept at initiating an Out-of-Body use this frequently to gather information, check on a loved one, or just simply to have a look-see. Is this good? Yes and no. Where the human is operating in a 4th Density spiritual mode, is sufficiently Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other to be destined for 4th Density physical existence during the next incarnation, there is little harm done, but where they have not progressed in their 3rd Density orientation lesson and must continue in 3rd Density, Out-Of-Body can be a distraction from the lesson. It is an escape. For this reason we do not give lessons on how to achieve an Out-Of-Body.

The Out-Of-Body experience is much misunderstood. It is desired by many but experienced by few. The entity, driven by curiosity or strong emotion, flits out of the physical body, desiring more mobility. Once the spirit learns how to jump out of the body, the human finds they can go out of the body at will, but they cannot describe the mechanism as it is, after all, a skill of the soul, not of the human body that the soul inhabits. Out-Of-Body is not a particular position or a particular mind set, and it is not really a voluntary activity on the part of the human. This is not something that a human can teach itself, because it is a lesson that the soul must experience.

Most often, in humans, it occurs in trauma or impending death, the sense of the spirit that the body will die. It is stepping away as though jumping out of the fire. The soul often jumps out of the body just as death is happening, as those who have come back from Near Death experiences can relay. They were watching the scene. Even though the point of death experience is remembered by spirits, this pales in the flood of other experiences and tends to be not remembered until a similar instance returns, such as the death of the current incarnation.

Once entities learn how to do this, they want to do this often. If they don't return voluntarily, on their own, they are returned by their spirit guides, who watch over the incarnated entities like school yard monitors, ensuring that the incarnation proceeds by the rules. These temporary exits are self limiting, as the guides force the entity back into its physical body after a time. No skipping out of school. During 3rd Density the entity is required absolutely to be incarnated, as this is where it learns the fastest. There are occasional Out-Of-Body experiences, but in the main, 3rd Density is a grounded experience.

During 4th Density the entity is also incarnated, but is aware of the potential separation of the spirit from the body, and Out-Of-Body experiences are openly discussed among all─a fact of life. 4th Density is a long plateau, where many lessons are solidly mastered. During 4th Density, the entity increasingly finds itself Out-Of-Body, and thus is getting familiar with life without a body. Moving into 5th and 6th Density, then, the entity is comfortable without a body, and finds its learning experiences can continue apace with or without. However, depending on the determination of the entity and lessons to be learned, these 5th and 6th Density entities may find themselves incarnated, even back on a 3rd Density world such as the Earth is at present.

Indestructible Soul

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What you call a soul is composed of substances, just as your physical body is. These substances are just as complex as the molecules and cell structure your physical body is composed of - in their own way. However, these substances cannot be destroyed by such things as atomic explosions or even entry into a black hole. The soul is durable and indestructible. Souls are born, and evolve and grow, just as in your physical world you find plants and animals springing up from seed, from a single cell. This does not happen haphazardly, and only happens on worlds in 3rd Density. When an entity is incarnate, what you call the soul suffuses with the physical body, spreading throughout all the parts of the physical body.

The existence of the soul, that part of a human remaining after the physical body expires, has been measured as a tiny adjustment in the weight of the dead body, happening at the moment of death in most cases. We say in most cases, as the soul may depart earlier, seeing the trend. For instance, where individuals go Out-Of-Body during trauma, the soul has already left. Nevertheless, there is some small scientific aspect to support the general human perception that they have a soul. In fact, so prevalent is this feeling or belief in humans, that one stating the opposite comes in for some heat. Religions invariably espouse the soul and an afterlife as a reality.


Regarding reincarnation. It exists. Through the Rule of Forgetfulness you do not remember your past lives during an incarnation, unless circumstances cause you to remember. Each life, or incarnation, has a focus, a lesson. You may or may not succeed in learning this lesson, and in this case this lesson will be before you in future lives. Some entities learn faster than others. Some backslide, and need to repeat prior lessons. Progress in the lessons may be made in either the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other path. Some lessons are harder to learn in this orientation or that. Entities sometimes find themselves switching orientations during lessons, but this is rare and usually fleeting.

The Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other orientation involves not just the choice of what one's goals are, it involves how one relates to others while attempting to reach those goals. For instance, the Service-to-Self oriented entity desires to surround itself with luxury and other entities under its control. When interfacing with others, it concentrates on effecting domination, whether by fear and intimidation or by bribery. The Service-to-Others oriented entity has different goals, to assist others with their problems and to work jointly toward mutual goals. When interfacing with others, it moves toward clarifying the goals of the group, and then volunteering a role in reaching those goals.

Reincarnation occurs because special envoys from the Council of Worlds, loosely termed birthing envoys, gather up disincarnate entities and discuss the entities progress and growth. You may think of this as a school conference if you wish, where the young entity and its guides have a conference with the birthing envoys. The lessons to be learned are formulated, with the most pressing lesson taking priority. In this the entity itself has little input, just as young school children have little input into their curriculum. Many call this karma, where what one did in a past life comes back to haunt one. The entity cannot end an incarnation, except through death or the temporary vacating of the physical body during Out-Of-Body experiences.

Some entities require fewer incarnations at certain points or planes of development than other entities. This variation in the number of incarnations required is based both on the nature of the entity, or soul, and the circumstances of the incarnation. The key is whether the lesson to be learned has been sufficiently learned. In some cases an incarnation will generate more lessons to be learned than it resolved. The entity moves backwards, so to speak.

Many Incarnations

Humans tend to underestimate the number of incarnations they will have before advancing to light form, the stage where a body no longer is a learning tool. They explore their past lives, digging about with a past life regression therapist, and remember only those that are pleasant or put their actions in a good light. The horrific times, or times when they behaved so badly they prefer not to dwell on the matter, are not brought forward. The soul, of course, does not forget, but the human consciousness, hearing these tales, discards them and will only allow the pleasant to come through. Incarnations run into the thousands, in the main, before a graduation to 4th Density spiritual is achieved. Nancy is an example of someone who quickly made her orientation decision, having done so in a little more than 1,200 lifetimes, but there are others who require 50,000 or more incarnations to firmly decide. Even then, entities may vacillate, and need to return to 3rd Density to re-establish this decision. 

Why Incarnations

At what point do incarnations cease to be a learning tool? Humans entranced with Out-of-Body experiences imagine this to be a goal, as they see so many advantages. They could spy on their neighbors, gain information useful in power plays, and just travel without expense or distress. However, Service-to-Other entities intent on their lessons do not consider such skipping out of school an advantage.
  • Incarnations trap the developing soul in a body with limitations, lesson 1.
  • Incarnations create the need to be creative, and resourceful, lesson 2.
  • Incarnations put the developing soul in pain and distress, frustration, longing, so that the soul has empathy later for others in this situation, lesson 3.

Thus, incarnation are seen as a tool, and until the soul has grown beyond this point, and has learned all the lesson that could be learned from incarnation, there is no press to avoid them. Humans experience Out-of-Body during suffering, as many Near Death Experiencers will tell you that they viewed their moment of death from outside their body. Torture, or intense pain, will likewise cause the soul to jump out of the body, and the body and soul then remember this and attempt to repeat it. This is discouraged by the Spirit Guides, who consider this skipping out of school, and the soul is forced back into the body by various means. As you mature, and move forward into higher densities, this desire to skip out of school will cease.

Many life forms in 3rd Density are incapable of manipulating their environment. They can have empathy with each other, the key ingredient for development past 3rd Density, as the Service-to-Other vs. Service-to-Self decision can be made. But for water creatures, for instance, who have no appendages and cannot manipulate their environment, technology is not possible. We have mentioned that Crop Circles are done by water creatures who could not travel to this planet unless assisted. They function in 4th and even 5th Density, in this life form, but do not construct or operate space ships. This is done for them. They are able, through physical means, primarily what you would consider mental powers, to create the crop circles. Thus, technology, which is whiz-bang to humans, is merely viewed as a toy, and the lack of technology not a reason to avoid incarnations.

Incarnation Focus

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We have stated that for immature souls the Spirit Guides dictate the circumstances of an incarnation, and the immature soul has scant input. We have stated that Out-of-Body experiences are discouraged, considered flitting out of school, with the young souls returned to their incarnation. We have stated that this type of monitoring or coercion by the Spirit Guides is done essentially by a force of will, but can the young soul rebel and refuse? What happens in these circumstances? We have stated that the Council of World relies on physical constraints to control souls in the Service-to-Self, using a substance that only very high level entities can control. This substance blocks the stuff of souls from moving about, if necessary, a type of jail. Immature souls leaning toward the Service-to-Self invariably challenge their Sprit Guides, as adolescents do their parents, testing their limits. They encounter this type of restraint, being either forced to remain in the incarnation, or assume the incarnation to begin with, and realize that protest is futile. 

The lessons to be learned during a forthcoming incarnation are clear to the Sprit Guides, and have been explained fully to the immature soul. Often, the lesson is one at the fore repeatedly, in the past, the young entity stuck and not making much progress in this regard. We use the word lesson because the Earth, as in any 3rd Density experience, is a schoolhouse for young souls, and work in school is referred to as lessons. But this is not akin to memorizing and prating back what one is expected to have memorized. Nor is it akin to solving puzzles, learning the mechanisms for solving puzzles, the sciences or the machinations of mathematics so that the soul understands the combustion engine, for instance, and can apply these concepts to future situations. Gaining in-depth knowledge of how the Universe works is, of course, a product of being incarnated, but the lessons of 3rd Density are primarily growth of the soul in how it positions itself vs a vs other souls. The young soul does this by migrating toward being Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self, by a series of decisions backed by actions taken.

That said, that the Spirit Guides can force an incarnation to occur. In that interaction with other entities is the primary determination to be made in 3rd Density, how are the circumstances of an incarnation determined? Rich or poor, strong and healthy or sickly and crippled, intelligent or retarded, with opportunities and freedom or in a restricted setting, and with a supportive family or in a setting of rejection and cruelty - how and why is the particular setting chosen for the young soul? An obvious reason is to teach the young soul empathy, or test the willingness to sacrifice the self out of empathy. Empathy is best learned by being in a position to experience distress, so that in a future life one recognizes the situation another is in, and can either act or decide not to act. Since the goal is to allow the young soul to make decisions, and thus take action, this setting is best done cyclically, with a life experiencing some kind of pain or restriction alternating with a life where opportunity to help those in such a setting exists. 

Depending upon the leaning of the soul, the lessons would move to present greater opportunities for sacrifice of the self, if leaning toward Service-to-Other, to conflicts with other opportunists if leaning toward the Service-to-Self. Service-to-Self is more than mere self centered enjoyment, it is the realization that life with others who are of a like mind will require a type of cooperation, establishment of a pecking order, and living with the consequences of having squandered resources in the unmitigated focus on enjoyment. Service-to-Other is likewise leaning to trust those of a like mind, to accept help as well as give it, and learning the consequences of unmitigated giving without consideration of the need to sustain the self. Thus both orientations are learning what their life in 4th Density, where the spiritual orientations are separated, will be like. Souls will be sorted out by spiritual orientation with those in the Service-to-Self carted off to their prison colony worlds and those in the Service-to-Other incarnated into high tech communities where all care for the common good and the Golden Rule prevails, and in the main these souls have been acclimated to anticipate the setting they are heading toward.

We have stated that going into the Transformation, family or community settings for an incarnation are chosen for exposure to the polarization to be expected during the last days. This polarization of the spiritual orientations presents a lesson in the type of interaction to be expected in 4th Density, where those in the Service-to-Other only encounter those in the Service-to-Self in strictly controlled settings and with delimiting parameters. Democrat and Republican today encounter each other, with the obvious leanings of the parties toward concern for the common man, or concern for the elite with cruel repression of the common man, exposed. But the tentacles where these philosophies clash are many, the opportunities for encounters many. In 4th Density, the battles are more intense, but the settings are tightly controlled and delimited. To prepare young souls for encounters they will have in highly polarized settings, and for future encounters in 4th Density, family settings may put highly Service-to-Other and strongly Service-to-Self souls within the same family. There is never any doubt, within the family, as to the focus of these highly polarized members. Depending upon how activist the individual soul is, these types of encounters may occur in the community, or national, setting, likewise with forethought by the Spirit Guides as to how the incarnations might assist in arranging these encounters.


Incarnations occur naturally and is the way forming entities get their start. The stuff of souls is everywhere, disbursed throughout the Universe, but so disbursed it does not make a soul. Does a single strand of DNA constitute life? Yes and no. By itself it is a complex chemical, but when combined with other DNA in a living organism it is considered life. The stuff of souls tends to gather in living things as the environment is more interesting than non-living environments. It is not so much attracted to life as that it lingers, and thus begins to accumulate. Without conscious intelligence it fails to establish a personality, a self, and after death of the life form disburses again. Incarnations on 3rd Density planets happen naturally at first, as having formed a self the forming entity migrates to a new body after the death of the old. It can happen in unguided migrations that more than one forming entity wants to inhabit the same body, but usually cohabitation is distressing to all parties, including the body, and results in only the strongest entity remaining.

After a certain point, when the lessons to be learned from the shear fact of life have been well learned by the newly formed entities, guided incarnations become the norm. This is to help the forming entities maximize the wisdom to be gained from their incarnations. Formed entities, operating in 4th Density or higher, surround the immature entity when it has freed itself from a dead or dying body, and communicate. These conferences may be short, with a second incarnation occurring almost instantly when the path is clear and incarnation opportunities available, or may drag out if the lesson to be learned requires a special environment or incarnation opportunities are limited. In the meantime the forming entity does not wander, as it is essentially herded together with others like itself, and finds this stimulating. Since incarnations are natural, when the forming entity is guided to a new body it sets up housekeeping willingly. This is a familiar experience. Burning issues which were present when the entity left its former home, a dead or dying body, come to the fore, and the forming entity is off again on the great exploration that life provides. Being incarnated is far more stimulating and fascinating than the alternative, being disincarnate, at this stage, and Out-Of-Body experiences seldom occur unless trauma to the body is extreme. During early incarnations, the young soul is given the best opportunity for growth by being given a virgin field each incarnation. Should they have made a mistake in a past life, they are not burdened by guilt. Should they be angry about something visited upon them in a past life, they are not burdened by anger. They can approach situations they mis-handled in past lives afresh, and make them go right this time.

In 3rd Density incarnations the lessons to be learned are to develop a concept of the self, a concept of the other, and to form an attitude toward relationships with others. These lessons can proceed in bodies of all types, and do not require such facilities as opposable thumbs. 3rd Density worlds where the intelligent species is dexterous and manipulation of the environment is possible spend time exploring universal concepts, but their understanding of the Universe is, all told, no more advanced than that gained by non-dexterous species who spend their time pondering the world around them. At a certain point, after many thousands of incarnations, the young spirit has had its chances. It has revisited, or re-experienced, these situations repeately, and is starting to form patterns. The Birthing Guides help in this matter, providing incarnation that challenge any sticking points the young soul has. However, souls have their leanings, and inclinations, and paths they prefer to follow, just as humans become stuck in their ways. And when this has become apparent, the Birthing Guides move into using these inclinations for the better good of all, rather than just repeating patterns.

Between Lives

Forming entities on a 3rd Density world incarnate almost continuously early in their 3rd Density existence, unless there is a lack of opportunity. Just after an intelligent species has been genetically engineered, however, forming entities usually find the opposite situation - more than enough bodies awaiting an incarnation, a choice. This is due to many forming entities aborting upon death, so that a stable or growing population has an increasing number of bodies but few reincarnating entities. During these early years the majority of intelligent, conscious, creatures are in fact virgin territory for a new forming entity, with the minority being occupied by a reincarnating spirit. The birthing envoys, at this stage, allow the process to occur automatically. In due time they step in to start guiding incarnations, but do this without having to resort to the imposition of any physical restraints.

We have mentioned that spirit guides force an Out-Of-Body entity back into its body, and that birthing envoys gather up entities leaving a dead or dying body. How is this done without physical restraints? If spirits can pass through walls and travel freely, would they not simply flit away from the entities watching over them? Order is maintained in these situations by what we would best describe as a force of will. Entities acting as school yard monitors on a 3rd Density world are operating in 4th Density, and many have arrived from even higher densities to do service. Spiritually, they have more bulk, more mass, and certainly have more wisdom and skill to coax and manipulate lesser entities.

An immature entity leaning toward Service-to-Self is led to an environment, among more mature entities, where it can be the center of attention, and thus it has no urge to wander. Immature entities leaning toward Service-to-Other are placed together with a peer that needs healing, and participate with higher density entities in this process. They likewise, given their sense of purpose, have no immediate urge to wander. Where recently incarnated entities have unsettled business and wish to visit the living or to visit certain settings, a field trip is essentially arranged. Some of these field trips go on for years and even hundreds of years, producing what you term hauntings. During this time the distraught entity is in the company of its guides, who normally keep watch over a number of other immature entities at the same time. Nevertheless, the guides can be called upon to attend to the haunting entity, when need be.

Over time a 3rd Density world evolves to the point where most of its intelligent creatures are occupied by reincarnating entities, and unless there is a drastic reduction in the population, waiting periods only occur when the birthing envoys determine that the next incarnation requires special circumstances. During times of a rapid increase in population, such as the Earth has experienced during the past half century, no reincarnation occurs in many intelligent creatures, but a forming entity may begin. As is usual in these circumstances, most will abort. Thus, when the harvest time comes, during the pending pole shift, there will not be close to five billion souls to be escorted to new homes, but only a little more than a billion. Where a life is lived passively, with little challenge and exhibiting no initiative, a forming entity is unlikely to do anything but dissipate upon death. There is nothing for the birthing envoys to gather.

Past Lives

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Tapping past lives is much in vogue, especially in California. Since the proposition cannot be disproved, the claimant's wax poetic. All the past lives are invariably romantic or impressive - they lived in interesting times, in elegant surroundings, and were always hale and hearty, intelligent, and attractive. Although the vast number of past lives on Earth were marked by struggle for health, with broken teeth, missing or maimed limbs, and the health problems that plague mankind today present in the extreme - the past lives trotted forth all seem to involve health and even vibrant health. Where all but perhaps 5% of the world's populace is of average or dull intelligence, the past lives claimed invariably involve stations in life which would require a relatively high IQ. And where most of mankind's history has gone down ignominiously and unrecorded, past lives published seem to all be placed smack in the center of either momentous historical times or well-recorded historical times. What is going on here? Are these past lives remembered simply fiction or are the memories selective?

Humans delving into their past lives face many hurtles. The human form has no memory of past lives, and the spirit has difficulty speaking to the mind about matters it has no concept of. Concept building, in the small child or the adult, is a step by step process. Complex concepts are built from many small ones, and where the small concepts do not exist the way is blocked. Past lives are a leap into history recorded nowhere on Earth - living conditions, cultures and traditions, and physical appearance all beyond the imagination of humans alive today. A past life spent as a cave-man, where the diet consisted of bugs and worms and even on desperate occasions of the feces of herbivores, would not be remembered. Thus, past lives remembered do tend to fit into written history. Add to this selective memory the human tendency to deny unpleasantness. A past life where the human was ugly and behaved atrociously would likely not be given center stage, and past lives that passed the minimum acceptance criteria are pruned and amended by humans remembering them just as they have selective memory about their current incarnation.

Past lives are most often remembered by subtle message the soul gives to the current incarnation, the body. If the soul is strongly into integrating, fixing past mistakes, it may be firm during these messages, so the human has no rest until they are in sync and with the program. It is during such incarnation that humans report they have uncovered past lives. But unless such a situation exists, mediating and begging the soul to play out in full color and sound and fury the interesting past lives is not honored. The soul considers this idle curiosity on the part of the human, who is treated not as an equal during incarnation. Thus, such attempts, where not called for, are futile. Thus, humans seeking to reconstruct their past lives are fighting an uphill battle, and will never get close to the hoary truth.


Humans are aware of a reception line awaiting them when they die, from the reports of Near Death Experiences - a long tunnel with a bright white light at the end, and those now deceased who were close to them waiting or beckoning. If the moment of death is confusing to doctors, it is no less clear in the spiritual realm. An injured body, such as one sustaining massive brain injury, may cease to be a home for the incarnating entity months before those attending the death watch finally pull the sheets up over the lingering beloved. It is possible, in such a circumstance, that the entity has already been placed in another, thriving, human body - a newborn babe. On the other hand, some entities hang around long after the body has been cremated or burned, as haunting ghosts. Beyond the issue of when the spirit leaves the body is the spiritual issue of how the entity puts the past life to rest, judges progress made on various lessons that were at the fore going into the incarnation, and determines any future course of action they personally might desire as a result - critique time.

If the death was sudden and unexpected, the entity may have many outstanding issues they remain concerned with after the physical body dies. This invariably is the first stop after death, though it varies depending on the general orientation of the entity and their life circumstances. Someone elderly, who had long settled their affairs in preparation for the inevitable, might not do more than cast a backward glance on their way to the future, noting that their death was being handled as they had anticipated. Someone in their prime, with dependent children or oldsters and many outstanding promises, might linger at this stage, visiting those they are concerned about as a ghost, essentially an Out-Of-Body, for days or months until they can see the outcome. This stage differs between orientations, the Service-to-Others lingering longer due to their concern for others and the Service-to-Self wishing only to move on to future opportunities.
At times, those who have been wronged and wish for vindication or revenge may also linger at this stage, haunting in an effort to influence humans affairs. If the spirit is lingering, it is often allowed to do so, else it avoids the current incarnation and is distracted. As we have stated, the spirit, once sparked, does not die, and pain must be dealt with as a resolution on future lives. Spirits are aware of their past lives, though the human incarnated is clueless, often. Thus, for the spirit, there is no change in this matter after death. The spirit between incarnations is like an Out-Of-Body experience, in that it can communicate more readily, and thus the Guides have no problem getting them to gather. They are talking up a storm, especially if coming from a recent disaster or shared experience. Once reincarnated, the young spirits are intent on learning experiences, pressing agendas forward, and the like. Incarnations are more than discussion groups, they are action oriented!


All humans have visits from those they knew in the past, now dead. These spirits, who are primarily disincarnate but can come from their next incarnation in an Out-Of-Body, are trying to settle things they feel were left outstanding. These matters can be as simple as an apology they wished to express to you, or a bit of information they felt you needed, intended to be told to you when you next met. Death interrupts the plans. Ghosts are such disincarnate entities. Ghosts often show themselves to humans in a form that the human remembers. This is not a willful act on the part of the ghost, it is the way the human’s mind perceives the ghost based on the fact that they understand they are communicating with someone they knew. The mind plays tricks where the human see what he expects to see or hopes to see, and fails to see something they do not wish to see.

This is exactly what occurs when humans are being visited by ghosts. The ghost takes the form that the human recalls, the form the ghost took when they were alive. This form is shaped in the mind of the human as it fits with all the circumstances of the conversation between souls that is taking place. The human has formed this image from memory, but because this memory is swarming about, chemically speaking, with all the other circumstances of the encounter, it merges in the mind of the human. Like scenes that the filmmakers in Hollywood make, where a person on top of a wave may in fact be standing in a room, superimposed on a wave, the human encountering a ghost superimposes what the human used to look like. To the human, this has all been received as one impression.

Not all ghosts are from the dead, as a ghost can be a spirit having an Out-Of-Body experience or a normally disincarnate spirit. The majority of time, during 3rd and 4th Density, an entity will find itself incarnated. Upon death, the entity leaves its physical body, and this can also occur slightly before death too. Many humans experience Out-Of-Body experiences, and these are times when what you call the soul separates from the physical body either because it is curious and wants to go somewhere the physical body cannot, or because the physical body is experiencing trauma. Disincarnate entities are in light form. The reason some such entities appear brighter in light form than others is related to their spiritual maturity. The older and wiser, the brighter. They gain in spiritual bulk, one might say.

When an entity is disincarnate, it can wander about just as the soul can in Out-Of-Body experiences. Likewise, as in Out-Of-Body experiences, it is drawn to places it is either curious about or tied to because of emotional trauma. The entity that feels an issue is unresolved will hang about, desiring to influence proceedings. This is much displayed in your media in ghost stories of one kind or another. Just as with visits from entities in 4th Density or higher densities, these disincarnate entities cannot affect humans unless the human gives The Call. It is not because these disincarnate 3rd Density entities are under the same rules as we, the rules from the Council of Worlds, it is because their substance cannot affect the physical world, and they cannot possess another's body unless The Call has been given and permission granted. In this regard, a walk-in or a possession is a reality, and can happen.


Channeling is an activity that involves the temporary possession of a human body, in order to relay a message. The message can be in many forms─dance, music, prose, or pronouncements. Most channel instruments, the humans allowing their bodies to be temporarily used, know when this has occurred, and so does the intended audience. The channeled message is different from what the human, who in most cases is familiar to the audience in some way, would have produced. Most channeling is done to produce words, the effect of which can be broad reaching as it can be translated into many languages, and shared repeatedly. Channeled dance is brief and fleeting, and prose has impact on a smaller audience in general than written works. Channeled music is also somewhat limited, as the appreciation for music varies by culture. Therefore most forms of channeled information are the written word.

Many channels are imperfectly attuned to the entities they are putting in the driver's seat. Such a simple matter as constipation or a headache can interfere. Most definitely, the human channel's own fixed concepts can interfere, as surely as a locked steering wheel will cause a car to go in a circle. If the channel is blind the entity trying to channel cannot see what is being written, as the entity is in contact with the mind of the channel. If the entity passes a concept to the channel and due to ruts in the mind of the channel this concept loops about and emerges other than what the entity intended, the channeled message has been distorted. The mass of consistencies between true channeled works support each other while inconsistencies fall away, and in this way truth and understanding emerge.

The origin of most channeled work is a mystery to the human channels, who sometimes insist on a name as they otherwise feel uneasy. The channel is asked to explain who relayed the message and has no answer─ anonymous, it would seem. In human society the failure to identify oneself is suspect, and the message deemed likely a lie. Channeled works are most often a group endeavor, many voices speaking as one. Names in the higher densities of the Service-to-Others are meaningless and simply not used. These entities, or their fluctuating groups, have no names. Even when one is invented to meet the demands from the audience, as it has no relevance. The group at one moment might be composed of entities from one constellation but migrate over time to be predominantly from another constellation, and then most constellations are simply unknown to humans at this time.

The only valid question is on the source is its orientation, Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other or possibly a mixture of both if the human channel has given The Call to both. This is what influences the message, and it is the message that counts!


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All cultures have shamans, who go by different names. A shaman must be able to convince those he lives amongst that his experiences are real, and his guidance valid, or his stature quickly falls. Therefore, shamans in the main are having real experiences that are somewhat familiar, if only in part, to other humans. There are seldom fake shamans, and then not for long. What is a shaman? A shaman is a human who refuses to deny what his intuition is telling him, and thus communicates with entities he cannot see or hear or capture for exhibition, as in a cage. He communicates with the world of spirits, the dead, higher level entities that no longer need incarnate bodies, and as frequently as possible, he is having Out-Of-Body experiences. He may attempt to incarnate, briefly, into other humans, or animals of various types, but he seldom gets permission to do any of this. Imagination plays a great part in shamanism, but is bolstered by real experiences so the shaman's stories can be very compelling.

Many who claim to be speaking to the wind, or animals, or rocks, and genuinely believe this is so, are simply giving a spirit they cannot see a name and source. Humans sensing a spirit in the vicinity are often at a loss to explain what they are sensing. They refer to vibes, or a presence, or an intensity. Nothing can be captured on camera, or grabbed and put in a box for later examination. Spirits communicating with a group, such as an Indian tribe, will often go with the flow, and allow whomever is communicating to assume this presence. It is possible to influence the direction a bird flies, easily, as the reason for flying in this or that direction are few and can be staged for the benefit of the bird. Thus, a Shaman who thinks the bird has a spirit, and finds it flying in patterns that would indicate that, is none the wiser.

All humans have the capacity to be shamans, but in the main lack the faith. They stop themselves. They feel insecure, not being grounded. They prefer to be a spectator. But the family of man, hearing the shaman weaving his spell, remember their tentative experiences along the same lines, and believe. A shaman's followers have gone to the edge with the shaman, and when he describes what was beyond, they recall what they caught a glint of.


Talking with the dead has been a time honored endeavor, and all human cultures have terms for and tales about this common human experience. Most of the tales are told by those who recently lost a loved one, and the bond continues for a time due to unfinished business and concerns that the recently deceased has about those still living. The most famous tales are told about hauntings, where a particular spirit hangs about a location such as a house, wanting some kind of justice done or lingering due to past attachments. Seances, where the dead are deliberately called, are a form of The Call, and as such fall under the rules whereby more than the loved one called can arrive. Thus, a seance can bring forth the spirit called, other restless formerly human spirits, and various visiting aliens who may or may not materialize depending on the setting.

A group of people fervently asking a spirit to manifest, to communicate with them, will reach that spirit by one means or another. That the spirit does not manifest is due not to The Call failing to reach this spirit, but to reluctance or disinterest. If the spirit has incarnated again and is caught up in a new life, they may dismiss The Call to them without giving it a thought. If the spirit was tired of the talk about a subject or obligations that were imposed by those who are now calling it, the spirit may turn its back and refuse to participate, free at last in death. If the spirit likewise has been longing to communicate, it may take the opportunity, or may decide that a one-on-one with this or that individual is preferable and make their own arrangements later, haunting the one they wish to communicate with.

When The Call is given to a spirit that incarnated as a human, this spirit can being called for its most recent life, the most recent incarnation, or can be called for one of its past lives. All are remembered by the spirit as vividly as the most recent incarnation. However, this setting is virtually begging for interference by Service-to-Self aliens looking to influence humans at every opportunity. Most calls to spirits who incarnated famous or influential humans in the past are done not for altruistic reasons, but for personal gain. Where did you bury the gold, what was the missing piece to the puzzle that would allow an idea to be patented, where are the manuscripts stored, etc. Thus The Call has been given to the Service-to-Self, who are notable for lying and leading astray. Pretending to be the spirit called is easy, and feeding the self-serving tendencies of the humans giving The Call easier still.

Identity cards cannot be checked at seances, so anyone and anything might manifest, pretending to be the spirit called!


The Hindus are a very mystical people, in touch with their spiritual side, and trying all the time to move more in that direction. They study and practice methods to improved communications with the spirit world. Concentration, diet that will improve the ability of the body to concentrate and not be distracted, positions of the body that are helpful, and the right mental attitudes. All this effort brings them little, however, as the ability to communicate with spirits is strictly related to the desire to do so. A human following all the recommended practices religiously may be nowhere, another doing everything wrong, according to the recommended practices, is speaking regularly to the dead or spirits in higher dimensions. However, as would be the case with any group of people, some Hindus who follow the recommendations also have desire, and so connect. There is then a great flurry of enthusiasm for the practices, which had nothing to do with the success.

The Hindu speak of a state, the goal of living, called Nirvana. They attempt to reach this via meditation, and correct living, during many incarnations. They attempt to reach high levels of communication with others, as an adjunct to this state. What they are seeking is termed living in light form, or the spirit only, not requiring incarnations. Incarnations are a learning experience, but spirits grow beyond the need for this, in both the Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self orientations. Incarnations are then used as a learning experience, or a tool, for these spirits.


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Spirits cannot manipulate the environment, except to effect a sense of coldness in those humans they are attempting to contact. The stuff of souls incarnates bodies, and has many points of influence during incarnations, but cannot move furniture or slam doors. The souls incarnating bodies work via the body to effect change in the physical world. Thus, much of what is described as haunting, other than the sense that a spirit is present and a communication soul-to-soul of what that communication is, is not from disembodied spirits. It is from humans, living in the vicinity and most often in the very house, using a brain wave generated by anger. This is commonly known as poltergeist activity, and is ascribed correctly to angry teens in the vicinity. Specialists can identify the human causing this, and advise the parents on how to reduce the anger, get it out in the open so it does not have these misdirected effects. Telekinesis has been registered, scientifically, so this is no longer a mystery.

Where ghosts appear on video images, these are in essence a chemical reaction, such as affecting the flow of light particles, and thus can truly be a spirit imprint! Levitation, done by aliens in 4th Density, is done by manipulating gravity particles. Thus, we float a paralyzed contactee into our ships, or float ourselves at will. A visiting spirit might attempt to affect gravity particles, to levitate objects, but will not manage this. However, humans who temporarily levitate objects are doing so, as they do when the slam doors, by other means, not gravity particle flow. Air pressure, magnetic manipulation, electrical particle charging, are in effect. Movies often portray levitation or poltergeist as being able to lift a heavy table, but in reality this is not what hauntings find. The chair moves a couple inches, a cup jiggles off the edge of a table, a paper lift and floats off the stack. Hollywood has exaggerated, as usual.

But where humans see something misty, a shape, or think they see a human appearing and then disappearing, this is most often a mind-trick of their own when they are aware they are talking to another spirit. Likewise, a spirit can leave an imprint on physical matter, in the same way they can make the room feel cold. To have a chemical effect like this requires the right chemistry, to be affected for instance by a lack or increase in heat particles. Heat particles are not the only particle flow a spirit can affect, but is the particle flow humans are most attuned to, thus notice. For instance, a human quickly feels cold when stepping outdoors without adequate clothing, but scarcely notices that the magnetic field has increased nearby. Thus, the division line is where large movement of objects, slamming doors and the like, this is human generated. Where there is a sense of presence, or a shadowy figure, or a sense of heat loss, this is most likely visiting spirits.

As with viewing a temporary manifestation of someone you knew, or a shadowy figure, hearing their voice or the musical chime, is also something your mind is doing to you, in response to a visiting spirit. Thus, this is a type of suggestion, which you willing go along with if this is a spirit you know, and wish to communicate with. The mind often does this, filling in the pieces in events that lack the whole. This is why there is such a strong different, often, between what witnesses report. Each has filled in the missing pieces to make sense, to form a whole, and is describing the whole. If the visit is from a recently deceased uncle, beloved, and the mind wishes to record the messages as from this uncle, then it might insert an image of the uncle as he looked. Thus, during visits from spirits, there are some in the room who hear and see them, and others are unaffected and call them liars!


A phenomenon long known but little understood by humans is what is termed poltergeist, or ghost knocking. Researchers have correctly identified that it is not caused by spirits but by the living. Is this a deliberate act? Most definitely, and the fastest way to locate the perpetrator is to scan for the angriest person, as intense rage is the engine by which poltergeist activity is run. Intense and unremitting anger sets the brain into Theta waves, and this builds over time until another offshoot is possible. What humans take to be their physical surroundings are what they can see, hear, feel, and observe to have substance as it moves, has color, or has a physical effect that can be observed. Humans understand that air is a substance as the action of wind is felt and observed, and airplanes, operating on this unseen substance, can lift and fly. Can't taste it, see it, or put ones hands about it, but know it's there.

Think of the substance that supports poltergeist activity as a type of air. When Theta waves reach a certain level, they support a transmission across this substance just as electrical arcing can cross an air space when the opposing charges reach a certain level on either side. Are opposing charges involved in poltergeist? In a manner of speaking, yes. The human causing poltergeist cannot control the effects, as this is a random discharge. They ramp up and things go bang. Windows break, knickknacks fall off the shelf, a chair moves, and internally the perpetrator is smiling as they made the object of their hatred distressed once again.


Different densities means that simultaneously, in the same spot, several realities can occur. 1st Density through 3rd Density occupy the same plane. 1st Density is rock and water, without life. 2nd Density is life without conscious intelligence, such as plants and animals. 3rd Density is intelligent, conscious, life, such as humans have.

1st and 2nd Density are referred to as densities not because they are truly of differing density states, but because they indicate different levels of spiritual potential. Density is a term that refers not only to the physical state, but to the spiritual. Thus in 1st Density the spiritual potential is nil. In 2nd Density, the spiritual density potential is possible, and in fact at times incarnations into 2nd Density life occurs, as a lesson. In 3rd Density, spiritual potential is realized, etc.

The main lesson of the 3rd Density is of spiritual orientation─Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self. The Service-to-Other must understand, accept, and forgive the self and other entities (excluding the STS) before they are ready to function and work in the 4th Density. The 3rd Density is considered as pre-school, as there is relatively (to other Densities) not much to learn. Completion of the 3rd Density only takes about a thousand of life times.

  • In 4th Density the lesson to be learned is how to live communally with others. This differs depending on orientation. Those in Service-to-Others learn utter trust. Entities learn to support and communicate with each other to a high degree, so that utter trust is well placed. Those in the Service-to-Self orientation also learn how to depend upon each other, but trust due to the caring and concern of others is not the route. As you might imagine, the rules are extensive and strictly enforced.
  • In 5th Density the lessons to be learned are exploration of the universe. The wonders of how the universe is constructed. During 5th Density travel is extensive, and communication with other groups is frequent, where this is not so much the case during 4th Density. Some 5th Density entities incarnate and mingle with 3rd and 4th Density societies, but use these incarnations as a learning tool.
  • In 6th Density the lesson to be learned is high knowledge of God's plan for the universe. Here the interaction is less exploratory than stepping in to assume an active role in promulgating God's plan.

In densities higher than 3rd Density, co-existence can occur. Thus, it occurs that on the planet Earth, where 3rd Density humans are living and walking about, 4th, 5th, and higher Density incarnations are living and moving about, occupying the same space, as it were. This occurs because of a higher vibration rate of the sub-atomic particles. Were one to travel rapidly through the densities occurring in a single spot, one would see first the 3rd Density existence on the 3rd Density Earth, with say a human standing in a field of corn; then, moving to 4th Density existence one might see, for instance, a Zeta standing in a forest, where the forest and the Earth it grows upon are both in 4th Density; then, moving to 5th Density, one might see yet another scene. When we state that the Earth is scheduled to move to 4th Density Service-to-Others, we are describing what is to happen to humans. There will still be a 3rd Density Earth, on the same plane as the future 4th Density home of humans, as a portion of the Earth will be left in 3rd Density.

Much confusion reigns on the issue of density. Humans, for instance, were used to the concept of matter and energy being discrete and separate. Matter could not be energy, and energy could not be matter. Then Einstein shook things up and humans, after much painful denial and agony, allowed their concepts of reality to change. Density understanding is just such a quantum concept leap. In all fairness, the concept of density differences is difficult for even your scientists to deal with. The layman should be excused and granted a little confusion.

Merging Later

Entities are separated according to their orientation during 4th and 5th Density, and this separation continues on into the 6th Density also. In fact, they are permanently separated. There is much confusion over statements that have been made regarding Service-to-Self entities joining Service- to-Other entities in order to progress with their lessons after a certain point. The Service-to-Self do not cross over simply because it will benefit them, or because they desire this, or even because they start to prate the right talk and have learned how to behave themselves. They join Service-to-Other groups because they have at last grown up, spiritually speaking. When they have reached a point where they consider others at least as often as they consider themselves, they are Service-to-Other.

Some switching back and forth occurs, in any case, between orientations, but for the Service-to-Self they eventually reach a point where they are forced to consider their ways. They are stalemated, stopped, treading water, and living with the knowledge that their cribmates have an open field before them. They begin to stew in their own juices, debate the issues, and most eventually begin to see the light. You have a movie called Groundhog Day which exemplifies this situation, with a human forced to repeat a single day until he learns to truly care for others. He can't escape, even suicide attempts find him, the next morning, doing it all again. Thus it is, with entities in the Service-to-Self, who must at last, out of boredom or frustration, face what they have long feared - they are not the center of the Universe. Some entities never learn this, and spend eternity among the Service-to-Self, stymied. However, the higher densities find the Service-to-Self entities brooding and serious, introspective and trying new ways on for size. Seasoned Service-to-Other entities are usually kind and supportive of the fumbling attempts of newcomers to their group, who are invariably set back within the densities in order to polish their spiritual skills.

Overall, they lose ground for having veered to the Service-to-Self orientation.


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Service-to-Others (STO) means to think about others 50% of the time. Service-to-Self (STS) means to think about the self 95% of the time. To qualify for Service-to-Other orientation, an entity must consider others as often as the self. To qualify for Service-to-Self, the entity must focus on the self 95% of the time, almost exclusively. Where it may seem that these individuals would stand out, some very diplomatic and cultured people are of this category. They are able to disguise their self interest in condescension to others. They are able to disguise their self interest as the interests of the other. During 3rd Density, entities must decide their spiritual orientations─Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. Most, the vast majority, decide the latter on almost all 3rd Density worlds. This decision, or the lesson of 3rd Density as it is called, needs to precede almost all other lessons, as mixing the two spiritual orientations together creates chaos and thus other lessons cannot proceed. Many entities on Earth are choosing the Service-to-Other orientation, and mid-incarnation are thus joining the ranks of the Service-to-Others.

What is generally considered good most often corresponds to STO. The terms are however laden with a baggage of subjectivity and what is good for one can be bad for another, thus these are easily misleading. The polarization to either STO/STS cannot be reduced to an external code of ethics only.

Spiritual Evolution

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The Service-to-Self orientation is not so much a choice as a failure to progress. Where an entity in the Service-to-Other orientation is repeatedly choosing to include others as the focus of their concern, the Service-to-Self entity has never left their original focus─the self. Thus, the evolution, during spiritual growth, into two paths is natural, a factor of uneven growth rates, and the resulting separation of the orientations during early densities is simply a practical step taken to facilitate learning. A Service-to-Self entity cannot be forced to develop concern for others, nor can this concern be worn like a social facade in the densities above 3rd Density, as a fake or a sham. Where entities are given free will, as all are within God’s Universe, such a choice as the Service-to-Self orientation is and will continue to be a reality.

Conscious Choice

Unlike the self-improvement disciplines that can be self imposed, one’s orientation is not a conscious choice. Humans who are distressed at what they deem self centered motives are most likely not on the road to becoming one in the Service-to-Self. These individuals never concern themselves with such thoughts. The focus is rather on how the world, not themselves, should change, and the change is always supposed to be one that betters the self-focused individual. In fact, conscious attempts to move oneself in the direction of Service-to-Other have a negative effect, as the focus is often put upon behavior that is assumed to be Service-to-Other but in fact is self serving. The key in orientation is the true motive behind behavior, not the stated motive or even the apparent motive.

Self Doubts

In general, if a person wonders what orientation they have chosen, they have not yet chosen. Those who have chosen their orientation have almost daily clues that they have made a choice, and that they are solidly in one camp or the other.

For those in the Service-to-Other, they not only find themselves frequently musing about the welfare of others, they take steps to enhance the welfare of others. These steps are not a mere phone call inquiring about someone’s health, but require the concerned one to go out of their way, spending precious time that would otherwise be spent on recreation or pleasure or bettering one’s circumstances, or spending personal resources such as savings or personal possessions. These steps are not done as a result of a resolve to become a Service-to-Other person, they are done automatically. If one needs reminders to take these steps, then they are trying to become an individual operating in the Service-to-Other, and have not yet arrived.

For those in the Service-to-Self, the focus on the self is never ending. It is a rare and fleeting moment that this individual ponders another’s circumstances, most likely because the other’s circumstances reminded the individual solidly in the Service-to-Self of his own past. At these times the individual will quickly correct themselves, getting back to the business at hand─self interest. Where the person firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation will of course have occasional preoccupation with self, and even give the self priority at time, the person firmly in the Service-to-Self continually takes this posture.


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Under duress, and having experienced a shattering blow of some kind, humans often ascribe the cause to karma. There is bad karma and good karma and this explains everything, or so they hope. Could it be that life is so terribly unpredictable? Why would a benign God throw them into such a situation, create such an erratic world? Yes and no, there is karma. Karma is at play where the human causes the situation in some manner, by their prior actions in this lifetime. Karma is not at play when the life situation occurs because of acts of nature or the actions of other humans not directly involved in the situation at hand. We will give examples.

Karma. A man is greedy, always seeking to maximize the goods that he can call his own. Materialistic. In the main he succeeds in becoming a man of means, and secretly gloats over his ability to charm or manipulate others so that he succeeds. Then one day he finds himself a pauper, having been outdone by one with greater charm or manipulation skills. Is this karma? It is indeed, as the man brought this down on himself by amassing goods and bragging about. He essentially placed a sign where everyone could see, saying come steal from me. It would also be karma if a former business partner, having been left bereft and financially devastated due to the actions of the greedy one, arranged for the greedy one to have marital troubles. Where one's trouble can be traced directly to one's own actions in this lifetime, that is karma.

Not karma. A woman desires children, and in due course marries and becomes pregnant. Through a throw of nature's dice, one of her conceptions has an extra chromosome, and is a mongoloid, retarded. Friends point out that she was not a scrupulous housekeeper, or perhaps was torn between her career and family duties, and that her misfortune is karma as now she must stay home and tend to the new youngster, who needs constant care. Another example is a car accident, where one is driving down the highway and, rounding the curve, finds themselves head on with a drunken driver. Did the victim cause this accident somehow? It was simply a matter of time and place, a throw of the dice. These situations do not involve karma, not even as retribution from a former lifetime, which never occurs. Each incarnation is truly a fresh start.


Chakra Nebula by Anaxsys
Chakras do indeed exist. There are many human names for what is perceived to be a biophysical connection to the spirit. These connections exist in that the soul, or spirit, is immersed in the physical body and mingles throughout. An incarnation is not a superficial matter. During an Out-of-Body experience the soul separates from the physical body, and the human left behind is quiescent, as though without emotion or much thought. This is a time spent quietly contemplating or doing mundane tasks. As the soul, during incarnation, is diffused throughout the body, it aligns itself to embrace the world. The soul communicates with its extensions, the human arms and legs, as this is not a natural position for the soul. Incarnations in life forms that do not have arms and legs would, understandably, have different chakras.

The chakras are related to the functions of the incarnated spirit, not to the human form. The spirit centers itself, and thus the heart chakra, and concerns itself with communicating to the mind, and thus the third eye, but the other organs of the human body are incidental to the spirit, which is not concerned with digestion or locomotion or such functions. Spirits that are more entranced with physical activities, such as sex or drug use, may be more diffuse within the physical body, however. A central chakra, both in the human body and in chakra action, is the heart chakra. There are several reasons for this. First, the heart is centralized in the human body in order to serve the body well in its task as circulation central. Second, the heart responds to emotions, invariably, beating fast during fright or joy, being regular or irregular in pace with the life situation. Third, the spiritual centering of the soul within the physical body of a human must for similar reasons be centered. As the soul fills the being of whatever it incarnates, it is distended into the human limbs and digits. To work as a unit, the soul indeed utilizes parts of itself to maintain unity and cohesive action. The heart chakra, while not circulating fluids, has a similar importance and function.

Forming Entities

Good vs evil
In the beginning, each forming entity is aware only of themselves. Self awareness is a constant state in all life of whatever form, but at the start this is the only state. Forming entities are placed into 3rd Density incarnations, repeatedly, to hasten the 3rd Density lesson─orientation determination. Whether incarnated or not, forming entities first become aware of others based on the effect upon the self. Is the effect pleasant or unpleasant, dominating or acquiescing, desired or resisted. Incarnated or not, social interchange has begun. Sense of the other is also born in this context, not only in awareness of the partner in social interactions, but by observing others undergoing a similar experience. Empathy is in essence the statement, "I was once there, and I understand." Within 3rd Density there is first self awareness, second reacting to the presence of others, and last the capacity for empathy.

In making the orientation determination the entity choosing Service-to-Self is not so much progressing towards this determination as clinging back. They remain most comfortable with self awareness, and react to others in this context, essentially asking "What can you do for me?"

Interactions between entities change and become more complex during spiritual 4th Density, and many entities completing their 3rd Density existence are already operating in this mode. Following the development of the capacity for empathy comes the determination to intercede, to rescue, and as an adjunct to this determination the entity begins cooperative efforts, the sum being greater than the parts. Complex social interchange presents forming entities with situations requiring compromise if goals are to be met, and the need to subjugate personal desires so that another might be rescued or the group as a whole might benefit. While the entity leaning toward the Service-to-Other orientation moves steadily in this direction, the entity leaning toward Service-to-Self reacts to this greater social complexity with more of the same old reaction, "What's in it for me." As entities surrounding the emerging Service-to-Self entity are learning compromise and conciliation, the technique for the self focused entity to gain more for the self is essentially manipulation. Since groups of emerging Service-to-Other entities are forming, the emerging Service-to-Self entity tunes its manipulation skills so as to manipulate groups, too.

The orientations, even within 3rd Density, set upon different paths, and polarization increases as they progress.
Arriving in 4th Density, the fledgling entity thus is already reacting and responding to others, pressing forward with personal agendas and dealing with interpersonal conflicts. How does life in 4th Density differ from what the entity has experienced in 3rd Density? For the Service-to-Self their spiritual existence is essentially frozen while their intellectual existence progresses. For the Service-to-Self there is even less interplay and manipulation between entities than took place in 3rd Density. A rigid hierarchy with rules for everything emerges so that the lessons can proceed. For the Service-to-Other entity their spiritual wisdom continues to grow and augments rather than detracts from their intellectual progress. Skills in team efforts, where the individual is not required to sacrifice but can learn and grow while contributing are honed. Where the focus at the beginning of 3rd Density was self awareness, by the end of 4th Density in the Service-to-Other orientation the focus has expanded to be on group awareness.

Spiritual Growth

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At the base of the many horrors and inequities and sorrows that life throws at us is spiritual growth, as this is the point of incarnated life. In a life lived without personal pain or anguish there is little incentive to growth. If everyone were born beautiful, lived a life without disease, never wanted for any physical comfort, and did not encounter adversity or struggle, what reason would there be to develop a strong compassion for others? Compassion, empathy for what others are going through, is love, and on a spiritual level is learned only by having experienced pain and anguish oneself. The young soul, immature, may experience what by instinct the life form experiences when a member of the species is in terror or pain. This is biological, an evolutionary result, to help the flock or herd realize danger and flee to safety. A rabbit, sensing another had been captured by a coyote, is terrified when it hears the squeals of panic and pain from its fellow rabbit, but this does not equate to empathy. Most certainly, the rabbit would not offer itself for another! This gesture is only found in highly evolved souls, those who have long ago chosen the Service-to-Other path.

In that the young soul remembers, and carries forward any memory of pain or anguish from prior lives, it begins to relate on more than an instinctive level to what it sees about it, in the pain and anguish in others. Unlike the rabbits, who flee in terror when one of their fellows becomes prey, the human with an incarnated soul contemplates the outcome. If inclined toward Service-to-Other, they can see that a circumstance is leading to pain for another, and step in to try to change the outcome. This may mean a loss of some kind, such as taking time out from other tasks, or spending some money intended for the self, or even putting the self at risk, but the outcome, for another, is changed. These steps may be small, such as stopping the car to inquire after the welfare of someone at the side of the road, or large, such as rushing into a burning building to break open a door trapping others inside. In the latter, the human is certainly offering themselves so that others may survive, putting themselves at risk, a potential sacrifice of self. This type of gesture, the unhesitating step to sacrifice all to help others, always indicates a highly evolved soul, strongly in the Service-to-Other. Would the rabbit rush into a burning building, to prevent the pain and panic in its fellows?

Ultimately, after many thousands of incarnated lifetimes, or perhaps even millions of such lifetimes, the soul has evolved to be intensely loving, and this is not a shallow matter. In these lifetimes, there are times when the soul was incarnated into crippled or diseased bodies, or trapped in a live of suffering and anguish, no escape possible, such as slavery or life in a land suffering a drought where there is never enough to eat, for all. There are times of horror and terror, when the volcano is about to explode or the incarnation is in a woman or a man of small frame, or a child, and a sadist has full control of their life and enjoying the pain and hopelessness he can inflict. There are also times when the incarnation affords strength, the body strong with strength respected by others, the circumstances of birth affording funds and influence, the IQ high so that meeting life's adversity is a game rather than a sorrow. If the point of an incarnation full of pain and anguish is to experience what others might be going through, the point of an incarnation that affords strength is to give the soul an opportunity to rescue others, to put oneself at risk. At first, the young soul stands idly by, watching others suffer, but feels discomfited by this as it remembers when it suffered, in past lives.

As steps are taken, to rescue or intervene for others, this relieves the sense of suffering, not only for those rescued, but for the rescuer! This is the answer, to help others, as if this is done more often, overall grief is lessened! Where this intellectual discussion of the reasons for pain and anguish are hardly a comfort to the sufferer, it does point to an out. The parent, losing a child, will often be more intensely empathetic to other families in similar circumstances, and be a great source of comfort for them. Orphans are often adopted because their new parents dealt with abandonment in the past, during past lives. Firemen rush into burning buildings because they themselves were trapped in the past, in past lives, in situations where a helping hand could have made all the difference, but was withheld. Many people in philanthropic situations, who devote their lives to helping others, have some intense grief in their recent past, an impetus.


Man values his intelligence, forethought, empathy, and consciousness, as these place him above the other animals on the Earth, or so he thinks. Man is a sentient being, but the low life of the Earth have these qualities in some measure too, as they are concomitant with what the basic building blocks of life throughout the Universe produce. From simple one celled creatures to the complexity of a hominoid, life interacts with its surroundings in the same manner. Life that survives at all is self protective, and thus has self awareness of sorts. If it must do more than simply react to survive, must be proactive, then a form of forethought has occurred. Animals with the same genetic structure can scarcely help but experience empathy with each other when cries of distress are heard or the tensed posture of defense is assumed. Early empathy is simply shared neuron patterns and shared experiences. Thus, depending on the chemical components of the world and the path evolution takes on that world, the sentient creatures that result may take any form, and the list would be infinite. Sentience is not exclusive to man, or to mammals, or to the Earth─it is concomitant with life itself throughout the Universe.

Rule of Non-Interference

In a spiritual learning house, a schoolhouse for emerging souls, the prime directive is non-interference. This places a wealth of spontaneous experiences before the emerging souls, who develop empathy by being subject to various painful situations. Empathy simply does not exist if a spirit has not been there, in its past. There is no need to list the situations mankind or any life form finds distressing, as the list is something that every incarnated soul struggling through a life is acutely aware of. Living with physical pain, dread or terror or abandonment and uncertainty, loss of a child or spouse, sudden setbacks, ridicule and expulsion from a group, the list is almost endless. At a certain point in the young souls development, Payuumian Guardians become involved to help shape the circumstances of the next incarnation, so the setting is one which will maximize opportunities for learning for this particular entity. The young soul might be placed into a starving country, or a place of wealth and power, into a body stricken with genetic disease or into a body capable of intimidating others. Nevertheless, the rule is non-interference with the incarnation, so the lessons to be learned stick as they are not theoretical, but very real to both the incarnated life form and the spirit within. A lesson well learned.

At a certain point in the progress of a world developing emerging souls, it on occasion becomes necessary to interfere further with circumstances, to maintain a proper balance for the first lesson that young souls are to learn, which results in their decision to be either Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. A young soul in a constant state of fear struggles to get past this to the point of empathy, which is something the Service-to-Self masters, visiting the schoolhouse and waiting to be called as advisers, know. Thus, brutal intimidation, without any apparent hope of changing the situation, is something the Service-to-Self try to achieve in a developing world, but something the Payuumian Guardians prevent. A balanced situation, where action can result in change for the better, so a young soul can perceive the result of their efforts to change a painful situation for others, is desired, and thus circumstances are manipulated in the schoolhouse to arrange for this. Likewise, a young soul leaning toward the Service-to-Self orientation would find in a vicious dictatorship over other young souls a false setting for the world they are heading toward. In the Service-to-Self worlds, all are solidly Service-to-Self, and not easily dominated. Thus, in a balanced schoolhouse, the Service-to-Self gang does not invariably win, and when the gang turns on each other, viciously, the true nature of living the Service-to-Self life style is learned.

In all these exceptions with the Rule of Non-Interference, manipulation is done to things, not the incarnated human or life form, and thus does not interfere with the setting the emerging young soul can control. The decisions by the entity, expressed into action by the incarnated human, are not interfered with, thus.

Spiritual Awareness

The human animal, from birth, deals with many distractions that obscure communications from the spirit. Hunger, sexual urges, fright, pain─all demand center stage. Social distractions are just as insistent, as the companion who demands constant chatter requires as much concentration as a throbbing toothache. Both refuse to go away. Humans wanting to be in touch with their inner selves develop many techniques for separating themselves from the distractions─long walks, wilderness retreats, prayer, gardening, meditation. The key practice is to diminish the noise and listen to the upwellings, concentrating on the song the spirit is trying to sing. The key is to eliminate distractions. If this can be accomplished best while folding laundry at an empty laundromat, or walking the dog, or pretending to take a nap, it matters not.

Where the physical world can be a distraction, yet it is part of God's universe just as the soul is. The soul is aware of the physical world, as these are memories that the soul carries with it, one incarnation to another. The entity well integrated with the physical world is making a true connection to The Storm, celebrating the rich connections. The notion that spirituality is separate from the physical world is perpetrated by False Prophets who would tell you that only special individuals who can separate themselves from the physical are able to understand the spirit world. This is nonsense!

Soul Personalities

Souls often have a personality stamp, just as the humans or other life forms they incarnate, as their early experiences and reactions to these experiences shapes the pool of quick responses from which they grab in emergencies. If a soul has reacted by running and hiding, and this has been successful, they consider this at first, in the future. Likewise, if standing and fighting has proved to eliminate the problem most effectively for the tribe as a whole, even though the entity may suffer injury and death, if a similar situation arises, the soul who has taken the stand-and-fight posture will take this with little hesitation. Souls thus may work behind the scenes, backfilling others who are more vocal and visible, depending upon their success in the past, or may be a loud mouth, assertive and probing danger on the path ahead in this manner, if in their experience they do this more effectively than others and if in the past they found the others in the tribe coming to their rescue when they flushed out what was laying for them ahead along the path. Thus, in analyzing past lives, it is important to recognize early experiences and reactions to these early experiences from a long term growth of the entity, which smoothes out.

Most developing souls, still on their birth planet and yet to experience a solidly Service-to-Other world, have leaned toward being one sex or the other, by preference, as their skills and developed talents lay mostly in that realm, and all is new and the more comfort a young soul can garner during their adventures, the more confident they feel about sallying forth. Thus, often the partner in a bond who has ideas, is articulate, innovative, and exploratory is the male. This fits with the hominoid concept of a male, but in other worlds where the female is large and aggressive, the entity would have reincarnated as a female most often. Likewise, the partner in a bond who empathizes with the missions assumed by the more adventurous one often forms that bond because they wish this role, and want to go those places, but lack talents or experience. They then assume the support role, which helps both.

Relationships between souls, particularly on a developing world where souls are unbalanced in their development, are often strong bonds. When in strange territory, as young souls feel they are often, one seeks friends, as their alliances are known, their reactions predictable, and the relationship thus comforting when walking into unknown territory. Developing worlds, where souls are sparked and learn their first lesson, the orientation lesson, have endless surprises for newly reincarnating souls. The soul does not have the wealth of previous experiences to rely upon that old souls do, and thus being incarnated in a new culture, a new climate, a new setting or sex, all engender the need for a friend at hand.

Spiritual Health

Humans regularly go to the dentist, get their shots, work out at the gym, and take their vitamins. This is all to maintain physical health. Humans also go dancing, take up hobbies, tie one on now and then, surround themselves with music, and, especially on the West Coast, go for therapy. This is all for mental health. In the spiritual realm there is worship at church, meditation, and... not much else. The reason for this is that the spiritual side of man doesn't manifest in the same way physical and mental problems do. Does one ever die of a sick spirit? Is one hospitalized because the spirit is sick? There seems to be no repercussions to neglecting the spirit. Those who attend church regularly fare no better than those who don't, and the benefits of meditation cannot be measured. So, why bother?

Where the spiritual side of man does not demand care and attention, it is the one aspect of a human life that remains after death. What occurs during an incarnation either strengthens or diminishes the spirit, and this sum total forms the basis for the next incarnation. That's why one should bother.

What is spiritual health? As with the human intellect, the spirit grows best when exposed to breadth. Watch the sunset and contemplate the vastness of the Universe rather then crack another beer and stare at the TV. Look with wonder at the variety of human forms and personalities rather than close this out as an intrusion on the status quo. Take responsibility for a small task that improves the life of the least among you, and get hooked on how much better this makes you feel about yourself than if you had spent that bit of time fussing over yourself.


Auras exist, and some humans can see them as their eyes are sensitive enough to detect a form of light ray which is always there but not seen by most. Auras do not represent the spirit, but are an emanation, or byproduct, of the human body as a furnace, maintaining 98.6 degrees. As with other byproducts of the body, such as urine or feces or sweat or breath, the aura can tell a practitioner a lot about the mental and physical health of a person. Auras are normally pale blue, when viewed by humans, but vary all over the color spectrum and change shape, compressing close around the body or wafting out with tendrils. We, the Zetas, see human auras regularly, as well as those of ourselves, and were we not highly telepathic with one another would use this to read the well-being and mood of another, just as humans use the expression on the face of another human.

Some human healers use their own aura and the aura of the patient to heal. When auras touch, they affect each other as they wrap back into the bodies. This is truly a means for one human to breath life into another, to alter a sick aura by sharing, to take some of the sick aura into oneself and absorb it. Like breathing air into another's lungs, one is using one's strength, one's reserves, to help another, without permanent harm to the giver.

Near Death Experience

Near Death Experiences are quite common, and are similar to Out-Of-Body experiences, but with a twist. Where the entity has left the physical body, seeing the trend, it moves forward on its journey to return to the birthing envoys in preparation for the next incarnation. This process is complicated, and has many steps. The first step is to let go of the former incarnation. As every dying person has many issues left undone, many statements left unsaid, and many concerns not yet completed to the entity's satisfaction, their focus is torn between the life they are leaving and the future. The birthing envoys meet this head on, by presenting the newly disincarnate entity with those involved in the leftover concerns. Thus, in a Near Death Experience, an entity may meet relatives and friends, both loved and hated, or co-workers involved in incompleted projects. When the pending death does not occur, the person remembers meeting familiar people, but not much else as the death was aborted. Had the death continued, settling these leftover issues would have proceeded.

What is God

The concept of a god has been around, for mankind, as long as man has been conscious of himself as separate from other creatures - having consciousness. The concept of god came into being in response to anything more powerful than the self, a common reaction throughout the Universe. At first, this takes the form of animism, where wind, thunder, and savage beasts are gods. As when dealing with other tribal members or even some wild beasts, the newly conscious prehistoric man understood, through experience, that some of his gods could be placated. Hand over the food, and all is well, for instance. Placating angry tribal members often involved sacrificing a friend to save oneself. For instance, if the question of who stole the food comes up, if one young individual meets the blind rage of the angry elder, then the others are off the hook. The concept of the scapegoat is born.

In time these concepts become sophisticated, with sacrifices ritualized and the concept of the god expanded upon to include motive and rules. This expansion was not the common man's doing, but sly religious elites who desired an easy parasitic living. They became the keeper of the rules, and performed the ritual sacrifices. As keepers of the rules, the rules understandably began to twist in the favor of the religious elite. Organized religion was born. At some point in the intellectual and spiritual development of mankind, some began to see these flaws in organized religion and think for themselves. But casting away the rigidities of organized religion did not entirely satisfy, as these individuals sensed that something else was going on. Intuitively aware of the eternal soul within them, they sensed that the separation of body and soul was possible, and that reincarnation existed. In contact with spirits in higher dimensions, they became intuitively aware of the spiritual realm.

God Concept

Humans quite naturally tend to think of their relationship to a god in child-to-parent terms, an outgrowth not only from their impressionable early years but also from their general sense of hopelessness in being able to control their environment. They remain, to a certain extent, a child always, the child within masked by the face of adulthood but inwardly looking to a parent to rescue them or guide them. The concept of a god as something larger and more powerful than the self, who makes things happen, begins in the helpless babe who finds himself cared for whether he asks for it or not, but mostly when he fusses. The concept of prayer is born - I ask and most of the time I receive. Molding the infant's behavior to meet the expectations of the family or social group begins early, with a sharp verbal or physical reprimand when the babe exhibits the wrong behavior. The concept of a punishing god is born.

A careful analysis of the organized religions in human society reveals the child's view toward a parent in almost every aspect. Parents expect the child to contribute to the upkeep around the home by doing chores or handing over their earnings to the parents, and organized religions expect no less from their members. Unquestioning obedience is another parental expectation, most often necessary as during a crisis there is no time to explain to the child why they must follow orders without hesitation. A child putting himself or others in danger must first follow orders and can only ask for an explanation later, if at all. Organized religions take great advantage of this early training, parsing out rules and commandments supposedly coming from a god who cannot be questioned. Rewards for good behavior in most human societies are simply the absence of punishment or privation - do well and you can continue to sleep under the parental roof and sit at the dinner table. Likewise, organized religions phrase the eventual rewards as a right to belong as well as avoidance of various punishments.

Conscious, intelligent life throughout the Universe develops the god concept in very similar ways. Any force outside of the control of the self, able to give life by providing sustenance or inclusion in the group or take away life through privation or expulsion or punishment is seen as a god. In human societies attempts to bribe or placate the god naturally follow along the lines of what worked with the parents. If parental rage dissipates when gifts are offered then the god is likewise offered gifts. If the parents are looking to punish a wrong-doer and the children assign one of their number to take this punishment as a scapegoat then likewise the god may be offered sacrificial scapegoats. Kings, wealthy patrons, and visitors from outer space all can fit into the god mold by virtue of their power to affect the lives of the humans in awe of them. For a god concept to emerge, there must also be a sense of helplessness on the part of the supplicant, a sense that they are powerless to affect the outcome except by offering bribes or scapegoats. In this regard, the giant hominoid visitors from the 12th Planet worked their way into many god myths, as they were exacting in their demands for obedience from their slaves, and as hominoids they were easily seen as extensions of a parent.

Psychology and Neuroscience


A difficult concept for many humans is the concept of consciousness. They see the babe in the crib, aware seemingly only of its stomach and need for milk, and compare it to the dog at their feet, seemingly aware and alert. Is the babe conscious, and the dog not? The point at which consciousness is present is not crisp or clear. Is the human conscious because they have a certain IQ? Yet it is reported that retarded humans can have incarnating souls. Is the human conscious because they discern themselves as separate from other humans? Yet so many humans are so fuzzy about their identity that they join any group for a sense of belonging, and confuse their actions with the leaders. Is the human conscious because they have a memory, can compute, can put A and B together and come up with C? Yet the Chimp uses tools, and a wolf pack can figure where the prey may be running to next, and many animals have long memories and are crafty. At what point does consciousness click in, or click out, if it does, and is it thus possible for a dog to have a soul and a human not?

An existing soul may chose to incarnate in an animal that does not have the potential of sparking a soul, for education reasons. Thus, the dog or snake or dolphin does not spark a soul, but can be incarnated on occasion. To spark, the biological entity must have the capacity to envision itself as separate, and where many animals seem to have this trait, they do not. A dog will understand that it is being yelled at by its master, or snarled at by the leader of the pack, and by groveling and crawling away is indicating they seem to understand another has interacted with them, as a separate being. But this is instinctive activity, this is not a discernment of separate biological entities. The dog has evolved to react in such a manner, to challenge until certain signs are present, then to submit. Instinct is not consciousness. Biologically programmed reactions are not consciousness.

Even as the babe is lying in its crib, asleep or crying for milk, seemingly unaware of its surroundings, it is aware. It understands that when it smiles at mother, and mother picks it up, that is has engaged in an interaction with another. This is not the same as a birdling in a nest, putting its beak up for food when the mother bird alights. That is instinct. On evolving worlds that do not have genetic engineering, the species that eventually emerges to have consciousness, and thus sparking souls, gets there slowly. At first, there is instinct. Then there is increasing intelligence until the concept of separateness begins to be a factor. Increased intelligence tends to be selected for survival, as the intelligent species can better their odds. Thus, the more intelligent in the group breed to increase intelligence, and the trend hastens yet more. Thus, where not visible in man, his consciousness, awareness of himself as separate, a factor absolutely necessary for sparking of souls, is there.

Fight or Flight

Fight 2
Violence is a characteristic of many intelligent species. In fact, all, where the capacity to inflict injury and, in effect, take one's enemy out of the arena exists. Where entities seek dominance over each other, violence exists. Another factor of violence is that it is often a necessary ingredient for primitive life. Depending on the environment, violent tendencies may in fact be crucial to survival. Earth was such an environment. During genetic engineering projects in the past, those intelligent species developed without violent tendencies did not survive and flourish. On the contrary, they died out.

What is violence, and the tendency to use violence, and why was this a necessary ingredient in the past. First off, species eat each other. As has been often stated, the species on our planet generally use fight or flight when confronted with this possibility. Where it is assumed that these two reactions differ, they have more in common than not. Adrenaline surges, the heart beating wildly and all thought or necessity of attending to other matters, such as digestion or favoring an injury, put aside. If it is determined that fight is not possible, flight or its variant, playing dead, will be set into motion. In flight the adrenaline is put to good use in pumping legs and frantically scrambling arms. If it appears that escape is not possible, then a last attempt at deflecting the attack is tried─playing dead, or otherwise appearing as an undesirable morsel to the attacker. Thus, defecation and fainting may ensue.

Now, if fighting off the attack is possible, then a different set of staged defenses ensues. First, the defensive posture, where the body is fluffed up to appear larger or weapons such as teeth and claws are flashed. The defensive posture is quite familiar to humans, as the stiff legged circling, with neck hair fluffed and lips curled back over teeth, is seen frequently in canine pets. Humans recognize this in themselves. The refusal to sit down in a relaxed posture when in the presence of those not trusted. Hair up at the back of the neck, and not wanting the enemy to one's back. The sneer, attributed to arrogance, is in fact equivalent to curling the lips back over teeth in preparation for a fight.

Next, if the defensive posture does not succeed in deflecting the attack, taking the offensive in a parry is undertaken. The element of surprise is used as much as possible. Thus, the defensive posture is dropped and replaced with what is termed blind rage. The one under attack is now the attacker. Savage fury is unfurled. Everything in sight is devastated, without remorse or hesitation. When this defensive posture is completed, with the defendant finally spent, the attack will have either been deflected or the outcome of the battle will be in the other direction. One becomes a meal. Blind fury is seen in canine pets frequently, although it goes by different names. Humans assume their guard dogs are the aggressors, when the exact opposite is in force. The vast amount of violence in the world is related to defensive postures, even where fathers dash their crying babies against the walls. A distressing situation that cannot be dealt with in any other way may result in blind rage.

Nature vs Nurture

One does not need to listen to the endless discussions on nature vs. nurture to understand that both influences shape the person. However, a third influence is in effect, and this stronger than either of the others - the spirit. Genetics of course limits the person physically, determining whether they can enter the Olympics or solve complex math puzzlers, and also determines to a large degree how the body will react to stress or the aging process. The environment, being what shapes the child's perception of the world around him, determines at least early in life what role models the child will choose and how guarded or enthusiastic the child will be. But the spirit is louder than both these other voices, and by its orientation and strength determines how the person's very life will be led, the occupation chosen, the motives driving the person, and where the person draws the line on whether to get involved or not. Because the spirit speaks to the body as well as the mind, its influence is also over the biochemistry of the human body incarnated, and this has more of an effect than is generally recognized. If the child is determined to be an outstanding athlete, for instance, having judged that escape from a ghetto is not possible without such an assist, physical development beyond that supported by genetics can result. How is this possible?

The spirit occupies its own density, a density that can interact with matter on all other densities. Just as the spirit adjusts itself to the incarnation density, and positions itself to communicate with the human brain for the Mind/Spirit Connection, likewise it positions itself to influence the human body. Genetics are but chemistry, and influence growth and development through chemistry. Where this cannot be utterly or even significantly changed by the influence of the spirit, where biochemistry can affect the outcome and the spirit can affect the biochemistry, its influence can leave a mark. In the example of the child desiring to become an athlete, the basic bone and muscle structure, height, stamina, and reflexes are determined by genetics. But physical feats are often determined as much by concentration and sheer energy, factors controlled by biochemistry - hormones, such as adrenaline, brain chemicals supporting continuous focus, and free nutrients in the blood stream available to feed the process. In this way the spirit transcends the density differences, and takes charge of the incarnation as much as physically possible.

Doctors have often noticed that a patient will live or die depending on their will to live. Where this can be attributed to a Mind/Body Connection, the influence of the spirit in these matters lies at the base. The soul infuses the body during an incarnation, and communicates on many levels and can bridge densities in this matter. The stuff of souls is not something we, the Zetas, have experimented with, nor are we allowed to! Thus, beyond describing the properties and capacities of the stuff of souls, we cannot explain how it manages this. But it influences the body, to overcome disease and struggle forward. It influences the brain, to utilize this or that portion of the brain or to develop channels and connections in the brain matter. The will to live has been well documented, overcoming disease that physicians were sure would end the life. Much of this is the soul, determined not to end the incarnation. Likewise, the soul can influence a dying body to go before its time, if the incarnation is desired to end. Thus, we suggest those curious about how the soul influences the body simply observe the many clues about them, as this is as much a tool for learning as anything we can explain.


It is not by accident that a person coughing or choking is frequently thought to be a person having a good laugh. Likewise the start of a hearty laugh is often mistaken for a shout or sneeze, and the rhythm of laughing is similar to the heaving rhythm of sobbing. Do these similarities mean that laughter has a physiological basis with sobbing and coughing or a defensive bark? They do indeed. An analysis of situations found humorous invariably uncovers a tense situation. In fact, to discern why one person finds a situation funny while another does not, look to why the amused person is experiencing tension. Muscles tensed without relief naturally begin twitching and cramping, a result of the buildup of toxins in the muscles but also due to the evolution of effective relaxation methods. Those creatures that cramped without release did poorly, and those that twitched into a different state survived. Thus laughter or sobbing or barking - a tension release.

Socialized humans given to denying their hostilities excuse their laughter as benign, which of course in the main it is. If they weren't laughing they might be murdering each other or endlessly fighting, so laughter is encouraged. When there is nothing one can do about it - joke around. Situations of intense jealousy bring forth sarcasm, which is hostility thinly veiled as humor. If someone else gets the promotion, joke around about his qualifications in a semi-sarcastic manner, and you might get away with throwing him a verbal punch. If you have a dominating wife who insists that the doors be opened for her as though she were a helpless queen, the thought of someone like her dropping her parcels when the doorman gets distracted and lets the door smack in her face allows the fuming husband to do this to his wife, by proxy. Humor is thus an effective safety valve for hostility that would prove disruptive, and can even be used to deflect antagonism from others. Oops, the jokes on me.

Physical Fitness

Since the dawn of civilization mankind has had to deal with the ravages of sloth. The wealthy man, having hired others to work his fields and carry his bundles, do his laundry and run his errands, finds himself short of breath and getting pains in his chest. Nature designed man to meet the struggle for existence, to be able to walk through his days in search of food and water, to climb trees and cliffs for a snatch of food. The last thing nature foresaw was a life of sloth. But that is what an increasing number of mankind lives.

How can the physically idle stay physically fit, and in their busy lives how can they maximize the time they spend on physical fitness. This has been extensively studied by humans concerned about rising rates of obesity and heart disease, especially as they might find themselves in the danger zone. Late in the game, they throw themselves into an exercise program, as though every ounce of sweat will work a pound of cure, but most often the damage has been done and such programs can even bring on the demise of the fanatic. The best course of action is gradual during any acclimation period. If one has not been walking, much less running - then walk, don't run. If one has not been lifting weights, then start with the 20 pound weights. Stop when you are short of breath, as tomorrow you will find you have more stamina. Give your body a chance to catch up. Take a day off now and then from the routine, you're not in a race, you know.

Just as civilization brought the demons of sloth onto mankind, the demons of plenty have left their mark. Rich food, the type eaten only on occasion by early man, is on the platter every day, and the richer the better. Pass the butter, please. High fiber foods, normally the staple in early man, may be absent altogether. Early man ate frequently, shat frequently due to his high fiber diet, and drank all he could hold when encountering clean water. Protein feasts were rare, and on those occasions early man ate nothing but the protein until this was gone or he was chased from the find or kill. The healthiest diet is one that takes mankind's beginnings into consideration.

Probably the most important physical fitness advice we can give to the human animal caught in the rigors of civilization's incessant demands is not to worry. If a matter is not in your control, put it from your mind. What will be, will be, and your stress diseases will not change this one way or the other.


Curiosity is an emotion related to natural inquisitive behavior such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in human and many animal species. The term can also be used to denote the behavior itself being caused by the emotion of curiosity. As this emotion represents a drive to know new things, curiosity is the fuel of science and all other disciplines of human study.

The ancient Greeks studied more than philosophy in their debates. They studied the ways of nature─physics, astronomy, and chemistry. In those days the going opinion was that the world was flat, and the heavens were doing a dance at the whim of the gods, whoever they may be. They had no microscopes, no accelerators or centrifugal machines, and were incapable of separating chemicals to test out their theories. They did not even have a concept of subatomic particles. How could they, when matter was only falling into categories of solid, liquid, vapor, and spirit.

Yet one man, Democritus, hypothesized that matter had the same base component, and that these were tiny balls in clumps of few or many. Tiny balls that moved swiftly or stood still, and clung to each other or had a life of independence─molecules! How did the concept rise in one never exposed to even the concept of a solar system, orbiting planets around a central sun, much less the elements in the Atomic Table and their theoretical subatomic structure. Democritus was given to quiet times in his garden, where he pondered such simple wonders as rain drops and the ripples they caused in puddles. In essence, he gave The Call, and was heard by aliens who spent many hours with him, on repeated occasions, demonstrating how things work. Democritus would be returned to his garden, where his wife thought he had been all along, to sort this all out. Where the aliens answering his call may have found a ready student, Democritus was not so lucky with his fellow man, who ridiculed him for what they considered his preposterous positions.


070606 generic anger 02
The assumption that higher spiritual densities are removed from any emotion except love and have no destructive urges is a false one. The matter of being Service-to-Other does not entail removing oneself from the many conflicts that present during incarnated life. The point where one defends the self, or others, and crosses the line into destructive behavior is not the point where the entity becomes, however briefly, oriented in Service-to-Self. Service-to-Others does not mean allowing the other to proceed without bounds in a manner that hurts the self. Self defense is not only assumed, it is desirable! Any entity that became utterly passive and failed to defend itself would not last long. Self defense is integral in any life form, and can hardly be removed, nor should it be.

There is much confusion regarding defensive or aggressive actions being taken by those operating in the Service-to-Other orientation. Empathy toward others and non-violent means of attending to life’s daily affairs are assumed, and under equitable conditions this is the norm. However, if others who are not firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation or even if others also in the Service to-Other group are undertaking actions that threaten the well being of the self or of the group, aggressive and even violent means are not out of keeping with the Service-to-Other orientation! Forcefully restraining another, or even killing them if this is the most effective solution, is not only a Service-to-Self prerogative. These are solutions open to those in the Service-to-Other also.

In dealing with, for instance, a sadist preying upon the young, an inability to safeguard the young by any other means than killing the sadist would not be out of keeping with the Service-to-Other philosophy. Which other is being served by allowing him to continue? The young children, as a group of others, or the sadist as a single individual utterly lacking in consideration of others? The choice is clear, and killing the sadist a solution involving empathy and kindness overall. In fact, allowing the sadist to continue is anti Service-to-Other, as this passivity is making those standing by and doing nothing a party to the sadism.


Human parents place a great importance on sexuality, as so much in life keys off one's orientation. Will one have grandchildren, will the son make the varsity team, will the daughter marry well and be able to provide for her aging parents─all hinge on the child expressing an interest in the opposite sex, or more correctly, in being comfortable in one's birth sex. The latter is almost always the cause of homosexuality, but the cause is overlooked as the symptom, pairing with the same sex, is so distressing to parents. Long before the young child develops the habit of releasing sexual tension with others of the same sex a struggle has been going on─whether to compete with the parent of the same sex, whether to assume that role. Where these thoughts go through most young minds, there are other factors at play. Is the parent of the opposite sex warm and attractive or cold and repellent, is the young child accepted or rewarded when assuming the role of the birth sex, or punished in some subtle manner.

Classmates also play a role, although a child comfortably grounded within the nuclear family will almost never turn to homosexuality as a result of bullying by playmates. The opposite is true. Regardless of the school environment, a child distressed within the nuclear family by the concept of stepping into the shoes that the birth sex requires will almost never put these concerns aside when away from home.

Are homosexuals born? No, although the preferences of the incarnating spirit play a small role. Physical differences pointed to as a cause are a reaction, as the degree to which the mind can influence physical development is little understood. As with any habit that humans develop, change requires that the cause, and not the symptom, be examined. It does little good to berate homosexuals, who have not so much chosen their lifestyle as been driven to it, and at a very young age. The toddler, or pre-school child, is scarcely making an intellectual choice. They are avoiding distress, punishment, and in many cases what they see as crushing and oppressive situations, or even, in their childish eyes, as possible death. Psychiatrists are quite aware of these scenarios, and explain them well.


Pedo bear
It has long been known that rape is more about domination of the weak by the strong than sex. Sexual release, after all, can be effectively achieved by one’s own hand, so there is no need to attack another for relief. It is a power trip, and more than just the ability to force another into a subservient position. Those inclined to Service-to-Self often lean toward sadism during their power trips, as this is a test of their power, their domination, over others. If the victim is pleading, this enhances the sense of power. If the victim is torn and bruised, or will have their life destroyed by the act being performed, this again enhances the sense of power to the perpetrator, as in most cases they get away with an act that society routinely abhors. Rape of women or young men, battery, is the first step for those seeking this type of power trip, but the worst of the lot discover abusing children brings a greater high. It is not surprising that child molesters are attacked in prisons, as even among hardened criminals they are considered scum. Thus, to get away with the rape of a child boosts the sense of power in those given to such practices, as they can do, have done, what all of society considers despicable and seeks to prevent.

Where then, in all of this, do the reports of the rape of choir boys by Catholic priests fit in, reports of Satanic rituals involving torture and murder of children and innocents, reports that the elite Skull and Bones society at Yale requires sex acts, reports of sacrifices and homosexual acts at the Bohemian grove where power mongers from around the world and in industry meet annually, and the increasing revelations about pedophilia rings and blackmail in the halls of power in the US and Britain? Secrets have power, in that knowledge empowers a man. Societies that hold secrets thus have power, at least in their own minds. That power can be vaporized if a single member of that society blabs, or so it is feared. Thus, to be initiated into the society, and be privy to secrets the society holds, one must be owned in some way by the society, and this is best accomplished, per the minds of those heading these societies which lean in the direction of sadistic control, by blackmail. Is a bit of hanky panky sufficient, ala Clinton and his thong panty episode? Hardly. Simply breaking laws, a lack of business ethics, or questionable accounting practices, or theft of ideas or operating outside the spirit of the law - none of this suffices as an absolute preventative. It is pedophilia, with absolute proof of the participants involvement, that is considered the premiere blackmail means.
The Catholic church holds the secret of Fatima, the Third Secret which will never be revealed as Lucia has died and all evidence of her report safely in the Vatican archives. In that the church denies its priests a sexual outlet, and many migrate to the church due to homosexual leanings which they are desperate to deny, entrapping those likely to rise in power within the Catholic church in pedophilia is relatively easy, and explains why the hierarchy of the church was so resistant to admitting any wrongdoing in the pedophilia among priests in the lower ranks when it was revealed. The hierarchy, those at the top in the church, are not without shame, themselves. The reports that initiates in Skull and Bones are required to disrobe and engage in shameful acts with each other have long circulated, without substantial proof, but are true. It goes far beyond this initiation, as those who pass the initial tests are invited to parties, and out come the boys to be fondled and passed around. All this, the reactions of the initiates, are recorded not only in the eyes of those attending the parties, but also on film. Just being present during such a party, and not objecting violently, puts one at risk for blackmail. Why did they not report this to the police?
Homosexuality plays heavily in this, as many boys abused as children grow up to become homosexuals simply because in their own minds they caused the abuse, invited it, such is the logic of the trapped victim trying to understand their circumstances. Stockholm syndrome, where the victim identifies with the captor. The abused wife comes to think she had it coming, deserved it. The abused child, where they most often bury the horror under amnesia and forget the episode until adulthood, if remembered at all, subconsciously react to what occurred by guilt and identifying with the attacker. Many homosexuals, thus, were abused as children and in trying to erase the self-assigned guilt they felt as a child by telling themselves the child wanted the sex, impose this on other children themselves. Thus, through many decades of this type of blackmail being operand, many abused boys chosen for sex parties have grown up to be trustworthy captains of the secret societies, kept in the family, so to speak. These networks are exposed, occasionally, as in the Gannon episode where as a male escort Gannon was a favorite in the Bush press club, and rumored to be a confidant of Karl Rove, a male who disdains the company of women.
How extensive are these pedophilia blackmail clubs, and do they permeate all levels of power in government and industry and the church? Not as extensive as is imagined, as few actually cooperate. Those who leave the party promptly have not given any blackmail material to those filming the situation, and those moving into power are not uniformly from this club either. Threats of assassination, threats to maim or torture a loved one, threats to bring down an enterprise beloved and treasured, bribes to enhance a personal fortune, bribes to ensure legislature is enacted or contracts granted or investments arranged - all these are tools for those who wish to ensure their secrets are kept and cooperation assured. Nevertheless, when Catholic pedophilia is protected at the highest levels, and homosexual favoritism is exposed within the Bush White House, it is clear many in power are members of this club, hold secrets, and have sold their souls, in essence, to be a member of the club.


The brain is intrinsically physical, and subject to thousands of influences including injury, chemicals manufactured within the body, chemicals invading or inserted into the body, and the effects of aging. One has only to visit mental wards, nursing homes, and back alleys to see humans out of touch and apparently in another world. Even primitive man suffered these problems, becoming psychotic with grief or fear or even born psychotic, and discovering to their horror or pleasure that certain foods did more than fill their bellies. Is psychosis and senility intrinsic to man, and does it have a purpose? Yes on both counts, though it often seems a purposeless affliction to those intent on keeping the gears of society running smoothly.

As with fainting, psychosis and senility allows the human animal to disconnect with reality. Catatonic or autistic individuals are, chemically, in a place where they are not feeling anxiety. The world does not exist for them. Delusions serve the same purpose, as the individual can build a world about them that meets their needs. How much different are delusions from the games people play with themselves to make themselves more secure, more attractive, or more valued in their own eyes than they are in the eyes of others. Depression serves a purpose in causing the individual to retract and withdraw from a world that is causing injury. Time to reflect and plot a new course. Senility, outside of the genetic disease which is Alzheimer's, is greatest in those who have the least to live for. Activity and involvement actually prevents senility. Senility blunts the awareness of the aged, so they can reminisce about happier days when they were younger.

Human society sees psychosis as a problem because it is a disruption, but mostly because of the apparent pain the afflicted are in. Is the autistic child not frozen in fear? Is the chronic depressive not missing out on life? Is the paranoid schizophrenic not constantly on the alert and never at rest? What is not taken into the equation is what the world of the individual is like without psychosis - where pain is born quietly but is more intense. Psychosis is noisy and noticeable, where the pre-psychotic individual is usually quiet and well behaved. Then is psychosis not a problem? Of course it is, as it is the signal flag of misery.

Infants born psychotic are thus because the genetic throw of the dice gave them an ultra sensitive nature, and they are doomed to live in the sheltered world they live in. Depressives recover when they change the life situation that is distressing them, sometimes with dramatic swiftness. That so many depressives do not recover but mask their unhappiness with antidepressants does not point to the illness as being intractable so much as it points to the rigidity of society. Schizophrenics react to the same stresses as other humans, but with a stronger and quicker reaction. This is widely recognized in giving schizophrenics a more sheltered environment, but as the press is for society to reabsorb the individual, any respite from the chemical surges is short lived. Anti-psychotic drugs simply mask the raging surges, as though the fire hose were perpetually turned on the blaze so that one can say that the fire is out. The problem here is not so much that a psychosis ensues due to life stresses as that society has rigid expectation for all its citizens.

Does psychosis occur in the animal kingdom, outside of the human animal? Most certainly, a fact that veterinarians will be the first to attest to. Psychotic pets, however, are usually given the life changes that are indicated, and recover. Human society is not so kind to the human animal, who is generally drugged and told to struggle on, in place.

Multiple Personality

The human mind has the capacity to deliberately forget, allowing the amnesia state to wash away bridges between chemical memory lanes. This is but a step away from compartmentalizing memories into packages the human feels capable of dealing with at one time.

Brain chemistry and brain structure wise, the process is the same. The average human can point to instances in himself or others where selective forgetting occurred. One just forgets that embarrassing moment or that appointment to go to the dentist. In amnesia the chemistry in the brain shuts down to the extent that the conscious brain is not recording new memories or playing back old memories. It's off-line, rather than on-line, as they say in the computer business. Individuals recovering from coma move in and out of this state when first awakening. Selective amnesia attacks just those bridges that lead to painful memories, washing these away. Here the conscious brain chemistry is not affected as a whole but is altered at the site due to the strong emotions engendered. The chemical process, however, is the same for selective amnesia, total amnesia, or multiple personality disorders.

It's not uncommon for humans to have what they call different sides, or to have what is called a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. This is the same mental technique that those suffering from multiple personality disorder employ. Situations and the responses to those situations that are by their nature incompatible are compartmentalized. Take anger, for instance, a common facet of the personality to be suppressed. The little boy who is punished for expressing anger represses this, but the boiling rage he feels at times expresses itself when he is out with the other boys, in pranks. He may package other aspects of his personality into this persona too, so that he is not only reserving anger for these times, but being messy and slouching rather than standing straight, too. Rebellion time, a common situation in adolescence.

Individuals who develop multiple personality disorders are raised in harsh and hostile social environments where conflicts and duality are rampant. Children who observe hypocrisy in the adults around them soon pick up this duality, but most often it is a conscious duality. One compliments someone to their face, but behind that individual's back denigrates them, being two-faced as you say. In multiple personality disorder the need to be two-faced is extreme, and is not just a nicety but a lifesaving tactic. If mother cannot abide discussing sex much less observing any expression of sexual heat, but father is molesting the children regularly barely outside of the mother's view, then extreme duality is present. Perhaps things get broken at those times, in the tussle, but where mother ordinarily demands immaculate neatness she has a remarkable tolerance for broken lamps and tossed pillows after a molestation episode - more duality. The child trying to cope in this situation may thus package their messy persona in with their sexual persona.

In response to the duality their childhood presents, the human developing a multiple personality will compartmentalize the various aspects of their personality. Anger, the sex drive, curiosity, aggression, greed, sloth, artistic expression, fear, compassion - those aspects of the persona that are compatible are packaged together, as they are let out to be free at the same time. For multiple personality disorder to develop, harsh duality is not only present in early life but is the situation throughout childhood and frequently into early adulthood. The compartmentalization encompasses their whole early life, and forms the base for the later years. Thus cut into pieces, the sufferer finds they cannot cope with ordinary life. The socially proper persona may be on-line while the individual is standing in the checkout line when someone nearby drops a jar, shattering the jar and splashing tomato sauce everywhere. The proper persona goes off-line, in distress, and when the messy persona takes over those at the grocery store find themselves standing next to an entirely different person!

Invariably, in multiple personality disorders, the individual is not able to cope. This permeates their life, evident in social situations and employment alike. Ordinary living requires the many sides of an individual to be present at the same time. A business meeting requires one to be calm and orderly to absorb the subject matter, but also to be aggressive when presenting one's opinion, fearful of being rejected, and angry when rejection occurs. An individual who has rigidly packaged their persona may find at least three different persona called out during such a meeting, ineffectively handling this social situation and startling their co-workers. Thus, they get fired, become reclusive, and often remain in the home where their personalities were warped in the first place - the victim yet again.

Alzheimer's Disease

Examine the animal kingdom, and what causes animals to time out, to die. If a species has no natural enemies, they can live out their lives. Only the lack of food, such as a severe drought might bring, or an accident, such as being struck by lightning, or a confrontation within the pride or pack, such as a battle for supremacy, prevents them from simply dying of old age. What does that mean? In some cases it is a slowdown of all the natural processes, the functioning of each vital organ such as heart of liver or lungs, such that a domino effect starts. Each failing organ affects the other, the creature first getting tired, then exhausted and unable to move, then slipping into coma, then death. All painless, what humans call dying in one's sleep, the preferred way to go, most certainly. This assumes, of course, a healthy lifestyle, and no disease.

Man is such a creature, with no natural enemies, in that he has intelligence and has not only developed defenses but actively hunts other creatures, and is rapidly destroying species and habitats around the globe. Yet man seems to die not of old age, but disease, routinely. Why is this so? The answer lies in the lifestyle, as man can choose his lifestyle, his diet, and tends to choose rich and highly refined foods, a slothful and indolent exercise pattern, and is shocked when disease pulls him down as a result. Man feeds his livestock and pets a healthy diet, himself not. Man tends to his machines well, maintaining and oiling them, so they do not break down, but ignores his own body. Man places himself exposed to substances that poison, smokes cigarettes, and lives in cities with air so polluted it makes his eyes smart.

So in all of this abuse, what causes Alzheimer's? Cancer happens regularly, even to healthy creatures, during mutations that are inherent in a living creature composed of many cells that must divide. Cancer cells are simply cleaned up by a healthy immune system. When cancer takes hold to bring the body down, this is because the body has given up, and seeks the release that death brings. One's psychology can affect the health, as any doctor puzzling over why one patient, certain to die, lives on while another sinks daily into a death march when expected to recover. The will to live prevails, often. Are there other bodily functions affected by mood? It should be noted that Alzheimer's seems to come on with age, among the aged, though not in every case. The aged of course are often losing their edge, find themselves in binds, no longer listened to with respect and anticipating more aches and pains and less pleasure. Old age, the natural way, seems a long, long way off, and the mind nudges the body to find an earlier out.

The cause and cure for Alzheimer's has been a search without results, as the true cause is not being taken into consideration. As with cancer that evades all attempts to combat it, compared to spontaneous remission, the true cause of the body's decision to slip into death, early, is not being noted. How can the psychology of the Alzheimer's patient create lesions in the brain? The active brain stays healthy and does not lose brain cells as an inactive brain does. What is this process? Just what triggers the brain of an oldster, not actively solving puzzles or enthusiastically engaged in life, to wash away? If this can happen in a limited way, could it not happen in a major way, and why would it not? The exact physiology of brain wasting, the washing away of brain cells, is not understood, so no surprise that Alzheimer's is likewise not understood.

It is not something eaten, something in the air, though an unhealthy lifestyle can make for a body struggling to feel well, affecting the will to live, certainly. Given that hunger is a strong urge, even the body of one deciding to die will continue to eat. Thus, the out for any creature feeling trapped and wanting an out lies in disease, like cancer or senility. In cancer the body functions are finally attacked, despite the intake of food on a regular basis so that life otherwise would go on. In Alzheimer's the cancer out has been frustrated by an immune systems that refuses to be sidetracked, but the genetics for closing out the brain is amenable. Thus, Alzheimer's seems to run in families, as does cancer. If the body wants to eat, giving in to the natural urge to put hunger pains aside, the brain washes away to the point of not sustaining breathing, or heart function. At last, a death from old age, come early!


The first influence on the babe is the mother's influence, and this occurs well before birth. When the mother becomes tense, under what circumstances, how much love comes from the mother's heart or whether this is a stingy release, with anger or a grim desire for control of the environment the prevailing emotion felt. The babe is adjusting to the mother as it's primary environment, the umbilical cord to survival before birth but likewise a bond that ensures the babe of survival after birth as well. The babe becomes a politician, if the environment is not warm and loving, in order to survive, learning when to be politically correct and do the mother's biding to avoid the mother's anger and potential abandonment.

In households where the mother is control conscious, into control battles with others, and considers the child just another thing to be controlled, the child has two paths it can follow. It can cooperate, as it must for any kind of peace, or it can rebel. In some, cooperation is complete capitulation, with the eventual adult following religious edicts without question, following the edicts of a corporate head or politician without question, and distressed if required to question as this raises the specter of the mother's abandonment. In others, rebellion sets in early with the child eventually either ejected from the household or virtually so by a mother who ignores and neglects the child as much as allowed by the society she must live within. The child leaves home, and never returns. More often there is a seething battle, and this is the root cause of Anorexia.

Mother represents food, and whether feeding the child from the breast or from the bottle, will either make these early sessions a delight of touch and caring or a battle over the outcome. A control oriented mother will not allow the child to chose the time and outcome of a nursing session, but will start dictating these issues. Normally nursing occurs when the babe is restless and hungry, the mother's milk responding, and the outcome a satiated babe falling back into sleep, a happy outcome all around. The child dictates the time and amount to be consumed. A control oriented mother will try to decide when a nursing session, or a bottle feeding session, should occur. Her schedule, her determination on the amount to be consumed, and the battle over food started early. The babe tries to turn away, has the nipple forced into its mouth again and again, the sense of anger in the air, and the framework of the battle has been laid.

Close examination of the dynamics around the dinner table when the babe is a child invariably shows argument about what food to eat, how much to consume, with the mother dishing it out onto the child's plate and watching closely that it get consumed. This should be compared to the family where the child chooses what to load onto its plate from serving dishes with only an occasional suggestion from mother to try the broccoli or whatever, with father commenting that if one fills the plate up it is wasteful unless eaten, a clean plate. Basically, the child chooses.

Having had the issue of control over one's life hopelessly confused with food consumption, the Anorexic finds food fights clicking in even when not the issue. If someone suggests they vote for a candidate the Anorexic would not themselves choose, they stop eating. If the work hours are changed and the new routine not what the Anorexic would prefer, they stop eating. If the spouse wants sex, or does not want sex, averse what the Anorexic wants for the evening, they stop eating. In a world where tensions are on the increase, and those wanting control over their environment becoming more adamant and shrill, these matters will only acerbate. Thus, the increase in Anorexia, which is likely only to become worse both in those who suffer, and in an increase of new cases.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder

Body Integrity Identity Disorder
Many mental states involve self mutilation of some kind, so this is not a single occurrence. They all have at their base either self hatred or fear. If self hatred, the thinking is that if one mutilates themselves, then those who might do it to them will feel placated. Father is going to beat me, so I will beat myself ahead of time to avoid his punishment, is the thinking. Anorexia is a desire to avoid looking pregnant or being sexually mature, avoiding mother's anger at having a competitor for father's attentions. The thinking is, that one should starve the self, or throw up the food eaten, as a punishment as if the child is challenging mother, then the child is bad and must be punished. Mutilation can be to deliver pain or to change the appearance, to be less beautiful or attractive. Removing limbs should be seen in this light. If one cannot move, can one be punished for what one might have intention of doing.


In medicine, a coma is a state of unconsciousness, lasting more than 6 hours in which a person cannot be awakened, fails to respond normally to painful stimuli, light or sound, lacks a normal sleep-wake cycle and does not initiate voluntary actions. A person in a state of coma is described as comatose.

Comatose patients are very distressing to doctors as there is essentially nothing to be done except wait. With an infection the doctor can try various antibiotic or heat treatments, enrich the patient's diet, and perhaps even work on their psychological state to boost the immune response. But except for maintenance of the human body, there is nothing to be done for a comatose patient. Doctors are not sure of the cause, as where coma almost invariably sets in after a serious physical blow to the head or chemical disturbance in the body, it often lingers long after the cause has been removed. There have been cases where a patient, ostensibly well, is comatose for years and then, one day, just wakes up. When asked if they were aware of anything during that time, the patient draws a blank. What causes coma, and what kind of place was the patient in while comatose?

Coma uses the same mechanism we aliens do during visitation, when we record the visit in the subconscious only. This is a chemical block, and can lift as suddenly as it can be applied─within minutes. Due to past genetic engineering, the human body has overlapping brains, with the conscious brain the least well rooted. To use a computer analogy, the subconscious is hardwired but the conscious is software. If the chemistry flooding the body is missing certain components, the consciousness is deactivated just as surely as a computer without software cannot process data─lights on, fans humming, nothing happening. The parts of the body that are hardwired continue─heartbeat, breathing, reflex actions, digestion.

Recovery, for a comatose patient, is delayed where there is a subconscious wish to avoid the reality they must return to. Parts of the brain are switched off, and doctors are unanimous that fugue states are psychological. Here the patient has changed their chemistry to detach the conscious, so that when they recover from the fugue state they have no conscious memory of where they have been. As the conscious was not on-line during the fugue, the patient also did not have access to past memories. Of course, the subconscious memories were available, and the patient knew full well they were avoiding certain areas so as not to dwell on the past. The subconscious deals with what is at hand─the here and now─so in a fugue state is not a nag for the temporarily forgotten.

Truly comatose patients are less alive than those in deep sleep. They are passing time. After an injury they emerge from this state to check out the world around them. As with a faint, the coma serves a purpose, removing the human from a situation they can do little about. When they emerge, gradually, they may determine they do not wish to return, and send themselves back into coma. An advice for those wishing for the return of a loved one is to speak to them frankly about situations that the patient may be reluctant to face. Honesty is best, as the recovering patient is on that footing in any case. Speak freely of what the patient has to look forward to, changes in circumstances, new factors the patient is unaware of. If the patient is not hearing all of this, his incarnated spirit is, and speaks to the re-emerging mind quite well.

Self Respect

Self respect
Self respect is the forerunner of respect for others, and in this regard respect for one's parents and origin is important. Unless one views the self as worthwhile, with potential, deserving of admiration and concern and on an equal footing overall with others, one cannot truly give the same treatment to others.

Throughout the life-span of an entity, spiritual development of the soul, the entity weighs itself against others. Consciousness begins this way, but as the others in the vicinity are also young and struggling, self respect or viewing the self to be as worthy as others is rather natural. Time passes and growth rates differ. Some entities advance in their spiritual lessons, take leadership, gain wisdom and knowledge, and the spread widens as time passes. Should the laggardly entity begin to view itself as falling behind, this takes up all its concentration and falling behind increases due to neglect. This is not a desirable situation. In fact, all are equal, as the laggard may surge ahead at a later time. Better to put comparisons behind, and concentrate on the important issues, the lessons. Therefore, love yourself and your family and have self respect, as all are truly equal.

Status Symbols

Human society, as most 3rd Density societies, is rift with status symbols - big cars, big houses, titles after the name, designer clothing, the right neighborhood, membership in elite groups, and name recognition. For many, the status symbol looms more important that any underlying meaning, because the status symbol represents power.
  • Those with money have more power than those without, almost invariably, as money can buy cooperation. Thus, most status symbols denote money. Where it is difficult to put on the facade of big money without the actual prop, those masquerading as well-to-do manage to do so surprisingly well on occasion by dressing well, acting arrogant, and getting others to foot the bill. This is usually a short run affair, with the perpetrator remaining on as a pet of the wealthy only happening in the movies. The perpetrator is almost without exception resented for crashing the gates and prosecuted.
  • Those with membership in elite, exclusive groups have more power than those without, as the membership cooperates with each other, doing favors, and thus each member has a larger reach. Thus, those with such memberships almost invariably advertise them in any introduction or brief biography they provide. Rarely are those without actual memberships able to assume this facade. This is not due to any difficulty in making up counterfeit certificates or cards, but due to the clubby way members communicate with each other. Phone calls on a first name basis, and introductions from someone known before a stranger is allowed into the midst. This ploy, claiming membership one does not possess, is not tried often as it is invariably counterproductive.
  • Those with name recognition have more power than those without, as others are afraid of offending them for fear of the incident becoming widely known. Thus hotel accommodations or fast and often free service is provided as everyone suspects the cameras may be running in some manner. Scams where the power hungry assume the name of someone well known are usually short running, though all humans can have look-alikes and some of the famous have many. A certain dress, a little make-up, practice the voice and posture, and voile, one can walk about and pick up the perks at a party or convention. The counterfeit personage, emboldened by success, tends to use this routine more and more often and linger, thus eventually getting caught and dealing with a lot of disgust and venom thrown their way, outweighing any benefits gained.
  • However, the easiest status symbol to attain, and the one most often used by the power hungry, is a title after the name. Doctor, Judge, CPA, Representative, Director, Manager, Esquire, President, Captain, General - how often are the titles verified as genuine? Almost never, unless the personage is applying for a job and even then this type of checking is seldom done if the personage has the proper demeanor. Thus, the power hungry can assume a title and get away with it in the main, winning deference and rapt attention at a minimum, entry where the doors were formerly locked, an audience where the message was formerly dismissed, and as any good salesman knows, getting the foot in the door is half the battle! They are home.

Thus, when one finds status symbols in the form of titles after a stranger's name, particularly nebulous titles, one should not instantly assume they are dealing with a person who has earned the title, or any title for that matter.


Humans speak out both sides of their mouths regarding violence, as they both adore violence and promote it as a solution to problems while at the same time asserting it is at the core of many problems their societies deals with. Sports such as football and boxing involve the deliberate injury of opponents, movies present conflict resolution via death by guns and knives and setting the opponent aflame, and yet when this same behavior is expressed by gangs of boys in the ghettos it is taken to be a sign of a sick society. Institutional violence such as police brutality is condoned while white collar crime by members of the elite classes is forgiven, but both actions bring severe reprimands if done by those not on top of the pile. The message is that violence is OK if you can get away with it. This can be seen most clearly in a comparison of how the expression of sexual desires is treated versus how the expression of violent tendencies is treated in toddlers.

Children in the playpen with each other can club each other over the head, throw objects at each other, or simulate murderous instincts in graphic play with dolls with scarcely a reprimand from their parents. The child may be temporarily separated from others it is hurting, and the victim comforted. That the behavior is unacceptable is hardly communicated, but what is communicated is that the behavior has limits. Violence is OK, but making Mary scream when mother is trying to chat on the phone is not OK─that’s the message. The child then begins to learn how to express their violent tendencies where they won’t get caught. If mother is not around or is busy in the kitchen rather than on the phone where she desires quiet, then pinching Mary or pummeling her over the head is OK.

Children in the playpen with each other, or even alone, cannot, however, get into sex play. Where the purported dangers of sex play─venereal disease and pregnancy, cannot possibly be present in the playpen, nevertheless the child is instantly told by the tone of the mother’s voice and the intensity and quickness of her actions that such play is a serious infraction. Adults are intensely uncomfortable when a child’s curious probing finger goes into the diaper. If such curious play has come to the mother’s attention, the child is likely not to be left alone during play, and most certainly won’t be left alone with other children if sex play has begun. The anxiety and resulting anger and fear that the mother expresses speak mountains to the toddler, who often develops such a parallel anxiety about sex that they are crippled for life in this arena.


The issue of addiction is one of perception. One views having a drink at the end of the day in the same light as eating a sweet. Tastes good, helps one relax and let go of the day's concerns, and what's the harm. Another views this as an addiction, equating addiction with anticipation or expectation or longing. At the other extreme is one who must consume half a bottle, and not just in the evening. They know they feel crippled with anxieties without this, but feel the drinking is under their control. Ask them if they are an addict and they will say no, even when suffering DT's. Are they addicted? Yes, as their need has moved from longing or anticipation to chemical dependency, and they are taking their daily dose in order to avoid withdrawal. Then there is the matter of psychological dependency, as one who never drinks at all can find they must be drunk to engage in sexual activity, and this is as surely an addiction as the chronic drunk.

What causes this, and do human counterparts on other worlds develop addictions? The tendency to develop addictions is inherent to all life, and is most definitely present on other worlds, particularly in intelligent species. Take the simplest amoebae, given the option of a food bath rich with nutrients or one thin in this regard. The amoebae will choose the rich and adjust to it, changing the thickness and composition of its cell structure so as not to become inundated with nutrients. What would happen then if the amoebae were placed in a thin nutrient bath. Distress.

Humans develop addictions for the same reasons simpler creatures do, when given the opportunity. It tastes good, feels good, and who is thinking about tomorrow. Most human addictions begin in situations where there is no concern about tomorrow, not because one is carefree but because one is in such dire circumstances that the likelihood of a tomorrow seems dim. Beyond feeling good or tasting good, one wishes to escape. The front lines during war, the slums, a brutal spouse, an abusive parent, chronic pain, all lead one to look for an escape, any escape, if only for a moment. Dealing with addiction here first requires that the cause, and not the symptom, be addressed. Not everyone can harden themselves and bear up endlessly in distressing circumstances, and it does little good to berate the addict while they are, in a sense, in pain.

Once begun, however, an escape mechanism can be continued even after circumstances have changed. Humans, as intelligent creatures, are clever at manipulating circumstances. The young college student, using cocaine on occasion to overcome the fatigue caused by all night study and to be vibrant at a party, is found later in life to be maneuvering circumstances so he can continue to use cocaine. He works late at the office, telling his wife this is required for his career, so he can excuse his use of cocaine in the parking lot after dark. Is he addicted? Physically, no, but psychologically he is, as he has changed his life for the drug. It rules him, not he it. If one desires chocolate ice cream and seeks it, that's one thing, but if one must have it and arranging to get chocolate ice cream takes priority over all else, then that's an addiction. Addiction tendencies must be placed in perspective with everything else in one's life. If the addict is a parent, with small children dependent on one, then the urge to escape or ease one's burden should be taken in context with what impact this may have on the children. If one is dying of a chronically painful disease, and one's comatose condition due to a drug dose will harm no one, then that is another matter entirely.

As with most things in life, addiction is neither inherently good or bad, but must be taken in context.


1336341333 examiner
Archetypes are common human experiences, in the form of humans whom others interact with or observe. These come, in the examples below, from the child's knowledge of mother and father figures, and from memory of childhood, whether from self or of a brother or sister or playmate. All have these archetypal concepts, from these common human experiences. Verbal and written stories are rift with human archetypes. In the day and age of the video and computer games, these media are also rift with archetypes.

Archetypes may be exaggerated in their characteristics to heighten their uniqueness. Thus, in the examples below, the Mother, whose uniqueness is her desire to care for her charges, is described as caring less for her personal appearance. The Father, whose uniqueness is his desire to protect and provide for his charges, is described similarly. The Hand Maiden, whose uniqueness is the subservience that comes by nature to the weaker sex in a physically or socially immature state, is exaggerated into downcast eyes and such compliant manners that her masters assume loyalty.

Mother: Even before archetypes of things to be feared, we have loving archetypes. The reason is simple. Most humans, if they are to survive, are given such love by a mother or mother substitute. This archetype is seen most often as a woman, frequently older, gray haired to some degree, a little overweight, paying attention to the charges given her rather than to herself. She deals with food stuffs, is frequently in the kitchen or around the campfire, and is never at a loss for a tasty item of food to give to a youngster.

Father: Likewise, the infant, if it has survived, has encountered in person the archetypal father. This archetype is burly, strong if not smart, and very protective. He may be gruff, frequently is at a loss for words, and like the archetypal mother, cares more for the charges given him than for himself, and most certainly for his physical appearance. He needs a shave, or in the olden days, needed to get his beard trimmed. He is a bit unwashed. His shoes laces or boot straps may be frayed. He's been busy. When the family circle is threatened, father steps between the threat and his family. He sacrifices his life to give his family a get-away. He is non-competitive, allowing his young sons to watch him at work, and assist.

Young Boy: This archetype is active and curious. He gets into trouble, not because he is a trouble maker but because he has an active mind. His curiosity gets the better of him. He climbs over fences and through windows, the urge to explore greater than any warning he may have been given. He is courageous, not actually from ignorance of danger, but because his curiosity is the greater force. He is slender, rather than fat, and scruffy, showing the typical veneer of a young boy - scratches, scuffs, and dirt smudges.

Hand Maiden: This archetype is shy and obedient on the surface, but aware within. She is charged with attending to a mistress, who is almost invariably sarcastic and selfish. The Hand Maiden is dressed demurely, no flashy colors, and has her brunette hair tied back. She stares at the floor, not meeting gazes. She has access to secrets, as she is not seen as a threat by anyone. Consequently, in folklore and reality, she frequently has a role in conspiracy situations. True to the situation in real life, where men in particular assume any dependent woman must give them full loyalty, the Hand Maiden is assumed to be loyal. She knows the conspiracy, having overheard the plot discussed openly. She knows the secret passageways. She has access to garments or tools that can assist the cause of justice. In modern days, this archetype is shown as a hired maid, or secretary to an important personage.

Mother and Child

Mother child 79
The bond between mother and child is so often romanticized that certain aspects are not recognized for what they are. The maternal bond is more than loving concern and self sacrifice on the part of the mother. It is often a sense on the part of the mother that the child is simply an extension of the self. This aspect of motherhood is assumed to be a projection of the mother’s personality, due to a dictatorial nature taking the opportunity to establish a master-slave relationship. Dictatorial and controlling mothers may or may not see the child as an extension of the self, but most often simply see an opportunity to establish a dictatorship. Mothers who blur the line between their identity and the identity of the child are characterized by a weak personality, one that seeks to ally with others to bolster itself. This is the person who will become the clinging wife, the obedient disciple, or the member who joins groups only for a sense of belonging.

When such a weak individual becomes a mother, it is the mother who clings to the child, not the child to the mother. The child can hardly protest, as such clinging is not evident to strangers, who often see nothing more than what they would call devotion or interest on the part of the mother. Where such mother-child relationships exist, the child often develops a strong urge to bolt, and does so at the earliest opportunity. They leave home, decisively, and refuse to return. On occasion the confused identity the mother imposes on her relationship with her children takes disastrous turns, shocking those who cannot comprehend the outcome. If the mother is suicidal, she may take her little ones with her into death, despite their cries. In her mind, if she wishes death then they must too, as they are she and she is them─the maternal bond gone awry.

Erhard Seminars Training

Among the self-development programs promulgated by humans there are some that are exceptional, encouraging growth in the advocates by unleashing mental or emotional shackles, but most simply use existing channels of learning and strict or even harsh rules. EST falls into the latter group, producing graduates that are more akin to well trained dogs than thinking humans. All resistance to the imperviousness of rules is broken, so that the advocate becomes a virtual robot in the instructors hands. Thus guided, the advocate presumes they have improved, when in fact they have improved only in the eyes of their instructors. EST, like many cults, creates followers that can be counted on to obey, as all who were inclined otherwise dropped out of the program in disgust.

These types of programs are the opposite of what they claim to be, self-improvement or confidence builders, which would be the case were the programs run by individuals oriented towards Service-to- Others. Slavish obedience even in the face of pain and humiliation is quite the opposite, a program run by those in the Service-to-Self, who have many guises for their aims.


Contactees desiring to recall their visits use various methods, including meditation, induced trance states, and hypnosis. All these methods are essentially the same, in that they utilize a feature of the human physiology normally in force during dream states. As the human brain is less than holistic, due to the many genetic engineering passes made from a combination of reptilian and hominoid sources, it does not speak to itself well. The subconscious is aware of everything, but where the conscious is only partially aware it is allowed, ostensibly, to be in charge.

During dream states the human conscious is bombarded with information, as the gates are not locked, the guard against the subconscious let down, and the gap between what the conscious thinks reality is and what the subconscious knows reality to be is filled with a rush of information. To the conscious, which has been blocking unpleasant thoughts, and picking and choosing what it wishes to weave into its version of reality, this information rush has nowhere to go. Thus dreams. Humans wake from a dream state and muse about what it might mean - dream analysis, symbolism, perhaps the id breaking through. Where the flood from the subconscious finds established paths to follow, the dream makes more sense. Perhaps a family member or friend appears, familiar objects or events. These may in fact have no more to do with the flood of information than proximity or similarity. As the rush of information pours down pathways, nearby areas are excited, for instance perhaps the dreamer is processing a flood from the subconscious about an encounter with a dog, but having no conscious memories about dogs, considered upsetting by the conscious, instead finds long forgotten childhood memories about a kitten excited. All very confusing.

However, during hypnosis or other deliberately induced trance states the flood of information is controlled. The gates are let down gradually, and when the information begins to flow from the subconscious as much time as needed is taken to find where to place it, making connections. This is why recall on a history of visitations seems to proceed slowly at first, but eventually reaches the point where a slight self induced trance state is enough to bring the memory of a recent visitation over from the subconscious to the conscious. Visitations are placed only in the subconscious, so a base needs to be established in the conscious upon which to build the conscious memories. For those inexperienced with hypnosis or other trance state inducement, the key is relaxation and clearing the mind of all activity, all thoughts. Blank mind, utterly relaxed body, and bing - a thought pops into your conscious. Hypnosis does not create the thoughts, it allows the flood of information to begin prior to an actual sleep state. Some contactees find they begin remembering as they are dropping off or waking up from sleep.

Hypnosis is most successful where there is a press of information waiting to flood over from the subconscious, which has been actively involved in sorting out a recent visitation or in reconciling visitations with the persons overall life. Successful hypnosis also requires a conscious willingness to recall. If the contactee is unwilling to recall, blocks this, then no amount of hypnosis will work. Contactees blocking conscious awareness will even wake themselves from dream states where progress is being made, fearful of the outcome. Others, desiring their life to be built of a single fabric, spend as much time as possible, sleeping or waking, weaving things together.


Intuition is commonly discussed in writings of spiritual thought. Contextually, there is often an idea of a transcendent and more qualitative mind of one's spirit towards which a person strives, or towards which consciousness evolves. Typically, intuition is regarded as a conscious commonality between earthly knowledge and the higher spiritual knowledge and appears as flashes of illumination. It is asserted that by definition intuition cannot be judged by logical reasoning.

Humans are accustomed to suspecting their thoughts and conclusions. On top of having a subconscious they find they can't deal with directly, and a conscious that is selective in what it will entertain and is prone to modifying memory. Can one trust one's own perceptions?

In all of this there are several solid anchors, which cross levels of human consciousness and the various densities that incarnated entities can reside in. Where the human conscious is fickle, the subconscious neither forgets or lies, and where ordinarily a human can only tap the subconscious through the veil of consciousness, the voice of the subconscious is never silenced. Some humans call staying in tune with their subconscious intuition, or following their hunches or gut feelings, but all this is just a sense that what is consciously presented may not be all that's going on. In like manner, those who are spiritually aware are keeping their mind and spirit in close touch, constantly updating the human subconscious with what the spirit perceives inter-dimensionally during communications with other entities of whatever density.


Almost everyone knows of an instance where a premonition came true. These instances are common enough that the process is not doubted. But what is the process? If the future has not yet been written, how can someone have a premonition of the future? Premonitions are misunderstood, and are judged on their results rather than the process, and thus are seen as fortune telling. In fact it is a high degree of common sense combined with the ability to weigh many factors at once. Those subject to premonitions are not shallow, they are deep, and they listen to and trust their intuition. Where all humans have the capacity to have premonitions, few trust their intuition enough to let them form. An example where a premonition could have formed, but did not, would be the following. A mother has an adventurous child, who has in the past been found climbing high on furniture or creeping out to the edge of drop-offs. The child rushes into things, with enthusiasm, and seems to never hesitate. The child has lately been allowed outside, alone but within a fenced-in yard assumed to be safe. One day the child is found in a neighboring yard, close to a busy street, and everyone is alarmed.

Should the mother have been prone to premonitions this tale would change. About the time when the child was to be freed in the yard, presumably safe, the mother has a premonition that the child is to be beset by danger on all sides. She is so fearful that extra checking and fussing are put into place, yet the child escapes and is in danger, close to a busy street. The extra checking brings this to everyone's attention, so the child is not harmed, but everyone marks the moment─this was a premonition. What occurred was a combination of the mother's knowledge of her child's nature, the agility the child displayed, and perhaps past familiarity with children that age who are anxious to demonstrate to themselves their independence. The mother mulled all this around and the result was a hunch that the child might break out of the yard and go exploring. Rather than dismiss this as merely a possibility, the mother gives her hunch credence, and plays these scenarios over and over again in her head with new factors recently learned. She plays with combinations and nuances, and has great trust in her innate judgment. Thus, she vocalizes her concerns, where another would dismiss this concern as only a mother's tendency to worry.


Forgiving someone who has injured one involves two parties - the injured and the perpetrator.

Circumstances may be such that the injury was an accident and the perpetrator horrified and asking what they can do to make amends. In this case the path to forgiveness is already paved with possibilities, and the injured has but to specify what is required to make amends and the two parties will begin to heal each other. Circumstances may be such that the injury was an accident but the perpetrator in denial. Nothing has happened, and even if it did it wasn't their fault. In this case forgiving the injury must take place on separate paths, with the injured coming to terms with the accident as just that - an accident. The perpetrator has already forgiven himself, as he wasn't there and there is nothing to forgive. Circumstances may also be such that the injury was deliberate, but was a result of a disagreement, a fight, and fault lies all around. One was pushed beyond his limits and lashed out. One was steadily tortured until a dark mood overtook him. In these cases forgiveness usually progresses rapidly, as both parties are clearly cognizant of the underlying currents and the shared responsibility for what has happened. Tears, hugs, and a resolve to be more careful in the future.

Forgiveness is most difficult where the injury is deliberate and no fault lies in the one injured - a true victim, an innocent. And thus the perpetrator has savaged the injured for sport, for a power trip, or to simply gratify themselves at the expense of another. In these cases forgiveness is inappropriate, and is not the issue. In these cases the injured should be concentrating not on forgiveness, but on defense, and after ending the assaults on changing the circumstances that allowed the injury in the first place. Does your criminal justice system forgive the sadistic murderer and say to the victim - the problem is yours as you have not learned to forgive?

Love Life

Ah love, one of life's greatest joys. All intelligent species throughout the Universe procreate bisexually in some form or another. For some species the urge is mild and the body relatively uninvolved. We are speaking here of species who lay eggs, for instance. For other species, in particular the hominoids, procreation is intense - the sex drive in proportion to the investment required to carry and deliver live young. For hominoids this involves being pregnant for the greater part of a year, being massively pregnant during the later months, and caring for utterly helpless and nude young without a protective pouch. Consider other mammals on Earth. Where they are born in a den, such as the bear, or into a pouch, such as a Kangaroo, they are utterly helpless and nude. But where they are out in the world, they are born literally on their feet, and scampering about after their mothers shortly after birth. Humans have the worst of both worlds, so place a supreme emphasis on the love bond. Competition is intense, and the requirements of the female go beyond any physical attraction. Will the potential father stay with her, and is he a good provider? If not, she will ignore her urges and deny him sexual contact.

How does this change in 4th Density? In the Service-to-Self camps sex becomes promiscuous, as the mothers care not for their young. The young are collected by those assigned this task, and raised essentially in orphanages. In the Service-to-Others camps, there is much less worry about support for the mother than during 3rd Density. She in fact receives more support than she could ever use, an abundance. The issues revolve, instead, around the child. Who would provide the best genes, the most sustaining parental attention, and the most stimulating environment. As for sex, this is freed from the near automatic connection to procreation that occurs in 3rd Density. Contraception is assumed, as is free love. One should not assume this means promiscuity, as there is less of this than in 3rd Density human societies today. Free love in the 4th Density Service-to-Others camps means that sex is used, truly, as an instrument of love. Ownership and possession are not part of the equation, at least in theory.


Those who go into politics, like those who go into upper management, want to be able to wheel and deal, to be able to have cards that they can play, and are anxious to come out on the top of the pile. They are not concerned, no matter what they say, about the average citizen because the average citizen cannot give them backing. This has always been the case throughout human history, and is a heavy factor in all 3rd Density cultures. Politics is a way of disguising the lust for power over others. When one says politics, they hope this lust will not be noticed, and some other motive, such as the general welfare or leadership in troubled times, will be assumed. Few are so misled. Nevertheless, politicians are not deflated when exposed, nor put off by the frank disgust of those they purport to serve. Those who wish to be on top will use sales techniques, bribery, a loud mouth, wheeling and dealing and making partnerships or whatever it takes.

Early leadership goes to those of a massive or powerful build. There is no mystique here, as the caveman image of a massive giant with a club says all. In a confrontation between tribes, the giants with their clubs rumbled forward, and whomever survived the bludgeoning wins. Not much has changed. Politicians in the main are men, large and ruthless, who show an early propensity to destroy their opponents without conscience. There are, of course, exceptions, but these are few and far apart. When it suited the strong tribal leaders to group, then qualities other than brute strength counted. Nevertheless, the motive was for the self - the leaders of the tribe seeing the tribe as an extension of the self. Now the ability to negotiate gained in importance, to trade off something of little value for another thing sought. But have the motives changed? Not at all. So politics is basically a way of having tribal wars and conflicts over resources in a polite, bloodless way. 

Politics steps in when bloody battles would be counterproductive, but politics is discarded when frank war will win the prize more readily. One should not be fooled simply because the claws of the politicians are retracted. They are still there, and the hunger is still there. This will be the case on Earth, during the Transformation, as long as 3rd Density cultures remain on Earth. Depending upon what part of the Earth one lives in, who the neighbors are, there may be a rapid transition during the Transformation to a different type of politics. The Council of Worlds is elected by true elections, not by an electorate arrangement which is a percolating-up method that can be controlled, not by a method whereby only those the power structure has already chosen are presented to you as candidates, but by a true election such that the type of individual that all desire to see as candidates and all admire are in administrative positions. Our administration goes smoothly because they are highly respected, often directly elected by the individuals that they are governing.

Turn The Other Cheek

What should be done when a human finds they are being victimized, for whatever reason? Most certainly they should not simply cry "Pity me" and do nothing! Much has been made of the Christian adage, turn the other cheek. In India, it is much touted that the British were routed because Ghandi engaged them with passive resistance. Does this ploy not work? Sometimes. In the main, this ploy does not work. Passive resistance, or returning violence with love, works only in the circumstances where the attacker is basically of a good heart. The soldier ordered to press forward, for instance, where he personally has misgivings. Where former victims are inciting violence, here the protagonist drawn into a conflict may find they can turn the situation around, to where injuries are addressed rather than conflict escalated, by returning love for antagonism.

Brain Waves

Brain waves

The human brain is more complex than your scientists suspect. They are busily mapping where certain functions occur, and how parts of the brain activate in syncronicity. They know that parts of the brain, near the stem, are older than, for instance, the forebrain, and that a human can survive remarkably well with only half a brain, as long as that half is either the right or left, intact. But what your scientists do not know is that beyond the old brain and the new, the subconscious and the conscious, the right and the left halves - there are yet more subdivisions of the human brain. Where it is known that the brain seems to specialize in activity that requires Beta frequency brain waves during wakefulness, and Alpha frequency waves during sleep or meditation, and Theta waves during rage, and Delta waves in coma - no one is quite sure why. We will tell you.

Where brain functions are localized close to the data stores, the chemical paths and links that constitute memory and the potential for thought, these functional mother lodes cannot be mined without the greased lightning that is the communication substrata. We are not speaking here of synaptic junctions, the ends of one brain cell's dendrites touching another. We are speaking here not of chemistry, but of a communication method not understood by your scientists, as it cannot be pressed between glass plates and peeked at under a microscope, or placed in a vial of chemicals to test its nature. It requires a living brain to express itself, and beyond the difference in frequency, its nature is unknown to your scientists.

Brain waves are but a symptom of the process, whereby the brain, as an organ, hums to itself. Think of the choir, where all warm up with the same musical scales - synchronicity. But the true musical potential is where the choir, open throated, strikes harmonious chords. So how does the brain hum and harmonize, and what does this have to do with communication? This music, as we have said, is not chemical but the result of chemical interactions, which result in what you may term a variation on electrical energy. Electrons are not the only particles involved in electrical current, which is much over simplified in man's theories. There are hundreds of sub-atomic particles that constitute electric current. The motion of this energy is in waves for the same reason a body of water has waves. For motion to occur at all there is pressure and release, then bumping and reaction. And how does this assist communication? Once the choir is humming, the voice of the soloist is complemented. She finds her note more surely when the basso is striking a chord with her. She swells to a high note more confidently when the altos are coming behind her, to cover her gasp when she runs out of breath. They are a team, the choir, and so are your brain's various frequencies. They all occur at once, but are noticeable at different times because of the dominance. Listen carefully, and you will hear the full choir.

The brain waves you are aware of differ because they are supporting different parts of your brain. Not this spot which when poked causes a sound to be heard, or this spot where when poked makes a finger twitch, but throughout the brain. They are different because they serve as a communication support for entirely different processes, which we will tell you about. The Delta waves, noticeable only during coma, are basic only to those parts of your brain which run the body. The basic processes, like digestion, heart beat, temperature control, blood pressure, and reaction to gross stimuli like a direct punch to the stomach or a match to the finger tip. Fish and worms have Delta, should anyone want to take note. Theta, evident during rage, is basic to the animal's reaction to dire threats, where blind rage is the only hope and sometimes a savior. Theta controls muscular control, focusing the resources of the body such as nutrients in the blood to the muscles and parts of the nervous system on alert. It is more than the chemical assist that comes from adrenaline. It directs the nervous system to forget all else, and concentrate on the fight. Poltergeist activity sometimes is related to Theta activity, and not by accident, as the mind is mentally as well as physically throwing things in order to survive.

Alpha is the brain wave belonging to that part of your brain that deals with scope, spiritual as well as physical. It pieces it all together, makes sense of it, or tries to, and listens to the subconscious, where the real story is always recorded. Meditation is done in Alpha, and hypnosis, and sleep, where dreams emerge. All this deep understanding of the nature of the world is resisted by yet another part of the brain, that supported by Beta waves, considered the brain waves of the wakeful and alert, intelligent human. Beta supports the physical existence of humans, by processing what the senses perceive and sharing this with the rest of the brain. Beta is grounded. It wants not to know of the deeper meaning, of connections, or what the spirit knows, it wants only to be here and now and can't be bothered with all that other nonsense. The Beta brain helps a creature get through the day, find enough to eat, and escape the flood or fire. It says, in essence, no time for day dreaming now, we've got survival to worry about. That's why the Alpha brain takes over at night, when the creature is safe, and has time for such nonsense as the riddles that the Universe presents.

Brain Capacity

It is often stated that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity. This is nonsense. If the brain evolved in response to need, why would it then turn off and idle? Surely the world of today is more demanding of the brain than past eras, so if anything all parts of the brain should be engaged, and they are.

We map the brain as best we can, documenting reactions noticed during brain surgery and capacities lost as a result of brain damage. We thus know some of the jobs the brain performs, but are puzzled by all that gray matter that seems to have no function. Then there are the cases of remarkable performance where the human brain seems to be virtually absent, as in the cases where an encephalitic infant develops into an adult with apparently normal capacity. Part of the human brain maintains the body functions, as is evident when brain stem injury occurs above the nerves to the heart and other organs. Life stops. But these parts of the brain are older, at the base of the brain, and do not involve the larger and newer sections of the brain to any degree. We are also aware that we can live quite well with only half a brain, right or left side, as long as a complete half remains. As with many vital organs, evolution favored the specimen who could survive the loss of one. Thus dual eyes, dual ears, dual kidneys, dual lungs, dual limbs, dual testes and ovaries, and dual brains. While whole, they both function, and thus both halves of the brain are hard at work as cooperative team members, communicating via the connective mass between them.

If a human can survive losing half a brain, and an encephalitic can function with a minimal brain, then is not there excess brain capacity? This assumption is based on the apparent normalcy of humans functioning with diminished brain size. The humans walk, talk, laugh at jokes, remember to brush their teeth─apparently normal. However, as most consider it to be amazing that these individuals are not in a coma, they seldom move past astonishment to check for full capacity. A woman with only one ovary still ovulates every month, as each ovary has more than enough eggs, menopause occurring due to timing out rather than exhaustion. A single lung or kidney maintains the body under normal circumstances, but under duress a lack of capacity manifests. Just so, where diminished brain size allows the individual to learn and learn well those routines called upon regularly, when asked to stretch the lack of capacity shows up.

Each complex concept is built from many mental building blocks, and each of these building blocks likewise is composed of many parts. Children piece these building blocks together, bit by bit, piece by piece, and eventually get to the point where they can structure abstract concepts.

Diminished brain capacity allows the afflicted person to laugh when others laugh as laughter is contagious, especially when one wishes to belong. Do not small children laugh along while not understanding the joke? Diminished capacity does not allow one to create a joke beyond the slap-stick, nor does it allow one to build an abstract concept where one has not already been constructed. Thus, the brain damaged can continue old functions where the connections and structures have not been lost, but time stops for them where new abstractions must be constructed. Too many washed out bridges, so the destination is never reached. Abstract concepts, intuition, long range planning, adaptability─this is what all that uncharted gray matter is supporting, and it is not idle.


Life on Earth sleeps, due to many factors not present on other worlds where life that has evolved does not necessarily sleep. What are these factors, and how does life that developed elsewhere cope without sleep? Almost all worlds that evolve life rotate, as rotation occurs in planets with liquid or molten cores, which are warm and not cold, a requirement for life. Thus, these worlds have a night and day, and a night alone does not dictate the need for sleep. The factor on Earth that nudged evolving life into regular sleep is the carnivores, huge and voracious and savage. Where today we have big cats and wolf packs and large bears and sharks in the oceans, in the past life on Earth was more precarious. Look to the age of the dinosaurs, T-Rex and the Saber Tooth Tiger. Life that was not a carnivore could expect a short and not too sweet life, on the run, relying on mass production of eggs or young in order to perpetuate the species. Like vegetation that produces huge numbers of seed so that some plants could grow past the point where they might be eaten, and bear new seed, non-carnivore species had little hope of continuing unless they did this. However, beyond the hoofed herds that could outrun or form a circle to ward off the attacks, and thus could perpetrate themselves, and beyond bugs that multiply easily with mass laying of eggs, there was yet another evolutionary technique that allowed survival─sleep.

As Darwin has pointed out, those features that survived passed on to the next generation. Those creatures that crawled into crevices and slept escaped notice of carnivores during the dark periods when a sense of smell could allow a carnivore to locate a meal, and lack of sight would prevent an easy escape for the meal. A sleeping creature is quiet, passes the time without being restless, and conserves energy. It simply developed that sleep was a positive evolutionary technique, and these genes passed even to carnivores due to the branching trees of evolution not being a straight line, but criss-crossing. Today's meal can become tomorrow’s carnivore, via evolution. Evolution then took advantage of the sleep state, likewise benefiting those creatures so they evolved. The creature who was highly alert during wake states was more likely to:

  1. get their own meals,
  2. avoid being eaten,
  3. find a mate and
  4. keep their young close at hand and safe.

The creature who was slow during wake states would conversely:

  1. starve,
  2. get eaten,
  3. not propagate,
  4. not rear young.

In order to be highly alert during the day, the body then needs to do certain functions during sleep. It is not that the evolving body decides to do this, it is that those bodies that mutate and do this are selected by success to spread their genes about. What processes does a body need to do, that could be put off until sleep state? Sorting out the events of the day, in the brain, is one such process. Physiological functions are done during sleep also, like kidney or liver or digestion, but this type of function creates little interest in curious man, who wonders, rather, about their dreams.

Oversleeping, the desire to escape, leaves man sluggish. The body has learned to adapt to sleep, doing physiological functions during this time. It is expected, by the body, that a matching wake state will be in place, so does not always have a dial to stop the sleep state functions if oversleeping occurs. Thus, lack of sleep, or too much, can create chemical imbalances in the body, so the body does not feel well. The giant hominoids on Planet X do not sleep, but go into rest states. As can be discerned from looking at the shape of their heads, long and narrow rather than round as are humans, they did not have the same evolution. Mankind was engineered to survive on Earth, and some of the engineers created separate brains, the subconscious and conscious, which are physically separate brains. These giant hominoids do not have this separation, but likewise are more slow and less alert than many jittery men. Should one associate with them on a daily basis, this would be noted.


Where the brain functions during the day, it is like a computer collecting data but keeping it all in memory. During sleep, the data is tucked into databases and cross-indexing is done. The soul does not go Out-of-Body during sleep state, contrary to what many suppose. The soul in a normal incarnation is fascinated with the body, and the action of tucking way and reliving the day's events is likewise fascinating. While the brain is having these memories sorted out, the conscious mind is treating the replay like an occurrence, a dream. The subconscious does not need the tucking away into databases that the conscious does. The subconscious in fact gets it all straight and is aware all the time. It is the conscious that needs sleep, as it has learned to take advantage of the sleep state. Humans who wake during these states recall the replay, and try to find meaning in it. In that the most imperative action an evolving creature on Earth had to do was survive, the first memory to be tucked away and processed at night involves surviving.

During sleep, the brain is also communicating with other brains, via telepathy, as the Alpha wave is predominant and this is the state used during telepathy and meditation. If two humans connect on the same wave length during sleep, one may begin to tape into the reply the other is experiencing, and take a trip, so to speak. The meaning of a dream can thus be:

1. the dreamer is sorting out his day, and the replay is a piece of something that happened during the day, or related information in the databases of memories that has been dragged out to be integrated.
2. the dreamer is following along with someone else's replay, having been made aware of this because the other has either thought about the dreamer, or they have shared experiences.

Thus, in deciphering what a dream might mean, one must take into consideration the possible origin and not take it too seriously if it appears to be simply the tucking away of the days' events.

Recall from the subconscious where the memory is recorded only in the subconscious and not at all in the conscious, creates a different kind of "dream". During hypnosis, or meditation, or when coming out of sleep, the entity will allow the subconscious to function, while damping down the conscious, turning it off and clearing it so it is, essentially, idle. When the subconscious replays a memory it holds, the conscious is thus experiencing, and recording, for the first time, this event. Thus, the funneling of memories are full, including touch, smell, and not just the types of memories the conscious is trying to sort out during sleep state. Why don't normal dreams include such features as touch and smell? These sensory memories are tucked away during the day, being without association in complicated connections. They are simple, and have only a slight connection to what we could call the resident memory of the day, not yet processed in databases. When the days events are replayed by the conscious, during the tucking away time, the connections to smell and touch are retained, but do not need replaying. They are simply reconnected to the database location, not resident memory, to use computer system analogies. However, when an event is relayed from the subconscious, this is not the case, so the conscious mind must get all these peripheral part of the memory─touch and smell and the like.


Telepathy is both specific and general. As someone who has telepathic ability can tell you, it can also be voluntary or visited upon one. I will use the analogy of a radio, which can be tuned to various radio frequencies or turned off entirely. A radio also requires a broadcasting station, from which many radios as receivers can listen. Radio waves go long distances, as do the brain waves responsible for what humans call telepathy. If someone with telepathy ability can receive, theoretically, from all broadcasting brains, how to the receiving brain sort it all out, and not get overwhelmed? The receiving brains are in essence busy with their own business, so the incoming is treated as noise in the main. Where the incoming strikes a cord with the receiving brain, such as a familiar scene or mutual concerns, the receiving brain may decide to listen. When this occurs, it is as though the dial on the radio were being turned, and the volume turned up likewise. The receiver concentrates on the inbound signals, not allowing itself to be distracted by internal concerns of the self.
  • Thus, a telepathic person in listening mode may seem distracted, though other functions can proceed. In tune with the inbound message, the receiver's heart will beat in tune with the sender, and their brain be activated in similar places, so they are acting as much as possible as a single brain. During these modes, it is possible for the receiver to start sending, as they are in sync, on the same wave length, so to speak.
  • In general, and to a high degree, telepathy is something your DNA supports. Be aware that only a small segment of humankind can utilize telepathy to any degree. A small percentage of the population has an occasional telepathic experience, rare, sometimes once in a lifetime. Of this small percentage, a smaller yet percentage, perhaps only 2% of the whole population, have any ability that they can muster at will. In that they share DNA, share brain wave hardware, so to speak, family connections are the most common. Twins and family also share experiences, which also increases occurrences.
  • Telepathy also occurs during sleep, highly common, which is why many humans conclude they have prophetic dreams. They are merely reaching out, during sleep, when they are breathing slowly and not highly oxygenated, and chatting with others who have knowledge. Prophecy is often simply a logical guess, based on many facts not generally known to the public. The prophet may be simply putting together information gained from many others, and arriving at the logical conclusion!
  • Holding your breath, to increase carbon dioxide levels, helps, which is why the Hindus prefer mountain tops for meditation. Carbon dioxide suppresses interference, noise, from other body and brain functions, so the body and brain is in essence drugged. Likewise, learning to trust your senses, if you think you are in contact, rather than reject them as silly thoughts, can help you make full use of what ability you have.

Telepathy bears with it more than information. It also carries emotion. Those who use telepathy to deliberately gain intelligence or to stay in communication with others know this well. If someone is nauseous with fear, this will come across along with any intellectual plans or knowledge. Experienced telepaths learn to disconnect, in such situations, and return later for communications. Even if you have not been aware of it, you have been in telepathic contact with many people. Group formation is not an accident. Beyond being guided by the visitors, contactees find each others wave lengths from group meetings on space ships, and have many planning sessions ongoing even when not in physical contact with each other, thus. What such an open channel provides, beyond information, is stray emotion that is on the rise in the general public! Learn to differentiate this from your own thoughts, your own group's plans, as this will increasingly be a problem you encounter.


Many physical forces in nature are not visible to man. The wind swaying trees in the distance, magnetic fields snapping magnetized objects into alignment, and even the forces of gravity are invisible to man. That man could move objects with the force of his mental focus is only considered to be in the realm of the supernatural because it happens rarely and not in a controlled manner which would allow scientists to study and record it. The phenomena is not a controlled phenomena in humans, in spite of what some yogis claim. Man is not structured to allow willful telekinetic abilities, and that they happen at all is due only to latent abilities that get briefly triggered, usually accompanied by a burst of anger.

In 4th Density, the ability to levitate oneself or move other objects is present and is a skill that can be honed. This is a factor of the intelligence that is either present naturally in the species available for incarnation to entities who have graduated to 4th Density, or is genetically engineered into species who will be so incarnated. Just as telepathic thought processes can be focused toward a target, the brain waves that enable levitation or movement of objects can also be focused. The mechanism is not one currently understood by man, but is one of hundreds of physical forces similar to the forces of gravity and repulsion. Essentially, a flood of these energies is focused beneath the object to be levitated, and if the object is to be moved, unevenly so. A moved object is essentially levitated slightly so that friction is removed, and then tipped in the direction desired by slightly more levitation on one side.


Where humans think of language as their premiere communication vehicle, right up there with symbols and pictures but able to support a precision beyond any other vehicle─most misunderstand the mental process in the physiology of the brain required to communicate in words or any other such abstraction. When the toddler says "dog" in reference to the big fuzzy hulk he has been nuzzled by, whom everyone else is calling "dog", he has made Connection One, entity. When the toddler says "Johnny go potty", connecting two such Connection Ones together with a Connection Two, activity, he has made Connection Three─relationship. This goes on in increasing complexity to hundreds of Connections.

These connections are not the same between intelligent species from different worlds, nor are they even the same among factions of the intelligent species on a single world. Our Earth has many such languages, and for us to assume that all such languages portray the same concepts would be shallow thinking indeed. There are concepts the aboriginals in Australia hold that they cannot communicate to others, as there is no equivalent in other languages. This is one source of communication glitches, where western thinking says, just give me the equivalent word, and taking the closest candidate, makes a statement that carries a quite different meaning than was intended. Language barriers are not just due to a failure of one party to memorize the vocabulary of another. One would have to be raised, simultaneously, in the two cultures involved, to truly translate

Sleep Paralysis

John Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare
Sleep paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in normal subjects or be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations. It is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking. Sleep paralysis may accompany other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is an overpowering need to sleep caused by a problem with the brain's ability to regulate sleep.

Actually, sleep paralysis is not a disorder, but the result of affecting the human brain by an alien visitor in a way to induce a paralysed state. The state of paralysis is used as a means of calming and controlling potentially violent contactees and for convenience. The paralyzed state is very relaxing, and leaves no harmful trace. During travel between the Earth and a space ship, through walls, and at rapid speeds, humans often prefer to be paralyzed. In fact, this is a frequent request of the constant contactee, as they find they can rest. What is going on in the state of paralysis? At times the mind is aware, at times as though in a deep sleep. Some contactees report they can break out of the paralysis, with a shout or by force of will. The mechanism used to place humans into paralysis is simple, and does not involve technologies or manipulation of densities. An existing human physiology is utilized, something akin to the frozen state that possums take when frightened. Why is it that humans never play possum when aliens aren't around to induce this? Because this facility is deep within the reptilian brain, and not connected to the middle brain or frontal lobes. Humans voluntarily cannot reach this spot. But if one knows where it is, and knows what buttons to push, then presto!

Paralysis during contact has often been reported by those recalling their visits. If a contactee is anxious, fearful, likely to thrash about and injure themselves or their visitors, they are paralyzed. This is not painful, in fact is very restful, and is never resented. However, it can create confusion if not understood, when a rapid return to their pre-visit surroundings occurs.

  • A contactee picked up during a busy day will find themselves returned to the exact spot they left, but will be relaxed when this occurs. The sudden need to have their legs tensed under them will create a sense of falling, and catching oneself. This can create a sense, in the contactee, that their knees temporarily gave out, and is confusing.
  • Another often reported confusion is what is termed sleep paralysis. The contactee is returned to bed, as most visits are done at night, when missing time will not be noticed by a sleeping family. The contactee, hardly asleep when returned, finds themselves in the conscious stream of memory as suddenly waking, but paralyzed. After a moment, the trigger switch that was flipped to create paralysis releases, and the contactee finds they can move again. They are often aware, subconsciously, that a visit has taken place, and relate the two, as they should. However, the visit did not create paralysis, per se. This is akin to dust on the boots, after a walk, a remnant of the visit, only.

Mind/Body Connection

Mind body connection
When an entity with a physical brain stares at an object the visual areas of the brain are more active than usual, and when another is in telepathic communication with the staring entity, both have the same areas of their brains active. But by what means do we think, arrive at conclusions, or have, for instance, a brilliant insight? One can map with simple animals, trained in a maze, the learning curve whereby they learn that to follow the smooth wall, for instance, they arrive at food. The first time this occurs it is by accident, so the rat makes an association. Smooth walls = food. The next time the rat is put into a maze, if hungry, the rat will give more weight to exploring smooth walled paths over rough textured routes.

The mental association in the rat's brain is a chemical sequence in the existing brain cells in certain areas of the brain. Hunger in the rat is now connected to those sections of the brain which hold visual and tactile imprints. These imprints, as well as the pathways, are chemical. These imprints, or stored data, and pathways wax strong or weak, depending on how often they are used. More use, strengthened chemistry. Less use, debilitated chemistry. If the rat does not continue to find food via smooth walls, it will explore these paths less and less often, until smooth walls have no more significance for the rat than any other type of wall. These chemical pathways are not identical. They have characteristics that relate to the area of the brain they point to, and in simple worms are somewhat transferable.

Worms, taught to head to the right or left for food or to avoid injury, can have their brains fed to other worms, who then seem to have ingested knowledge. The brain chemicals, not broken down during digestion, migrate in the blood stream to the brain, and being of similar chemical composition in similar worms, attach to the brain pathways of the new host. The chemistry for right or left is specific in these worms, being on one side of the brain or another with some slight differences, and where these differences weigh only slightly they weigh enough to set the ingesting worm to favor connecting to one side of the brain or another. A transferred learned response, proving that the brain works by chemistry, chemical paths and chemical images.

Emotions are chemistry, generated from within. Sensations, the power of the brain to retain ideas, is also intrinsically allied with chemical reactions. In fact, it forms the base. What else would there be? Hormones stimulate feelings, and hormones are created by nervous stimulation of the glands. It is all intertwined. Senses receive light rays or heat, or other such stimuli that create chemical reactions that travel along nerves and are then stored in the brain by chemical changes. These chemical changes are so slow to deteriorate that you die before many of them do, which is why we have a memory. This is a chemical store, similar to a computer data bank, in which chemical changes are virtually permanently etched in the brain.

Complex thought can be broken down into thousands of steps, where sensory memories are related. Even the abstract concept of numbers is related to sensory memories. The child piling blocks is noting that four blocks pile higher than three, and the concept of greater than is related to these counts. Does the one pile not loom higher? When adding just one block onto the short pile, they are equal. An incipient algebraic equation is building in the babe's mind. Great thoughts are built from many small mental data stores, and many more connections. Great insights are simply where two or more formerly unrelated connections bridge, to become related.

It is known that people think best while pacing, and that palsied children not able to crawl or walk lack some ability to learn concepts. Bridging occurs when the chemicals needed to build a new pathway are in abundance in a certain part of the brain. It is accidental in that the connection is only by proximity, but no accident in that the brain areas rich with these chemicals are so active because they relate to the issue at hand. Thus the brain is just making an introduction. Here, you two places are both active, speak to each other. Thus, the child finding himself staring at a wall he wishes to climb over, and seeing some boxes near at hand, recalls his pile of blocks. An a'ha occurs, as his memory of blocks connects to this sight of the boxes, which have a similar shape. Presto. Thought.

Mind/Spirit Connection

Mind spirit
As spirits seem dissociated from the body, being able to leave during an Out-Of-Body, and can ignore physical barriers, how then does the spirit communicate to the biochemical arrangement that is the mind? What is the point of connection? The spirit does not need to switch densities, so the mind/spirit connection is not vibrational, being on the same wavelength. As the spirit can function without a body the connection is not biochemical. As spirits develop during incarnations in life forms on diverse worlds wholly incompatible with each other the connection does not appear to have a physical requirement.

This puzzle is most easily understood if one considers how sub-atomic particles operate. However diverse the various elements of the physical world seem, they break down into the same component parts. The base building blocks are the same. Spirits are composed of a substance that is physical in the larger scheme, and surpasses in its reach any one density vibration. Just as on the sub-atomic level you consider some elements to communicate electrically, encouraging or inciting an electron flow, and other elements to be inert, just so your spirit considers your mind to be capable of an interchange where the stone walls it passes through are inert. The spirit communicates to the mind by biochemical means, by inciting biochemical activity. It does so by adjusting itself to the density of the incarnated body and to the peculiar biochemistry of the life form. This feat is no more spectacular than tuning an x-ray machine to penetrate the thickness of an object. During each incarnation the spirit quickly familiarizes itself with its new physical body, and gets down to business.

Does the spirit have memory, as the mind does? Most certainly, and remembers the lessons learned during each incarnation flawlessly. Humans are used to their conscious memory being capable of distortion, of remembering incidences as they wish, not as they were. The spirit, however, is like the subconscious and does not distort memories. How is it then that the babe, incarnated by an old and wise spirit, does not remember its past lives? The spirit can only speak to the mind as the mind is ready to receive. If the biochemical pathways for the concept the spirit wishes to relay are not yet in place in the mind, the spirit can only speak to the emotions. Thus entities feel they have lived before, but do not have an explanation for the concept. Thus entities may sense that an incident is similar to another experienced before in a past life, but unless they are willing to entertain the concept of past lives, they will not be open to having these spiritual memories unfold.

Spirit/Body Connection

One does not need to listen to the endless discussions on nature vs. nurture to understand that both influences shape the person. However, a third influence is in effect, and this stronger than either of the others─the spirit. Genetics of course limits the person physically, determining whether they can enter the Olympics or solve complex math puzzlers, and also determines to a large degree how the body will react to stress or the aging process. The environment, being what shapes the child's perception of the world around him, determines at least early in life what role models the child will choose and how guarded or enthusiastic the child will be. But the spirit is louder than both these other voices, and by its orientation and strength determines how the person's very life will be led, the occupation chosen, the motives driving the person, and where the person draws the line on whether to get involved or not. Because the spirit speaks to the body as well as the mind, its influence is also over the biochemistry of the human body incarnated, and this has more of an effect than is generally recognized. If the child is determined to be an outstanding athlete, for instance, having judged that escape from a ghetto is not possible without such an assist, physical development beyond that supported by genetics can result.

The spirit occupies its own density, a density that can interact with matter on all other densities. Just as the spirit adjusts itself to the incarnation density, and positions itself to communicate with the human brain for the Mind/Spirit Connection, likewise it positions itself to influence the human body. Genetics are but chemistry, and influence growth and development through chemistry. Where this cannot be utterly or even significantly changed by the influence of the spirit, where biochemistry can affect the outcome and the spirit can affect the biochemistry, its influence can leave a mark. In the example of the child desiring to become an athlete, the basic bone and muscle structure, height, stamina, and reflexes are determined by genetics. But physical feats are often determined as much by concentration and sheer energy, factors controlled by biochemistry─hormones, such as adrenaline, brain chemicals supporting continuous focus, and free nutrients in the blood stream available to feed the process. In this way the spirit transcends the density differences, and takes charge of the incarnation as much as physically possible.

Doctors have often noticed that a patient will live or die depending on their will to live. Where this can be attributed to a Mind/Body Connection, the influence of the spirit in these matters lies at the base. The soul infuses the body during an incarnation, and communicates on many levels and can bridge densities in this matter. The spirit influences the body, to overcome disease and struggle forward. It influences the brain, to utilize this or that portion of the brain or to develop channels and connections in the brain matter. The will to live has been well documented, overcoming disease that physicians were sure would end the life. Much of this is the soul, determined not to end the incarnation. Likewise, the soul can influence a dying body to go before its time, if the incarnation is desired to end. Those curious about how the soul influences the body should simply observe the many clues about them, as this is a tool for learning.

Physics and Astronomy

The Universe

NASA - The Andromeda Galaxy M31 Spyral Galaxy
The vast Universe, which so intrigues man, has mysteries seemingly out of the reach of man. How big is it? Does it have boundaries? Does it go forever, or is it circular? Is it all an illusion? Is it homogeneous throughout? So many questions. Does the Universe have physical boundaries? We do not know, nor are we allowed to know in the density we are in, 4th Density. To us, with our instruments and in our travels, it appears to be boundless. We travel only so much, using home as a base, and limit our travels not because of distance but due to what is known about certain parts of the Universe, which would be poisonous to us. We too use probes, set to take their measures and return. This is the manner by which your Solar System was located, not by us, but by others. If the probe returns with data that indicates an environment that would be poisonous or quickly fatal, we do not, understandably, explore that part of the Universe. Travel in light form, during higher densities, does not carry those risks.

Different sections of the Universe have different compositions. By this we mean the elements are found in different proportions and the resultant chemical reactions that ensue therefore have different characteristics. Some worlds have silicon based life. Some suns emit radiation that is poisonous to us and would be to you also. Those environments contain severe dangers, as silicon based microbes are ones your immune system could not begin to muster a defense against. An analogy we could use is the soil across a terrain. One place is acidic and is covered with moss, another has soil that compacts into rock-like hardness, discouraging probing roots. The variables are many, and any horticulturist will tell you that a wildflower taken from one location could not be expected to grow in another. Just so is the Universe, we have discovered, and the mix of elements that compose the soil in this section of the Universe is our and your niche. Incarnated, we are not allowed, not able, to explore outside this niche.

Beyond some simple statements, we are not at liberty to explain the Universe to humans, as we are restrained by the Rule of Non-Interference and also by our ignorance. For you, it seems that the Universe is limitless, and boundless, and is not an illusion. So be it, as for you that is a reality and in particular the reality which you must live in. It is also the reality which we, the Zetas, must live in, and in truth we do not know that much more about the functioning of the Universe than you do. The Universe holds secrets that we are not allowed to know at this time, at our stage of spiritual growth. These questions must go unanswered, for the time being.

Big Bang

Neither Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkins are correct in their theories on the origin of the Universe, although there are portions of both theories that contain some element of truth. The Universe is not inert, subject to pressures that cause it to explode or compress back into black holes. It is no more inert than your body. It is alive. When we speak of religion, and say we are all parts of the One, that we are within God, and that the Universe is within God, we are referring to this. The natural laws that seem immutable to you are functioning as they are because this is God’s intention at the present time. Much of what you desire to learn will not be available to you until you reach greater spiritual maturity. It is not even on the platter during your next stage of development, 4th Density, the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other consolidation stage.

Following a Big Bang, particular matter forms along the following lines. First, the explosion of matter from a Black Hole, which has grown monstrously large in the eons leading up to a particular Big Bang, is not even. No explosions are even, and all affect different parts of the matter they are affecting at different rates and times. Thus, particular matter coming out of a Big Bang is not even, all the same composition. Just as your Sun, which seems to be of the same consistency, is not homogeneous, and just as the core or magma of your Earth is not homogeneous, just so the matter coming out of a Big Bang quickly becomes differentiated. There are literally millions of factors affecting what a bit of matter will become, and the sum of these factors affect how that bit of matter will interact for it's existence until the next Big Bang it finds itself entangled in.

Particles that are fluid, on the move, are by their nature loosely coupling with other particles. Humans are familiar with the coupling that occurs in atoms, the nucleus surrounded by whirring electrons, for instance. Other particles couple in predictable ways. What causes attraction and repulsion between particle types? We will use a common example to explain, as the concepts can get complex. Magnetism happens due to the continuous flow of magnetic particles, a type of the particle you call electrons, but this magnetic flow is not consistent everywhere. It is concentrated where a break in the pattern of electronic orbiting a nucleus allows a mass escape. What are they escaping from? An over-concentration of whatever it is they are made of! In the case of magnetism, magnetic particles are escaping from a press of other magnetic particles, since they couple poorly and seldom, they are readily on the move.

All matter seeks a level of homogeneity, and can never achieve it as it is by its nature, coming out of the Big Bang, non-homogeneous with the other particle types. Likewise, attraction is in essence an escape, misinterpreted by the humans who have termed it otherwise. Gravity is nothing more than the effect of returning gravity particles drifting back into a gravitational giant after having been ejected in what we would equate to a laser stream of particles, which burst through rather than push at whatever is in their way to escape. Why do they drift back, and is this not an attraction to return to the gravitational giant they just recently left? As odd as it may sound to those unused to these concepts, these gravity particles are indeed running away from an environment they find clogged with matter composed of element they themselves are heavy in - what humans commonly term the Dark Matter that fills to void of space. They crowd back into what is for them a lesser field, the core of gravitational giants, where they are repeatedly ejected due to this very crowding!


The Repulsion Force is what keeps suns apart, at the distance they are, or at least is a factor in this. The reach of the force of gravity is immense, as with the distance that light particles travel, but like light particles gravity particles on the move can be deflected. Light particles reaching man from across the galaxies has moved in essentially a straight path, unless being deflected or absorbed by something in its path. What is the drama that occurs when more than two gravity giants are in a vicinity, and why is it that binary suns are so common?

  • Gravity particles with a single gravitational giant in the vicinity float into the giant and spurt out, without conflict. At the end of a spurt, their desire to clump with their kind causes them to return to the nearest clump. This could be equated to light escaping from a Black Hole, where it is on the move but not leaving, rather returning. The fact that other gravity particles in the vicinity are returning is no small part in this, as those in the flow are attracted to one another also, so the particles at the end of a spurt find they also are moving toward the gravitational giant as a result of trying to move to gravity particles nearby.
  • When there are two gravitational giants of equal size, as in binary suns, the drama is joined by a dither point between the two. Gravity particles at the end of a spurt, or slowing in their exit due to reduced pressure as dissipation occurs, find a mixture of streams going back to both giants at this dither point. Repulsion outbursts are intermittent, so at one time the dither leans more toward one giant where a return flow is ongoing, but at another time the return stream to the other giant is stronger, and a particular gravity particle switches to flow into and out of the other sun. Where the suns are matched in size, they stay apart where the Repulsion Force keeps them, to the extent that their dance is dominated by gravity.
  • Gravity particles streaming in an outburst from a giant but not encountering another outburst from a nearby giant can move outward to a great distance. This is dependent upon the force with which they are expelled from the giant, giving them great momentum. At the same time, the single drama of each gravity giant continues, and any binary dance that has developed between balanced suns continues, so the particles escaping the area are those not caught in other dramas. Gravity attraction is a small factor in slowing the escape of matter ejected during a Big Bang, and bringing this together again during a collapse, ultimately into another immense Black Hole. Other subatomic particles are more significant in the dance between galaxies, however. Gravity dances tend to be a local affair.


Some of the larger planets are assumed to be primarily gaseous, small Suns, perhaps, that didn't make the grade because they were too small, their lack of bulk preventing them from either lighting or attracting planets themselves. This concept is in the main correct, beyond the fundamental fact that suns and gaseous planets are not composed entirely of light elements. Quite the contrary, and they invariably have heavy elements at their core, though large, gaseous planets should be looked upon as no different than the small but more dense planets when contemplating their influence on a solar system.

Planets find their niche, based on how crowded the solar system is and their relative mass. For instance, if Jupiter were not in your Solar System, the planets close in to the Sun would have essentially the same orbits, though would fan out a bit more. A planet's position is based primarily on the gravity attraction between it and its sun and the concurrent repulsion force invoked. If the niche a planet would normally assume is already taken, as was the case when the clobbered Earth wobbled out of the Asteroid Belt into her current orbit, then more than one planet may settle into the same orbit, sharing this. Why then are smaller planets, such as Mars and Pluto, further out? Small planets may fail to drift into a closer orbit due to the buffering action of larger planets closer in. Essentially a bumping occurs, where the smaller planet is repulsed outward by a larger planet. Timing is everything in this matter, as twins in an orbit may occur if they come into the orbit at a distance from each other, where a close passage at key points would produce bumping.


The orbit of planets is guided by several factors, only one of which is the gravitational influence of the Sun, though that is, of course, the strongest. Humans ascribe an inordinate amount of weight, in orbits, to what they perceive as the existing, or static, motion. They assume the orbit is constant, having been in place since the inception of the Solar System. They assume the distance from the Sun is maintained by centrifugal force, pulling away from the Sun. They assume the rotation of planets is a constant, and having no explanation for rotation ascribe it also to motion having been in place since the inception of the Solar System. Humans view the result of many factors they do not understand, and ascribe this result to inappropriate causes. They are wrong on all counts, but as the Solar System does not change in its motion before their eyes, this is not often up for debate. Rigid minds have no reason to change. Comfortable theories have no uncomfortable challenges.

The orbiting planets are indeed caught in the Sun's gravitational field, but there is more than gravity and motion at play in maintaining the distance they do from the Sun. The orbits are scarcely fast enough to create a centrifugal force strong enough to keep them at a distance from the Sun. Planets do not drift into the Sun, in the main, due to a repulsion force generated in both bodies. Where the force of gravity is constant, and steadily pulls a smaller object toward a larger, a repulsion force is generated between objects, and only becomes strong enough when the mass of the two objects is sufficient. Do binary Sun's maintain their dance around each other, always at the same distance, by accident? Tiny objects, such as comets or meteors which regularly crash into the Sun or the orbiting planets, do not generate a repulsion force sufficient to counteract gravity, due to their tiny mass in proportion to the Sun or planet. When their paths bring them close, they are caught in the gravity pull.

Orbiting planets are in motion because they are attracted to more than the Sun's gravitational field, more than the Sun's dark twin which acts as the 12th Planet's second focus, and certainly more than each other, although that is a small factor. Do the stars maintain their distance from each other by accident? For those who doubt that there are gravitational influences outside of the Solar System, pulling on the orbiting planets, we would point to the elliptical path that planets assume. Why an ellipse? If the planets were concerned only with the Sun, or with each other, they would not assume the path they do. Planets assume an elliptical orbit for the same reason that comets leave the Solar System. They are listening to more than one voice. As to why this voice but not another calls to this planet but not another, the answer lies in the force of gravity, which is not at all as simple as humans assume. Gravity has many nuances, depending on composition and distance, and what influences one body toward another may have little effect on other bodies.

Why do repeating comets, which clearly set into an orbit around the Sun during a good portion of their time within the Solar System, escape? If one assumes that planets are not escaping because the circular or elliptical orbit is stable, then why not apply the same logic to comets? Humans do not apply this logic to comets because it doesn't compute, so deal with the contradiction by falling into magical explanations for the behavior of comets. The answer to this riddle is that neither orbit is stable, but that the comet, being tiny, can escape from the Sun's gravitational pull more easily than the larger planets, just as it can be caught in a collision course to the Sun or a planet, due to its tiny size. Even repeating comets, which are assumed to have only one focus, the Sun, are listening to more than one voice. They leave the Sun, having settled momentarily into an orbit around the Sun, and head toward the one or more other gravitational influence that dominates their life. Some comets orbit, briefly, these other foci, and some simply get drawn back toward the Sun. In this case they appear to humans to have a long ellipse orbit.

Elliptical orbits have no explanation if one is to consider that the Sun or other planets are the only gravitational influences. In particular, the elliptical orbit of a repeating comet cannot be explained, as when it leaves the Sun it is heading straight away, and has no curve or angular momentum that would bring it round to where it is seen reentering the Solar System. When out in space, slowing due to the gravitational pull of the Sun to its back, it drifts toward the other gravitational focus it is sensitive to. There are three voices the repeating comet is listening to at this point.

  • the Sun behind its back, which is an increasing voice as the comet loses speed due to this same gravitational pull
  • the second gravitational influence, which it begins curving toward
  • its momentum away from the Sun

By the time its momentum stops, as stop it does, the comet is positioned such that it will return to the Solar System in what appears to humans to be an elliptical manner, and not return whence it came. The position of the apparent ellipse of a repeating comet's orbit is in fact caused by the position of the second or more gravitational foci of this comet.

Elliptical Orbits

Clearly, more than the regular flow of gravity particles from and back into a Sun is at play in planetary orbits, else all these orbits would be circular. There are countless influences, but these influences can be summarized into their effect, which accounts for an elliptical orbit.

Secondary Gravity Influence
Planets that orbit both binary suns do so in a figure 8, pulling toward the second binary at the juncture where the planet is positioned between the binaries, but propelled by momentum to continue its orbital curve while moving toward the second binary. But planets caught between binary suns, but orbiting a single sun, pull wider toward the second binary in their orbit, creating an ellipse that leans toward the second binary.
Escape Attempt
Just as two North Poles in a magnetic object will avoid each other, pushing the lighter object to align with the heavier object, other repulsion forces can push an orbiting planet closer to its Sun than the flow of gravity particles would ordinarily allow, putting the planet in a squeeze between these repulsion forces. The result is a rush to leave the squeeze, such that the planet accelerates at this point in its orbit, giving it momentum as it stretches into the long part of the ellipse.
Planets positioned such that they have several attractions can be slowed in their orbit due to dithering. Such dither points are not even in the orbit, so create a speeding up as the planet approaches the dither point, and a slowing down as it leaves this point. Rushing to an attraction causes the orbit to draw long at that point, a factor of momentum on the orbiting planet, which is an influence toward an elliptical orbit. Where no apparent gravitational giant exists to explain the elliptical orbit, particle flows other than gravity are the dominant influence on the shape of the orbit.

Slowing Probes

An unknown force seeming to pull on a pair of distant space probes has left astronomers with a weighty mystery, one that appears to defy the conventional laws of physics. The Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 spacecraft, which for decades have steadily traveled in opposite directions in the solar system, have covered significantly less space then they should have.

Why do the probes slow? It is not gravity, the Sun pulling these probes back, but particle flows that mankind is currently unaware of. Why do the planets in the solar system all line up into the ecliptic plane? This phenomena occurs in the rings around Saturn also, and in the oceans of Earth which are fatter at the equator than at the poles. Visible matter, the planets and rings and oceans, that mankind can see, are slung faster from the waist of a rotating sun or planet than at the poles, a matter of momentum But it is not the sling that keeps them at the waist, as a sling alone would not keep them nicely in place, a ring around the waist. There is a return of some type, with the return coming back into the rotating sun or planet at the poles, and then flowing in the direction of the waist, to fill the gap caused by the sling. This is not caused by the flow of gravity particles, as the flow of gravity particles is even. Does an object weigh more at the poles than at the equator? Nor is this the flow of magnetic particles, as the rings around Saturn and the planets in the ecliptic assume their position regardless of magnetic properties.
The solar wind is not visible to man, yet its effect on comet tails is quite visible. Likewise, the flow of these particles, unknown to mankind, which force the planets into the ecliptic plane, can be inferred from the fact that the ecliptic exists, alone. The probes, propelled beyond the grip of the Sun’s gravitational field to where their momentum can counteract this draw, were expected to float along at a predictable rate, yet are doing so more slowly. The answer lies in the wash back of the particle flows that keep the planets bobbling in the ecliptic plane and the rings of Saturn so neatly in a thin line. Just as the fatter oceans around Earth’s equator flow toward the poles, thence wrapping around in deep ocean current back toward the equator, this particle flow is not even in the pressure it exerts. There is pressure from the side as well as back toward the rotating sun or planet that is the gravitational giant holding the bobbling matter in its grip. The closer the bobbling matter is to the equator of a rotating object, the more pressure there is from the side, pushing the matter into the ring or ecliptic plane.
The probes were in part sent out to explore the planets in the solar system, and were directed by their jets or a gravitational sling around the planets being visited during their voyage. Thus, the force of gravity from the Sun alone was not the single force influencing the probes until they floated to where they are today. They now, presumably, have only their momentum and the gravity pull from the Sun as factors in their pace. Add to this the factor of a returning particle flow, pushing outward at the ecliptic but immediately upon leaving the ecliptic plane flowing back toward the Sun. As the particle flow leaves the ecliptic, it is flowing toward the side, away from the ecliptic, but in the backward trip, it is buffeting from the other side, as the currents of this flow become circular around the ecliptic close in, as well as circular in broad circles that extent to the poles of the Sun. This buffeting from the side affects the rate of escape in the probes, as they are making side trips, this way and that, however infinitesimal, and this likewise takes time. How would it not? If a man walks in a forward motion only, he will arrive faster than another who takes the time to dance to the side, this way or that, now and then.

Centrifugal Force

Centrifugal force represents the effects of inertia that arise in connection with rotation and which are experienced as an outward force away from the center of rotation. In Newtonian mechanics, the term centrifugal force is used to refer to one of two distinct concepts: an inertial force (also called a "fictitious" force) observed in a non-inertial reference frame, and a reaction force corresponding to a centripetal force.

Motion is not a thing, immutable, unchangeable, eternal, once born at the start, as during a big bang or whatever, never to go away. Motion is not a thing, it is a result, a reaction, and as such it changes. Astronomers explain orbits as a balance between a straight line motion tangential to the sun and a gravity tug to the side, and assume that the forward motion is translated into a centrifugal force that never erodes as it is a thing. This looks good on paper, but examine the reality a bit closer and the contradictions and inadequacy of that argument emerge.

Each time an orbiting object corrects its straight line path due to gravity tug, its straight line path would be diminished in its intensity. Is this not the case in the all-too-familiar situation of having to put on the brakes when driving? The car is in motion along a flat plane, propelled continuously only as long as the foot is on the gas pedal. This equates to the forward or tangential motion of the planet. Should one brake simultaneously while still stepping on the gas, the car slows. This equates to the interference in the orbiting planet's tangential motion caused by gravity. Now take the foot off the pedal, and you do not have the same forward motion as before. It was not a thing, but a reaction, and now it is a reaction to the push caused by the foot on the gas while starting from the car's state of rest.

Just so, the orbiting planet requires a continual push, from something, in order to continue to move. Left without this push, the object would steadily spiral into the sun, and we would scarcely have had time to evolve into intelligent creatures pondering this scenario as the spiral would not take all that long! This spiral is what happens to Earth orbiting satellites, which are often kept aloft only due to a puff now and then from the jets built into them. Left alone, they spiral to Earth, the gravity tug affecting their forward motion each instant. The gravity tug is not strictly a sideways tug, as in all cases the planet's path is pointed away from the sun, however slightly. For any given instant moment:

1. draw a line representing the planet's straight line path,
2. draw a second line representing the path the planet is being set upon by the gravity tug, essentially a second tangent to the sun,
3. the angle between these two lines is the degree of backward tug that the planet is experiencing.

Thus, there is erosion in the forward motion, which is not a thing but a reaction. In order to keep the planet continuously revolving, there must be a push, and a push there is. It is caused by the swirling matter in the sun's core, which creates fields of influence such as magnetic fields that affect the orbiting planets to varying degrees depending upon their composition. Why do planets orbit all in the same direction? Is it by accident that this same pattern presents in all solar systems? Retrograde planet motion is the extreme exception, so the fact that planets invariably revolve in the same direction should be a compelling clue to anyone seeking an explanation for why planets continue to revolve.


Gravity is the foundational force of absolutely everything. This means at all density levels, all dimensions. It is the “stuff” of all existence. Without it, nothing would exist. Even thoughts are based in gravity.

Gravity has many aspects and varies depending on the composition of the objects in question and their distance from each other. Gravity differs between objects of different compositions. Like compositions attract each other more, due to the compatibility of their makeup. They have no extraneous dramas to resolve. Metals figure heavily in this as a magnetic component enters into the equation. Where there is flexibility for the objects to turn, one or both will maneuver such that they are magnetically aligned. This takes time, however slight, and thus an iron ball may appear to fall more slowly in a vacuum than an object of comparable weight that has but a slight magnetic retention. Organic compounds also react to gravity in a different manner than in-organic compounds, and this is due to the complex bonding between the atoms. Bonding involves tying up the electrons, which are used as glue in that they are shared by more than one atom. Thus, organic material in general will not experience the interference that matter with free electrons does during a gravity attraction. Inorganic material in essence takes time out to shed or take on electrons, slowing its movement.

In general, the heavier an object, the greater the gravity force generated within it for another object. The gravity force is more than compounded, equivocally, but this fact is lost by those viewing the drama because most of the drama takes place within the object itself. Why would this not be the case? Why would matter only reach out to matter not contiguous, with its attraction, and not matter near at hand? Some call this internal gravity compression, but this is merely gravity working to pull each atom toward the greater bulk, which in the case of an orb, like a Sun or planet, is generally toward the center. As the force of gravity reaches in all directions, the larger or heavier object is emitting more of a come-on than a smaller or lighter object. When several objects are involved in giving each other the come-on, the contention causes all of the bodies to dither, but an equilibrium is established in accordance with the mass and composition of the objects and their distance from each other. Large bodies, such as planets, generate the repulsion force toward each other.

Gravity Flow

The flow of gravity particles is not unlike the magnetism model, but with several significant differences. In magnetism, particle flow is related to the shape of atoms, such as iron, which allow a flow to begin in the first place, and is related to the types of bonds these atoms commonly lock themselves in. Magnetic particles surge out of a break in the rhythm of subatomic particles such as electrons circling the nucleus, a surge which does not occur in other atoms that have a more even balance in their halo of orbiting electrons. Magnetism thus produces a field, with a flow, and this flow is discernible to the degree that one could almost imagine a river, watching magnetized particles on the river position themselves according to the flow.

Gravity particles produce a flow but produce no discernible flow, and have no irregularities in the pattern. Does the Earth not pull evenly from all parts of its surface? And if there is a flow, then at what point does the flow reverse, such that surface particles are pushed away? In fact there is a reversal, but the outward streams are propelled, with a force and at a speed so much greater than the downward drafts that this occurs over less of a surface area and without engaging the mass of the object. A laser of gravity particles, versus a floodlight upon the return. So why would the weight of returning particles be the only ones we are aware of, and why would we not feel the violent lift of the updrafts? The updrafts blast through, tearing a hole as it were, where the returning particles do not tear what they press upon, and so have the greater effect.

Gravity particles, in their motion, do not affect what they move against or through, the effect being in essence mechanical. The upward drafts push aside other matter, letting it return upon completion of the updraft, leaving no trace of the temporary tear. The downward push of gravity particles returning to the large mass they are attracted to, the core of the Earth for instance, spread out upon objects they encounter, taking some time to drift through these object and with a constant downward press during the motion of this drift. Thus, returning particles, due to the time they spend upon and within the surface objects, and due to their continual direction of motion, are a mechanical force that is stronger, overall, than the updraft of particles that quickly pass through the surface objects, essentially pushing them aside rather than engaging them.

The nature of this gravity flow is what determines the repulsion force. It is a complement of gravity only when large bodies are close to each other. The updrafts, when encountering a large body also exuding updrafts of gravity particles, hold the bodies apart. This occurs a distance from each other, as small objects such as satellites do not exude updrafts and if far enough from the surface of a gravitational giant such as a planet, find a down-draft and updraft of gravity particles in balance, what is called a zero gravity field, weightlessness. At this point the updrafts are still tearing through, but at a slower rate, so that a mechanical push upward is involved, and the down-drafts are more thinly dispersed over the surface as they work their way through the density of these objects in space. Large bodies, exuding their own updrafts of gravity particles, create a situation where their updrafts and the updrafts from another sun or planet bump against each other, creating a buffer and preventing the gravity masses from touching or even approaching each other except at great distances. Within black holes, the down-draft still exceeds the updraft, and thus the same rules apply.

Gravity Field

We, in our dealings with gravity, assume a steady force from a given mass. Our math lines up accordingly, with a larger mass having a greater pull, and our explorations off the face of Earth has not challenged this. In the last few years, we have found our probes not behaving according to gravity math, without explanation. And Recently, our probes have given us data to the effect that the shape of the Earth should have changed, per the gravity pull registered from the surface, but measurements do not support this shape change. What has occurred, to change the pull of gravity from the Earth to the extent that it is measurable from space? Our theories include changes in the core, as we cannot see any ostensible change in the shape of the globe. Gravity is a particle flow, with outshooting in a laser manner of intense gravity particle streams and a slow drifting back to the surface by the particles. It is the drifting back that creates the phenomenon of gravity, pressure downward, as the outburst goes between atoms and thus does not interact.

Gravity Particles

Gravity is particles, moving, just as magnetic fields are, and there is a polarization in gravity, which is the repulsion force. Before we discovered that magnetism was polarized, we discovered it as an attractive force. Metallic items stuck to the sides of magnetized rock - how curious. After centuries of digging about in this phenomena, we have satisfied their curiosity to the extent that we understand that magnetism is a force field, has a flow out from one pole and in at the other pole, that the Sun and some other planets are magnetized and line up with each other. They still don't understand the cause of this force field, or its nature. Magnetism is caused by a particle, in motion. What other explanation is there for a force that reaches out and affects another? Magic?

The bi-polar aspect of magnetism is only apparent when what occurs in nature can be countered in the laboratory. You force magnetized objects to do what they do not want to do - touch north pole to north pole or vice versa. Then you can observe the bi-polar nature. In gravity, you are seeing but one aspect in the positioning of the planets, and dealing with a phenomena that does not lend itself to easy experimentation. However, experimentation is possible, in space and away from the surface of the planet. The repulsion force fills the gap in some of our other theories where we have no explanation for Discrepancies of The Storm.

In magnetism, the simple flow of particles creates more than a force for alignment, it creates an attraction. The gap is filled. Like water in a stream, where flotsam eventually lines up in the center, evenly spaced, just so magnetized objects do not keep their distance when free to move. They approach each other, and attach like a string of pearls. Likewise the phenomena of gravity, where the desire to fill the gap causes objects to approach one another. It is only where this gap is overfilled, by the presence of two large objects coming near, that the repulsion force is expressed. There is no room for the flow of gravity particles, so the objects stay apart!

Repulsion Force

It is assumed that gravity has only an attractive force, and that the planets, in orbit around the Sun, are held in place by their momentum. Does this make sense? What caused the momentum in the first place? Children play with a ball on the end of a string, swinging it around and around their head. As long as the arm is tugging, the ball maintains its orbit, else stops. Why would the planets not drift into the Sun? Are the orbits all that swift so that centrifugal force is extreme?

The reason we are unaware of a repulsive force, also inherent in gravity, is that for this to become evident there must be a semblance of equality in size and weight, i.e. the mass of the objects, and freedom of movement such as exists in space, and lack of undue influence from other nearby objects. Objects on the surface of the Earth have none of these. They are infinitesimal in proportion to the Earth itself, and thus any repulsion the Earth may have toward a tiny speck on its surface is also infinitesimal. Proportionally, its all gravity, a one way trip. The object on the surface, pushing away, is overwhelmed by the Earth's gravitational pull, the attraction. The repulsion force is generated as a result of two bodies exerting a gravitational force on each other. In the case of a tiny object on the surface of the Earth, its gravitational pull on the Earth is scarcely noticed by the Earth. A gnat or mite. A nothing. Where the repulsion force has not been invoked within the Earth by any objects placed on the surface of the Earth, this is in play between the Earth and her Moon. The repulsion force is invoked between objects on the surface of the Earth, incessantly, but this is masked by the intense force of gravity the Earth presents and other factors such as surface tension or friction or chemical bonding so that the repulsion force cannot be recognized.

The gravitational force exists first. It is the static condition. The repulsion phenomena only manifests when the objects are of equal size, are free to move, and dominate the immediate environment. Where the repulsion force comes to equal the force of gravity by the time the objects in play would make contact, it builds at a rate that differs from gravity. We have calculated the force of gravity, which at first we assumed was equal for all objects but lately have come to understand is stronger for larger objects. We have formulas for the force of gravity which have proved accurate on the face of our home planet. These formulas are incomplete, and would not work as expected elsewhere, however. The repulsion force is infinitesimally smaller than the force of gravity, but has a sharper curve so that it equals the force of gravity at the point of contact. For experimental purposes, one would have to be almost at the point of contact for it to come into play at all, and this in an environment where other factors are eliminated or negated. To examine the phenomena, Earth scientists would have to set up a lab in space, far enough away from any planetary body so that free movement is possible. Place two balls in a cage. Put one in motion toward another. Microscopically examine the interchange. They do not touch. They do not bounce off one another. They do not touch.

Repulsion keeps suns apart, at the distance they are, or at least is a factor in this. The reach of the force of gravity is immense, as with the distance that light particles travel, but like light particles gravity particles on the move can be deflected. Light particles reaching man from across the galaxies have moved in essentially a straight path, unless being deflected or absorbed by something in its path. What is the drama that occurs when more than two gravity giants are in a vicinity, and why is it that binary suns are so common?

Gravity particles with a single gravitational giant in the vicinity float into the giant and spurt out, without conflict. At the end of a spurt, their desire to clump with their kind causes them to return to the nearest clump. This could be equated to light escaping from a Black Hole, where it is on the move but not leaving, rather returning. The fact that other gravity particles in the vicinity are returning is no small part in this, as those in the flow are attracted to one another also, so the particles at the end of a spurt find they also are moving toward the gravitational giant as a result of trying to move to gravity particles nearby.

When there are two gravitational giants of equal size, as in binary suns, the drama is joined by a dither point between the two. Gravity particles at the end of a spurt, or slowing in their exit due to reduced pressure as disippation occurs, find a mixture of streams going back to both giants at this dither point. Repulsion outbursts are intermittent, so at one time the dither leans more toward one giant where a return flow is ongoing, but at another time the return stream to the other giant is stronger, and a particular gravity particle switches to flow into and out of the other sun. Where the suns are matched in size, they stay apart where the Repulsion
Force keeps them, to the extent that their dance is dominated by gravity.

Gravity particles streaming in an outburst from a giant but not encountering another outburst from a nearby giant can move outward to a great distance. This is dependent upon the force with which they are expelled from the giant, giving them great momentum. At the same time, the single drama of each gravity giant continues, and any binary dance that has developed between balanced suns continues, so the particles escaping the area are those not caught in other dramas. Gravity attraction is a small factor in slowing the escape of matter ejected during a Big Bang, and bringing this together again during a collapse, ultimately into another immense Black Hole. Other subatomic particles are more significant in the dance between galaxies, however. Gravity dances tend to be a local affair.


Magnetism is the palpable, measurable effect of a subatomic particle not yet delineated by man. In fact, there are several dozen sub-atomic particles involved, out of the 387 involved in what humans assume to be simply the flow of electrons. Where electric current can be made to flow in any direction, the path of least resistance, magnetic flow seems to be very single minded. In fact, it is also going in the path of least resistance, as can be seen when one understands the path and what constitutes resistance for magnetic flow. Unlike electricity, which only occasionally flows in nature, the flowing sub-atomic particles that constitute a magnetic field are constantly flowing. This is the natural state, to be in motion. The path of least resistance, therefore, is to go with the flow, and the flow is determined by the biggest bully in the vicinity.

A single atom of iron, isolated, will establish the direction of flow based on the tightly orbiting electron particles, of which there are hundreds of sub-types. These tight orbits arrange themselves in a manner not unlike the planets around a sun, but the field, of course, is much more crowded. Given the fairly static number of these particles that will hang around an iron ore nucleus, the orbiting swirl may have a rhythm, rather than a steady hum. Put 3 groups of 3 into a cycle of 10 and you have whomp whomp whomp pause. Should the cycle, based on the nucleus and the electron sub-atomic particles it attracts due to its size and composition, be 4 groups of 3 in a cycle of 12, you would have whomp whomp whomp whomp. The steady hum of the second cycle does not lack a magnetic flow, it is just diffuse. The irregular cycle in the first example finds the magnetic flow escaping during the pause. Being attracted again to the best partner in the vicinity, the single iron atom, the magnetic sub-atomic particles will circle around, taking the path of least resistance which of course is on the other side of the atom from the outward flow.

Placing a second iron atom next to the first finds the two lining up, so the flow escaping during the pause of each goes in the same direction. This is a bit like forcing a second water flow into a flowing stream. Toss a stick into both forceful streams and you will see that the water flows are moving in the same direction as much as possible - the path of least resistance. In this manner the magnetic flow of the largest bully forces all else in the neighborhood to line up. Where the iron ore atoms are caught in an amalgam and not altogether free to shift their positions within the amalgam, the magnetic flow may physically move the amalgam, this being, again, the path of least resistance. For those who would state that magnetism is not a thing, as it can't be weighted or measured or seen, we would point to the child's trick whereby two magnets are held positive end to positive end. Let go and they move so that they are aligned positive end to negative end. What made these magnets move, if not a thing?

Particle Flow

Magnetic particles flow from the nucleus and back into the nucleus on the other side of the atom. Where the iron atom is among others in a fluid state, such as liquid metal when heated, the flow moves from one atom’s outlet point to the intake point of another atom nearby, thus magnetized iron. We have learned to magnify and set the direction in this liquid iron by setting a strong magnet alongside, creating yet another magnet in the process. The magnetic cycle is described as 3 groups of 3 in a cycle of 10, or 4 groups of 3 in a cycle of 12. A cycle is a completed electron or other subatomic particle pattern around the nucleus of an atom. Equate the subatomic magnetic particles and their pattern, for simplicities sake, to sub-way trains leaving the central station to go out into the suburbs and then returning. Normally the train schedules are regular, continuous, but in some cities they become infrequent during the middle of the day or middle of the night, when there are expected to be few travelers. There may even be breaks in the pattern so that shift turnover can occur, or maintenance. Now, equate the flow of magnetic particles from the nucleus to the steady press of passengers, and assume a steady flow arriving at the central station. Assume that these passengers, like subatomic particles, do not care which direction they go in. If the trains are kept running at an even pace, there would at no time be an accumulation of passengers during one portion of the 24 hour day than another. The train loads would be equalized, or close to that.

Gravity acts in a mechanical fashion, failing to interact with all but a handful of sub-atomic particles, so being an independent particle on the move both the downward drift and upblasts push aside atomic structures in their path. The particle flow of gravity particles is rapid, and the interaction with other particles essentially mechanical, so the bulk of interactions is out from a gravity giant and back into that giant. The reason the updraft is faster is not only due to the pressure that occurs when a press finds an outlet, but due to the pathway that is arranged. Like water spouting from a breach in a dam, this moves faster not only because of the pressure, but because the flow itself provides a type of vacuum behind it, sucking in what would fill that vacuum. The force of the flow keeps the atomic structures which have been pushed aside to the side, and this likewise allows the intensity of the updraft to continue until abated. Thus, the exit has a greater speed, while the entry spreads its mechanical press downward over a larger area, and for a longer time.

Subatomic Particles

At one point in the not too distant past humans thought of matter as a substance, like wood, water, air, or sand. Common folk, of course, deal with matter in this way still. In addition to matter, there was energy, like light or radio waves. Theoretical physicists concluded, based on the observable and measurable chemical, electromagnetic, and fractal qualities of matter, that an atomic structure existed. In those days the concept was simple, involving an atomic nucleus with orbiting electrons, but the concept has rapidly evolved to include dozens of theoretical subatomic particles, and since Einstein's theories have become acceptable, the concept of energy as being, in fact, just rapidly moving small bits of matter.

Humans are on the right track, but in detail they are not yet half right. For instance, humans are searching for a quark, a particle that would make their formulas work, where no such particle exists. The fault is in the formulas, not in the elusive quark. The formulas to be made whole by the elusive quark have invented the quark, which takes shape only to fill the void, to balance the equation. There is nothing wrong with this logic, this approach, when one bears in mind that the invented particle is only a theory, but where scientists go amuck is in claiming a subatomic particle real because it has leapt into their imagination. A bit of reality testing is required. The electron first appeared on the drawing boards of scientists, but reality testing followed theory in the development of electrical energy, so widely used in human society as to need no explanation. All this groping about to explain the workings of the little universe that exists inside each atom is made difficult by the nature of the study. The subject can't be seen, or measured, so the theories can't be proved. This does not stop theorists from arguing with one another, however, as the goal is heady. If one understands how the atom works, one could plot and achieve marvelous feats.

Humans are continuously frustrated by the limitations of their knowledge. Where the common man looks with awe at academia and scientists working in labs because they seem to understand how it all works, in fact it is no secret that they are all quite confused. The various departments in the average university could not sit down and discuss the smallest scientific statement without breaking into argument. The disciplines of science openly contradict each other! The confused student is left scratching his head, but is still expected to pay his fees promptly. Likewise, research labs proudly announce their successes, but bury their failures. No right minded financial backer or scientist would proceed to build something based on theory. Why? Because the theories seldom hold when experiments are run. Most scientific discoveries are made by accident, and that's a fact. The milk spills into the vinegar by accident, and now the vinegar is no longer sour. By accident.

So, how small is small? To put it into perspective, the electron, which humans now think of as one unit but are casting a suspicious eye toward and thinking may perhaps prove to be many types of particles, in a clump or acting independently, is composed of some 387 discrete types of particles.

Solar Flares

What is termed sunspots have long been recognized to have an effect on life on Earth - static on the radio, disrupted satellite transmissions, and some weather anomalies caused by what we would call tornado activity in the upper atmosphere due to rapid heating of the air there - but few of their effects are known. Solar flares occur when the core of the Sun reacts to factors it is sensitive to, just as the core of the Earth is increasing its activity in response to the approach of the 12th Planet. The influences that affect the Sun are not related to gravity or even to the Sun's magnetic field, which spreads far outside the Solar System, but to energy fields that man has yet to discover.

Gaseous planets and Suns, lit or unlit, do not have homogeneous cores any more than bodies with liquid cores such as the Earth. Humans tend to think of air or gaseous clouds or liquid pools as being homogeneous, but in truth heavier particles settle down, lighter particle rise, and other particles disperse slowly from their point of entry into the soup. The process by which the Sun releases light and heat also releases other energy, unrecognized by man. This process is not homogeneous, and thus buildup and release occur, just as weather disturbances occur in the atmosphere due to irregular heating and cooling. Any lack of consistency in a body's core has the potential of causing core rotation, as the components try to escape or approach that which they are repulsed by or attracted to in the neighborhood. Thus, the Sun's core swirls, and when lighter elements rush toward the surface their motion is not impeded by the gaseous surface and overshooting occurs - a solar flare.

The effect on Earth is in the realm of energy disruption, a surge of the various energy arenas that humans are aware of and others they are unaware of. Solar flares affect the activity of fish and kelp in the sea, in that water bends and deflects some energy rays and thus concentrates them. Just as humans find themselves more restless during a full moon, life in the sea is a bit more restless during solar flares - energized. Solar flares do not affect the core of the Earth, nor are they causing increased earthquake activity. This explanation by the establishment for increased activity in the Earth's core is to avoid mentioning the approach of the 12th Planet, and is easily rebutted. Have sunspots resulted in earthquakes in the past?


Light is consisted of many different light particles. We ascribe the various colors to speed of vibration, the wave pattern high or low, long or short. The breaking of a ray of sunlight going through a prism into a rainbow of colors is thus ascribed to a change in speed or a modified wave pattern, as though a sub-atomic particle is forced to compact and squeeze in some invisible tunnel. Does glass have invisible tunnels they force light rays into, or the ability to hold light particles back so they compress? We speak of reflection or refraction of light as though it were an object bouncing, which sub-atomic particles do not do unless a direct repulsion occurs. Are light particles repulsed by the sub-atomic qualities of a silver backed mirror, such that they bounce? We ascribe the Auroras to an attraction by light particles to electro-magnetic particle, such that they dance, apparently, only at the poles, but balk at giving this attractive quality to gravity. The orange light that floods the sky at sunrise and sunset is ascribed to dust, of all things, with no explanation of why this spectrum is so affected but the other spectrums not. The huge size of a light emitting object such as the Sun coming over the horizon, in conflict with established human explanations, is rejected.

Why does light reflect from some surfaces, absorb into others, or change color when emerging from a prism? And what does this have to do with the obvious bending of orange/red light over the surface of the globe, as seen at sunrise or sunset? Is there a relationship? There is indeed. Some sub-atomic particles, a ready example being the many particles in the electro-magnetic arena, flow together, are attracted to each other, and are incited to move with each other by that attachment. We think of electrons as being one sub-atomic particle and have barely considered magnetism to be a particle flow, yet these particles number in the hundreds, and are not all the same in their behavior. Light particles, thus, are immense in their numbers, and the various wave forms with resulting color signature recognized by a retina only one example of the many. Do these light particles like to flow with one another, being attracted to one another in a similar manner to the electro-magnetic particles? Obviously.

They flow not in a straight line, not in a wave form, but in a twisted cable form. They swirl about each other in a double helix pattern, neither escaping or bonding, in perpetual motion. These helix strands likewise coil around other strands, often in a criss-cross pattern depending upon how much distance the strands need from each other. Like electrons that chase but do not catch each other, and magnetons that are likewise always in motion and cannot stand crowding but likewise desire to clump, this is a dance that never ends. Where electrons can be caught and reside around the nucleus of an atom, and magnetons are normally humming about the nucleus of an atom, the flow of light particles is an aberration of their normal abode, within and around a nucleus. They emerge when this nucleus is flooded with particles and are pushed out due to crowding, due to pressure which crowds them or the application of heat which is in and of itself a particle flow, or the introduction of some bonded atoms that act as a catalyst for change. Light can be produced by friction, heat, emerges during fire, or by chemical mix, as we know.

When the twisted coil is on the move it, as a group, moves in the direction that the particles were flung in by the explosion of particle crowding they were escaping. The direction of the light ray. When many particles are involved, this is considered by man to be white light, all color spectrums included, as the colors emerge when this white light is separated into its parts. The helix coils have another direction, other than the overall direction, which is straight ahead. They are moving away from, and back toward, the pairing particle in their coil. Depending upon the particle, this coil is tight or loose, with a wide wave length or short, and involves many other coils tightly attracted to it or few. When encountering other matter, these particle pairs find themselves in a marital crisis. One of the pair wants to have an affair with the other matter encountered, lingering, while the other partner cannot because the pair would then be too close, too crowded. Thus, the particle lingering forces the partner to exit the coil, suddenly, in the manner of their original expulsion from some comfortable atom into a light ray direction. The exiting particle of the pair leaves, likewise, in a direction that creates the least crowding for it with the other helix coils they are entwined with.

Thus, white light entering a prism of glass finds that the most vulnerable particle to an attraction affair lingers and expels its partner first. These particles having peeled off, the next most vulnerable particle is exposed to the adulterous attraction of some quality of glass, and lingers and expels its partner. This process proceeds until there is only the helix coils of those light particles that are resistant to attraction, by being so tightly bound to the coils, and resist the flirtations of nearby particles inherent in the glass. Some material simply absorbs the light rays by preventing them from leaving, an affair that has become a new marriage of sorts. Some material is so attractive that the lingering partner and expulsion proceeds at an almost violent pace, considered a complete reflection surface. When light coils pass over a gravity giant such as a planet, it is not the long distance call of a lover they are listening to when they curve toward that giant, it is the flow of gravity particles flowing back toward the planet. These are encountered on the way, slow the flow of those parts of the coil that are most attracted to the gravity particles, causing them to separate from the other parts of the larger intermeshed coil. This separation is not violent or sudden, as adjustments are made during the bumping process so the coils of those particles wanting to pull along with the flow of gravity eventually find themselves outside of the larger coil, and free to move in independent helix coils. Thus where white light, or light in color spectrums not susceptible to gravity particle attraction, move forward in their straight line path, the red spectrum light susceptible to gravity pulls toward the gravity particles drifting back to their gravity sink, and are bent thus, toward the gravity giant.

Red Light

Just as electrons are not a single particle, but composed of some 387 particles, light is likewise not composed of a single particle, as hundreds of particles are involved in the phenomenon called light. This should be obvious, as light spreads into the colors of the rainbow, and the behavior of red light, the Red Shift, is not ascribed to other colors in the light spectrum. Red light, and light close in the spectrum to red light, bends more readily than other particles in the light group. This can quickly be determined by the common man if he compares the rising and setting sun to other objects he sees in the sky.

The rising and setting sun are huge, compared to their appearance at mid-day. This is due to the light rays which have been bent and would otherwise escape to the side, being bent back by the atmosphere so they enter the viewers eye as though coming from a large orange sun. Do these rays not get bent in this manner at mid-day? They do, but there are several factors which make the phenomena apparent at dawn and dusk

  • The angle between the viewer and the Sun at dawn and dusk are such that more atmosphere is passed through, thus more of bending of the red spectrum rays is done.
  • Competition from other light rays is reduced so the red spectrum rays are predominant, and the eye thus registers them rather and having them drown out and supplanted by a different image.
  • At mid-day, when the Sun is overhead, red spectrum light from the Sun is bent to the side so that any reaching the eye of the viewer seems to be coming from another object, not the Sun, and is thus discounted.


One of the world's wonders is what is called the Van Allen belt, the Northern or Southern Lights, or Auroras as they are variously called, a glorious panoply of colors across the northern or southern skies which play for hours at a time, entertaining those who live in cold climates with one of the few delights that nature brings to their bleak, dark world. What causes this natural wonder? There is in fact a great deal of speculation, and no proof, as one can scarcely put the northern skies into a bottle for examination. The answer is simple, and not even among the candidates. The Auroras are caused by refraction, a refraction not thought possible as no light seems to enter on the dark side of the Earth. Little understood by humans is the degree to which energy particles are affected by gravitational pulls. They look out into the sky, into the stars, and see a slight variance in light rays that come over the vastness of space, and assume a straight path, or nearly straight. What they are in fact seeing is the light rays that have not been deflected. Others have been captured, and pulled away from their path toward the Earth.

Our statement will elicit argument from astronomers, who will say that if this were the case, then the Earth would be receiving light rays deflected from their path, and a confusing picture of the Universe would be presented, not the steady consistency that they observe. They are of course assuming a constancy in the substance of light, which can be altered as a substance just as any other. Do not the heavier particles that man is familiar with change radically their behavior with the addition or subtraction of a subatomic particle at the core, or in the electrons circling the core? Man assumes that light rays are constant only because they have not yet been able to dissect them. Light rays deflected are in the process of being altered. And what has caused these light rays to be deflected at this point, to become Northern or Southern Lights, and why no other point on the globe? In fact, they are being deflected elsewhere around the globe, but are not visible because of the greater traffic in bright light. The Northern or Southern Lights, happening at the equator, are lost in the glare.

The Auroras, as we have stated, are not magnetic at all but light rays bent by gravity. This has been much ridiculed as it does not fit into the current human way of thinking. Light bends when going through water, bends in a prism, but somehow the idea of light bending in other circumstances is ridiculous. The fact that mankind is even aware of a light spectrum is because light bends. The rainbow, the prism, and suddenly there is a light spectrum. Red light bends toward gravity pulls, as can be seen by the just rising or just setting sun, which broaden and enlarge. Light that is heading out into space, missing Earth altogether, is bend back down toward the earth to arrive at the eye of the beholder. It arrives not where it would have if moving straight, but is bend back so is coming in from the sides, thus the fat sun. This also explains the red sunset and sunrise, as red light waves bend more than others.
Like magnetism, gravity flows are not universal about a body, but have a field. This is not widely noted, as it is slight, but has been noted recently in the discovery by mankind’s probes that the Earth's middle would seem to be fatter, gravity wise, though no shape has changed. This hit the scientific news, a fact reported by the probes which no human scientist had any explanation for. It was a change in the core of the Earth, which parts of the core are moving, and in what directions, and this motion creating disruptions in the gravity field around the Earth. This is all to say that the Auroras moving toward the Equator, should not be surprising, as the gravity flow back toward the Equator are obviously increasing. The field has switched, more pull in at the Equator, so the light bending toward the gravity flow is seen more toward the Equator.


Rotation of a planet is dependent on many factors, only one of which is the initial motion attained coming out of a big bang. Take the instance of your Earth, during the passage of her brother, the 12th Planet. Rotation slows and then stops, for days, and then after passage resumes to the same pace as before. This is because of the other factors involved in rotation, which remain in place in your Solar System and have their grip on the Earth.

Rotation is due to a mobility difference between the core of a planet and the surface, and for lack of a better analogy we relate this to a dog chasing its tail. The core of the Earth is liquid, and mobile, and has a mind of its own. As the Earth moves in its orbit around the Sun, the relationship of the core of the Earth to surrounding influences changes. A child standing on a merry-go-round and wishing to face his mother must himself turn a complete circle in order to do this. In like manner, the heavy Core of the Earth moves to face or escape magnetically related forces in the Universe about your Solar System, dragging the surface with it. The core is not homogeneous everywhere and thus parts of it are strongly attracted or repulsed to this part or that of the Universe about it, so motion in the core is constant. No sooner does a part of the core move to the far side of its liquid tomb, then it finds itself presented with its old problem again, and sets into motion once again.

Now as the Earth takes 365 days to orbit the Sun, and rotation happens once a day, it would seem at first glance that the merry-go-round analogy is incorrect. How could rotation started because of the Earth's orbit, a yearly affair, turn into a daily rotation? Motion is not a controlled matter, as anyone riding a bike without brakes is painfully aware. In the liquid core of the Earth, there is little to stop motion, once started, save the desire of parts of the core to approach or escape magnetic influences in the Universe. Rotation starts because of these external influences, and thus is always in the same direction. The rate of rotation is due to the liquidity of the core, as the brakes are never applied. Thus, the parts of the core that are moving away from an influence soon find that they have created their problem again, as the motion of the Earth has placed these parts back where they did not want to be! Round and round, like a dog chasing its tail.


Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the moon and the sun and the rotation of the Earth.

Humans have correctly ascribed the tides to the Moon's presence, but there they boggle. Is the water following the Moon? Simply stated, yes. However, the process is not as simple as all that. The water follows the Moon, but when the Moon goes off round the bend and its influence is obstructed by the body of the Earth itself, what then? Water seeks its own level, and having heaped up on one side of a body of water, it sloshes back, momentum carrying it to an extreme in the other direction. This momentum is in proportion to the speed of its original chase, mirroring this. Thus, as fast as the water chased the Moon, it recedes. As the pull of the Moon was greatest while directly overhead, the high tide chasing the Moon reflects the time only over half the body of water, an ocean, usually a 6 hour period. Thus, it rushes back in an equal time span, another 6 hour or so period. Thus sloshing, the water finds itself receding again for a third 6 hour or so period as the Moon hooves into influence again, but in keeping with its motion and speed, swings back toward where the Moon reappeared and again chases the Moon to the horizon for the last 6 hour or so period.

Dark Matter

Dark matter has been postulated by scientists to explain all the movement and behavior that they cannot explain in the Universe. Insert dark matter, and it all fits, or so they are currently postulating. In fact, dark matter does not explain it all, or even explain it very well, but this is the current fad. Why is dark matter termed dark? Well, because folks can't see it, or measure it, or capture it, and thus it is dark, hiding, as it were. Well, matter does not hide. It has no reason to do so, being without a sneaky motive. It is not dark matter that is gluing everything together in some strange, immeasurable way, it is tiny matter, in fact, which the scientists of Earth have yet to see because it is too little for their eyes and their instruments as of yet.

The particles of tiny matter, like bugs, are more numerous as they get smaller. Humans are always horrified to see how many mites there are in a speck of dust. Mites are everywhere, and should one have the guts to count, the number of mites in the room would be vastly greater than the number of silverfish or cockroaches. And, of course, the number of bugs in the room vastly outweighs the number of humans. Such is the situation in the Universe. Man saw the planets, e.g. humans in the room, and registered their personalities. This happened early on. Then man become aware of the energy that composes the solar wind, and light rays that come from distant galaxies, e.g. visible bugs in the room, and registered their personalities. This happened recently. However, humans are not yet aware of the galactic tiny stuff, e.g. mites, and thus don't have a very important piece of the puzzle in place.

Before humans became aware of the planets, and their relationship to the Sun, there were all kinds of strange explanations for their motions. Since the Flat Earth Society is still among you, we need not go into detail. Before humans became aware of the energy paths in the galaxy, there also were all kind of strange explanations for what seemed to be the erratic nature of the greater Universe, which bobbled and glowed and winked, behavior which was most often ascribed to the gods or one's own misbehavior. Now scientists are dealing with the larger, visible planets behaving toward one another like something else is there. You can assume this to be a massive amount of tiny matter. The stuff the Universe is made of, elemental particles that are not moving, are not clumping, and thus do not form mass or register as energy.

Nothing to get excited about. Just calculate its weight, and think of it as galactic air - something to pass through.


The particle flow that manifests as X-Rays are used by man to examine the human body as well as numerous applications in industry. They move slowly, and are easily stopped, and thus lodge in bone rather than pass through, painting a picture of bone by this absence. X-Rays are observed by man occurring in bursts in the Universe, bursting from suns and from the Sun in their solar system in, at times, distinctive patterns. What is causing this natural outburst? Humans find they can excite X-Rays by the same process they excite electrons, and at times find them in association with lightning. Heat and light particles are also so excited, as well as magnetic particles, but these particles can be found in nature without the presence of electron flows too. There is cold light, and heat without light, magnets without an electric charge, and electricity without magnetism or heat or light. They are independent particles, though they may be affected by the same processes.
If X-Rays can be stopped readily by bone yet pass through soft tissue, then their bond with atoms is readily available, and common. This is not the case with the particles that compose what man understands to be electrons, which leave readily and go on the move, such that children can excite them by scuffing their feet across a rug. Where heat particles can be excited by mechanical means, rubbing, light seems to man to require a chemical change such as occurs in fireflies or fire. That all these particles are excited by the same process that gets electrons on the move should not be surprising, as electron particle flows are an onslaught.

  • Electron flows affect the chemistry of the material electrons flow through, at least temporarily, by changing the electron sharing that is a component of atom bonding. Thus light particles are produced in association with electrons.
  • Electron flows affect the density of the material electrons flow through by this means also, at least temporarily, so that atoms can approach each other more closely. This crowding of the affected material forces heat particles to move until they find a less crowded home.
  • Magnetic particles flow through atoms, happily flowing in and out of a single atom unless forced to move from atom to atom by an irregular electron shell around the atom that funnels them. Thus iron ore in nature may or may not be a magnet, depending on the fluidity of the iron atoms. Electron flows create this irregularity, at least temporarily, thus the phenomenon of electro-magnetism.

So can man assume, as some have, that the Sun reverses its magnetic field periodically, because during solar cycles the X-Rays emitted by the Sun are emerging from a different spot on the surface? As X-Rays are so readily stopped that pictures of bone and even the placement of soft tissue can be made, why would they not be stopped by the placement of matter within the swirling core of the Sun? X-Rays are generated homogeneously within the Sun, as is heat and light, but the particle flow is affected during its passage outward by the matter it encounters. Is this not the case with light, which can be readily bent during its passage through water or blocked entirely by walls? Is this not the case with heat, which likewise can be blocked or absorbed by material, or transmitted and passed along? This is certainly the case with X-Rays, which announced themselves to mankind by their very ability to be readily stopped by almost any material put in their way!
Magnetism particles are not so readily stopped, however, and thus the phenomena of magnetic fields surrounding planets and their suns, reaching far beyond this to encompass the solar system and more. Man finds he can create confusion in a magnetic field, at least temporarily, by deflecting the flow of magnetic particles with other magnetic particles. Take the confusion away and the magnetic field has re-established itself. Magnetic particles are on the move, constantly, where other particles are not so fluid or mobile. Thus, the Sun’s magnetic field is independent of any other particle flow, and persists in a constant state regardless of how other particles may be blocked or directed within the Sun.

Black Holes

So dark that light can't escape, so dense that all matter going in gets compressed into imperceptibility. What is a Black Hole, and does matter go in and never come out? All is relative, and the denseness of Black Holes only seems so to us because we have no basis of comparison. Also, as nothing seems to be coming out, we assume this is a bottomless pit of some sort, and frankly fear black holes. They serve a purpose, however, and are part of The Storm's plan for renewing the Universe. A big bang refers to setting the clock back on a part of the Universe, a type of refreshed state. The big bang requires something to bang from, and that state is what the Black Holes are accumulating.

Do Black Holes consume all that they catch in their snare, and is there any escape? Black holes are voracious, but proceed slowly. So slowly, in fact, that one can escape without even making haste. In addition, Black Holes do not capture souls, as developed entities can float out of them, being of a lighter substance. However, Black Holes do accumulate the substance of which souls are composed, when this has not formed into an entity, and remains loose and undefined. This is packaged into the whole, and spread uniformly during the big bang, and thus the process of worlds forming and evolving begins again, in a small part of the Universe.


The Sun lit, from dark and quiet matter, into the steady burn that has been going on for millennia, because of a series of events. This series of events has taken place elsewhere, and often. It is the standard solar system panoply, in fact. The steps are as follows. First, matter and energy are homogenized by a big bang process, which is only setting the clock back to zero or wiping the slate clean, so to speak. The process, for this portion of the Universe, is reset. Coming out of this big bang situation matter and energy begin to congeal, into all the many sub-atomic particles that form not only what humans understand to be matter and energy, but many more such particles, including the particles that make up the soul. During this congealing period there is little interaction. It is as though there is not enough of anything to get into a contest. Small fry don't squabble.

Gradually the congealing process produces planets that orbit each other. This happens as matter has a natural attraction and repulsion for and against other matter, and as the congealing process takes place attractions start movement but repulsion causes a circular dance. Imagine a dance where all the potential partners are undecided. They approach and then circle. Everything gets into motion.

At this point all is dark, the form and the void that the Bible refers to. So what starts the light? Continued congealing, which in time produces pressure that starts yet another process. This process converts matter into energy, which is what is occurring within the Sun. Humans make assumptions about the composition of suns, assuming light elements such as helium, and about the burning process, assuming fusion with radioactive byproducts. They are incorrect on both counts. A mass as large as a sun does not light, due to compression, unless key elements in the heavy element spectrum are present to a sufficient degree. There are dead suns, smoldering suns, and lit suns, and the dye is cast in this matter when the suns are first formed. Humans assume the burning process to be radioactive because their only experience with intense production of heat and light also produces intense radioactivity. Should this be the case, would not life on Earth be suffering from radiation poisoning?

Such volumes of energy emerge from such tiny amounts of what humans term matter, that the seemingly violent brilliance of the Sun comes from very little mass. Of course, the Sun is diminished as this goes on, but by such a tiny amount. In the scheme of things, not to matter at all. Over time, the pressure within the Sun takes two simultaneous courses. One, the mass of the Sun shrinks to where the burning or conversion action slows down. The pressure has diminished, due to the reduced mass. As the Sun cools, its matter shrinks and compresses, a natural process known to humans. Cold things are more dense than hot things. This eventually sets off the second reaction of a dying star, the super nova or explosion. The Sun lights again, for one last time, this time in a violent and uncontrolled burn that sends its remaining particles off every which way.

Time Travel

Time travel is a mystery we cannot explain fully to you. This is not dependent on our wishes, or your desire, but on the rules we must follow. These rules are above the Council of Worlds. These rules are not negotiable. However, we can give you some sense of what is going on. Beyond this, there is not much we can say until you reach 4th Density.

Time is linear only in your mind. It is not what it seems. Your sense that time is linear in the Universe is supported by what you observe: clocks running in seeming syncronicity; planetary movements that are predictable; testimony of other people you interact with to the effect that they, too, observe the same time passage as you do. However, time is only a factor, and as such when put into mathematical calculations can be affected along with the other factors. The Universe is such a huge mathematical calculation. In the portion of the world that you live in, the factors are stable enough that the time factor never varies enough to be noticed. This makes you think that time is a fixed factor. It is not fixed. We understand what other factors are involved, and how to modify them so that the time factor changes as we wish.

The issue of time travel is confusing to humans, who see the movies where parties go into the future as well as the past. Would that not be the case, as if one can go in one direction, why not the other? One cannot travel into the future, except in small increments, hours at most. Leaping into the future is a fiction. One can travel into the past, as that is a trail marked in the substance of the Universe, strands that can be unwoven and rewoven, a rope that stretches back endlessly. The past has markers. Grip points. It has been built, where the future has not yet been built. A phrase much in use is the Time/Space Continuum. This is simply a way of stating that matter may be in a different place, or space, depending on the time, and that matter leaves a trail, or continuum, over time. You can equate the Time/Space Continuum to our term strands, being woven and unwoven, which we consider more exact as it refers to the webbing that takes place.

What would happen if one went back along a particular strand, unraveling it, and changed the circumstances surrounding the strand. Would it change the present, and thus the future? Yes, but not to the degree depicted in the movies, where people wink out like lights and buildings disappear from sight and even from the memory of all. How could it, as each of these occurrences is composed of numerous strands, weaving in multiple directions, and it is impossible to change them all. What in fact occurs, should one be allowed to go back in time and make an alteration, is that the future is essentially unchanged. We say essentially, as there has been change, but due to the interweaving of other strands, this is muted. The Council of Worlds strictly administers time travel, as should one go back in time and really work at it, changes would begin to appear.

An example might be a child, born with a genetic defect. Should one go into the strands leading to conception, and change the DNA strands affecting the defect, the child would be born whole. However, each second that ticks past the moment of conception complicates this, as the webbing of strands has begun. At three months the fetus has strands of interplay with the mother's host womb, her blood and DNA makeup, such that simply changing the makeup of the genetics of the fetus is not enough. A panoply has been set in motion, and defectiveness to some degree will still present at birth. At three months, to effect a cure, one must also delve into the strands that weave into the mother's system, the womb, even out into the environs surrounding mother and child. It's all quite complicated. So if this is the case, why would the Council of Worlds bother to watchdog time travel? Where changes are subtle, they can effect the overall when done systematically. As intense as agendas are, masters over minions could set them about a never ending routine that would affect what has been written, trip the balance enough to be worthwhile to the master.

Is not one moment another's future and yet another's past? If we today travel back, would we not be deemed visitors from the future? And in this context, if the Earth were to hypothetically receive visitors claiming to be from the future, would that not mean that we are not the present at all, and that the future, for us, has therefore been written? This confusion can be settled if one understands that the Earth is not having visitors from the future, no matter how this may have been stated. Misunderstandings occur during genuine channeling sessions, and an example of what will be more prevalent in the future can be misunderstood to be an actual visitor from the future. The future has not been written. You are writing it now, moment by moment, decision by decision. When travel back through time occurs this is not recorded in the memory of nonparticipants, only in the memory of the travelers. Pains are taken to ensure that this be so. Travel back in time is done for such matters as capturing genetic material long lost, for instance, not to distort or pollute a memory.

Future travel is done only to coordinate activities of contactees and ourselves, where one has to be, as you say, in two places at once. This is not done casually, and in all cases for the procedure to be applied to a particular contactee or alien visiting Earth, the Council of Worlds must give its approval. This means that one contactee must experience missing time, but another may be jumped forward in time for a conference and then returned. Their subconscious records the memory as lineal, a fuller day. This is done on a person by person basis, so that for some countactees, involved in what is deemed crucial activities having a great impact on the Transformation, permission is granted. The same logic applies to ourselves, who are held under stricter rules. There are no Zetas in the Service-to-Others, in your Solar System, who currently are allowed to be in two places at once by inching forward in time. How is this future step done? The strands, in their current momentum and direction, are accelerated for that individual contactee, and then unwoven again. The entity, who is not affected by this weaving and unweaving, remembers, and speaks to the subconscious later, building a memory of the encounter.

Time Flow

Time is but a factor in equations, which allow to travel back in time, when permission is granted on rare occasions and for good cause, and travel forward on even rarer occasions. The motion and placement of objects, sub-atomic or otherwise, are predictable, given their placement and motion and composition at any given point. It is possible to reverse-engineer objects, their atomic structure, and their motion and placement a moment ago. Time travel involves reversing or accelerating activity that is predictable. This reversing or accelerating involves forcing the issue, as under normal circumstances objects proceed based on their surroundings.

Factors are involved in the forward progression in time, and a lack of these ingredients results in a backsliding in time, as though falling into a vacuum. The forward press or falling backward is due to direction of flow, of what is just another element in the Universe. Humans are unaware of this element, as the steady forward progression is something they consider a given. Nothing is by chance, and no motion is without reason or cause. In our perception, time is steady in its progression, but when the press of this ingredient is stopped, or diminished, what had occurred telescopes back in activity that is the reverse of what just occurred.

The grip points are places in the orderly arrangement of particles where it is possible, in essence, to set sights and target, and stop during a time travel, else the unraveling of what has occurred would continue unabated. One does not start on a journey without brakes! Grip points are predictable points where particles are structured in a particular pattern. This could be equated to so many ticks of the clock, or so many clangs of the hour bell, as the periodicy is predictable and reliable, like clockwork.

Energy Waves

Humans are aware that water can appear to be a solid, when ice, or on the move, when a liquid. They are also aware that water can take up less space when cold and more when warm, having what is called heat energy stuffed into the same space. This same concept can be applied to what we call matter and energy, energy simply being particles of matter on the move, and on the move because other particles have been stuffed into the same space. The space becomes crowded, and just as circulation in water is caused in part by temperature differences, just so subatomic particles go on the move to equalize the crowding at the atomic level.

Coming out of what is called a big bang, particles are sent in all directions. All are on the move. As explosions are never of equal strength throughout the explosion, some particles are moving faster than others, and when parts of the explosion collide with other parts, toward the center of the explosion or on the periphery, circular movement begins to equalize the pressure. After a time, what results is what you see in our Universe. All this moving about never settles down, nor does it diminish or increase, overall. Mankind has noted this tendency and termed it conservation of energy. Even within forming black holes movement is still occurring, and in accordance with the patterns outside of black holes.

Within atoms, subatomic particles are bound to the nucleus just as planets are bound to a sun, due to the presence of a subatomic particle which behaves in a similar manner to gravity particles in a solar system. Forever on the move as rushing to the center of the nucleus creates crowding that is relieved by an outward flow, these particles soon find themselves on the periphery in an uncrowded state and cycle back into the nucleus due to their inherent attraction of each other. What all matter seeks is a static state where all parts of it are equal and none moving, like a jell, but as equality in matter can never exist due to inherent differences in particle size and nature, motion never ceases. Always trying, but never succeeding.

Subatomic particles move in a wave pattern due to this attraction and desire to equalize crowding. Vacillation, repeating patterns, occur often in Nature, as the buildup is followed by the gradual drop, until a threshold is reached and the buildup begins again. Pulsing is found in the cosmos, dying stars pulsing, the heartbeat pulsing, and in like manner subatomic particles pulse. The same mechanism is at play, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the rate of release from a source, the current fanciful explanation by scientists. Space, even the space within an atom, is scarcely empty, but is filled with all manner of tiny particles as yet undiscovered by man. Many particles or groups of particles follow a path less than straight, as on their way they create a pressure in front of them, causing a sideways zig, only to find they again create a pressure in front of them so must zag. This path is not chaotic, but becomes a zig-zag line in a straight direction, as the pressure created on the left encourages the zig to the right, and the pressure created on the right finds a void on the left where an essential vacuum has just been created. The zig-zag perpetuates itself.

Mankind assumes that a single particle is moving in a wave, with one particle following another obediently in a kind of waving line. Yes and no, this is what occurs. If only two particles were on the move, moving in the same direction as the reason for motion was the same for both, then they would institute a dance much as binary stars institute. They are interacting with each other while simultaneously being affected by many other factors. These two particles move apart from each other to reduce crowding but then find they are attracted to each other when crowding has been reduced and move toward each other again. Wave action is not at all what humans presume, a single wave motion. It is a multiplicity of motions, all at the same wave height and width and frequency.

Unified Theory

Einstein understood far more than he relayed to mankind. Einstein spoke to mankind within the confines of their ability to digest at the time. Great minds, visiting the primitive, lose the audience if they speak well beyond the capabilities to understand. His audience was in the main scientists, and they were able to barely comprehend what he was addressing as is. Now long after his death he is deemed a genius, and correct on many matters. Should he have drifted further afield, he would have been dismissed utterly. He withheld information, deliberately, as do all visitors to a 3rd Density world where spiritual growth is incomplete and high tech weaponry would give the self-serving too much of an advantage. Mankind thus got a glimpse, and a glimpse only, into a world they will not be allowed to explore at this time.

Einstein's theory of relativity, which challenged the accepted notion that matter and energy could not transmute, was violently resisted. In putting forth his Unified Theory, Einstein was not attempting to explain to everyone's satisfaction the factors that govern the motion of planets and sub-atomic particles. He was attempting to wrap his relativity arguments with additional material, so that his critics would have to shut up and think. Thus, the Unified Theory is incomplete, as it was never intended to be otherwise. What's missing? Mankind can scarcely be unaware of gravity and can quantify this force as well as the behavior of moving objects fairly accurately, as even the playpen of a babe is a lab in this regard. Einstein postulated that there were two other forces, equally as influential, but as with his theory of relativity these involved factors and views new to man.

The third force, which he called vibrational intensity, was considered theoretical by Einstein's peers, but it manifests in nature in the Bermuda Triangle and other such spots where natural density shifting occur, and was the basis of the Philadelphia Experiment. To detail this third force beyond what Einstein provided would be to empower the likes of those who conducted the Philadelphia Experiment, who would surely return to their tinkering, sending yet more enlisted men to a horrible death in their lust to harness the ability to transmute to other densities. The Philadelphia Experiment stands as a perfect example of why 3rd Density worlds are not given technology beyond their spiritual maturity. Babes in the sandbox are not handed loaded guns, at least not by any responsible person. Thus, any press by humans to learn more of Einstein's third force will simply not succeed no matter where this press is applied or how cleverly it may be packaged. The answer is no.

Einstein's fourth force was what he termed pressure rebound, and this equates to what we have termed the repulsion force. This force mystified Einstein's peers, who could not determine how to test the theory and were given no help in this matter by Einstein. In truth, in that era, there was no way for humans to demonstrate the repulsion force, as the test requires an escape from Earth's gravity, not possible before the space age. Will Einstein's Unified Theory be completed during the age of man? As mankind will phase out during the coming Transformation and is considered too immature to handle such knowledge, the Unified Theory will remain for man just that - a theory. The theory as presented by Einstein was lacking several key pieces, and without these pieces no progress is possible. Sorry. Grow up, and then we'll talk about it.

Space/Time Curvature

Regarding the amusing human notion that space/time curves. This theory gained credence recently as humans have been able to track cosmological events more closely with the Hubble, and noted that the perimeter of an explosion curved slightly as the event progressed. Do you imagine that light rays are immune to gravitational influences? They are formed of particles, just as what you call matter is, and as such as subject to the same influences. We have stated that the Auroras, which are visible light shows and not at all related to magnetic fields, are caused by the bending of light subjected to the Earth's gravity. This would be visible elsewhere around the globe, but except in the dim light near the poles does not stand out. Why would particles move in a curve?

Humans should keep in mind that what they see of the Universe reflects

  • the original situation, such as a nova, that caused the light to escape and move in the direction of Earth.
  • the direction those light particles were pulled in, by gravitational influences

What humans on Earth do not see is

  • light that was not moving in a straight line path toward Earth, to begin with
  • light that was pulled so that it was no longer in a straight-line path toward Earth

Your human scientists are aware of this, identifying places in space where no light seems to escape as black holes. Nevertheless, as curving space/time seemed like such an interesting possibility among those hoping to always prolong their stay at the trough the taxpayers are obliged to fill, NASA talked it up. They know better but don't want the paychecks to stop.


In physics, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would be, fundamentally, a "shortcut" through spacetime. For a simple visual explanation of a wormhole, consider spacetime visualized as a two-dimensional surface. If this surface is folded along a third dimension, it allows one to picture a wormhole "bridge". A wormhole is, in theory, much like a tunnel with two ends each in separate points in spacetime.

Wormholes do not exist. They are a figment in the imagination of scientists, just as the mythical quark, which is supposed to make their formulas whole. Faced with perplexing natural phenomena, such as occurred during the Philadelphia Experiment and temporary disappearances that occur naturally in sites such as the Bermuda Triangle, human scientists have invented a term for what they imagine are portals. The portals, in their thinking, can be either man-made or a natural occurrence. They reason that if the phenomena, a temporary and partial density switch, occurs naturally in the Bermuda Triangle, then it should occur naturally in space. They speculate that perhaps this is the magic that allows aliens to transport themselves long distances in what seems to be a flash. Humans take advantage of natural phenomena, such as updrafts for the flight of gliders or orbits to position satellites, and they reason aliens have done the same.

The switch to 4th Density from 3rd Density is not that simple, and does not occur naturally here and there within 3rd Density in any but temporary situations. The density confusion that occurs in the Bermuda Triangle is fleeting, and is caused by the compression within the core of the Earth. Does this line up with what is out in deep space? Wormholes simply do not exist.

Cold Fusion

Cold fusion is a myth, the dream of those who would have endless cheap energy readily available. Energy is released from fusion or fission, but in both cases this is a barely controlled explosion. Nuclear bombs are the extremes that man is aware of, and when trying to harness this energy they sit on the virtual nuclear bombs called nuclear power stations, tinkering with the controls. How would it be that cold fusion would be possible, among the molecular components on Earth, yet not already fused? What is to stop the process? Are the molecules waiting for the signal from eager scientists? Fusion happens under great compression, not on the benign surface of the Earth, and anyone asserting otherwise in only looking to fuse hard cash to his wallet.


Crystals do have what humans would call magical properties, as they don't know how else to explain the results. Crystals capture and focus energies that mankind is not aware of as yet. These energies cannot be seen and measured, yet their presence leaves its mark. Like most myth makers, crystals have given life to stories that bear no relationship to the truth. It has been reported that crystals can prevent disease, grow sturdier plants, and affect the passage of time. Only the latter is true, but this cannot be put to any practical use. Not all crystals have this effect, and a certain size must be attained before any effect at all occurs. A synergy is in process.

It has been reputed that the lost city of Atlantis used large crystals, and that such a crystal lying under the waves in the Bermuda Triangle is causing havoc. None of this is true. Crystals of any size or shape or of whatever nature are not having any significant effect on mankind or on the Earth at the present time, and any reports to the contrary are false. Crystals have at times been used as a communication booster by various alien groups, but for no other reason. These crystals, left on the surface of Mars or the Moon or even here and there on Earth, are not being activated at the current time and thus have no more influence on their surroundings than other inanimate objects. These crystals are immense, as large as a pick-up truck, and flawless. Humans are incapable of building them, and should they uncover one on Earth would be incapable of activating it. This would be a toy the Council of Worlds would not allow to be placed in the hands of 3rd Density entities. The rules do not allow it.


For a tiny object, such as a climber falling from a cliff, there is not the distance from the Earth to create a situation of equality in the updraft and downdraft of gravity particles. Satellites are placed at a distance by your astrophysicists in order to have them behave in accordance with Newton and sustain their distance, supposedly based on velocity? What Newton has included in his math, without knowing, is the balance of updraft and downdraft of gravity particles. In point of fact, if an object was not at the distance to create this balance, it either plummets to the gravitational giant or is subject to attraction by another passing or nearby gravity giant. Thus, those orbiting objects you examine are there to be examined because of the updraft and downdraft balance. Thus Newton and his followers negated the influence of gravity particles in his orbit equations, as all they saw seemed to fit!


Humans place too much importance in what they call velocity vectors, which are only a mathematical representation. The motion of asteroids or comets or planets is there for a reason. It is not, as humans frequently assume, because the motion was set in place for some reason long ago and things just follow. The motion does not rule! The motion is a result, not a primary force. Humans treat motion as though it stood alone, outside of all other factors. What caused the motion? All motion is a result, from the acorn dropping from a tree, or the wind swaying branches as air masses move to equalize, to the motion of the planets in their orbits.

The breeze that bows a young sapling over a bit will not keep that sapling bent when the breeze stops blowing. Just so, an object may even be stopped in its course, but only for a moment. Then on it comes, impelled by the same factors that impelled it in the first place, as its motion was determined by the gravity pull of objects nearby, and those objects have not moved! An object will be motionless in space for one of two reasons. An object in the absence of gravity from outside influences has no reason to move at all, and is still only because there is no call to do otherwise. It does not have inertia, or a reluctance to move. Objects have inertia when they are caught in the grip of a gravity influence, and most often in the grip of several gravity influences. Therefore, when undertaking the study of motion, limiting the examination to the object and its speed is only effective when all other factors hold steady.

Mathematical Proof

Humans have a catchy phrase regarding relationships - which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, of course it was the chicken, who gradually evolved to encase young in a shell long before it evolved to become a chicken. First came dropping the young into a water bed, as fish and frogs do, so the chicken's precursor came first. Humans treat mathematics much this way, expecting the world to line up with their math when the math evolved to describe their world. Starting with simple counting schemes, mathematical descriptions became more and more elaborate as they were endlessly adjusted until they described yet another aspect of nature. When math is used as a tool, and its origins understood, then when a particular model placed upon a natural phenomena does not fit there is no conflict. The mathematical model is understood to be the problem. However, just as there is confusion about the chicken or the egg, most humans lose sight of what came first. They insist the math is sacred, and stubbornly refuse to deal with the discrepancies this approach produces.

Mathematics, for some, has become a religion.

Mathematics builds upon itself, so that concepts put into place are continued and never discarded. Formulas that reasonably describe a situation when measurements are crude are never discarded, but are held up as standards to be disproved and defended. Creativity in math is nil, so that brilliant insights such as Einstein’s are held to ridicule rather than discussed. Thus it is that mathematics are burdened with the absurd as well as the insightful, and thus regularly miss the mark. The Zetas are frequently asked what is wrong with human math, or how to do it right. Frankly, the right math will not be discussed, as this might put mankind on paths they are not yet to trod. As to what is wrong, we would suggest a simple exercise. Face problems with a completely fresh mind, and ploy the math you think would solve that. Compare what you have placed on paper with the traditional math. What differs? What about the traditional math forced it into the tradition? We predict you will find that a long history of being passed forward, regardless of worth, has placed certain formulas into mankind's mathematical view of the world. Would you allow yourself to be treated as the doctors of yore treated patients, by bleeding and starving or opening the head? Are women in labor to die screaming rather than undergo cesarean? Are doctor's not to wash their hands because infection spontaneously generates and germs do not exist?

Mathematical proofs are not "proof". Mathematical proofs only demonstrate that the numbers resulting can be lined up with each other. In fact, this can be assured if one just ensures that the component pieces, in the formulas, are all from the same grab bag. In other words, if one is building a toy city with lego building blocks, one can get everything to line up if all the lego blocks are of a similar size or multiples of this size. To make this all line up, just throw out anything that doesn't fit. This is, in fact, what humans do with their mathematical "proofs". When something doesn't fit, they substitute another lego piece, one from the proper grab bag, and then get smug. They haven't proved anything. They've only gotten their math to line up, and they're not so good at that either. Contradictions are running side by side at the major universities, with the students asked not to question so the professors can continue to be smug. Just pay your tuition and shut up.


Ephemeris are mankind's best efforts at predicting the behavior of comets. They take into consideration the direction and speed of a comet, when first sighted, and apply math that has proved true of previous comets. Most of the time this works. When it does not astronomers tell themselves a variable came into play, such as the gravitational pull of a nearby planet or that something internal within the comet caused it to behave in an abnormal manner. The ephemeris are assumed to be correct. They are not. Humans have backed into their formulas for explaining the motion of the planets, and gravity on the surface of their planet. They tried one theory on after another, until one seemed to work most of the time. Then they congratulate themselves on arriving at the ultimate answer, which will stay on the pedestal until it fails to answer some physical phenomena, new to their arena.

The human understanding of Orbital Physics is based on what they have observed. They backed into their understanding, their mathematical theories, based on what they had seen. Thus, when they plot the orbit of an object tracking in a familiar manner, they plot it reasonably well. This does not mean that the math is accurate or correct. It only means that their descriptions, up until now, have worked in the main. We are not saying that human equations fail to predict comet orbits. We say the base understanding of the full comet orbit is incomplete. We say the theories about where comets come from is incorrect. We say the explanation of why comets don't all go into the Sun is wrong. If the mailman comes by each morning about 10:00 o'clock, the child may make up any number of complicated theories about why and how the mailman's route is as it is. Then, when the mailman arrives the next day, on time, the child congratulates himself.

Ephemeris assume, first, that comets are attracted to the Sun, are aiming for it, but miss. What nonsense! Why do they miss? Did the Sun move out of the way? Where a planet the size of the 12th Planet is likewise aiming for the Sun but misses because of the repulsion force, smaller comets do not have the required mass to invoke a repulsion force in the Sun. Small comets miss because they by nature contain elements that are sensitive to the solar wind, and can no more come close to the Sun than can mankind walk forward into the full force of a hurricane. Is this not a form of repulsion force? It differs as the repulsion force is invoked in both parties involved in a potential collision, and the comet's sensitivity is a drama played out only in the comet. Essentially, elements within the solar wind push the comet away, keeping it at the distance it maintains from the Sun. Why does the solar wind not so push the Earth and other planets, or the debris in the Asteroid Belt? It does so push, but the planets by their size resist and the debris in the Asteroid Belt does not have the sensitivity that comets do. This is one reason, in fact, that they remain as debris and do not become comets.

Repeating Comets

Repeating comets are attracted to the Sun, are heading for it, but miss due to the same sensitivity to the solar wind that causes their dust clouds and gasses to blow away from the Sun. Humans assume that tiny particles will be more affected by the solar wind than larger particles, but this assumption is wrong. If this were the case, then how to explain the Asteroid Belt, which has trash of all sizes, seemingly unaffected by the solar wind. A small object may lose its velocity faster than a larger object, due to the gravitational differences, but the effect is the same when they are sensitive to the solar wind - they are pushed away. Comets that hit the Sun have, through repeated trips around the Sun, lost enough water vapor so that the balance of their composition weighs against repulsion by the solar wind. In short, they've lost their protection. They come zooming in from outer space, but this time, they don't veer out, they collide. In fact, comets close their orbits, coming closer and closer to the Sun, during this process.

Where a repelling force exists, such as the solar wind against a comet, the comet will veer out upon approach and as it gains speed coming into the Solar System, veer in again. The increasing speed of comets allows them to push past their sensitivity to the solar wind, to some degree. Thus they have a quick trip around the Sun while held at the distance where they are essentially getting a blast of wind they cannot proceed against.

The solar wind is steady, its change incremental, as with every measure closer the intensity increases by a similar steady measure. The length away that the comet maintains is not explained by an analogy such as a car hitting a brick wall or a diver entering the water or even a man walking into a hurricane. The comet is slipping to the side as it approaches, going in the direction of least pressure, of least resistance, while still aiming for the Sun. The point where this balance is reached is dependent on the speed of the comet, which increases steadily the closer it gets to the Sun, and the intensity of the blast from the solar wind. At every point along its orbit, these determinators are at play. When out in space the comet's pace is relatively sedate, and thus slides to the side rather than approaching the Sun directly. When it enters your Solar System the reverse is occurring - the speed effect overcoming the solar wind push, so that the comet curves toward the Sun, but always these two factors are at play.

Quite clearly some comets are periodic, as they appear regularly after a set number of years, approach from the same direction, turn around within the Solar System at the same place, exit the Solar System in the same direction, and give the same predictable appearance. But comets that have a long period have been documented in the past in a manner that leaves much doubt. Where astronomers within this very millennium assumed the Sun orbited the Earth, just how accurate can their records have been? And how does one know that a previous comet is returning, even when it approaches from the same direction? Is it not possible to have more than one comet with the same track through the Solar System? Humans are barely out of the Dark Ages, and if honest would admit that they are guessing. Do they have these comets marked? Do they have an accurate basis of comparison? What are they judging on, the pencil sketch made by someone in antiquity?

  • Humans think that because mankind spots comets as they loom into range, announcing themselves by outgassing as they enter the Solar System, that human scientists know where the comet has been, and know what its orbit has been. They do not. They can't find these tiny dark specks when they are out in space. When they catch sight of them, the comet orbits are already taking into account their sensitivity to the solar wind. This curve starts well outside the Solar System, a fact known by astronomers.
  • Humans think that a comet's orbit is maintained by its momentum. Of the factors affecting a tiny comet that approaches the Sun, the force of its current momentum is not dominant. Any child who has thrown a ball and watched it drop toward the Earth as it sped along its trajectory can sense this. Archers allow for this in attempting to hit their target, aiming above the trajectory to account for the drop. Momentum is an effect, not a cause. What caused the momentum if not gravity. A ball thrown in space, where there is no gravitational influences nearby, will continue apace, but a gravity pull behind its path will slow it down. When a comet is leaving your Solar System, it is heading at an essentially straight line away. Gravity behind the comet slows it down, and thus the momentum disappears.
  • Humans see but what is essentially the end result of a comet's orbit, or at least that portion of the orbit that involves the Sun's gravity. The tiny comet, dark until it enters the Solar System where it flares under the influence of the Sun, cannot be located by humans while it is out in space. They assume that the orbit is broader or at least as broad, when out in space, as that seen when the comet becomes visible. It is not. As we have explained in detailing the 12th Planet's entry into the Solar System, comets aim for the Sun, and if influenced away from the Sun by any factor, adjust their orbit away from the Sun. Then, as they near the Sun and, caught in the grip of this giant's gravity pull, accelerate, the increasing speed allows them to come closer. Humans only see that part of the orbit where the initial adjustment away from the Sun has already occurred. They see but half the picture.

The human argument that the long orbit can be determined by the angle of entry, the parabolic curve, is therefore absurd. Some long period comets have several foci, and some only one. Just how does blind man, peeping up from a planet he cannot leave, looking out from a Solar System he has never left, know how many foci this or that comet has? Since a parabola and even an ellipse smoothes to an essentially straight line, how do they know how far that straight line goes before a turn around is effected? They do not. They are guessing.

Statistical Analysis

Humans have a saying, that one can lie with statistics, because numbers can be manipulated to support any argument. If one wants to demonstrate that the populace is not starving, one adjusts the threshold where starvation sets in. If the numbers run up on one group don't look so good, pick another group. If the average is too low or high, go for the median and arrange to discard the high or low end. Statistics, done honestly, can make a statement like no other, but done dishonestly are deeply deceptive because the readership believes the numbers have been run up honestly.

In an era of increasing distress, governments want the statistics on the homeless, the unemployed, and the uninsured to appear healthy. Likewise, corporations wishing to lie to consumers or to their stockholders discard the unpleasant from the computation and hope no one looks too closely. However, they are likewise being increasingly challenged. What was included? How did you arrive at these figures? The squeeze is on. An easy out in these circumstances is to make the formulas more complicated. Then the common man can't understand and the factors can be argued endlessly. One trick is to factor in a null, a zero, as a theoretical possibility, when no such possibility in fact exists. Another trick is to hop through the data in intervals, taking a summation of spot testing, rather than a summation of all the data. If hopping through the data with one interval doesn't give the desired results, try another interval. All in a day's work for the dishonest statistical analyst.

Absolute Properties

Absolute properties, such as the mathematical zero, a figment mathematicians use to make their formulas work, do not exist. The absolute vacuum is a figment of physicists, struggling to make their formulas work. By this I mean that absolute properties do not exist in the physical world. The physical world has at any given point more or less mass, degrees, but never nothing. Absolute zero, the theoretic temperature where all molecular motion stops, also never happens. In all this neither the mathematicians or physicists are correct, and any formulas that require such factors are inherently incorrect.



Regarding Jesus being the Son of God. This is a touchy subject. As the saying goes, if one wants to remain above a bickering argument, don't talk about religion or politics. However, it seems a third item should be added to this list, that being the alien presence. As we are already embroiled in controversy, what's a little more heat?

Jesus was not an ordinary man, but he was no more the son of God than any other human. Jesus was an entity from a higher dimension, who had earned the right to function in a higher density, that being above 3rd Density. Bear in mind that there are many, many entities among humans now, functioning in human society, who are operating in the same manner as Jesus was in his day. We are speaking here of entities who have come to a lower density, and incarnated here, in order to influence human affairs, human spiritual evolution. Jesus was a very high grade entity operating in the Service-to-Other orientation. He was immovable in that regard, meaning that those allowing him to come to Earth and undertake the incarnation could trust him not to veer from his stated path.

When Jesus was on Earth, he lived the life of a normal man, as all incarnations into human form do. He had sexual hungers, felt despondent when alone and rejected, and doubted his ability to deal with issues before him. He was human, in every regard. As with all incarnations, by the Rules of Forgetfulness, he did not remember his prior spiritual state, where he lived in light and wonder, a veritable feast of learning and exploration. He chose his path, as Jesus, for the message he wished to deliver was, to him, a primary message of great importance, and the flack he met was not at all unexpected. Jesus knew he would take heat. That he was tortured to death was not a surprise to him. He is reported to have expressed surprise, or dejection on the cross, reportedly saying "Father, why have you forsaken me". The humans in attendance interpreted his comments with their own view, and took this to be despair or resentment. Our understanding was that he was asking for things to move along more quickly, as anyone being tortured does.

Jesus accomplished his mission in formulating and disseminating a message of love for others, and sacrifice for love. This message is the opposite of the Service-to-Self message, which is love thyself, and sacrifice for no one. The words of Jesus, where possible, have been corrupted by those who wish to see mankind headed toward the Service-to-Self orientation. Most of the words of Jesus were spoken carefully, and spoken often enough, so that their meaning could not be corrupted. He repeated the same message in many different contexts, and to many different groups. In this he succeeded in passing on a legacy, the legacy he intended. Jesus was not alone in incarnating from a higher density in order to assist in the spiritual evolution of humankind. Buddha and Mohammed, among others, have done likewise, with similar results. The message bearer should not be blamed for the twists made upon their message. Look to those who are perpetrating the twists, and place blame accordingly.


Jesus did not die on the cross for all of mankind, and this was the last thought in his mind at the time. Jesus incited the wrath of the establishment because he preached that man was free and encouraged free thought. He disliked money changers, seeing them as usurious and parasitic on the hard work of the people, and didn't hesitate to say so. He suggested that the wealthy class should share their profits more equitably with the people who made these profits possible, the workers. None of this rested well with the established, the rulers, who were well connected to the bankers, merchants, and wealthy of that day. They considered Jesus a threat to their comfortable life, a rabble rouser. He was crucified as the result of a death sentence, just as innumerable other people were crucified at that time. Did they all die so that mankind would not have to suffer?

Many legends have sprung up surrounding the death of Jesus by crucifixion. Jesus, being at ease with the telepathic nature that humans normally posses, had tapped into the fact that his enemies were arranging the circumstances of his crucifixion. Because he commented on this outcome his followers have endlessly speculated as to what was meant by his comments. He simply meant that what he expected had come to pass. As Jesus had an avid following convinced he was no ordinary man, his followers sought to recover his body and give it what they deemed a proper burial. In their fervor they disturbed more than one grave, and this has resulted in the tale that many graves opened and the dead arose and walked forth. Of course, this never happened! The heart wishes it to be so, especially as the heart wishes the beloved Jesus to live still, so the heart drives the legend.

Stories about the crucifixion of Jesus abound, as much to promote the Christian faith as to discredit it. Rival faiths, such as the Islamic faith, have purported stories to counter Christian stories. Thus, as Christians state that Jesus died on the cross for all of mankind, essentially creating a martyrdom situation where all of mankind might feel obliged somehow to Jesus and therefore the religious elite who claim to represent him, the Islamic religious elite sought to counter this. What greater blow to a supposed martyr than to cast aspersions on their dedication and state, as they have, that Jesus did not take the crucifixion but required a double for this painful situation? The problem with this story telling game is that neither story is correct and is therefore an utter waste of time on all sides.


Many stories about Jesus are based on true incidences with untrue distortions. How and why did this occur? Based on the stories being spread about Jesus, a simple statement made in error by a single person can spread and grow in details as it does. Think of the rumors you have today, and how easily disinformation can catch on and continue. He seemed to them to be consistently so much more than a man, and indeed he was. And as he face the terrors they faced with such equanimity, his faithful concluded he must be a god. Why else would the threat of torture and death leave his face serene?

  • Did Jesus walk on water? Desert sands, particularly in flat areas, produce mirages, and a common mirage is water. A human walking at a distance can be seen as walking on water.
  • Did Jesus raise the dead? As Jesus was well connected to entities from higher densities, he was able and not reluctant to give The Call for help in many situations. Thus he on occasion was instrumental in curing people who had been stricken and at the point of death. It is well known that severely ill people can appear to be dead, and have on occasion even been buried alive because of this confusion. Such a person, recovering suddenly because of intervention, would be rumored to have been raised from the dead.
  • Did Jesus mold a bird from clay? He found and rescued a bird caught and caked in dried clay so that flight or even motion was impossible. This was subsequently explained as creating a bird from the clay.
  • Did Jesus make many loaves of bread from one or wine from water? A few of the faithful seated close to Jesus as he lectured, having brought their own lunch, would conclude that their lunch had been multiplied on observing the following: Jesus notes that new comers are without food, and asks those who had brought lunch to share, helping in the distribution. Later more new comers arrive, with various foods which they share among themselves. The original arrivals look over their shoulders, noting the masses and the sharing of food, and make an erroneous conclusion based on their heartfelt admiration for Jesus.
  • Did Jesus resurrect from the dead? The supposed resurrection of Jesus from the dead was, of course, a story based on the widespread human custom of carrying beloved deceased to what the bearers considered a proper burial. As Jesus had relayed that death is not the end, that his faithful could expect to meet him again, the disappearance of his corpse, a true occurrence, was supplemented with supposition. Where did he go? He resurrected, was the supposition.

Da Vinci Code

Fascinating and full of intrigue, this story is more than secret societies and their goals of gaining wealth and power through cooperation, more than the tight control religions seek over lay people maintaining a mystique of godliness that cannot be challenged, as the story involves codes laid into art work by a famous artisan, Da Vinci. Is there truth to the tale? There is truth to this tale, but it is also fiction. However, the current version of the Bible is also fiction, in many of its sections, if not deliberately confusing. Primarily, the Bible is hiding the truth by what has been omitted, during the periodic purges that occurred at the hands of those who wanted to enhance the control the evolving Church would have over those they sought to lead. What does the Church stand to gain? Wealth gained from forced contribution to the Church, an inability of the layman to challenge the Church which asserts it is the voice of God, and the sense of power the ability to rule over the personal lives of laymen brings to those at the head of the Church.
Da Vinci did indeed know the truth about the life of Jesus, being omitted from the Bible. We have stated in the past that Jesus was not a virgin, not a celebate man, and had the same desires as a normal man, and indeed married a young woman in her early teens, a situation so common as to be the norm in the culture and times. He had children, almost half a dozen, primarily girls as his marital relations were frequent and he took care to include his wife in sexual arousal, being a conscientious and caring husband. Was his wife Mary Magdalene, ever present during his life and at the foot of his cross during his death, along with his mother? Yes. Did Jesus die on the cross? Yes, as the rule was to not remove a man from crucifixion until death was certain. Did his wife and children then move to France and become part of the aristocracy? They of course escaped the area, fearing reprisals, but had no need nor means to travel that far. His blood line, mere DNA not at all related to his spiritual nature, is irrelevant. They disbursed, married and had children, and were simply genetic code, just human, not bearing his depth of spirit.
Was Da Vinci giving clues in his artwork? What other means was available to him, with the grim hand of the religious elite determined to eliminate the truth from the evolving Bible? More secrets are in his artwork than have been discovered to date. Should this inflame those intent on uncovering the truth, there is another secret omitted from the Bible more important for those living today─the truth about prior pole shifts and the forthcoming shift. It is also no secret that the Kolbrin, considered a parallel Bible and hidden from destruction in Scottish monasteries, details the pole shift causing the Flood and occurring during the Exodus. This material originated from the Egyptians, who kept immaculate records. Should this origin cause the faithful to discount the Kolbrin, look to the Book of Enoch, another book carried forward from the Jews, the originators of the Old Testament, who also were required by their laws to record only the truth, and not embellish. Enoch, a man mentioned in the Old Testament, was dropped because it described the forthcoming pole shift, and the signs that would preclude this. The Third Secret of the Fatima, also about the forthcoming pole shift, is yet another example of the Church suppressing the truth, as they care not for informing and empowering their flock, but only about continuing their control and positions of power.

Star of Betlehem

The birth of Jesus was, as was his birth, a guided occasion. It was not by accident that what is commonly called the 3 Wise Men arrived at the humble stable where his mother was recovering from birth, the only accommodation they could secure. How likely would it be that such humble parents would come to the attention of Kings, coming to what they sensed from afar was an occasion? Did Joseph and Mary issue Birth Announcements? Did Joseph and Mary carry social weight, such that not delivering a gift would be a social slight? If the kings were simply following tradition in their society, they would arrive at tens of thousands of houses, with newly delivered babies, and never find the child Jesus.
Was it a star that guided them? In that stars can be seen from all directions, with slight variation in direction in a given small country just as Jerusalem, this would not be a clear guide. The star was brighter than the rest, and allowed the Kings to move with the road ways, and not lose their direction. They were, thus, not looking up, but forward. The same influences that clued the Kings into the birth of someone special, someone meant to influence the world, guided them to the spot of his birth. This was, as suspected, not a star, but a bright object in the sky under alien visitor control, which was positioned to act as a leading light to the stable. Thus, it moved, to appear at the same level in the sky, always pulling them in the right direction. And when they had found the city, the star remained stationary! Not moving during the night! Not at all what one expects from a star. The 3 Wise Men, kings, were the right stuff as far as orientation, and were in the habit of giving the Call to visitors in the Service-to-Other. Thus, they had all learned, independently, of the pending birth, and begged to be in attendance and assistance in some way.

Shroud of Turin


The current shroud of Turin is a well concocted fake, done by chemists in the late 1950's. These individuals were interested in increased activity in their local area, to increase business in general. They lacked an attraction, so created one. The method used to create the fake left no residuals, as most chemical reactions do not after a time. Thus this fake cannot be proved or disproved, and the controversy only incites interest, so the promoters get the desired outcome, either way.



The body can create stigmata through a force of will. This is often suspected. A great deal of illness, almost the majority, is caused by what is termed psychosomatic problems─tension, or a decision by the person to become ill─as astonishing as this may seem. There are a great many auto-immune diseases, infection that just doesn’t seem to heal, that antibiotics can’t suppress so the infection overwhelms. Cancer itself is a decision by the body to die. If inflammation can be caused by the will, then why can’t a person cause an inflammation to the point of burst capillaries in the center of one’s palm? This is quite possible. People who walk on hot coals, who are able to hold their breath and be almost buried alive and manage to be dredged up hours later─they have learned to control their bodies as the Yogi’s do. This is not all that unusual. It’s not common, but not all that unusual. People who have great faith, and wish to join with the aesthetics, with the saints, to merge with them and be dead before their time, will often take on those physical forms that make their life on Earth more similar to where they wish to be, with their admired ones.

Mary's Message

Much has been made of the supposed miracle at Fatima, where the image of Mary, mother of Jesus, appears, floating overhead. Crowds form in awe, whispering to one another, and the local merchants clean up. When one does not see the image of Mary, one is told their faith is not strong enough. Since the vast majority coming to the site have their lives wrapped in Catholic doctrine, they come prepared to see something, and see something they do. Was it in the shape of Mary? They believe so, and chalk up any distortions in the image to the angle, their tired eyes, the weather, or whatever. Since so many others are rapt, would one complain about the image being out of focus? Any explanation but lack of faith is preferable.

The eyes see what the heart hopes to see. Seeing what is anticipated is so common that it is almost a daily occurrence experienced by all. Individual described as having a closed mind will only see what they anticipate or expect to see, feel comfortable with. This phenomenon is very much with you. The mind supersedes what the eye sees, colors it, and filters out certain things that will contradict the expectation. This occurs for future anticipation as well as for memories that are disturbing. For instance, if someone sees something that is upsetting to them, they will rapidly forget it, distort it, and selectively have amnesia. The same kind of screening works on future events.

Beyond the visions induced by suggestibility or a desire to see what one is expected to see, there is fraud. Just as UFO sightings and contactee status are faked for the attention and financial side benefits such claims bring, visits from Mary are on occasion frankly faked. Just as UFO fakes involve altered photos and videos and witnesses backing each other up and presenting scars or other marks supporting their claims, fraudulent visits from Mary use these physical props. We are also told that a Pope, now deceased, wrote a diary of predictions delivered by Mary. The now deceased Pope's diary, whom one cannot ask the Pope about, is a colossal fraud. No such conversations took place, not even in the Pope's mind. Can this be disproved? No. What would one do, go to the grave and ask? It's a safe bet for those perpetrating the fraud. Who are these perpetrators, and what do they hope to gain? Inspect the message carefully, and you will find, repeatedly, two elements.

  • First, the promise that the Earth will be led to safety by saviors of a religious nature. The second coming, or variations on that theme. Why would this be important to the perpetrators, who are, as one might expect, in the church, and what do they stand to gain? The church fears that other gods will replace the ones they promote, and hopes to gain increasing converts as millennium fever increases.
  • Second, the reference to large cities as the focus of rescue. The opposite is in fact the case, as during the cataclysms cities will be leveled and be death traps. Nor can one grow beans and rice and maintain fish tanks effectively in large cities, sustaining oneself when the grocery stores go out of business, permanently.

Why this message? Check out where the large, lucrative churches are located. It is not in rural areas, where the parish is hard pressed to feed the priest. Cash flow wise, it is the big city parish, sustained by the wealthy suburbs, the enclaves of estates, the city home and condominiums kept by the rich and comfortable - that are solidly in the black. Those perpetrating this fraud do not intend to be with the faithful when the cataclysms strike. They will be long gone to safely, bought and paid for by the faithful who have remained, as instructed, in the death traps that big cities will become.


The Bible, as a guided book, attempted to explain the evolution of mankind in terms that humans could understand. Realize that in the day and age that the Bible was written, such matters as planets orbiting around a Sun, evolution in response to adaptations or genetic mutations, and such theories as the Big Bang did not exist. Man saw the Sun rise and set, seeded his crops or tended his herds, and hoped to raise his children before old age took him out. How would one explain evolution and genetic engineering to such a man? Simply, and with a tale they could relate to.

Such a tale was the creation tale. Since God is acknowledged by all, God caused all this to happen, ultimately. Since the stages on any planet that ultimately sustain life are basically the lifeless planet in darkness, the form and the void, and then the light, as in let there be light, and then the waters, as condensation happens as a planets cools, and then the plants, as without vegetation there can be no mobile animals, and then the fish in the sea, as all life first evolves from a watery womb, and then the creeping creatures that leave the waters followed by land animals and flying creatures, and lastly intelligent species such as man. This tale was not meant to be literal, but was meant to explain the steps so that man could understand. It is only the rigidly religious who cannot see the obvious who fail to understand. If the road sign said Go when green, and the light never turned green, they would stand there still.

David and Goliath

There is confusion about the Quarantine, as this was not a one-day imposition such that on Tuesday, all must vacate Earth. The giant hominoids on the 12th Planet in fact are unaware that a Quarantine was imposed! What they became aware of was increasing problems while living on Earth. They considered Earth to be a swamp, in any case, full of carnivores their world does not have, and disease. They lost Gold shipments in heavy storms at sea, lost slaves and soldiers to accidents, and became disenchanted with living on Earth. They were already on Mars, and this became increasingly attractive. After leaving, in the main, they found mankind increasing in numbers and tinkering with technology, tool, etc. However, there were some who liked living on Earth, enjoyed pushing their slaves about and raping captive women, and were loath to leave. Thus, tales like David and Goliath have their roots in truth.

King David

Like many humans who bore genes originating from the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, King David was greatly admired for his strength and courage. That he took on one of these giants in the historic David and Goliath battle is not surprising, as he had a personal hatred of their domination, learned at his mother’s knee. Female slaves, who were held in bondage to act as more than cooks and maids, became pregnant on occasion by the brutish and fiercely strong soldiers working in service to the mining outposts the 12th Planet rulers routinely put into place during every periodic passage of the 12th Planet through the Solar System. Chosen for their unhesitating brutality in the line of duty, these soldiers were used to keep the human slaves that worked the mines in line, and seldom displayed any tenderness, not even to their lovers.

Most often, a female slave that had been impregnated would die in childbirth, unable to deliver an oversized infant, taking her infant with her. On rare occasions half-breeds survived, often without their mothers who bled to death or were torn beyond repair. David’s mother, like he, bore genes from a half-breed, and thus had the hips to bear the product of rape and live. Beyond the great strength and unflinching courage which are traits of the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, they have a singleness of purpose when aroused into anger. Thus he became a leader of the downtrodden, and was held in great esteem, this reverence expressed in devotion to his symbol, the Star of David. His lineage, the House of David, was noted primarily for its courageous leadership, not surprising when one considers the ancestry.


There has been much confusion about angels, who are regularly shown in the Christian religion as wearing flowing white gowns and having wings and haloes. There is no such creature, or at least no creature that looks like this, although there are entities that operate in the manner ascribed to angels. This myth sprang up during the early Christian era in response to humans in the traditional garb of that day seen floating. The robes, wafting in the wind, appeared as wings. The sunlight, reflecting off their oily hair, which in those days was never truly washed, appeared as haloes. Angels.

How did these humans come to be floated, in plain sight of other humans, when today levitation done by ourselves or others is registered only in the subconscious? Repression of memory is a factor of the fear and anxiety of the populace. We do nothing that will increase this fear and anxiety. If the observer can view the scene and incorporate startling views without alarm, this is allowed. In the old days, where people were more accepting of magical happenings, this was the case. Today, people are more scientific, and realize they are dealing with something outside the frame of reference. Panic lies just under the surface, and the Awakening is paced with this in consideration.

Because these humans were close to Jesus, part of his entourage in fact, they were assumed to be close to God. The typical response to any relatively unknown phenomenon clicked in - fill in the blanks. Thus we have stories of how the angels came to be, fallen angels, ranks of angels, and variations on their appearance, their personalities, and exploits of angels that grew every time they were retold. There are merely spirits, and such descriptions of angels is a way of describing good and evil, the compassion and pulling toward others that characterizes those in the Service-to-Others, or the pulling toward the self characteristic of those in the Service-to-Self. There are angels among humans who have never left this Earth. They think of others intensely. They sacrifice themselves. Are these not angels?

Adam and Eve

The myth that mankind was once pure in innocence or fell due to awareness of their sexuality is utter nonsense. The myth makes no sense at all, other than in the context of sexual repression. Is Christianity about sexual repression? To a great extent, yes, as control over the sexual practices of the flock gives the religious elite great leverage. The sex drive is constant and strong, and when the flock is made to feel guilty about this and tries to buy out from under any impending punishment, this in turn makes the religious elite rich. This is the crux of Catholicism. Anyone who doubts this need only listen to the lectures given school children in Catholic schools and to the anguish poured forth in confessionals. We listen to both, and we know. Why was this nonsense about Adam and Eve perpetrated? Early man had some sense that they were genetically engineered, having seen their makers, and passed this along in myth and legend. Early Christians adopted this legend and changed it to suit their needs. End of story.

White Buffalo

American Indian legends are deeply appealing to most humans, who sense the wisdom of the ages behind the symbolism. The prophecy of the White Buffalo seems specific, however, and where such calves have been born going into the millennium have set many to wondering. Is this simply coincidence, or does it have meaning? It does indeed have meaning, a prophecy based on what history taught the plains Indians, and thus the White Buffaloes are yet another harbinger of the coming pole shift. Albinos occur naturally in all life forms, some with more rarity than others. What causes an albino to emerge is assumed to be a genetic quirk, where the normal production of color compounds is suppressed. This is the effect but not the cause, else why would life in dark caverns or the depths of the ocean be pale, without color.

If color were a genetic quirk, then why the almost total absence of color in creatures living in darkness? Coloration is influenced by radiation, just as tanning takes place upon exposure to sunlight. What is little understood is that this phenomena has two switches, one increasing coloration under certain radiation frequencies, but another reducing coloration under a different set of radiation frequencies. The core of the Earth, emitting in greater bursts the radiation her caverns and deep water creatures are bathed in, is confusing her surface creatures. Thus, the White Buffalo, heeding the signals from the restless Earth, are heralding the approaching pole shift.


Hitler took the brunt of the rage against the Nazi as he was the puppet those who ran the regime hid behind. This is a common ploy used by those firmly in the Service-to-Self, as it is a common ploy used by those who want to evade responsibility for their actions. The scapegoat is often selected well ahead of the crime, else the crime being planned would not occur. Hitler is a classic example of a scapegoat who willingly played into the hands of those manipulating him, right up to the moment of his death. He had a damaged ego such that it needed stroking, as he was keenly aware of his failings and how others felt about them. He was what is commonly called a loser, unsuccessful at all he tried his hand at. Women pitied him, unless they chose to mother him, but neither of these reactions was what he was looking for, especially in light of an un-descended testicle.

Many damaged male egos wanting to pump up their image do so by becoming overly rigid, hoping this passes as strength. Losers are often almost irresistibly drawn to the promise of instant fame or money and the power and attention this brings. Hitler also had an additional vulnerability, in that he loved the Jews in a land that bore them much resentment due to jealousy over their accomplishments. He found the Jewish mother types especially appealing, as they forgave him his lack of accomplishments and accepted his lack of manliness with good humor. He loved himself in their presence, but this conflicted with his own need for an alternate self image and with German society in general. He thus developed a love-hate relationship which could have run either way. The balance was tripped when the Nazis began manipulating him, feeding him personal successes in return for hatred against the Jews.

The vehemence of his hatred was fed by his need to deny his affection. His ranting against the Jews for their financial success was an easy route for him to take due to his own history of failure at anything he put his hand to. He could put passion behind the party line that the Jewish blood line was impure as he was terrified that others would discover that he himself had Jewish bloodlines. His tough stance for continuous invasion of neighboring territories and directives for exterminating segments of the populace was simply an act he hoped his lovers would buy, which they did, taking tough talk to be manliness. This act was easy for him to take, as he had no exposure to the consequences of his orders and speeches, as lacking in any real life work, he had led a sheltered and babied existence. When those who played the strings of their puppet Hitler no longer had use for him, he was suddenly faced with the consequences of his actions and allowed others to kill him, acting as the dependent child he in fact was to the last.




The legend of Nostradamus emerged during his lifetime in response to the accuracy of some of his predictions. Like all gifted psychics, he was able to read other minds and, based on a dollop of common sense, prognosticate somewhat into the future. He had some hits, which always get the press, where his misses have not been carried down through history. Over time the legend of Nostradamus swelled, as the retelling of his hits were repeated but the list of misses slipped from memory. Thus, he appears larger in death than he was in real life. Nostradamus is credited with future predictions in part due to the semblance of famous names with words in his quatrains, but the quatrains mentioned could have fit literally thousands of situations and the names were not a direct fit. The Nostradamus quatrains could have an unlimited interpretation, and thus the pieces of the puzzle have been put together to paint many different pictures. They are 100% subject to interpretation.

Nostradamus knew well the power of suggestion, and used this during his lifetime to increase the number of his hits. His amusement at this capacity outlived him, as one of his most famous practical jokes was to predict, on his deathbed, that his body would be exhumed, naming the date. He directed that a metal plate with this date be placed in his coffin, and not surprisingly events resulted in his coffin being opened on that date. Those who knew of this date kept alive the discussion of whether his coffin would be opened, so that the issue did not die.

It is reported that Nostradamus wrote his quatrains in an obscure manner to avoid detection and punishment during his lifetime. In fact, he wrote in this obscure manner to avoid being fingered when he missed the mark. People would interpret his quatrain correctly, as applying to their present day, and when Nostradamus' predictions came true there were smiles all around. However, if the prediction did not come true, Nostradamus would mumble darkly that the interpretation made had been wrong, and let people come to their own conclusions. Thus all manner of conjecture has arisen surrounding Nostradamus, that he has a secret code imbedded in his quatrains which make sense of the garble, for instance. There is no such code, nor were his quatrains intended for any but his day, but since Nostradamus fans are having such a good time dissecting his quatrains and arguing amongst themselves, we suspect our words here will be mostly ignored.

Edgar Cayce

Cayce 1910

Edgar Cayce (1910)

Prophets bearing impelling messages are invariably inspired. Their message grips those hearing it because it carries a view humans under their own power could not come by. Unlike False Prophets, whose pronouncements fall flat almost as soon as they are made, their words uttered by true prophets have the ring of truth, a thousand facets of reality lining up to support the prophecy as it unfolds. Prophets are remembered or gain notoriety where their track record was astonishing in its accuracy or immense in its impact.

Edgar Cayce, due to his accuracy on small personal matters and the resultant widespread notoriety, is living in memory still for his predictions on geological changes. His visions were most certainly inspired by a group of extraterrestrials entities, unknown and unnamed by humans, who operate disincarnate at a high level within the Service-to-Other orientation. Cayce was thus instrumental in alerting many about the coming changes, the tentacles of his prophetic reach spreading into many cultures and lands. He was selected from among the many who give The Call asking for such prophetic assists, not only because of his nature, which was greatly devoted to the general welfare, but also because of his natural gifts. Immensely telepathic for a human, and allowing himself to be in tune with all aspects of the humans he healed and in touch with all disincarnate entities willing to assist with the healing, he wasted not himself or his helpers in any of his endeavors. His gift of healing and his highly accurate intuition spread his fame, which in turn bolstered the widespread belief in his prophecies.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola tesla

Tesla was a genius given to grandiose plans, all of which failed. He did indeed ask for assistance from Service-to-Self aliens, giving The Call, and many of his insights were due to conferences with these aliens, who found him remarkably gullible. Tesla absolutely believed in what he was purporting and became a salesman with remarkably persuasive abilities. The Service-to-Self aliens who toyed with Tesla knew they would not be allowed to give Tesla real technology or knowledge, factors that would trip the balance between the orientations. However, lying to Tesla and setting him off to set the stage for more of such games with humans is within the bounds they are allowed to operate within. So they lied, and Tesla's eyes lit up, and just as expected Tesla ran around gathering disciples and sponsors. To this day there are humans who firmly believe he was onto something and pursue his theories. Tesla postulated that electrical energy could be harnessed to the degree that it could be captured as free energy and likewise redirected as free energy.

He was given enough information from Service-to-Self aliens who answered his call to be able to demonstrate these theories in a preliminary manner, using concepts and devices new to the science field. Therein lay his fame, and therein lies the tenacity of his disciples. However, the Holy Grail they seek is not down the path they have been set upon.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

During the era when Jack the Ripper did his deeds there was much interest in the human organs, their function, and the potential for playing God by piecing a human together, with the best of this or that. DNA and the manner in which its influence permeates all parts of the body, or the difficulties doctors face when transplanting organs that soon are rejected by the new host, were unknown to doctors and scientists during that era. That the story of the Frankenstein Monster arose during that era is indicative of the interest in this subject. Where the story of a living monster, pieced together from body parts harvested from the dead or living, is fiction, the story of attempts to create such a monster is not fiction. There were many Dr. Frankensteins, and as doctors came from the upper classes during that era, they were well connected.

The identity of Jack the Ripper is not known to the public, but was known to the authorities, at least those who made the decision on whether to pursue a line of investigation or the path that investigation was to take. The influence the upper classes has on the police and regulatory agencies is not new, and pressure to look the other way or financial inducements have always been a facet of human society. The rumor that the perpetrator was royalty was spread to explain why the authorities had little luck. The common man could comprehend a reluctance to indict royalty, and that royalty would be able to suppress an investigation.

Jack the Ripper was not one man, but a group of scientists and doctors, actively pursuing in real life what Dr. Frankenstein was pursuing in fiction. Fresh corpses were routinely delivered to medical schools for autopsy practice and the training of students, so harvesting fresh organs from the recently deceased was not difficult. However, when those wishing to play God found that dead organs only resulted in a dead body, they sought living organs. Prostitutes were easy prey, as they could be relied upon to follow a client into a dark alley, willingly. Being the weaker sex, they also were anticipated to put up less of a struggle. Each failure to create life from dead or dying body parts was followed by yet another experiment, until the group finally despaired. Were they to have had success, however modest, Jack the Ripper might be with us still today, as at no time did the group feel any compunction to curtail their activities.

Fatima Secrets

Fatima secrets

Of course, everyone anticipates that the remaining Fatima Secret, known to few except the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and Sister Lucia, who received the vision, will encompass the End Times. What else would cause the children to fall, screaming, at what they saw. Few accepted the obvious deflection, announced in recent years, that this involved the assassination of a Pope, which would perhaps stun or sadden a child, but not send them screaming in horror, writhing on the ground. Place yourself, as a human living a life of quiet desperation as most do, trudging through the daily routine, bored, weary, and not really expecting much other than aging and the eventual release of death unless something unexpected occurs to make life more interesting. This on occasion happens, a life suddenly turned to a horror or a quick death because of an accident, a fall from a ladder, the sudden and intense pain from electrocution during a lighting strike, the impulsive act of heroism to save another from brutality or danger with the outcome uncertain. But in the main, sudden and massive Earth changes are simply not expected, and thus screaming in horror is the appropriate response, especially if the one visualizing this, living it during an intense vision, is but a child. Place yourself, then, as the child you were, dependent on others to protect you and under the dictates of others as to where and under what circumstances you as a child might live. How would you react to the following in a vision?

  • the ground opening up in front of you, a wide chasm that swallows what clings to the edges of the chasm, trees tipping into the chasm and ripping their clinging roots, no path or village square safe from such a surprise;
  • buildings shattering under cracks that flash across their surface like lightning bolts, falling in dust filled implosions as the infrastructure snaps, and the realization that you are trapped under the debris and your cries are going unheard;
  • walls of fire forming and falling from the sky, setting you and others running from beneath it on fire so you become a fleeing torch, no hope of putting out the flames by rolling on the ground as all is a holocaust, and your flesh covered with a sticky substance, fuel for the fire;
  • a quiet tsunami rolling toward you as you stand on the shore, evident at first as water rising over walls and rooftops, silently, relentlessly, until the village is covered in water with nowhere for the floating life to cling until exhaustion takes you down.

Sworn to silence not because there is nothing that can be done to avert the calamity, and not because publication would encourage power grabs by Godless communism, the suppression of the remaining Fatima Secret was done for the convenience of the Catholic Church and those who ally with the Church. Just as with the cover-up, where admitting the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system and the likely outcome is inconvenient to those in political and fiscal control of the world, this suppression was done for convenience. Did not those who gave the children the vision intent it to be known? Would those who denied pedophilia in the Church for so long, while allowing it to continue, put the safety of the innocent children under their care ahead of their fiscal concerns? It is for convenience that the vision is suppressed, Sister Lucia a captive in silence, and a frank lie about the substance of the vision being about the assassination of a Pope put forth. Of course there is a reason to reveal the secret. People can chose to limit the size of their families, can chose where to live, can chose a profession or trade based on anticipated need, and in general can plan to love one another with more intensity if they are aware of what is likely to occur.

This does not jib with the Church’s doctrine to increase the size of the flock on pain of excommunication if one uses contraceptives, a doctrine which stands at odds with the apparent acceptance of pedophilia in the Church, as apparently is it failing to increase the size of the flock, not sex, that is the sin. You are told business as usual, stay at your jobs, tithe to your Church, remain on the coastlines and crowded into the cities, and support the comfortable lifestyles of the hierarchy. Those in the halls of power in the Church know otherwise, but comfort themselves that nothing can be done to save mankind anyway. Oh? Are they planning to do nothing for themselves? Nothing to place themselves on solid rock and away from coastlines? Such is the love of those in the halls of power in the Church. Are they following the advice of Jesus to love the least among them? Are they following the Golden Rule? Are they warning those along coastlines and near volcanoes or in crumbling cities? Are they allowing them the human right to make their own decisions about where they wish to be, or where they wish to take those they love? It appears the Church is being run by dictators, looking out for themselves, solely, to the end.

Déjà vu

The term déjà vu is French and means, literally, "already seen." Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn't be familiar at all. The experience of déjà vu is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity, and also a sense of "eeriness," "strangeness," "weirdness," or what Sigmund Freud calls "the uncanny." The "previous" experience is most frequently attributed to a dream, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience has genuinely happened in the past.

In most cases the distinct and haunting feeling of déjà vu is a memory, emerging from a past life. Most of the memories stored from past lives cannot emerge, although the entity is aware of them and never forgets, as unless the current incarnation affords a circumstance where the memory seems appropriate there simply is not an opening. Once such an opening occurs, the human may ponder and dwell on the moment, entranced, and draw out further details. Unless the human is aware of reincarnation, is a believer, they speculate on all manner of causes, such as travel into the future or parallel lives, but déjà vu is simply a memory from the past.

Roswell UFO Incident

Roswell is all the rage here in the United States. It is the flag-bearer in the parade of those who march to learn the truth. The facts are well known, and the facts that are known relate almost completely to the truth. This is a true story. What is not well known is that Roswell was not an accident.

At that time, within the United States, many alien groups wanted a dialog with the United States government. We chose the United States because of its leadership in the community of nations. The United States was and is sticking its nose into every activity throughout the globe. We knew we could rely on the United States to be the message bearer for any message the alien groups wished to get out. The United States, as other governments, was not approachable. Individuals who were contacted by the alien groups were treated as though they were infected. They were not listened to. The block in these matters was the human desire to be in control. Therefore, in order to allow the humans in the United States government to be open to our messages, we allowed them to be in control. Several entities within the alien groups trying to contact the United States government volunteered to be of service. They expected to die. The plan was to allow ships to crash, ostensibly at the hands of humans. This maximized the feeling of control the humans would experience, particularly as the front end of any contact was, unfortunately, through the military. Once they felt they could harm us, they were willing to parley.

The rumor that delicate flowers, in shades of white and yellow, were found etched into the impermeable metal on the inside of the crashed ship is true. Were these wall decorations to remind the homesick travelers of flowers in their homeland? Yes. Just as humans decorate their homes with those items that are powerful reminders and trigger emotions, the better to become lost in delicious reverie, just so these travelers carried with them a reminder of their home planet, so far away and, in the case of those setting out to create the Roswell crash, never to be seen again. They sacrificed themselves at Roswell not because they had nothing to lose, but because of what they hoped the Earth would gain.

The recent Roswell movie adheres closely to the facts, but has added material for dramatic effect and omitted other material at the request of the government. For instance, one is led to believe that all the aliens died, yet EBE lived for a time. Your government is telling you these stories based on your reactions, and the reaction to Roswell, the movie, was favorable. More details to follow. The movie presented true facts in what appeared to be a series of letters or symbols etched into the ship's metal frame. Just as you have key phrases that elicit emotion and are often displayed for this reason, the aliens who sacrificed their lives at Roswell had etched such a phrase on their ship. This phrase, a true likeness of which is above, simply stated that though they were a long way from home, that home awaited their return. You have similar phrases - home is where the heart is, and there is no place like home. Where this fact is true, the symbols shown in the movie were not a replica of the symbols found. The producer was not given access to the actual symbols, and just put together combinations that would have some familiarity to people. The producer reasoned that such symbols would then strike a chord in most viewers, and set them to wondering, which it did.

The Roswell movie used dramatic effect in the degree to which Major Marcel showed material to his family, and the cavalier attitude he took toward announcing all this to the public. He knew full well what he had come upon in that field, and the impact informing the public would have. UFO's were not unknown to those at the Roswell base, and the heavy hand suppressing chatter had already been felt. He agonized, and informed his family furtively. The rancher, Mac Brazel, also is shown as having a virtual tea party when taken into custody by the military regarding his mouth. After some blustering, supposedly, he got bought off with a truck. In fact, he was abused extensively, in the many ways that leave no marks, and finally told frankly that he and his family would be killed unless he complied. The truck was less his desire for a bribe than it was the only avenue by which he could get the word out. Why would the military need to buy him off? People appropriately wondered, and came to the correct conclusions.

Were people silenced via death during the Roswell incident? Yes, and more than the public suspects.

Rumors surrounding the Roswell incident include stories about EBE, the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, who survived the crash and lived to chat, in a manner of speaking, with the government. These rumors also state that the movie ET was based on this situation, as a small boy, a son of one of the government officials involved, struck up a telepathic relationship with the EBE. Any of this true? Some. EBE was returned to his group, alive, after contact was established over the next few years. Rumors that EBE died were spread so any press to see and talk to him would be eliminated.

EBE, as he was called, was one of seven aliens on board the two craft that crashed at Roswell. One craft was utterly demolished, as it was set to explode close to the ground and did so as planned. The second craft held four aliens, and crashed as planned without becoming utterly demolished. It was expected that the impact would kill all four, who expected to die, but one lived on with injuries. This was a shock to this alien, who was unprepared for the intense interest in his digestive, breathing, and medical needs. He found himself both held at arms length and closely examined by the very nervous humans who recovered him. An officer, called suddenly to the site where EBE was being housed, had his young son in tow, and left him in the car while he conferred inside. When he returned he found that his young son had much to tell him, having been in telepathic communication with EBE. Without having the two ever meet, and without confirming to the young boy that his conversational pal was real, the government subsequently had the two in close proximity and questioned the boy endlessly. To this day he cannot prove that this occurred, other than that questions were put to him.

The impact of Roswell on human culture, and on the government in particular, was that they knew for sure that aliens, intelligent beings from other worlds, existed. The legacy of EBE himself was essentially the quaint story of ET, where aliens are viewed as shy and non-threatening, more vulnerable than humans, and with charming eccentricities. That they bond well with young children is considered by most to be a de facto proof of their acceptability, in line with the adage that a person can be trusted if the dog and the kids take a shine to him. EBE was followed, however, by contacts with the government by a very different sort of alien, those in the Service-to-Self, and this set the stage for the next phase of the government's relationship with aliens.

Brazilian Roswell

The continent of South American is caught in a tug of war between visiting aliens in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other. These groups have engaged each other, and in some cases extreme measures are being taken. The psyche of the populace, having been influenced toward fear and self concern by false stories of blood-drained and weakened contactees, required shock treatment. These false stories gave the impression of loss of blood in the contactees, who in fact were only symptomatic of this. These episodes were as a result of visits from the Service-to-Self, where these contactees, having given The Call, allowed themselves to be intimidated into compliance with such treatment. Without this compliance, any physical change in a contactee or even any visit is not possible. The human controls the situation. However, in keeping with the intent of the Service-to-Self aliens, rumors of blood drained and weakened contactees spread.

The shock treatment of choice was similar to the Roswell scenario, where the populace would be given the impression that aliens are vulnerable, can be in pain, and can require the ministration and pity of humans. Where such a situation does not directly counter the blood-drained and weakened contactee story, it has the effect of negating this story as the exact situation with the weakened contactees is not known. Their story could be taken many ways, including human altercations, lovers bites and the weakness that comes from excess, for instance. Thus rumors spread about vulnerable aliens would tend to lean the weight of public opinion into such directions, rather than domination by aliens. Thus, the Service-to-Other win the struggle for public perception, and pity and concern replace fear.

Of course, to create a situation where pity and concern are called for there must be pain and injury and desperation. As in Roswell, several aliens in the Service-to-Other determined to sacrifice themselves and undergo terror and injury, pain and death, in order to achieve this end. As with Roswell, their ship was deliberately crashed, but unlike Roswell where all were supposed to die in the crash, most of the occupants were to live, and live in a pitiable situation. This they did, and their angst was not acting, as they were injured and terrified. Per plan, they met with talkative and impressionable children, who told their story to everyone they could, as expected. Open and innocent, these witnesses have never been doubted, and because UFOlogy nowadays is organized, tidbits of the story were snapped up before they could be drowned in a cover-up. Thus, the cover-up being effected according to tactics well-known in Brazil simply adds to the realism of the situation.

Corso's Roswell

Those intent on getting the truth about what happened at Roswell in 1947 should be resigned to the fact that the full truth will never get out. For this to occur, the secret government would have to:

  1. admit they lied to the public for over 50 years
  2. admit to the alien presence where they have been adamantly denying it
  3. deal with questions about witnesses, both military and civilian, who died due to questionable accidents or sudden illnesses

Consequently, the truth will be told in a manner to allow an element of doubt to exist, always, so that what most would consider criminal behavior cannot ever be prosecuted. In the US, under US law, the defendants must be guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt before they can be adjudged guilty. Given that MJ12 wishes to leak the truth, and have the populace understand what history has wrought, how would they tell the story without incurring prosecution? The answer is to tell the story in a manner that closely lines up with the truth, but with details that can either not be proved or can be questioned. Thus, a former military man, Colonel Corso, was selected to tell a story, which is not his story, to counterbalance the inane Roswell weather balloon and dummy excuses being proffered by the Air Force. Nevertheless, these steps by MJ12 are an improvement over the former rigid cover-up, and should be applauded.

Prior Roswell

Prior to Roswell, visitors were not required to record their visits only in the subconscious of humans. As the book, the Vedas, reports, humans saw their visitors as having all manner of shapes. In trying to relay their experiences, humans often stumbled and struggled. Many described them as odd animals, but beyond the physical appearance of their visitors, how to describe the phenomena that accompanied them? Levitation, space ships suddenly appearing or zooming away, fucking lasers, the ability to disarm humans without touching them, etc. Thus, fire, wind, whatever might relay this experience, became the verbal story. This often confused those who came later, and could not ask for clarification of the story teller. To further cloud the issue are the giant hominoids from Planet X, who lived among mankind until a few millennia ago. They live in the Bible, as the giant Goliath, for instance, and are real visitors in hominoids form. They are the Gods of Mt. Olympus, the Visigoth in Germany, and giants reported elsewhere. Thus, visitors in many shapes and forms are mixed in with myth, and current mankind is left to sort it out. In the main, take your myths and stories in this context, and see what the picture paints! Most folklore is not story telling, but a serious attempt to pass on important information.

Dogon Tribe

In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. According to their traditions, the star Sirius has a companion star which is invisible to the human eye. This companion star has a 50 year elliptical orbit around the visible Sirius and is extremely heavy. It also rotates on its axis.

Much has been written about the Dogon tribe and their knowledge of the stars. Such a simple people, kept out of the industrial age even today. How did they come by this information? It has been surmised that they were visited by aliens from Sirius, from the constellation of the Dog, due to their descriptions of their visitors, but this is fancy. Their visitors hailed not from Sirius, but from Planet X, who even then had advanced knowledge of the stars as they plotted their travels by them so as to know their place out in space just as ancient mariners held to the stars to know what place they occupied on the vast oceans. The dog heads worn as masks by these visitors were a common ploy, occasionally switched for the heads of birds or snakes. While under the influence of those in the Service-to-Self orientation, they found these masks aided them in terrifying the diminutive humans they encountered, as their expressions could not be read.


Early in the cover-up on the alien presence were a few well orchestrated hoaxes, the Ummo case among them. As with most hoaxes, publicity and the resultant personal attention were the prime motivators, but when a hoax is elaborate and long lasting, other motivators are usually present. There are few opportunities for instant fame in human society - winning the lottery, making a breakthrough scientific discovery, rescuing children from a burning building, etc. The average human, even those with status by virtue of their position among the wealthy or due to being professionally accomplished, live quiet lives. Outside of the family, the circle of friends, and the immediate coworkers, no one is aware of them. For those individuals with a secret longing to be the center of attention, participation in a hoax can be it's own reward. Thus, when those who planned the Ummo hoax were looking for cooperatives, they did not have to look far!

When professional individuals participate in a hoax, for personal reasons, they do so because they are given a rational, an excuse for the hoax, that allows them to explain what they are doing in a face-saving manner. It’s for the public safety, to help the government learn of scientists who might be contactees and thus traitors to the human race, or perhaps so the government can learn of real technology gifts given to real contactees, and thus share these gifts with the rest of mankind. Of course, the motive on the part of establishment perpetrators is greed and the desire to be in control, to retain their power positions, but this is not the way the rationale for the hoax is put forth.

Thus, the Ummo case was a grand scheme to poll the scientific community and locate those scientists who seem to be genuine contactees. What resulted, to the great disappointment of the perpetrators, was contact with yet more individuals desiring to be the center of attention, not genuine contactees receiving technology from aliens.


Entities go by many names, and in some cases they falsely represent themselves. One must bear in mind that entities in higher densities are not pure, without self focus or ego, nor are they without failure and the resultant guilt. Service-to-Others is not a purity of service, where the entity thinks only of others. This is not realistic, as the entity must watch out for the self, less the self be destroyed or placed in a position where the incarnation is abortively ended. Service-to-Others is represented by those entities who, in the overall, think of others as often as they concern themselves with the self. There is also some competition between Service-to-Others groups, as competition is not something that ends in the 3rd Density.

Ashtar is an entity group that at one time made contact with humans with the best of intentions. As they were not particularly forceful by nature, they did not defend themselves well when disinformation schemes were ployed against them, and have since left the Earth in disgust. This left a void, a perfectly good alien entity name, unused. The CIA and other groups associated with them snapped up this name, and built upon the legacy. Of course, the message changed from one of hope to one of deception and control. There are now many religious overtones to the new Ashtar message, including a promise that a Jesus Sananda will return to lift the righteous to safety during the coming cataclysms, but look closely and you will not see a message of love. Nor does the new Ashtar message encourage free thought or independence. The new Ashtar message has all the hallmarks of the Service-to-Self, which is not surprising seeing what lies at its base.

Phoenix Lights

The Pheonix Lights were a series of widely sighted optical phenomena (generally unidentified flying objects) that occurred in the skies over the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997.

There have been UFO blitzes, that hit the news, in Chicago O'Hare Jan 1, Istanbul Jan 5, Arkansas Jan 15, N Carolina Jan 25, Hawaii Jan 27, London Feb 2, and Phoenix Feb 7 lately. Note the location of these mass sightings, and then note the warnings about what parts of the globe are likely to experience disasters due to the stretch zones pulling apart and related domino quakes as adjustments occur in other areas affected.

  • The St. Lawrence Seaway is stretching, as the Black Hills have been wobbly on the live seismographs. On days when the rest of the world is quiet, the Black Hills stands alone showing its wobble, occurring in 12 hours intervals in accordance with the tugging on the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift by Planet X, which wants this surface magnet to stay in alignment with itself. The yawing Seaway rumples the land in the Black Hills, which is why this land looks like it was thrown in the air, recently, as it was during the last pole shift and in pole shifts prior. Is Chicago exempt from the stretch? Where cities on either side of the Seaway will find they are merely riding along, it is where the stretch is ripping land anew that violence will occur. Lake Michigan is a clue. Why do you suppose the Wisconsin Peninsula formed? Its land was secured to the West, the weak point ripping the land under Lake Michigan, and this rip ending at the Chicago area.
  • Africa is turning in place, its base at S Africa firmly nailed and unable to move, the top rolling to the East as the Atlantic yaws open. This action is what is causing the African Rift to spread so rapidly, in the Afar Triangle, where huge crevasses appear before astonished eyes and the land is dropping hundreds of feet. The Mediterranean will be destabilized. The African plate is a straight line across the top, and when it turns it will create a YAW in the Mediterranean, causing volcanoes in the area to become active as lava is exposed to the surface, and certainly destabilizing countries just to the north of the fault line dissecting the Mediterranean from East to West. The Mediterranean, in the past, was a swamp, but now is a sea. What caused the land to drop? The Black Sea participated in this drop, being inundated where formerly land above water. Istanbul lies at the center of the area that will first be affected when a serious roll of Africa occurs.
  • The great Pacific is not one plate, as assumed, but numerous, uncharted by man who cannot plumb its depths. Hawaii will rise during the coming shift, as the plate it is on is pushed up while others subduct, thus giving Hawaii added protection from volcanic explosions, as their volcanoes will ooze, not explode. But Hawaii will be subject to tsunami, aplenty, devastating its coastlines. Thus, UFO sightings there, among those frolicking in the surf, are a warning.
  • London also is in the stretch zone, as its many derailing tube trains attest. Any significant adjustment of the yawing Atlantic will result in further land pulls under London, and suddenly so.
  • The New Madrid is under stress, pulling apart not only from East to West but pulling the N American continent in a diagonal, the New England states moving in a NE direction while Mexico is pulled to the SW. This will do more than rip every fault line from Mexico to Ontario, it will reduce the support under land to the West of the Mississippi, dropping this land in elevation and flooding it. Arkansas, in the Ozarks, will find itself suddenly land that many seek, in their panic.
  • The Carolinas were affected by the New Madrid quake, buildings needing to be stabilized, even though the rocky Appalachian Mountains were not so affected. Why is this? There is a fault line running from the Gulf up along the Eastern seaboard, and this will certainly participate in any New Madrid adjustment.

And why the anniversary blitz of Phoenix lights? Is not the flat dry desert of Arizona expected to remain relatively undisturbed, during the coming pole shift? When the New Madrid adjusts, Mexico will be too far to the West for the current comfort of the West Coast, which will bow in the Southern California and Arizona region. The fault line that runs along Mexico's West coast runs just under the Arizona border, then on up along the West Coast of California. Before the West Coast of the US starts adjusting to the new position of Mexico, with slip-slide adjustments, there will be a bending of the Arizona desert area that will fracture the dry soil, create a breach in the great Colorado River dam, and allow magma to rise in the calderas in the US─Mammoth Lake in California and Yellowstone. If the Hoover dam breaks, whither the city of Phoenix, which lies on flat land and near farm land irrigated by the waters of the Colorado?

FAA blames UFO report on weird weather [Jan 2] Federal officials say it was probably just some weird weather phenomenon, but a group of United Airlines employees swear they saw a mysterious, saucer-shaped craft hovering over O'Hare Airport in November. The workers, some of them pilots, said the object didn't have lights and hovered over an airport terminal before shooting up through the clouds.
People claim seeing a UFO in Istanbul [Jan 5] Mysterious lights seen in Istanbul skies have baffled people. Witnesses have claimed that the lights were coming from a UFO. People have called news agencies on Wednesday night and reported unidentified white lights flying in the sky. According to the eye witnesses, the flying object was revolving around itself and blazing.
UFO's seen over South Shore sky [Jan 27] The National Weather Service says nothing showed up on their radar at the time of the sighting and the Federal Aviation Administration didn't report anything unusual. The U.S. military conducted a missile defense test off of Kauai Friday evening but the test didn't begin until 7:20 pm.
UFO sighting over Islington [Feb 2] Unidentified flying orange objects stopped traffic and left residents staring skyward in disbelief at around 5.30 pm. Islington police informed Contact International UFO Research about the sightings. Between 12 and 15 orange lights travelling across the sky. Then they would stop and then they went upwards.
Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world' [Jan 17] Col. Brian Fields, 61, was cooking chicken at his Van Buren, Ark., home Jan. 9 when just before 7 pm he observed two intensely bright lights as he looked to the southeast close to the horizon. The retired colonel spent close to 32 years in the military, flying F-16s as a member of the 188th Fighter Wing of the Arkansas Air National Guard. He says the phenomenon lasted an hour and 15 minutes.
North Carolina
911 callers report lights in sky [Jan 25] Emergency dispatchers around Charlotte handle wacky 911 calls each night. But Wednesday, agencies got the same type of unusual call: A hovering light was in the sky. Others described it as a plane that might be in trouble. A blueish glow. A fire in the sky. A light moving too slow to be a plane.

Moon Landing

A hot topic on the Internet and among conspiracy buffs is whether man ever indeed landed on the Moon, or all the evidence provided to mankind is faked. As evidence of a fake is apparent wind blowing a flag, dust raised by landing feet blowing about as though air were present to move it, shadows inappropriate for the Moon, and other evidence of atmosphere or staging. Did man go to the Moon? Absolutely. Were dramatizations done in film theaters? Absolutely. Both occurred, and here's why.

As is often reported, the early Moon landings involved startled astronauts making statements on live feed about "we were not the first" and the like. Likewise, live video feed showed trash on the Moon giving evidence that activity had occurred in the past, and perhaps the recent past. Evidence of awareness of the alien presence, or other information not given to the general public, can often be discerned from what is not said as much as what is said. Why the 3 month delay in reporting, by different media organizations, if approval to report was not a part of the process? Likewise, the astronauts were on a need-to-know basis, as they were expected to be mobbed if they succeeded and went on the lecture tour, often interviewed and the like, and slips were to be avoided by telling them as little as possible. Thus, they were genuinely startled by what they found on the Moon, and their handlers in Houston were unaware of the degree of evidence they would in fact find on the Moon. Oops! What to do? Let's just film some new footage, and release that, instead.

NASA was aware that there were alien enclaves on the dark side of the Moon, but unaware of the trash on the visible side. During early genetic engineering projects, the engineers often used the Moon as a lab, fearing and wishing to avoid the large carnivores on Earth. During these genetic engineering episodes, they would scarcely be hiding on the dark side of the Moon! Why hide? The aliens talking to NASA going into the Apollo missions were Service-to-Self─to set up camps off Earth as a survival means during the coming pole shift. They were on the dark side as Service-to-Self aliens do not do density shifting well, ala the movie The Fly, and their masters do not allow their minions to shift during missions, for this reason. Thus, they are in 3rd Density, highly visible from Earth should they not be on the dark side of the Moon. NASA expected this, but discussion on past genetic engineering projects, which were not done by the Service-to-Self, never came up!

The astronauts were read the riot act when they returned, having blabbered their first impressions on the Moon. It has been obvious to those looking at the pattern that prior to this live feeds were the norm, and after delayed and only partial release of video and audio was allowed. When a heavy job of intimidation is done, with death threats and worse than death threats, it takes a lot to release this. Beat a dog each hour, viciously, for months, and then try to tell it that was all in the past. The dog has lost trust, cowers, growls, avoids, and will likely never trust humans again most certainly if not in the same company. NASA has not changed hands, is still the same agency, infiltrated by CIA, and thus the astronauts, as their beaten dogs, are loath to trust. {C}NASA of late has been dealing with its many failures, its inability to get a space station operational in time to stage escape to Mars, and the months upon months of delays getting any shuttles up at all. Wanting to be a player, perhaps be viewed as important by the elite with money and bunkers and guns, they hope to be influential in the public eye. They have for years denied the public direct Hubble images, been caught endlessly air brushing out UFO's, and are suspected all around the world of a conspiracy regarding the Moon landing itself. Well of course they went to the Moon, and landed, but they also filmed footage on Earth to fill in, as they could not trust their own men to avoid blurting out the truth. Now, covered with the lint of decades of lies and deception, and the increasing pool of specific information on just when and how they have lied, they come forth declaring themselves clean. Why did they announce new information regarding the Moon Landing, and then withdraw? There was a final rehearsal, and all the many glitches that would only inflame the conspiracy theorists were discovered. This pig is too dirty to ever clean up, and the less they say, the better, was the decision.

Norway Spiral

The Norwegian spiral anomaly of 2009 appeared in the night sky over Norway on 9 December 2009. It was visible from, and photographed from, northern Norway and Sweden. The spiral consisted of a blue beam of light with a greyish spiral emanating from one end of it. The light could be seen in all of Trøndelag to the south and all across the three northern counties which compose Northern Norway, as well as from Northern Sweden and it lasted for 2–3 minutes. According to sources, it looked like a blue light coming from behind a mountain, stopping in mid-air, and starting to spiral outwards. A similar, though less spectacular event had also occurred in Norway the month before. Both events supposedly had the expected visual features of failed flights of Russian RSM-56 Bulava missiles, and the Russian Defence Ministry acknowledged shortly after that such an event had taken place on December 9.

The display over the skies of Norway are not noctilucient clouds, which are ice crystals in the clouds catching the light, nor are they earthquake lights. They are also not the smoking and curling light towers caused by methane gas released during Earth movements, suddenly catching fire while aloft in the sky. The Norway display is akin to the neon clouds seen on occasion since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003 and the grease in the tail of Planet X has polluted the Earth's atmosphere. The neon appearance is caused by a chemical reaction, akin to man's familiar light sticks. Up until recently, such neon displays required a light source in order to be seen, lit in the dawn or dusk by sunlight or the lights from a city. What has occurred over Norway is a neon cloud, a grease cloud, lit by the electrical charge from the tail of Planet X. Why the great swirl in the clouds around the swirling neon display? An electrical charge in the sky is not a static matter, as the path of lightning shows. Lightning is an accumulation between moving air masses that suddenly builds to the point where a torrent of electrons is on the move. But what if the charge does not accumulate in one place, but is constantly present over a broad area? As with all swirls that develop in nature, they start with a small movement in one place that creates a vacuum pulling matter behind it, and thus builds. Galaxies swirl. Water going down a drain swirls. And these large charged atmospheric swirls are chasing after some part of the tail waft that is more or less charged than the surrounding atmosphere. What occurs at the center of such a charged swirl is more electrical charge than the surrounding swirl, thus the center becomes a neon cloud that can be seen even at night, and wants to discharge, ground, in the Earth.


Fortune tellers use many vehicles on which to place their psychic perceptions, as the bold faced assertion that the predictions are based on what the questioner is laying before the fortune teller like an open book would tend to diminish the credibility of the fortune teller, and most certainly would ruin the mystique. Whether the fortune teller uses a crystal ball, I Ching, Tarot Cards, or reads tea leaves, the process is the same. The mind and heart of the anguished or eager human sitting across the table are what is being read, and the common sense and compassion of the psychic fortune teller are what determines the result.


In an attempt to explain why babes born during different months (in the case of the western horoscope), or during different years (in the case of the Chinese horoscope) have different personalities, humans have looked to the stars. The answer, however, is closer at hand, and is not anymore mysterious than the different personality shadings that siblings develop based on their birth order. The western horoscope describes spring babes as enthusiastic, summer babes as languid, fall babes as guarded, and winter babes as depressive - not unlike the seasons! Babes are highly sensitive to the moods of their caretakers, and adopt more than the mannerisms of those they take to be their role models.

If this explains seasonal horoscopes, what on Earth would affect the twelve year cycles the Chinese have recorded? There are many such cycles, noted even in the western world. New marriages must get past the seven year itch, and youngsters reach the age of reason at the age of seven, and the major phases through adulthood have even been noted to fall into such seven year cycles. Is this a type of biorhythm, a societal rhythm? It is indeed, as societies have a type of life, reflecting as they do the many lives of their members - somber years of marketing retraction followed by adventurous rebellion, years of caution followed by playful extravagance. In the west, such cycles are termed economic boom times or depression, conservative repression or high-flying extravagance such as the roaring twenties. The Chinese cycles were developed when the factors influencing societies moods were limited, and thus had more influence, where the more free wheeling west has more factors influencing its cycles.


Humans have a fascination with regularity and rhythm in nature, and find this comforting as their own bodies have such rhythms─in heartbeat, biorhythms, and sleep-wake cycles. The dance, repetitious motions during exercise, rocking the baby, and music all reflect man finding comfort in regularity and rhythm. Nature's patterns are everywhere, from the pedals of flowers evenly spaced in swirls to the intricate and balanced designs that snowflakes form. Thus it is that humans often seek regularity and rhythm in the midst of confusion, for comfort. The overwrought rock themselves, tap a pencil, or rub their chin. If the anxiety involves unknowns in the future, they may look for patterns by which to form predictions. Luck 7, 13 spells doom, he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not, and so forth.

There is no consistent number used in nature, nor is there any spiritual significance to numbers. Numerology seeks to comfort, to put unknowns into familiar categories, but numerology is without basis in fact. There is no magic in it. Those advocates who state otherwise, laying out patterns that fit the prediction, are screening what they see to fit the expectation. However, perhaps they are a bit less anxious and feel more secure.

Majestic 12

Majestic 12 is the alleged code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, supposedly formed in 1947 by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S Truman. The alleged purpose of the committee was to investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of the Roswell incident─the supposed crash of the alien spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. The Majestic 12 is an important part of the UFO conspiracy theory of an ongoing government cover up of UFO information.

Prior to Roswell, the Service-to-Self aliens engaged MJ12. The incident was one that should have resulted in subconscious contact only. This is because Service-to-Self aliens cannot multi-phase well, and get distracted during contacts, so they let go of the control over humans that results in recording only in the subconscious.

Since this breach had been made, the Service-to-Self took advantage of it to press forward, more being recorded in the conscious. Thus, the Service-to-Other aliens likewise made conscious contact during Roswell. It was deemed a fair exchange, and as the military intel was not about to influence the rest of the world, being secretive as they were, this was considered to be a delimited contact.

MJ12 does not operate in a vacuum, as a standalone, off-the-books, agency. It has tentacles whereby it reaches out to gather information and accomplish its goals. MJ12 is the administrative hub, where policy decisions are reached and the center where key contacts with the outside world are maintained. However, it would be short-sighted indeed, in that those in its hierarchy have parallel positions within the federal bureaucracy, to not use those very bureaucracies. In fact, given the structure of MJ12, it is only natural.

  • The military branches all have intelligence units, which are skilled in various degrees at electronic snooping, interrogation techniques, and undercover activities. Individuals from these units are assigned to a stint of duty to MJ12, just as they are assigned to secret missions, and are no more prone to talk about these assignments than those involving any other.
  • Both the FBI and CIA have vast pools of information on corporations, individuals, and groups running under the many different charters that can exist in human society. These intelligence agencies have formal arrangements with MJ12, who has but to ask for this information for it to be delivered.
  • Military installations include many complexes held in abeyance, just in case. Land and buildings are hard enough to come by in times of plenty, and during cut backs are not released, in the main. Idle facilities in remote areas are ideal for temporary use by active MJ12 members, who are almost invariably from the military.

Why are federal employees regularly dealing with MJ12, and yet the public hears at most rumors of this activity? Intelligence groups, and the military in general, operate on a need to know basis. This rule is in place to prevent covert operations from being carelessly exposed, the enemy from learning of plans, and to a small degree to prevent the public from learning what the government is really up to. Also, when services are performed for MJ12, these services are not distinguishable from normal, everyday services. The requests don't have MJ12 stamped in big bright letters on the front, they come wrapped in commonplace covers, and thus raise little suspicion.

What projects does MJ12 now have on its roster?

  • Facilitating the Awakening is a goal that has a dual agenda. It both gets past the issue of the alien presence, by making it clear that aliens are and have been visiting Earth for some time with no harm done to humans, and holds the potential of helping survivors in the Aftertime. It is Claritin Clear to MJ12 that they or any government arm can do little to alleviate suffering during or after the pole shift. The devastation will be immense, and any actions they take before or after the shift virtually useless. Even should they move all citizens to safety, starvation and in-fighting would soon follow. So opening the door to extraterrestrial help, fact-to-fact conscious contact, perhaps, is something that an expedited Awakening might provide. To the extent that this project does not run amok of the power-hungry agendas of humans on Earth, who view the Earth as their domain and theirs only, this is facilitated by MJ12.
  • Running interference, preventing disruption of activities they deem positive, is a strong MJ12 program, as it is one with which they feel comfortable and have a long and successful track record. MJ12 is peopled, primarily, with government employees, primarily military, in the intelligence business. Intelligence gathering requires careful planning and many alternative plans to cover every conceivable contingency. Intelligence gathering forays are defended, by nature, as they go into enemy territory under hostile and dangerous conditions. Thus, defense, in secret, is the very nature of intelligence gathering as much as snooping. MJ12 runs interference by taking out, or discouraging, anything they consider a block or a danger to a program they are supporting.
  • Promoting, to the degree they can influence the media or private wealth, programs they view to be helping with the Awakening or providing some self-help advice to the general populace as a solution to the devastation soon to be upon them because of the rapidly approaching cataclysms. In that being an arm’s length away is an understatement, this is easier said than done. MJ12 must be several arm’s lengths away, by decree and by their mission statement, and not discovered. Thus a great deal of effort goes into putting distance between their agents and an action the public becomes aware of. It’s not as simple as pushing a button.


Where MJ12 and its tentacles into intelligence agencies and governments throughout the world and multinational corporations have tried to stay out of the public eye, the Illuminati have done the opposite. Their symbol, the single eye, is discovered so frequently that interest is raised, rather than suppressed. this is exactly what the Illuminati want, as they want the populace to feel manipulated, hopeless, left out of the loop, and that others more special and privileged are in control, in the know, and able to manipulate events in their favor. If this sounds like a Service-to-Self oriented organization, one designed to increase the hopelessness and fear that make emerging souls inclined toward the Service-to-Self orientation, that's because that is the basis of the Illuminati mission and the motive behind everything they do. The eye, a symbol taken from ancient times so as to imply an age-old organization, carries the implication of being all-seeing, never blinking, and thus all-knowing.

The populace reads rumors about Illuminati, reads the names of powerful and well placed persons supposedly in the Illuminati, finds these same persons increasingly in power and concludes, as was intended, that the rumors about the clout the Illuminati holds must be true. This was a well thought out fear campaign, with the moves in the game being played exactly as planned. Bear in mind that those in control of the Illuminati fear campaign are not those whose names appear as members on the lists leaked to the populace. The names on the lists are individuals being guided into power position by those able to manipulate such circumstances, and are individuals of great talent and promise so their planned ascension meets with little resistance. Thus where these names appear as Illuminati members, these individuals are not members of the Illuminati. Look at who is in a position to promote the ascention of these individuals, and who is standing behind those individuals with a gun pointed at their heads, to see who is conducting the Illuminati fear campaign.

Since we have described those who manipulate world events, based on their great wealth, as the Puppet Masters, does this mean the Puppet Masters are the Illuminati? No, though the Illuminati virtually worships the Puppet Masters, desires to be associated with this clout and influence, and thus often are used to further the Puppet Masters goals. The Illuminati are an old society, centuries old, and emerging in Europe naturally were composed of royalty, members of court in attendance to royalty, and organized religion which in those days were often so closely allied with royalty, as state religions, to be one and the same. Do the royalty of Europe run the world? Do the heads of organized religions, the Vatican, run the world? On what basis? It is wealth that runs the world, by the many means we have outlined, from purchasing cooperation from corporations, which they own, to assisting their Puppets into political power via their control of the media and assets to be used for bribery and coercion. The members of the Illuminati seek favors from the Puppet Master, and offer services, and in this regards act as a supplicant, not a master.


Past Theosophist writings had valid insights, but were not from a channel. Their accuracy came from knowledge the entity brought with it into the incarnation. The early Theosophists were Star Children, whose mission was education of mankind. The Theosophists, being ahead of their time in the concerns they addressed and too intellectual for the masses, were ignored by the establishment, which did not see in them a threat. Thus their message has not been undermined in the same manner as the message of Jesus, for instance, who spoke plainly to the masses and challenged the establishment directly and repeatedly.

Is the Theosophist message true, to be taken literally? As with all writings, the reader's slant can be inserted. Where the Council of Worlds corrected the environment on Earth here and there, so that the 3rd Density condition could proceed as intended, a racist slant can be interjected by the reader. Where alien groups, also in 3rd Density, such as the visitors from the 12th Planet, were unduly influencing the Earth, they were not infrequently removed in concert with one of the periodic cataclysms. Land masses go under the waves, and rise up from the depths during each cataclysm. Where a group of humans formerly under the influence of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet went under the waves, the legend of Atlantis was born.

The Theosophists, speaking to humans in a language they could understand, inculcated their legends. One uses what is at hand, when trying to communicate and bridge vast communication gaps. The early Theosophists should be read not literally, but as though reading poetry, mythology, thus letting the underlying meaning soak in. This, in its totality, will convey the message intended by the Theosophists, who were telling true history, and relaying the true plans in place for the Earth.


In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin yang is used to describe how polar or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. Opposites thus only exist in relation to each other. Yin and Yang is supposed to represent the balance of polarized opposites, the two primary forces of the Universe. Yang is creative, light and active, while Yin is receptive, dark and passive. Together, they form a complimentary pair which is always seeking balance.

The Chinese put much faith in the influence that Yin and Yang have upon their existence. This concept is an offshoot of the Buddhist philosophy that balance is everything. Problems are looked at as an imbalance, and the solution returning to balance somehow. Thus, Yin and Yang are superimposed on all of life, on social interactions in particular, and even on the seasons and weather. If a group of school children are boisterous and aggressive, their Yin is tempered with more studies in art, inserting Yang. If a wife is sullen and brooding, her Yang is tempered with more outings into the vibrant city, more Yin. If the spring came early and the fields are unprepared for planting, this Yin is handled by the farmers Yang, by meditation in the fields. Does all this help? It can't hurt, and in the main tends to focus humans on the spiritual aspects of life.

Ying and Yang is just one of the many examples of Lost Within the Rhymes of Mystic Splendor. The concept and philosophy is, just as The Secret of Storms, inspired by The Storm but the path of The Storm is a long and complex one. No shame here as it is one of many different ways humans use to focus on the spiritual aspects of life. Meditating or praying does not bring one closer to The Storm, but it can't hurt. If a child is aggressive, that is a symptom, so the issue is complicated; Yin tempered with more art could, potentially, solve the problem (if there is one), but it is not the most optimal way in dealing with issues, obviously.


In traditional Chinese culture, qi (also chi or ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as "energy flow", and is often compared to Western notions of energeia or élan vital (vitalism), as well as the yogic notion of prana and pranayama. The literal translation of "qi" is air, breath, or gas.

Review the Mind/Body connection, where the mind directs and affects the body, and how exceptional concentration can increase this connection; and the Spirit/Body connection, whereby the incarnated spirit influences the physical body to the degree that the body can respond; and the Mind/Spirit connection, whereby the spirit likewise influences the mind by affecting the brain chemistry that constitutes thought. In sum, this constitutes the life-force, and there is no force such as chi outside of these parameters. The spirit cannot exhort the mind or body beyond what it is able. All tales to the contrary should take into consideration the suggestibility of the mere mortals who wish it to be otherwise.


The power of suggestion is both dismissed and held in awe by humans, who claim it might be able to affect other weak minded individuals, but certainly not themselves. The media presents hypnosis as being able to cause individuals selected at random from an audience to make complete fools of themselves in front of the world, clucking like chickens and attempting to peck at seed, for instance. Likewise, the media shows hypnotized individuals, like human time bombs, walking about in human society in a normal manner, but set to explode into action when a key word is spoken or a visual picture presented.

Hypnosis, of the power of suggestion, does not work in this manner, as in all cases the individual must be in full compliance. One cannot be hypnotized to do what one does not want to do, although the suggestion can certainly be presented during hypnosis. Hypnosis encourages the conscious to relax its hold, allowing the subconscious to communicate. Any suggestions made to an individual are, perforce, being made to the subconscious, which is the solid common sense arena and processes suggestions rather than blindly accepting them. Hypnosis is used to get past the rigidities and denial imposed by the conscious, to place the conscious by the side where it can be an observer and become better integrated as a result of the discussions.

Voodoo relies on the victim's belief systems, as without this no magic exists. Someone who had never heard the myths, subjected to all the incantations and pointing fingers and objects stolen or placed in one's personal quarters, would merely scratch their head. What's with them, they would wonder. On the other hand, humans raised in these cultures are impressed with the belief that voodoo works, palpable fear in the voices of the elders relaying the many tales. Spells cast upon humans thus primed to react set in motion a cycle of fear that can indeed kill. Fear can stop the heart by constricting arteries leading to the heart, or can drive the blood pressure to a point where blow-outs occur. Cast a spell and the ashen victim is found dead in their quarters the next day. Such a cooperative victim!


The Chinese have a long tradition with acupuncture, which speaks to its effectiveness. Surely patients would not submit to a treatment involving needles if it were not so! Yet the success of this treatment has nothing to do with the action of the needles, which are in this but a prop. The success of the treatment is a byproduct, caused in fact by the distraction of pain. So many illnesses are caused by nervous tension, and so many more affected, that nervous tension is perhaps the most prominent cause of physical distress. Headaches, belly aches, aches in the joints or muscles, tight throat, sour stomach, constipation, loose bowel, numbness, blurry eyesight, ringing in the ears─take away nervous tension and most of this goes away.

The suffering one goes to the acupuncturist, in distress, resigned to the prospect of all those needles. Natural anesthesia is used as none else is offered. Put your mind somewhere else, disconnect from reality, float past the stinging pain, think about the relaxing heat coming through the needles, concentrate on the healing process one imagines is in process─and through all of this, like magic, the patient forgets that which was making them tense. They relax, feel better, and credit the acupuncture which, in truth, they should.


Homeopathy 385x261
Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which practitioners treat patients using highly diluted preparations that are believed to cause healthy people to exhibit symptoms that are similar to those exhibited by the patient. The collective weight of scientific evidence has found homeopathy to be no more effective than a placebo.

Homeopathy, the concept that physical reactions to disease and the cure have some relationship both has and does not have a valid basis. It has long been known that cancer is sometimes cured by a high fever, such as Chickenpox infection. This is the immune system being spiked, along with a desire on the part of the patient to live, such that the immune system is no longer suppressed due to depression and a silent desire to end the life. Here we have cancer causing weakness and fever, due to secondary infections and lack of appetite, and we have the Chickenpox causing the same symptoms, thus the homeopathy concept applied. Allergy is at times treated by desensitizing the patient, giving them small bits of the allergen until the reaction seems to stop. Is this curing the allergy or managing it, or taking advantage of a natural reaction? In fact, allergy patients will often report that if exposed for long times, years, their allergy reactions reduce. Worse at first, later reducing, as the body sorts out the true onslaught to the immune system over time. So is desensitization, creating more of the same symptoms as the disease, a cure, or a manipulation of the body’s natural tendencies? Homeopathy, is primarily a hope, and like voodoo and the placebo effect, where the will or hope effect the cure hoped for, is not factual in the main. Those living in countries where homeopathy is unknown fare as well or as poorly as those in countries where this is a theory respected.

Reverse Speech

There is no such phenomena as reverse speech, and all such discoveries are just imagination. The human body is not designed to speak intelligibly in a reverse manner, simultaneous to forward speech spoken at a different speed. The human mind perceives rolling forward and does not replay backwards, and simply is not geared that way because nature does not play things backwards. Humans evolved on Earth to deal with sights and sounds around them, not with an artificial phenomena. Always nervous about being tempted by the Devil, humans as most 3rd Density intelligent species look for signs that this is occurring. Discontent to simply rely on their intuition, they want a truth test that can be applied. It's just so much easier. Of course, if any human is being tempted by visiting entities in the Service-to-Self, is it because they asked for this, by giving The Call, but as it's so much more comfortable to point the finger elsewhere, the pointing finger wants someplace to land. Reverse speech is just the thing.

As an avenue only recently detectable, due to modern electronic playback systems which can play video and audio tapes in either direction, and at any speed, it has recently experienced a rush of attention. In point of fact, any conversation played backwards at various speeds will sound vaguely like a recognizable speech phrase. Don't children lay on their backs on a summer day and call out shapes that the clouds assume? Don't pet owners claim their pets are talking due to the cadence of the meow or whimper? If one expects to find a phrase, and plays speech or music backwards long enough and at different speeds, eventually some sounds will seem to emerge that bear a faint relationship to a word or two. This is particularly true of music or speech that threatens the control of the establishment─parents determined to rein in their teen-agers, or rigidly religious folks determined to eliminate what they term temptation so that their urges cannot run away with them.

Where reverse speech is not truly occurring, there is another phenomena in place in which people are trying to ascribe a physical medium for information that they understand intuitively. Human beings who are barely aware of their incarnated spirit, often have knowledge that they cannot ascribe to any source. Did they hear it on TV, the radio, read it in a book, or hear it from a buddy? No, but they just simply have this information, have no explanation for where it came from. Often people are simply looking for a source. If someone has that information and are trying to relay it, they frequently find they have to package it in some way or people won't even listen. If they simply say they have a thought that popped into their head, who is going to listen? There must be some kind of a logical explanation. Thus, in dealing with reverse speech, one should listen with an open heart and mind to the underlying message, which may have a great deal of truth to it.

Bible Code

The Bible Code does not exist. This is nonsense. The Bible Code is something that people have pieced together. They have stated that periodically, every third beat or according to some pattern, that something appears in the text. Why would Jesus, who spoke very simply to the common man, who stated his message over and over so it would not get garbled, speak in such codes and then bury them so that only certain individuals could find them? If one took snowflakes landing on the edge of a razor and analyzed them in an attempt to find a pattern, and tried hard enough, one could make them say almost anything. This has been done with Nostradamus. He was quite telepathic and aware of what was going on in his own world and had a great success rate. But he did not predict the future in his quatrains, which can be interpreted in millions of ways. Just because someone interprets it this way or that way does not make it so. The Bible Code does not exist. Anyone who has the capacity to challenge this assertion will find it to be a bunch of nonsense.


The practice of dowsing, using divining rods to locate water, is so common as to not be doubted, but no one, including the practitioner, understands how they work. Some humans can douse, but most cannot, so its recognized to be a talent or ability within the practitioner. Dowsing works best when the dowser is allowed to walk about out in the fields and forest by him or herself, uninterrupted. When crowds follow about, they are less likely to find water, and many dowsers come unannounced at odd hours to assure themselves the privacy they require. Dowsers are called upon when all else fails. Well after well has been dug, following the geologists recommendations on the lay of the land, location of local springs, emergence of underground streams or rivers, stratification of rock layers, and success of other wells in the area. In despair, the dowser is brought in, and against all odds and against all reason they point to an unlikely place and chances are that a well placed there will be productive. What is going on during dowsing, and how does this work?

An oft quoted phrase is that man is 98% water, as is all plant and animal life. Water carries electric current, if fact so effectively that lightning will race through water as well as metal wires on its way to the ground. The human body senses electrical charges in the vicinity, as the movement of electrons in all their many forms is not isolated to where the current is running. An electric current creates an electrical field around it, just as a river of water causes humidity in the air nearby. Humans are sensitive to electric current, as the higher rate of cancer in those who live near high tension wires attests. The dowser listens to what his body is telling him, a very quiet voice but a voice nonetheless.

The electrical current in groundwater is stronger where the water has filled all connected air pockets that might act as insulators. This fact has been noted by geologists monitoring earthquakes, as the electrostatic bursts increase as the ground comes under pressure preceding an earthquake. Geologists recognize that this increase in electrostatic bursts is due to compression of the groundwater. The dowser is locating, with his sensitive body, those places where the groundwater has collected and accumulated, coming under pressure in that it cannot easily leave. The mystery of the divining rods is more easily understood when one understands that the divining rods are in fact the dowser's hands. The rods, extending from the dowser's hands, allow the dowser to note how his hands are reacting. They are a signal flag, helping the dowser note the whispering voice in his body that is saying "here, over here, there is a subtle pull toward an electrical current in the ground".

The pull is within the electrical current in the dowser's own body, which seeks to flow in sync with the electrical current in the ground.

Atlantis and Lemuria

Atlantis is a legendary island first mentioned in Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias. In Plato's account, Atlantis was a naval power lying "in front of the Pillars of Hercules" that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9600 BC. After a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean "in a single day and night of misfortune".

The legends of Atlantis are based not on actual fact, but a combination of truths which when combined gave birth to the legend of Atlantis. The stories about Atlantis, which has never been found, are supported by myths of great cities destroyed suddenly by rising water. Well, that of course happens extensively all over the world every time there is a pole shift. There were lands that sunk under the sea in the Atlantic, but they were no more developed than the bordering lands at the time of the last cataclysms, stories of Atlantis notwithstanding. The Earth was visited by hominoid extraterrestrials in its past, and these hominoids had access to technology that amazed the primitive humans who stood witness. Many cities in and around the European continent went under the waves during the past few pole shifts. This is because the Atlantic, as a widening ocean, tends to drag down the shore lines and outlying islands during each shift. The floor of the Atlantic drops, pulling its perimeter with it. Beyond what has been told about the visitors from Planet X, there is naught to say about rumors about Atlantis. These visitors did not disappear because they went under the waves. They disappeared because they were put into quarantine.

Rumors of Atlantis aside, mankind did not achieve advances beyond what they hold today, in the past. Atlantis was not a human society, but a society composed, dominated, by the advanced homoinoids from Planet X, the Annunaki. The Annunaki used crystals for communications, had rocket power, but these equated to no more than mankind had today.


A pyramid is a structure where the outer surfaces are triangular and converge at a point. The base of a pyramid can be trilateral, quadrilateral, or any polygon shape, meaning that a pyramid has at least three triangular surfaces (at least four faces including the base). The square pyramid, with square base and four triangular outer surfaces, is a common version.

Humans ponder the pyramids of Egypt and some similar structures in South and Central America, and wonder how early man could rise or move such large stones? Of course, they could not. Even today the mechanics would be imposing to the point of being impossible. The answer is, of course, that early man did not build these structures. For majesty, early man went to massive structures such as mountain tops or cliffs or deep ravines. Their gods of force were the wind, as in tornadoes and hurricanes, and earthquakes, who on occasion moved great boulders and rearranged the landscape. So how would visitors act if they wanted to impress these impressionable savages? Move great boulders. The many pyramids they constructed around the world were more than viewing stations, though they afforded a stable point for star gazing, but were more like erecting a flag is to the countries of Earth. A statement. Here I am. Here I have settled. Here I cannot be moved or removed.

This was not an effort for these hominoids, during this time, as they had entered into bargains with Service-to-Self aliens who had levitation abilities, and they moved the stones for them. The rocks used to build the pyramids were transported, and when levitation is used distance is not a factor. They were taken from a mine, in block, and move around the world. The issue was more the quality of the rock, and ease of extraction, than proximity. The aliens who helped erect the pyramids are still influencing the giant homonoids today, which is why their culture is not ready for a Transformation as Earth is, but will be delayed. They have had heavy Service-to-Self influences, and are still recovering, the majority of their reincarnating souls still learning the drawbacks of this existence. They paid a price for these services, and are still working their way out of that. Many of their number developed strong Service-to- Self orientations during this time, and have influenced their culture severely and in a long term manner. For what these Service-to-Self aliens looked like, myths and legends suffice, as do the books from India, the Vedas. A wide range of appearances, and behaviors.

However, the Great Pyramids were built by the Annunaki as Navigational Devices. The Annunaki who in the past visited Earth to the point of taking up limited residence here. Where they are no longer free to visit in this manner, being in quarantine in this regard, in the past they were allowed to do so. Why was it necessary to build such large structures as interstellar navigational guides? Because, in the locale, any astronomical device would be subject to shifting sands. The Great Pyramids, by their great size and weight, ensure stability. All this just to sight an incoming comet, which makes its appearance on a regular basis and can be seen weeks if not months beforehand? The Great Pyramids were not used solely for sighting an incoming object, as their primary purpose was to act as a guidance system for the launches the exiled Planet X residents would make to meet their home planet. This required precision, as their rockets were no more sophisticated than those used to boost man into space today, and once in space they simply coasted until drawn into the gravitational orbit of the water planet they owed their allegiance to.

They did not last on Earth from one appearance of the Planet X to another. Several generations would pass, the knowledge of how to read the stars and what the Planet X kingship expected of them passed from parent to child. Conscientious parents, aging and sure to die before their progeny could return to the home planet where they had royalty status, built a navigational system that was rock solid and sure─the Giant Pyramids. Could the pyramids act as guides for the forthcoming reappearance of Planet X? Many pole shifts have occurred since they were built, each time the crust of the Earth sliding into new positions. One would have to calibrate anew the points, which would in any case not now converge to the point where the giant comet reenters your Solar System. Legend has it that the Giant Pyramids originally pointed near the Orion Star System, and those legends have carried true to their origin. Where this is the original point convergence, the spot where the giant comet first looms into view, the Giant Pyramids no longer act as a guide in this matter.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is an example of a fancy burial chamber, a mausoleum of sorts, built by visitors from Planet X who were into the sport of lion hunting. The grave was intended for a large and powerful male who stood tall in the circle of hunters, and all felt having his grave guarded by one of his conquests a suitable statement on his abilities and might. As is often the case in the affairs of man, these plans went awry, as he was slaughtered by a rival and went unburied altogether, his body rotting under the sun, eaten by lions, no doubt.


Stonehenge has influenced many groups over the eons, as it was intended to do. The Druids did not build Stonehenge, but they incorporated it into their rituals. Thus, history tends to credit them with erecting Stonehenge. Religious rituals, or those semi-religious rituals that form in highly structured social groups, are put into place to control the membership and give them outlets for emotions that would otherwise be disruptive. Emotions such as jealousy or fear can scatter a membership, but if given an outlet that tends to support the group’s goal, build and support the group rather then tear it apart.

Human sacrifices are one such ritual, as the sacrificed one acts as a scapegoat, becoming a symbol for whatever has caused rage in the membership. The leaders, of course, select someone they wish to get rid of, a troublemaker or an independent thinker. Stonehenge by its very shape implies sacrifice, but it did not cause this behavior in the Druids, as using scapegoats and rituals involving sacrifice occur in all cultures and all parts of the world. The close proximity to such an edifice as Stonehenge to any sacrificial rituals would naturally align into a mental association over time, and this is what occurred - a coincidence, made into cause and effect by historians.


If the giant hominoids from Planet X inspired the myths about the Gods of Mount Olympus, were they also the inspiration for the Viking Gods or tales of the Germanic Visigoths? They were indeed, and left their mark in legend wherever they stationed themselves on Earth. Where their preferred garb looks something like what an ancient Roman Legionnaire might have worn, they adjusted their garb to the climate. Northern Europe, during many eras in the past, was as bitterly cold as it is today, and thus fur robes were standard. Like the Gods of Mount Olympus, the Viking Gods and Visigoths were fierce and did not back away once a conflict had begun. As with their human counterparts, they used all means of transporting themselves, and where mountains abut the sea, ships prove the most effective. What were these giant hominoids doing in northern Europe? Exploring, in the same manner that took them to South American and thence across the Pacific. They were looking for gold, and went prospecting everywhere.

Trojan War

The Greek legends speak of the war at Troy, where a woman was so desired that legions of warriors were sent to free her. Did this occur? It did indeed but with a twist, as Helen of Troy was not the desired object of this battle, a fact her ego did not allow her to accept. A hand maiden of Helen's, one she kept in tight bondage of servitude, was the true cause of this battle, but Helen loudly announced before, during, and after that she was being sought after, and not hearing otherwise the historians wrote it thus.

Legend has it that Troy was successfully invaded when a gift, the Trojan Horse, was left outside the gates and brought into the city. At war, the citizens of Troy were not so naive as to allow in uninspected such an unexplained object. In fact, the Trojan Horse was not simply a statue, a curiosity - it was food, built of food, stacks of wheat bound together, gourds and dried fruit, all tied about a wooden frame. This, they knew, the starving citizens could not resist. To minimize inspection of such a large object, which they knew was being done routinely on any baskets or barrels of food, the camouflage was shaped into a familiar animal. The citizens focused on the food baubles on the hooves, tail, and face of the horse, and so distracted lost themselves in their appetites before they ever got to the belly of the horse where a single infiltrator lay. Thin and agile, he worked his way out in the dead of night and gave access to his fellows at the gate.

El Dorado

The obsession with gold is not natural to man, it is a habit mankind picked up from the Annunaki of Planet X. What about gold makes it so cherished? Platinum is as tarnish free, silver and copper as malleable, and yet gold is accepted as a metal more precious than others, more desirable, a metal to die for. This attitude toward gold, passed as a heritage from generation to generation, was impressed on mankind from those who had to have gold, and did not hesitate to kill for it.

Where mankind uses gold for adornment or as a medium of exchange, the visitors from Planet X were collecting gold for survival. Their home planet, on its long orbit out in space, is subjected to atmospheric abrasion the Earth and the other planets on more sedate orbits around the Sun do not suffer. Consider the rapid path past the Sun made Planet X, when acting like a comet. It moves from one side of the Solar System to the other in 3 months, a fast track indeed. Planet X losses atmosphere here and there, on a regular basis, and where this can be rebuild from its copious oceans, being basically a water planet, certain elements become depleted. Molecules in the atmosphere, containing gold, are necessary to retain the heat and light the planet generates, to keep the heat and light, essentially, bouncing back to the surface, as without these gold based molecules the planet dims and cools.

Thus, the visitors from Planet X came to Earth on a search, a mining mission, and were intent on raping the Earth of its relatively abundant gold and using its primitive hominoids, humans, as slaves to do so. It was impressed upon mankind early that gold was the ruler's due, and death fell to he who hoarded or withheld it. El Dorado, the lost City of Gold, was a staging point where the space ships used as shuttles were loaded and sent aloft at the appropriate time. Since this time only arrived once every 3,657 years, on average, a lot of gold stacked up. Long after the visitors from Planet X left the Earth, having been quarantined, the humans who had heard the stories from those who made deliveries to El Dorado searched for this City of Gold. They search still. However, the ruins, when discovered as they have been repeatedly, are not recognized as there is no gold. Why would these visitors, so desperate for what was essentially a life giving metal, leave any behind?

Crop Circles

Humans have always stood in awe of crop circles as you can be assured this is not the first era where they have been prevalent. They speak to the subconscious, which sees the patterns and senses their meaning, and the conscious hasn't a clue. What is their meaning? Crop circles are telling you, in a universal language, of coming events, such as the pending pole shift, but spiritual as well. In the past these simple but eloquent messages were left, with increasing frequency and urgency, leading up to the shift. Crops circle creation is managed by a group of aliens that cannot participate in the Earth's Transformation in any other manner, as they are a life form that lives in the water, and thus their ships are filled with the atmosphere that they breath─water. Thus, this is how they serve.

Observers have noted that crop circles seem to appear almost instantaneously. They blink, and then notice that something is different in the vista before them. By what process is this accomplished? If space ships are landing and impressing the ground, then the time seems too short. If rays of energy or a force field are involved, all this passes the notice of the observers. Crop circle creation does not require a landed ship or physical force. The grain lies flat because the structure of the stems has been altered, one side of the stem rapidly growing in a process the reverse of what occurs when growing plants bend toward the light. This growth spurt occurs low to the ground, the particular ray, like laser surgery, focused there. The swirls are created due to the circular motion of the affecting ray, which circles like the hand of a clock, dropping the grain stalks such that they fall almost simultaneously.

Are crop circles more effective than words? Absolutely. They register in many parts of the brain, and tell the story with greater depth. A picture is worth a thousand words. Symbols are used to relay astronomical occurrences, effects of one planetary body on another, motion and direction, pace, change, and for those who have sensed their meaning, they also relay ratios and relative force. Stand before these pictures and let your subconscious speak to you, and see the forest and the sky, rather than the trees. Crop circles began with a simple circle, stating that the Earth is unruffled in her orbit. Then dual circles and rings, relaying the approaching interaction between the Earth and Planet X. The rings, of course, are the influence of gravitational pull, increasing. Long lines connecting circles─does Planet X, acting as a comet, not have an approach? Peripheral circles─the other planets in your solar system, or in the wider system that comprises the Planet X's journey.

And what of the Scorpion Tail, the connected and curving series of dots? Does not the comet travel with an entourage of minor moons? As the giant comet dominates with its gravitational field, the moons are not pulled into conflict regarding their place. They trail after their traveling master, like little ducklings in a row. Would not the Planet X's moons circle, as do moons humans are familiar with? Where the orbiting motion of moons is assumed to be due to a balance between the centrifugal force of the moon and attraction to the home planet, there are other variables. The orbiting moons are in motion because they are reaching for the Sun and other planets, like a twirling dancer forever undecided on a partner.

The helix, misinterpreted by many to be a DNA strand, is a pictorial representation of the Earth's rotation and the manner in which it begins to align with the rotation of the approaching Planet X. The Earth's rotation is caused by the motion of elements in the Earth's core attempting to escape or approach influences in the wider solar system. The Earth's rotation is already slowing, a fact noted by your scientists and various excuses already published in the media. The Earth's normal rotation is a careful balance taking into account all the factors in the solar system and beyond. It takes but a feather to trip the scales when they are perfectly balanced, and the influence of Planet X on the Earth from afar acts in this manner.

The ball of overlapping circles, all touching an inner circle, is meant to convey a new phenomenon occurring on Earth, preparing those who see it for the manifestation of this phenomenon. The Earth's magnetic field currently curves far out in space, so that on the surface of the Earth a compass almost always points north. Increasingly, as the Earth's swirling core is pushed to line up in opposition to the magnetic field of the approaching Planet X, it will send out minor magnetic fields that do not point due north, but wrap back into the Earth in the manner portrayed by the overlapping circles.

Crop circles present an opportunity to understand, at a glance, the decade ahead. As the pole shift approaches, they will present an accurate weather prediction, a guide to family affairs, a time table for settling matters and preparing for the future, the truest touch stone that mankind will be given. Visit them often, if only in picture form, and let the message soak in.

In grappling with crop circle appearances, and in trying to find patterns that would explain their purpose or occurrence, a number of silly theories have emerged.

  • Crop circles have been analyzed under the theory that they are man made. This theory falls apart when confronted by the clean but unbroken right angles that the grain shafts assume within the bent portion of the grain field, along with the utter lack of foot prints and the lightning speed of production.
  • Crop circles have been explained as the result of odd plasma energy, the swamp gas that is supposed to explain UFO sightings appearing in open fields in broad daylight. This theory, which had a proponent or two until the complexity of crop circles increased, is no longer even considered.
  • Crop circles have been analyzed under the theory that they are a communication form from visitors, and represent language in math. This is closer to the truth, but since all language or symbolism represents repetitive patterns, a constant in mathematics, some mathematical patterns would of course be represented. Seeing the trees but not the forest before them, they miss the point.
  • Crop circles placement has been analyzed, their placement in this or that country, along this or that longitude or latitude. Statistical analysis inevitably did show a pattern as even a mundane occurrence such as the placement of dog poop would show a pattern of sorts. This led to wild speculation that crop circles are caused by some occurrence along grid lines, a manifestation of energy of some sort, or spirits required to stay on the narrow path these lines represent. This silly theory gained credence only due to the lack of other plausible theories. Were this theory to have any merit, all the many crop circles that fall outside of what are termed ley lines would have to be addressed, rather than ignored.

Etheric Grid

The etheric grid system does not exist. There is much ballyhoo about this nebulous and unprovable etheric grid system, however. As with all things that cannot be grasped or pointed to, discussions proceed in various directions. In all fairness, it must be pointed out that many things scientists discuss cannot be grasped or pointed to, yet their existence is firmly believed. Sub-atomic particles is one such instance. But where does information about the etheric grid system come from? Is this a universal belief, such that science can point to the widespread collective awareness, at a minimum? There is little discussion about such a grid system. Is there some measure, however slight, that astronomers can point to? Those putting forth the etheric grid system theory have never attempted to connect with measurable reality, choosing instead to distance themselves from science.

The etheric grid system has been put forth to support a new religion of sorts. This religion looks not to a god in Heaven, as Christians and Jews and Muslims do, nor does it look to animistic gods, such as primitive peoples do when worshipping thunderstorms or voracious predatory animals, nor does it place a select human on a pedestal, as a god, as some cults do. This religion sees the ethereal everywhere, permeating everything, and sees this as the basis of life, the life force. This ethereal substance is the true glue, the true nature, in this belief, and all else an illusion. Where it is true that the human eye and ear do not sense all, the etheric religion discards too much. To replace what has been discarded, it invents the ethereal glue.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and surface vessels allegedly disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Popular culture has attributed these disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings. Documented evidence indicates that a significant percentage of the incidents were inaccurately reported or embellished by later authors, and numerous official agencies have stated that the number and nature of disappearances in the region is similar to that in any other area of ocean.

The Bermuda Triangle does indeed have unusual qualities, as do other places here and there on Earth. Magnetic anomalies are reported, where compasses swing wildly, clocks stop, and concrete objects fade from sight. What's causing this? These places, fortunately few in number, are an outlet from the center of the Earth for a byproduct of the Earth's compression, a gravity byproduct so to speak. A vent, from where subatomic particles not known to man surge forth periodically, and woe be to the man or fish who finds itself in the way. There are stories of ships and planes disappearing, and it is assumed they were carried off by extraterrestrials, taken off to a far-off zoo, for exhibition. Then why would these only disappear from such sites, and not regularly around the globe?

Here and there around the face of the Earth are similar outlets for this byproduct of the Earth's compression, many of them well known due to the havoc shippers or travelers experience─an area off the coast of Japan, and in one of the Great Lakes, for example. Such outlets also occur where man is unaware of them, as in the depths of the oceans or within inaccessible mountain crevices. What determines the outlet is not only the surface structure of the rock, fractures in fact, but also the structure of the underlying rock, factors man cannot measure.

Area 51

Area is a military base, and a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. It is located in the southern portion of Nevada in the western United States, 83 miles (133 km) north-northwest of downtown Las Vegas. Situated at its center, on the southern shore of Groom Lake, is a large military airfield. The base's primary purpose is to support development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems.

The intense secrecy surrounding the base, the very existence of which the U.S. government barely acknowledges, has made it the frequent subject of conspiracy theories and a central component to UFO folklore.

Are flying saucers being dismantled, assembled, inspected and flown by humans at Area 51? Not any more, though until quite recently this was one of the activities going on at this ultra secret, hush-hush base. Area 51 is all the more in the news because of its desire to be secret. At this point, should they throw open the doors and let the public wander through, everyone would be disappointed. A tomb. Empty, or virtually so, in preparation for just such public exposure. Where did the space ships go, and how did the military come into possession of them? The ships were moved by the alien groups who provided them to the military, and the whole operation has setup elsewhere, not on a military base.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Humans tend to think of fire as occurring at a high temperature, as when the process is going full bore this is indeed the case. But what of the moment when combustion is first starting, when sunlight is warming chemicals or a match is being dragged across a surface? High temperatures are not required to start the combustion process, which is but a chemical process, though high temperatures most often result. Many chemical reactions give out heat, a byproduct in excess during the molecular rearrangement. Many combustion processes also occur in a finite or limited manner, and may go unnoticed. A limited combustion process is what keeps the human body at 98.6 degrees, for instance - a slow burn.

Oxygen is present in the blood due to the bellowing action of the lungs, and fats or sugars present from stores in the liver or as a result of digestion. The components for a fire hotter than 98.6 are therefore present, but are held in check only by the limited supply of oxygen. Damp a fire and its pace becomes controlled. Blow on a fire and it flares. The pace of a fire is determined by the availability of its ingredients, and for the slow burn that takes place in the human body, oxygen is one of those ingredients. What would occur, then, if a substitute for oxygen were to become available, along with a catalyst to start the process. Matches start a fire because the heat produced by friction acts as a catalyst for the chemical mix on the head of the match. Where heat is not required to start the chemical process known as combustion, oxygen or a similar ingredient is required to keep it going.

That said, what causes spontaneous human combustion, a rare but frightening occurrence.

Beyond what is normally present in the human body - oxygen in limited amounts and fuels - those who spontaneously ignite have inadvertently created their own cremation by fretting and eating, a combination that often occurs. If life feels out of control, then eat. Fat laden foods comfort the most, as comfort from banking against the cold of a long winter or lean times is built into the human animal. The more worry, the more chomping occurs, and under normal circumstances this simply results in obesity. However, worry causes the liver to flood the blood stream with a fine oil, readily lit, in case the body may need to take flight or fight. In some humans a rare genetic condition exists that allows the combustion of this fine oil to continue, unabated, when in combination with a type of adrenaline, the catalyst. The need for oxygen is bypassed, as a self-feeding chemical reaction starts where a byproduct of the catalyst- induced combustion incites combustion in neighboring areas, and the matter goes out of control.

These humans, ostensibly fat and even jolly, are invariably found alone in their cremated state. This was a source of their self induced anxiety, as they chose to live alone, yet feared being alone, being their own worst enemy on all fronts. Does the human suffer? They feel no pain, as they become unconscious early in the process. A warm feeling, and then all goes black, as the brain is the first to receive blood from the pumping heart and brain cells are delicate. The unconscious and rapidly dying body, heart and breathing stopped, progresses to an intense chemical reaction, without oxygen, that is fast, hot, and very limited. The surroundings rarely burn unless highly flammable, as it is over too quickly to heat the air or raise the temperature of flame resistant furniture to the level where combustion runs unabated. Before the advent of flame resistant furnishings, spontaneous human combustion was not recognized for what it is. A spark from the fireplace or perhaps murder were suspected, but all clues were destroyed in the fire.

Men In Black

The Men in Black have received a lot of press as their visits are in the consciousness of humans. These entities are allowed to make these visits, as they are in the same density as humans and are not in quarantine. Where do they come from? They are not extraterrestrial at all, but live underground, in tunnels and caverns. Their townships exist in isolation, as they very seldom travel from one township to another, being at risk of exposure to humans in so doing. They fear the Awakening, as humans will then be informed of their presence. Where the eventual outcome of the Transformation, a Service-to- Others world, is not feared by them, they fear the transition. When the Transformation has taken place, this race will continue in 3rd Density, underground. They will then be in quarantine, and will not mix with the eventual inhabitants of the surface world. As they have a steady source of food and reliable shelter that will in the main survive the cataclysms, they fear being inundated after the cataclysms. These fears are not grounded, but nevertheless they have tried to slow the Awakening, in their own way, for these reasons.

The Men in Black have constructed cities underground, structures with multiple stories and tram systems run by electricity, but these are in natural caverns and are not connected to one another unless natural passageways exist. The Men in Black do not generate their electricity from any means that humans are familiar with - rushing water, windmills, steam turbines run by heat generated from controlled nuclear activity or by burning any number of fossil fuels. The electrical energy the Men in Black use is chemically generated, a method learned on their home planet prior to their transplantation to Earth. Their home planet did not have the wealth of fossil fuels that the Earth provides, nor land masses with changes in altitude that allow water to tumble, nor even very much water. Frustration is the mother of invention, as you say, and they worked with what they had. Their electrical energy is not abundant, and would hardly support the average United States homeowner with her many electrical appliances.

If the Men in Black live in natural underground caverns, then how have they escaped the eyes of eager explorers, who pass up no opportunity to discover new underground passageways and caverns? Spelunkers have thoroughly mapped every known crevasse under the surface of the Earth, delighting in every minute of it, as spelunking is an exploration. There are no new lands to discover and explore, as the continents are known and teeming with humanity. Outer space seems out of reach in these days of budget cuts. But spelunking still offers the chance to discover something the eyes of man have never seen. Do spelunkers assume that they have discovered all the caverns and passageways that abound under the crust of the Earth? There are a thousand times more caverns and passageways than they have yet come upon, or even suspect, many far deeper than man has even probed. The Men in Black, being unable to live on the surface, established themselves underground when they first arrived on Earth, in a technologically advanced state. Long, long before humans became proficient at spelunking, the Men in Black were erecting their defenses.

Why have the Men in Black not been found? Look to what clues spelunkers that new passageways exist - air currents, air quality, and sounds such as rushing water. When things are dead still, the assumption is that only solid rock is about. The Men in Black have architect and engineer types who devise ways to test the isolation of their caverns and passageways. Prior to building there, they run a test which essentially pulls the air upward to a vent at the roof. If there are air leaks, connections to other underground passageways, there is air current inward, and this is detectable. Oops, not a good home.

The Men in Black have not been found because of the vulnerability and fearfulness of these hominoids, who do not have the bomb, do not have tanks and bazookas, and in fact do not even have jails and prisons. Why? There is no need. They are not violent, as humans are by nature, but they're scared silly of being discovered by humans. Being no less intelligent than humans, they have spent no small amount of time devising ways to keep from being discovered, like a rat in a hole with no back door. The issue to focus on is not whether the Men in Black have threatened humans, but whether they have acted. When you speak to your dog, whom you wish to impress, what do you do? You act like a top dog! Dogs respond to domination that they cannot overcome by groveling and avoidance. Dogs respond to weakness that they can overcome by either tearing the throat out of a rival that resists or snarling a warning to a rival that turns belly up. The Men in Black have analyzed their co-habitants, and correctly understand what impresses them. Power without the ability to decimate and destroy is ignored. Therefore, threaten.

Mythical and mythological creatures

There are many mythological characters that have lately been ascribed to extraterrestrials. Suddenly everyone sees they have been surrounded by extraterrestrials all along, that the creatures of fairy tales and myths are simply the guys from outer space, in disguise as little people. Nonsense. If they looked like little people, they were little people. One must realize that only recently have little people such as dwarves been socially acceptable. In the past they were killed, more often than not, as representing the wrath of the gods or being an evil omen. Do you suppose their mothers simply handed them over for the knife? They hid them, and nurtured them in secret, taking them clothes and food. On occasion these little people, who would find each other by one means or another, would be seen by others. Surprise! What was that? Mythological creatures.


Dragons are legendary creatures, typically with serpentine or otherwise reptilian traits, that feature in the myths of many cultures.

There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons: the European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, and the Chinese dragon, with counterparts in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. The two traditions may have evolved separately, but have influenced each to a certain extent, particularly with the cross-cultural contact of recent centuries.

Mankind has many myths about dragons throughout the world. In the Orient the dragon is featured on pottery and in parades, and European myths are replete with Knights in armor going into battle against firebreathing dragons. The dragons invariable have wings and are shaped suspiciously like dinosaurs. Is there some basis in fact for this common human memory? Indeed there is. Where the dinosaurs died out long before mankind was engineered into being from ape stock, the Earth was not the only planet to give birth to such creatures. Evolution follows similar patterns, and where your Earth brought forth dinosaurs with wings, just so did other planets compatible with the Earth.

Dragons were transplants brought to the Earth by early ambassadors from the Service-to-Self, who anticipated an increased harvest of lackeys from the Earth due to the fear and despair their dragons wrought. Were the dragons intelligent and incarnated with souls? No. On a scale of 1 to 10, where the average dog is a 10, a dragon was barely a 3. This is why, in spite of the massive size and capacity to fly as well as lumber over hill and dale, they were so easily slain. Dumb brutes. Hundreds were brought to Earth, and released on terrified villages. The dragons ate humans, which were neither swift runners or able to barricade themselves in their mud huts, and were a tastier morsel than the deer, which ran fast and had taut, lean muscles. The legends speak of sacrifices, where humans would periodically offer one of their own to placate the dragon. Well, of course this reduced the rampages, as dinner had been brought to the door.

Where some dragons mated, they were scattered to begin with and, dying without progeny, eventually disappeared from the Earth. There were perhaps a few hundred delivered, and their reign, ending only in the last Millennia, lasted for thousands of years. The stories of dragons, all the more impressive as they were true, spread more widely than the dragons themselves. Did they breath fire? No. But when roaring, open mouthed, it felt like that to those within range. Hot breath and a big wind pipe.


Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person. Vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures and, and may go back to "prehistoric times", the term vampire was not popularized until the early 18th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe, although local variants were also known by different names, such as vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. This increased level of vampire superstition in Europe led to mass hysteria and in some cases resulted in corpses actually being staked and people being accused of vampirism.

Do Vampires exist? Yes, but they are not in human form as legend has it. The Earth has evolved creatures, mammals, that bite and drink blood-the vampire bats that plague certain tropical countries and debilitate range cattle with blood loss. Are Vampire bats the basis of the Vampire legends? In a manner of speaking, as the legend is based on a similar creature that evolved on another world. Just as Dragons were brought to the Earth by aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation, to terrify humans they hoped to later recruit into their ranks, just so were large Vampire bats brought to Earth.

They why the legend of the bat becoming human? The visitations occurred at night, as these bats evolved in a similar manner to the Earth's bats, using squeaking sounds in a type of radar, and using the safety of darkness to escape predatory birds which consider rodents a full course meal. The imported bats were large though slender. When flying they looked like bats, but after they landed their folding wings looked like outstretched arms-the vampire in his black cape. Red eyes? Yes, indeed in any light nearby the eyes, which lacked the protective pigment necessary in harsh daylight, showed only the blood just under the surface of the eye. And just as some hairy monkeys on Earth have hairless, pale faces, just so did these large Vampire bats have hairless faces. They were chosen by the Service-to-Self aliens because they resembled humans, in the dusk. The terrified victims, frozen in fear, gave birth to the Vampire myth of supernatural powers.

Were they found and killed with stakes? They were killed with whatever was at hand, when discovered in their dark lairs, and what was mostly at hand were wooden sticks. Farmers staking fence posts would use the pointed ends to fend off attacks from wild animals, and in most cases this was the only weapon available when fending off an attack from Vampires.


Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is purportedly an ape-like cryptid that inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. The term "Sasquatch" is an anglicized derivative of the word "Sésquac" which means "wild man" in a Salish Native American language.

Bigfoot has fascinated mankind for as long as the two races have been in contact with each other, as infrequent and fleeting as that many be. The reason for this has less to do with Bigfoot's size and man-ape like appearance, which would be understandable on this Earth, as with Bigfoot's elusiveness. Gorillas, for instance, are as large. Chimpanzees seem as intelligent. Why is Bigfoot a fascination? The answer lies in his seemingly uncanny ability to elude detection. The reason for this is that Bigfoot was to house a group of entities who are in quarantine. They remain elusive because they are not to intermingle with mankind. In this effort, they do not go unassisted. Bigfoot is there, right under our noses. Why are they in quarantine? These entities have been placed into a primitive condition at their request, so that they can return to a basic understanding of how to get along with each other, with nature, and ponder the wondrous workings of nature. Their quarantine is not an exile. It is a search for peace.

Has Bigfoot something to do with early mankind, perhaps an early model of man? The answer is, not surprisingly, yes! Bigfoot is indeed an interim model of one of the six races of man. How does it happen that only this race retained an intermediate model? How did the others not retain this. During the evolution of man, during periodic genetic engineering efforts, the entire race would be affected. All within a given race were in breeding proximity of each other, and the genetic alterations spread out accordingly. Bigfoot was separated, removed from the others, and moved into remote areas.


The chupacabras is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It is associated more recently with sightings of an allegedly unknown animal in Puerto Rico (where these sightings were first reported), Mexico, and the United States, especially in the latter's Latin American communities. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

During former eras when the battle for men's souls raged hot and heavy, those in the Service-to-Self orientation at times tried to tip the balance by loosing their dogs on humans in an attempt to terrify them. Such was the case when dragons and a large bald faced vampire bat were brought to Earth and unleashed upon the hapless population. Not being native to the Earth and hunted to extinction by angry mobs, these episodes were short lived but live on in the legends about dragons and vampires. Such is now the case with the Chupacabras, an ape of low intelligence which feeds on bodily fluids in preference to meat. A few hundred have been loosed on the Earth, approximately the same number as the number of dragons and vampire bats loosed in the past. Today, other than the Chupacabras, there are no living alien dog packs about, and the Chupacabras are dwindling.

As with other scourges, these creatures cannot attack humans unless the human gives permission, but terrified humans who have concluded they are helpless are giving permission by abandoning the fight. The Earth and her future are in the hands of humans, this is exactly why the Chupacabras have appeared─at the request of not just one, but many humans who are closely allied with aliens in the Service-to-Self. In essence, they hope to win a better place in their future home, to land higher in the pecking order than at the very bottom, but the joke will be on them. They are being used, but given the strength and size of their call to the Service- to-Self aliens in attendance, such a situation as the Chupacabras can occur.

However, as the Chupacabras are of alien origin, restrictions still apply. Unless a human gives permission, in essence acquiescing, an attack against a human cannot occur. This ties up considerable Service-to-Self resources, as where the Chupacabras are residing in 3rd Density, their Service-to-Self alien handlers must likewise linger about to reign them in now and then, albeit with a leash invisible to humans. These handlers, most often the alien life form known as Dino, have also been sighted by humans during tense moments when the normal admonishments to leave alien sightings only in the subconscious has taken second place to attending to the athletic Chupacabras. Were it not for these restrictions such ploys would be endlessly used by the Service-to-Self, who have no sense of fair play.

The Chupacabras, when they die, are retrieved and removed, as a terrifying myth loses it's magic when a dead body can be kicked and dissected. But more importantly, a dead Chupacabras would be identified as not of this Earth, potentially, and this removes the Element of Doubt. Thus, they are not to be left about, for this conclusion to be arrived at, as this would tip the balance of power potentially into the Service-to-Self camps. Like rumors of mass landings, which will not occur nor even be allowed to be staged, by aliens, such dead bodies and the implication of harm coming from alien hands would be greatly used by Service-to-Self aliens. Thus, in keeping the balance of influence equal, between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other, for humans still making their 3rd Density decision, this rule is enforced.

The legend of the Tower of Babel reflects this common occurrence, but the legend is not altogether fancy. Deliberate separation occurred in mankind's recent past, among groups that were commandeered into forced labor by the hominoid visitors from the 12th Planet. These slave-masters were constantly on the alert to prevent their slaves from gaining their technological advantages. The visitors constructed towers, silos in fact, to surround the missiles they used to shuttle between Earth and their home planet when it made a periodic appearance. When groups of their slave-laborers were found snooping and sharing information with each other, they were separated, forcibly. What remained of the story was the tower, the clustering of man, and the resulting separation due to language barriers. They did not separate because of a language barrier, the barrier developed because of separation.

Coral Obelisk

Many artisans choose their material more for its uniqueness than suitability, the better to gain notoriety. Wrapping an island in colorful plastic or floating colorful balloons is more a media event than art, but if done by one who professes to be an artist, qualifies, it seems. An artisan who fears being overlooked might choose his medium more for its likelihood of attracting attention than any other reason.

Thus it was with a poor immigrant who had more talent than money, being without sponsors in a new land, and in fact being without funds to even buy materials. He turned to what nature provided, in more than one way, as his choice of living coral was both inexpensive, being free, and quite unique. Being at home in the water, this artisan used various techniques to shape the coral, which grows slowly and is alive only on the outer surface. In most cases transplanting was done, skillfully cutting and fitting the pieces which were never removed from the sea water the living coral need in order to live. Scars heal over time, giving the appearance of natural coral growing in these unusual shapes. Where this work of art gained the artisan notoriety, and was certainly an outlet for his talent, it scarcely made him rich. Just as his medium was free to him, likewise viewing his work was free, a legacy left to startle the uninformed swimmer who happened upon them.


Among the philosophies from the Orient is one that espouses education through observation, specifically observation of nature. Where other philosophies from the Orient espouse either meditation, removing oneself from the environment and closing off what the sense perceive, or seeking a balance between the attention to self needed for self preservation and cohesiveness and concern for others in the community, Taoism states that nature itself is the teacher and that each man must attend to his lessons alone. Taoism has an obscure beginning, as it was not brought to the attention of man by the normal means, by the hand of a great and popular philosopher. Taoism developed as a result of discussion among men, and was passed through many generations as a spoken work long before being put into print. Thus there is no author, and this was by intent. Without an author, there is less of a target, so the philosophy is less subject to attack by those who would control the minds of men. Thus the Tao philosophy has remained pure, simple statements passed along by so many routes that the message has not become corrupt.

Ganesh Milk

Blind faith does many things for the holder, including settling arguments between what the eyes perceive and what faith dictates. These types of arguments arise where the dictates of the faith are tightly bound to survival or security, or where the faith is perceived to offer the only solution to an intractable problem. Thus a child may refuse to acknowledge the death of a parent until a substitute parent is firmly in place, or the religious, living in poverty, may cling to the notion that their gods are real as thus there is some hope of escaping the grinding poverty. Such a situation arises often in India, where there is both grinding and intractable poverty and a cultural and genetic acceptance of discrepancy. If two ideas, simultaneously held, conflict, then simply don't line them up together and thus avoid the conflict. This type of escape requires coconspirators in the family, the workplace, the media, and the government, and in India this is the case. Thus, if the faithful, looking for distraction and longing for a hopeful sign, see what the heart wishes but the eye belies, then blind faith prevails and blind they must be! Did the deity Ganesh drink milk spooned to it, around the world? Hardly, but milk dries to a clear stain, and thus supports this notion of the faithful.

Divine Nectar

A falsehood promulgated by Yogis is that they nourish themselves not with the same food and water required by mere humans whom they would lead, but by the absorption of light energy, called Divine Nectar. This is a falsehood difficult for the follower to disprove, as to put in place the controls necessary to disprove the proposition, the follower would have to highly insult the master. Do they have a bite to eat in their private quarters, or slip a nibble into their mouths now and then during the day, from under their flowing robes? Who can be certain? There has been no controlled study on this matter, and the reader can be assured that if humans had even a slight inclination in this direction that the massive starvation and malnutrition that occurs all over the Earth, without abatement throughout human history, would have produced at least one human who seemed to thrive without food.

A controlled experiment to disprove the proposition would require that a Yogi master:

  • be willing to undergo such a test
  • be placed in an isolated situation where the only input to his system would be the light claimed to nourish
  • be observed continuously by people who are not the Yogi Master's followers and who therefore do not have preconceived opinions on the outcome

No such controlled test has ever been done, and for good reasons - the proposition would be disproved.

Why do Yogi Masters purport that this practice works? What's in it for them? India is a country where starvation and malnutrition are on the rise, and have always been a grim fact of life for all but the privileged classes. The cast systems are rigid, and there is scant hope of escaping. Some Yogis purport that this practice succeeds to give hope to the pitiful, and some have even convinced themselves that they feel refreshed after basking, but most do so simply to raise their status among their followers. How great is their master? He has mastery over Divine Nectar, or so he says.


Not Alone

The microcosm that is Earth first appeared to humans as the center of everything. The babe, in his mother's arms, proceeds on the same assumption. She is there for his needs, solely. We hesitate to broaden our perceptions because this minimizes the self. Mother does not exist solely for me, therefore I may go unattended. Father chats with the other children, therefore I have not captivated his attentions and may go unnoticed. And in like manner we follow the child into adulthood to discover the human species grappling with the concept of not being alone, the one and only. There are other intelligent species in the Universe, therefore I am not God's crowning achievement. They can levitate and zip about and disappear, therefore I am a technological dummy. All very deflating, especially for the pompous. The reaction is reluctance, active denial, or a pout - non-participation. Look right at the facts and fail to process them. Process them and refuse to accept the conclusion. Develop countervailing theories and attempt to substantiate them. Close all the doors and windows and develop an avid interest in a hobby. Just don't have time for all that nonsense. Well, of course, it won't go away.

Humans, adjusting to the concept that they are not alone, go through stages not unlike the small child adjusting to nursery school. They feel, ordinarily, that they are the masters of their small Universe. A cry of distress brings Mommy or an older sibling running. Throw out a beaming smile and an adult starts chirping. Works every time. Then comes the shock. The babe is not alone. The first reaction to the sight of a room full of competitors and a distracted Mommy substitute is to cling to Mommy. Humans, reacting to the alien presence, pray fervently. Save me! The babe may strike out at competitors, bonking another playmate, or snatch toys away for a personal horde. The alien presence almost invariably brings a cry from some angry human - leave us alone, the Earth is ours! Unable to mold the nursery to one's liking, the babe may next pout. Sit in the corner, lower lip out, glowering. Want a cookie? No! Perhaps non-participation will make it all go away. Some babes pout forever, and make it a lifelong practice. We find these humans turning their backs on evidence of the alien presence. Non-participants are the least likely to turn and become actively involved─curious and exploratory. In fact, the vocal skeptic is most likely to suddenly stop protesting and let it all sink in. Look to the history of avid believers and one will often find a skeptic. The skeptic gives birth to the advocate.

Alien Presence

Humans adjust to the new and familiar in accordance with its introduction during their lifetime. The babe, in its mother's arms, heard conversation, occasional banging doors, occasional howling wind, and feels no sense of urgency or alarm from the arms it lays in. Thus, banging doors and howling wind do not alarm it to the point of a faint in later life! Extend this to the crowd of children the child later runs with, the workforce peers, the leadership of the clan, or any other substitute for Mother. Where it is a known, or similar, or accepted occurrence, the human being can slot and place the occurrence, and does not react with panic.
Where the alien presence is widely known and talked about, it is presented in various ways. Contactees describe their experiences in terms that seem relatively harmless, but the elite, who do not want humans turning to the alien presence with any but horror and rejection, paint a different picture. Disinformation is presented as though it were from a contactee, an experiencer, and thus the general public is confused. Thus, when a contactee meets, for the first time, the visitors it has been longing to meet and giving The Call to, the contactee is braced for the worst! Panic, and fainting, occur when any unexpected encounter occurs, whether this be the announcement that someone in good health is now dead, or that the lottery has been won and one is now rich. Sudden and unexpected encounters cause one to faint as fainting is a protection, playing possum, which saved many a cave man from being eaten as he was assumed dead and thus rotten by the predators.
Thus, for the general public to become accustomed to the alien presence, and to not react in this manner, the Council of Worlds has determined to introduce actual sightings of aliens lifeforms, on video, for the general public to view. These sightings have already occurred by the year-end of 2001, but are discounted often as fakes. However, the increasing incidence, broadcast mostly as local news, is making the Earth's population comfortable with the alien presence. You've seen an alien? So what. Shut the door and don't slam it please, I'm busy watching the news on TV.

First Impressions

Adjustments to the other are an issue that is present anytime intelligent beings first meet each other. In the past, when humans thought not of creatures from outer space, they had no explanation if they caught sight of us or others from other worlds. Deliberate suppression of conscious awareness was not done in the past, or at least not to the degree done today. This is done today to reduce fear, but in the past curiosity was more often the reaction. What are those strange creatures? They simply gave us names, many different names.

On our part, we too had an adjustment to humans. Such smelly, hairy creatures, always up in arms at the slightest thing! Posturing to defend that not worth defending - the territory. Things we had put aside so long ago, ancient memories, had to be dredged up just to allow us to understand, again. One of the hardest adjustments has been dealing with the lack of understanding from humans, who in the main treat us like invaders. We are ascribed every sort of motive, although in truth those in the Service-to-Self crowd deserve the title, yet we are blamed for their deeds without even a trial. So quick to absolutes, those frightened humans. We have found it best to deal one-on-one. Where the mass rises in the direction the leader points, the single human ponders and lets the truth sink in. Pebble by pebble we build the mountain of truth.

Sings of the Awakening

Biologists in the lab deal in closed systems and open systems. Where the experiment is to be a closed system, every aspect of the biosphere is structured, and as many factors as possible are eliminated. If one wants to document how mice react to more daylight, a longer day, one has a control group of mice where the light is fixed, and another group of mice where the light is varied, steadily increasing. All else is rigidly structured for sameness. Same food, same feeding time, same amount of food, same degree of handling by humans, same amount of cage litter - no variance at all if possible. In an open system experiment few of the factors are tightly controlled, as there are too many variables. How do two different strains of mice get along with each other, and which survives the competition for resources? Put all the mice in one large cage, vary the environment with lots of exploratory debris, vary the feeding schedule, subject the mice to extraneous noise once in awhile, and watch. The Awakening is now in an open system, where formerly closed, and several trends are already apparent.

Decades ago contactees were visited on an individual or at most family basis. Almost always, a contactee vaguely aware of this activity kept it to themselves or at most shared it with a trusted confidant. Closed system. Now contactees are meeting each other, not only in their subconscious during visitations, but in support groups, Internet chat groups, and while browsing at the book store. Government denial has become an indirect education program, religious leaders are formulating their explanations, TV and movie producers want to be on the leading edge of a media opportunity, and politicians are seen gladly accepting alien endorsements. Open system.

Alien Welcome

The story of EBE, at Roswell, plays like a child's bed time story to mankind, eager to embrace the alien presence they sense is present, but denied to them by their governments who have a palpable cover-up in place. The Brazilian Roswell story in recent years shows the eagerness of the populace to embrace the alien presence, children leading the way by caring for the injured aliens they discovered on their path home. Sightings of lights in the sky, UFO's, are cold comfort for those who sense that these visitors mean mankind no harm. Thus, at the slightest excuse, all manner of rumors of sightings are taken as evidence of aliens among the populace. No alien bodies, except those recovered at Roswell and the Brazilian Roswell, which were deliberate, are in the hands of man. However, soon enough live visitors will be at their doors, walking in the mist, and delivering help when life seems grim and hope gone. Thus, the embrace is going two ways, in the heart!

Sightings to Increase

The subconscious is the heart of your awareness, and when the subconscious of the majority of your populace is comfortable with our presence, there will be no need to conceal ourselves from you. Sightings will increase, and will include alien life forms. This will then move to telepathic discussions with these life forms, en-mass with groups of people. An increasing number of photos and videos will develop, and although they will meet with the usual barrage of skeptic-bunkerisms, these photos and videos will speak to the subconscious of many. There will always be those who deny what they see. This occurs today, in your society, in all facets.

Where we and other benevolent groups speak to the subconscious, the subconscious also is cognizant of what the eyes and ears perceive. For those in denial, discord sets in. If discord dominates, then a conscious recognition of an alien ship or personage can induce fear. Should you be filled with resentment at this point over the delays, feeling yourself free of fear, bear in mind that the fear mongers are not wining, nor will they. They have already lost. Their voices have been lost in the din, and the benevolent messages are upwelling at the present time. The battle is over, but some of the stragglers have not yet left the Earth.

Where sightings are on the increase, just where and when they occur depends on many factors, only one of which is the desire of the local inhabitants to experience one. Some sightings such as the dramatic Mexico City sighting seen by thousands and video taped by hundreds, hasten the Awakening by being broadcast and highly authentic. Some sightings in remote locales occur because the majority of the residents are comfortable with the concept of being galactic citizens and ready to experience a sighting without undue anxiety. Some sightings by individuals are like the personalized sign many contactees are given, as encouragement that the path they have set upon is not a foolish one.

But likewise there are areas of the world that receive few sightings, and Muslim countries are included in this list. Where the majority of the humans have been isolated from the gossip that flows freely elsewhere around the world, and have been told that anything outside of the bounds of their tightly controlled world is of the devil, then sightings would do more harm than good. If one cannot see a woman's face, could one be allowed to see a UFO?

Mass Sightings

During the past few decades sightings have almost invariably been a personal experience, and in the main they will remain that─an individual, alone in an isolated area, a family on a camping trip, a couple standing on a balcony enjoying the star lit night. In step with the increased pace of the Awakening, sightings will become mass sightings, affecting the whole populace in crowded or urban areas as occurred recently in Australia and the Netherlands. The media will suppress the news, but they cannot prevent neighbors from chatting with one another or gossip on the Internet. The word gets out.

Glowing Ships

Sightings will become more dramatic as the Awakening progresses, and this is by intent. Initial UFO sightings were of silvery crafts, hovering with apparent mastery of the force of gravity, streaking rapidly, and with the ability to change direction instantly or otherwise maneuver in a manner unlike manmade crafts. These sightings posed enough questions to those with an open mind that no further encouragement was needed. Those with a closed mind refused to believe that what others were talking about, or perhaps what they had seen with their own eyes, was anything but a manmade aircraft, a meteor, or their imagination! To encourage these humans to enter the discussion that is becoming endemic worldwide, we and others involved in the Awakening process have moved to include glowing crafts into the sightings that are increasingly occurring.

Mothership Sightings

There are dozens of motherships hovering around Earth all the time. There are many groups visiting Earth at this time, and they all have their own craft. They are hidden from view, but will show themselves when appropriate. Indeed, mass sightings are increasing, sightings of large craft that cannot be denied because so many people see them from a distance, at angles that correlate. These people talk to each other at the local bars, if the media doesn’t carry the news, and in general an area as large as one of the US states can become firm believers simply because they have shared information among extended families and coworkers. This is what happened after the Arizona sightings in 1997.
{C}Motherships are there all the time. You simply don’t see them. You can be right under one, and you won’t see it. Why? Because we have distorted light rays and we give you a view of what is above the mothership, from below, so you think you’re looking right through it where you are actually looking around it. If this seems amazing, think about how light rays change when they go through water. People accept the fact that they see things at an angle when they are under the water. Bending light rays is no big deal, and we do it all the time. The mechanism we use is not a gravity field. It could scarcely be gravity, as the force required would compress us to the size of a pea, and of course we would not live. We use other means, something that doesn’t affect us personally. Light is a particle ray, and is influenced by many particles that are similar to it, repulsed or attracted, and we simply utilize those elements, which are unknown to man. Man has scarcely scratched the surface in an understanding of subatomic particles. We don’t claim to be experts but we are far more advanced.

UFO's on film

In a rash of sightings, captured on film, UFO’s have suddenly moved from ephemeral objects whose film capture is elusive to indisputable objects, regularly captured on film. No less than the Mexican Air Force came forward, having been given permission by their President, to proclaim a capture in infrared. A new phase seems to have begun. Indeed, we have stated that as the populace was ready for more solid proof, ready to accept this without panic and even embracing the notion, that proof would come. The rule always, always, during the Awakening, is not to engender fear and panic as this pushes the populace toward the Service-to-Self orientation. Thus, reading behind the current wave of UFO capture on film and video, one finds increasing eagerness for contact with visitors from other worlds. In step with this eagerness is a resignation by the establishment, preoccupied with Planet X in the vicinity and no way to escape to Mars or elsewhere during the coming cataclysms. Realizing they have been duped by their allies, aliens in the Service-to-Self, they are belatedly trying to make amends. Thus, the almost tepid response to news in the media about all the sightings and film capture. Deflated debunkers, not longer encouraged.

Air Force One

Of course the disappearance of Air Force One from radar screens, a situation which happened several times during 1998, was not just a technical problem. Why does this only happen to Air Force One? Planes do not disappear from radar unless they are removed from the scope's range. And this is what occurred. How better to announce that we are in communication with the US government? This is an awakening ploy, one approved by MJ12 as without their approval we could not approach or affect such person as the President or his Secret Service guard. This does not mean that anyone on board the plane was aware of their temporary removal from the air space, as they were awake only in their subconscious during this time, or otherwise unaware.

Familiar Stranger

Many contactees have the sense that they have met another before, and that there is some activity they are to do together. At times they spontaneously recall a meeting with people they do not recognize, or have a flash of a person's face, figure, or demeanor. Contactees are being introduced to each other by aliens who are coordinating activities. The contactee may meet the others in their conscious life at some point in time, or such a meeting may never occur. If they meet, they have a sense that there is something familiar about the other person, or perhaps think they know them from some place. This, of course, happens all the time in human relationships, so comments about this cause no one to take alarm. However, in the contactee's subconscious all remember the prior meeting and the issues being discussed, and work together toward common goals without needing to mention them openly or to be consciously aware that they are doing so.

Many contactees have become aware, through one means or another, that these types or meetings are occurring and that they have met supposed strangers in their lives that they recognize, absolutely. This is being discussed in contactee support groups, or among contactees who have become friends. This type of awareness will only increase as the need for coordinated activity increases, and as troubled times approach.

Inititation Rite

For many, the Awakening is just so much joking around about aliens and space ships until they are one of many seeing a mass sighting. Suddenly it’s up close and personal, and most particularly, no longer a joke. They’ve been initiated. They’re now one of those special people who can speak from experience, and with mass sightings, the supporting statements of others who shared the sighting make this experience one to broadcast, not shutter. Such sightings in the past were denied by the government and suppressed in the media, so that the populace learned to speak only in hushed whispers to others who shared the experience. But this time around the government is if anything adding fuel to the fire by simply denying that the objects were theirs, and the media is granting the mass sightings coverage like never before.

Thus the return of mass sightings is stepping up the Awakening process in many countries, as the reception by those excited by their recent initiation need not be contained. Personal experiences are talked about on the bus, in the lunchroom, and are so commonplace as to no longer raise an eyebrow. This new liberal attitude toward those with personal experiences to relate, the initiated, does more than encourage talk about new experiences, it frees those who have long been experiencers to speak out, often for the first time. Memories suppressed due to fear of the reception are suddenly open for recall, so more than recent experiences are being openly discussed. Thus a single mass sighting can ignite a community, setting up an open forum on the alien presence that can not be repressed once begun. The community itself has become initiated!


Where most of these sightings do not get into the press, they nevertheless occur and ready the larger pool of humanity that is receptive to an open awareness of man not being alone in the universe, and the presence of alien visitors. Famous, of course, are the Mexico mass sighting during the Eclipse, and the mass sighting that occurred in Arizona, where a large mothership was viewed by most of the state. Recently, in late 2002, some areas are being reported where earlier they were hotbeds of sightings but not reported widely. An example is the mass sighting, by pilots and so numerous and from various areas that no flip explanation could be given for what was seen, was reported in Turkey. Lights moving at right angles, going up and reversing, are not a meteor or another plane, especially when reported by pilots who know how planes behave. The tail reported was to exemplify, for all watching, just what direction the object was moving, as UFO's do not have an exhaust, but did so deliberately this time.
Likewise, there are spots in Norway and Southern California where sightings happen so often as to be local folklore, not at all disturbing to the residents. What is little known is that the red deserts of Australia are frequent spots, as the local farmers as well as Aborigines are accepting. And the vast regions of China, where not news issues forth due to the repressive regime there, have light shows frequently, and missing time those evenings much the talk in the fields the next day among those who take this as a source of pride, their involvement in these mass visits. In South America, Brazil, especially since what we have termed the Brazilian Roswell, is a hotbed in spots of sightings, and missing time. When this occurs together, there is an unmistakable correlation in the human mind, in that the sightings and sleepy mornings the next day, and the sense that they have been a party to a visit, en mass, is strong. Thus, the light shows, in the consciousness of those viewing it, opens the door to discussions about whether one is sleepy, slept well, had an odd dream, or whatever. In the fields, the coffee shops, the local laundry, this is the talk.


The public is rapt an eager to hear about aliens, and the stage masters rise to the occasion! Following the legitimate mass sightings in Mexico in 1991, during the Eclipse, there were faked sightings reported and produced on video galore. The reason? The locals, having had a tasted of well-heeled visitors to their area, staying at the local motels and restaurants and tipping well, wanted more. So, as we reported years ago when asked about this, the majority of the follow-on sightings were simply faked. The Brazilian Roswell, a legitimate report of live aliens injured and on the ground, seen by school children wandering home along a path through the woods, is being followed by faked Abduction scenes. The fakes are clear, as there are burn marks in the shape of a body on the bed, on the wooden wall, enough such that the human involved would have body wide burns, life threatening in nature. Not at all what contactees experience! Another report, from the Ranch Areas where cattle mutilations formerly keep visitors coming and reports in the local papers, we now hear of similar sightings. The body cannot be produced, the story told by word of mouth only, but those in the US west who hope to keep the interest up will keep it up as long as they do get reporters coming around. This is simply the human wish to keep a good thing going, attention, extra income, and is likely to follow in like manner the increase in legitimate sightings that will be occurring during the Awakening.

Power Outages

In step with increased sightings will be an occasional Power Outage, as where there are those who can deny a sighting no matter how dramatic and well documented it is, there are few who can deny massive power outages. As they affect a broader audience, power outages are timed and placed for maximum impact. There is no point to a power outage that affects only a rural area with a small or isolated populace, or to a power outage that might occur in the middle of the night when few are awake to notice it. But beyond these considerations, power outages during the Transformation will be timed to act as an exclamation point to other messages given.

The establishment movie ID4, scheduled to premiere on July 4th in the US, premiered early as those who would give a false message to the populace, telling them that mass landings could occur and their only hope was a tight alliance with their government and established leaders, were eager to begin their propaganda. Those aliens in the Service-to-Others who deplore such lies for their tendency to create fear and a sense of isolation in humans, thus driving them toward the Service-to-Self orientation, determined to sound a different note. Thus a massive power outage in the middle of the day over the western half of the US was effected to coincide with the ID4 premiere. If aliens could mass land at will, then when they are about in such numbers and with such power, why do they not land? A countering message.Ali

Alien Bodies

A recent trend in the deliberate Awakening of the populace has been the supposed discovery of pictures of dead aliens. Following the Roswell autopsy film a rash of such pictures have emerged. This is not by accident, and is more than just copycat behavior. Such pictures are deliberately being placed before the public to acclimate them to the concept of visitors from other planets and the odd appearance that might be expected. Since rioting in the streets did not occur as a result of the release of the Roswell autopsy footage, a carefully staged fraud which was intended from the start to be discovered as such, those who would have the Awakening proceed post haste have encouraged other such nudges. Accordingly a rash of pictures have come forth, all showing aliens in the most vulnerable of positions - dead, injured, and lying on the autopsy table under the knife of human scientists.

Still pictures of dead bodies are easy to produce, as any film maker will confirm. Most of the dead alien photos are a combination of real human bodies or body parts, augmented by putty or burns, thus the semblance of realism. If living children are sold into prostitution by their parents around the world and the elderly abandoned, how easy would it be to purchase the bodies of dead children and aged? Crematoriums are another source of such bodies, as one urn of ashes looks much like another, and how would the family know otherwise? These dead bodies, all hominoids and none larger than the average human, are to acclimate the populace to the concept of intelligent visitors from other worlds, while reassuring the populace that such visitors can be killed in crashes just as humans are killed on the highway. The intended message is that aliens visitors are not that much different from humans.

The Word

Many humans who gain an understanding of the Transformation and its components feel impelled to get the word out to others. Should others not become aware as quickly as possible of the pending pole shift, the spiritual choices to be made, and the presence of galactic citizens in their midst? They are concerned that failure to act, to broadcast this information, represents a dereliction of duty on their part and fret over how best to proceed in the face of resistance.

Is this necessary? Is this possible? And whose responsibility is this? This is certainly not the responsibility of those humans who personally become aware. Each human who desires this information can and does give The Call and thus receives a personal explanation. But what of those humans who, held in ignorance by a reluctant media, have not had their curiosity stirred? Here also we assume responsibility, by limited sightings or visitations to start the ball rolling. Likewise, issues of spiritual choices are not so much made based on knowledge that such choices exist, but on the steady resolution of issues in one direction or the other. The entity sees the trend, and watching others, realizes the choices that are possible. Should the pending pole shift be loudly announced to warn humans of the many changes their lives will undergo? Any publication would meet with active resistance, such that the volume would mount to meet the challenge. Truth of this matter will not be carried home to humanity by the media, much controlled by the establishment, but by the Earth itself, which will present changes for all to see and none able to explain away.

Therefore, speak to those who will listen, but do not be concerned about numbers.

The White Brotherhood

The White Brotherhood is not from another world, but is a group of psychics supported by various governments of the world, covertly. The White Brotherhood, as it is currently, adopted a name that already had name recognition. This has been a long running fraud, whose purpose is to influence the populace of the world into believing matters that are not true. It is a disinformation campaign, claiming connection with Ashtar though Ashtar had nothing to do with it.

It is a well known fact that telepathy exists between human beings, outside of any influence from aliens from outer space. All life, even plants, share this ability to some degree, as it is related to the flow of communications between living cells. Where there is life, there is the potential to receive a flow of communications from another, and to sympathize with another's flow, and to therefore get inside another, so to speak. When humans are in telepathic communication with each other the communication flow between the brain cells of the one create a pulsing aura of sorts, which expands outward for many hundreds of miles. Getting in tune with this communication aura so as to be in a telepathic conversation involves tuning one's own communication aura to be in sync with the other. Once done, their minds can travel down parallel paths, the listener in parallel with the one listened to. This also has a reverse mechanism, as once this parallel communication is in place, the listener can interject.

It is by this means that the White Brotherhood operates. They are assisted in this with information given to them by the governments they work for. They are even moved physically close to their target human, to maximize the potential for contact. They are given personal information about their target, so as to line their thinking up with what might be in the thoughts of that person. When they have made contact, so to speak, and verified this to their satisfaction by receiving information from the target that confirms they are thinking in parallel with the target, they set to work. First the White Brotherhood interjects a thought, in conversational mode. For maximum effect, the thought is surrounded by visual imagery and emotion, so the thought will impact much of the target's brain and get the target's attention. Then they listen. If the target indicates, by thoughts, that it has received the message and is aware of this, then the White Brotherhood sends another message, and on it goes.

The message the White Brotherhood wishes to extend is that the aliens are not to be trusted. They do not differentiate, but spread suspicion about all aliens. They do this by themselves asserting they are aliens, and making the target human uneasy. What it takes to make the target human uneasy varies, as each person is different. Since they have information on the target, are close physically to the target for easy listening, and can get inside the target's head for endless hours of snooping, they soon figure out what it will take to make the target nervous. They send a very personalized message. The message will be packaged differently for each target, and thus the understanding one target receives may not coincide with what another target receives. If the concepts being relayed are not personally distressing to the target, they will refer to the White Brotherhood as a pleasant experience. If, however, the target resents the concepts being relayed, a battle of wills may result and the experience reported as unpleasant.

What is the goal of all this? It is to keep the world for humans, in the control of mankind, or more specifically in the control of the current establishment. Since the pace of the Awakening is determined to some degree by the fear and anxiety of the populace, they hope to keep the level of fear and anxiety at a very high level. They therefore target authors, journalists, speakers, and others who have the potential of influencing large numbers of others. We are able to tell you of this fraud, as there are not currently any Service-to-Self oriented aliens involved, although this has been the case in the past, particularly at the inception of the concept of the White Brotherhood. Were this otherwise, and were there to be Service-to- Self oriented aliens involved, we would be restrained from divulging this information by the Rules of Engagement.

Drug Induced

Among the myths circulating on how, when, and where visitation occurs is the myth that hallucinogens facilitate. They do not. Many would-be leaders and their hangers-on wish to get on the bandwagon and make a living if not a profit on the increasing curiosity about the alien presence, and are looking for a niche.

  • Can they compete with genuine contactees who run the gamut of emotions when hypnotized by professionals and exhibit scars that appear overnight or positive pregnancy tests that result in the missing-baby syndrome? They would be discovered as the frauds they are if this were attempted.
  • Can they compete with genuine channelers, whose work has an internal consistency no matter how voluminous, and connects with other genuine channeled works as though several soloists were suddenly a chorus? This type of fraud requires talent, and is in any case a lot of work, and as these frauds come under increasing pressure to explain contradictions it is not the perfect solution.
  • Can they claim they saw and learned wondrous things while in a drug induced state, and offer to show the masses how it's done, for a fee? Why not? What basis for rejecting or accepting their statements exist? Its a safe fraud, and more than one such fraud is currently running.

Visitations are not facilitated by recreational drugs, no matter what the users might imagine. In fact, as the contactee would be dysfunctional, it's counter-productive. Any stories claiming otherwise are false, as are stories that alien visitors encourage the use of recreational drugs.

Arizona Coverage

The first mass sighting to get full coverage in the media was the large and undeniably alien object seen by thousands in Arizona in March, 1997. Distinctive for its size, which could not be mistaken for a satellite or shooting star, this slowly moving and hovering gargantuan ship could only be a mass hysteria or an alien ship. Since the observers did not consult with one another, mass hysteria simply would not fly as an explanation. More remarkable than the sighting and the thousands who observed it was the reaction by the media, which reveals the extent to which the media is controlled on matters of the alien presence.

Where windstorms that blow shingles off roofs are reported on the front page, what excuse does the media have for not reporting on a sighting that absolutely proves that the alien presence is real! Lack of witnesses? There were thousands. Lack of credibility? They had videos. A hoax? What could hold a ship the size of several football fields in the air, for over an hour? An illusion? The sighting was visible all across the state, and a projected image, one placed against background stars, can fool only those situated at the right angle. Was the delay due to examination of the evidence and interviewing witnesses? The media traditionally operates by reporting first and issuing corrections later.

What caused the delay in reporting this astonishing sighting was not any issue with the evidence or witnesses, but conflicting orders from MJ12, often itself in conflict over how to proceed. Traditionally the media has been told to clamp shut on all sightings, and proceeded with this approach automatically in Phoenix. Orders to the contrary were questioned, and double checked, and when confusing confirmations were issued by MJ12, double checked again and again. Better to be safe than sorry, especially since a story once aired cannot easily be retracted, as Roswell so amply demonstrated. MJ12 operates like most intelligence organizations operate - on a need to know basis. Thus many in the ranks were slow to hear the new marching orders, and contradicted their leaders.

All in all, a mass sighting that pleased those producing the extravaganza as much as it pleased the majority of the audience, and one providing a second extravaganza, though one must read between the lines to see it. This second extravaganza is the international cover-up, which has been in place since Roswell and affects all major media outlets, bar none. In stark exception to the normal media reaction to truly newsworthy items, the media became catatonic for three months, and then found its voice! Please note, world, the best evidence for the cover-up has just been handed to you on a platter!

Roswell Revisited

Concurrent with the 50 year anniversary of the Roswell episode there have been dramatic sightings world wide. The most notable, due to its media coverage by CNN, was the Phoenix sighting, but this was not the only dramatic sighting. The others suffered the usual media suppression, but the local populace talked among themselves nonetheless. The Roswell coverage was considered safe by the suppression advocates, as various stories countering the truth had been concocted and issued. Thus, the public will have, as usual, a blitz of information to sort through. For those willing to allow themselves to consider the truth about Roswell, there will be a breathtaking array of fresh evidence that the alien presence exists to give the truth a boost. This was, as you say, not an accident.

Demand for Proof

You will find, as the awakening to galactic consciousness proceeds over the next few years, that the demand for proof of our existence will increase rather than decrease. You will also find, in line with what you have already experienced, that there will be no amount of proof that will satisfy these demands. Proof stands before the world today. Crop circles and their residual impact on soil and vegetation, mass sightings, disappearing pregnancies. When one gets into the game of proof, one is speaking to the wrong people. Do you have any doubts about the extent that people in denial will go to? Speak to people accused of horrific crimes against their loved ones. It didn’t happen. It most certainly wasn’t them. Homo Sapiens, as with most intelligent species, has the capacity to argue against unpleasant facts. As the unpleasant nature of these facts increases, so do the arguments.

Have you heard the argument that the majority of a teacher, or parent, or manager’s time is spent on the troublesome? This is certainly true of the efforts of the police, who are a corps only because of the troublesome. The troublesome are few, but receive almost all the attention. We take a different approach in our contacts with humans. We ignore the troublesome, as they make their own bed, spiritually speaking, and must lie in it. In addition, the troublesome don’t hinder our efforts. We are beyond their reach. We communicate with those who will make a difference, who are either currently dedicating their lives to worthwhile efforts or will presently do so. We direct our efforts to those who share our goals.

Of course, if we were to give humanity absolute proof, there would be repercussions. It is rather deliberate that the press of information that you are not alone as intelligent creatures in God's universe is very gradual. It is not by accident that toys, TV shows, and everyday conversation in the workplace talk about aliens and have alien figures, and that this is casually accepted without fear. This is because this has been slowly interjected. Were there to be aliens marching down the street or appearing on TV next to the President of the United States, there would be heart attacks, there would be savage attacks most certainly against those individuals who are contactees. They would be torched, shot, or stoned as Pat Robertson has suggested, and it would not be a good scene.

Be advised that the rules in place guiding our contact do not allow us to dance in the skies at your command. They do not allow us to manipulate your reality so that you can claim confirmation of our existence. You need not look far for proof of these statements. It is common knowledge that photos and videos that would be too staunch in their veracity simply do not develop. Likewise, the only physical evidence of alien biological existence or technology is in the hands of your government and other governments in alliance with your government on the alien issue. If this seems to you to be a double standard, it is. How the Transformation and the Awakening is happening on your Earth has been very carefully thought through, and there are definite rules to abide by.


Human society, like all societies, has microcosms within microcosms - different groups with different viewpoints. Christians may belong to any one of a dozen or more churches, each of which may have liberal or conservative sections, and a liberal group in one such sector may not be the same as another liberal group just across town. During the Transformation, with increasing polarization of groups, these differences will only accentuate. How does the diversity within a society affect its Awakening? Surprisingly, diversity speeds an Awakening along, as there is less possibility of a single viewpoint becoming dominant. However, diversity creates discord, and in this respect differing opinions or stances on becoming a galactic citizen result in just as much discord as differing religious views or differing political affiliation or the gulf know as the generation gap.

Attitudes toward the Awakening, today, range from total denial to joyous embracing. Denial ranges from refusal to admit the possibility to educated skepticism. Those embracing the Awakening range from unquestioning acceptance, come what may, to selective affection and a hesitant handshake. Diversity will only increase, and concurrently discord will increase, as the Awakening proceeds.

As with the Clonaid attention in major media, far outside the usual attention that alien hugging groups get, this is another example of various parts of the establishment hoping to open up the Transformation to get more assistance from aliens. There have been several competing and conflicting forces during the past few decades, since Roswell.

The Hug-Humans thrust
which states that aliens are evil, cannot be trusted, are out to colonize the Earth and eat or enslave mankind, and that only by resisting visitations and hugging your governing bodies, your military, your church, will you be safe.
The Hug-Aliens thrust
which states that the visitors are benign space brothers, here to help us during hard times, and if the Earth gets in a crunch such as a pole shift will lift all away to safety and some magical life on another planet or on a space ship.
The Hug-Reality thrust
which points to past pole shifts or current problems such as starvation and disease that mankind deals with, no rescue there, and the lack of a mass landing to colonize Earth, as evidence that neither Hug-Humans or Hug-Aliens above are correct.

Enter the establishment, which is composed of the wealthy, powerful politicians, and church leaders, not all of whom are logical thinkers. It was known that Reagan, while President, consulted a psychic, and the odd behavior of many notaries would astonish the populace should the truth be known. Pressed to remain on Earth, no escape to Mars, and fearing their underground caverns not to be safe during violent earthquakes, the establishment is looking with horror toward the possibility of a pole shift. Might they have to experience it, like the public they have mislead and used and had no intention of informing? Since the Earth changes have played out as we predicted, and the inbound planet is approaching in the manner and rate we predicted, many in the establishment are reading our words desperately for a way to avoid what they were so happy to allow the general public to experience. In other words, how can they escape! In that we have stated that if 89% of the populace were Service-to-Other, the Transformation to 4th Density physical could occur even before the shift, allowing an escape from the shift, this is one route. However, how to force the some 50% of the populace to accept this philosophy, when guided by those in the establishment who can't even entertain the proper concepts? Not feasible. Another, more likely, scenario, is to have the populace accept the alien presence, embrace it, and thus with aliens walking about on the face of the Earth, ignoring the plight of mankind would be embarrassing and they'd step in and effect a rescue, or so the logic goes.
Thus, you see groups Hug-Humans, and Hug-Aliens above, clashing. Clonaid gets on CNN, on Crossfire, where aliens have never been the focus before. Expect more entertainment as the shift approaches, from an increasingly desperate and shrill establishment. Images of space ships is not new, and NASA has endless images to access. A fight between tight allies, such as Spain and NASA are, is staged, with the intent that both parties, Hug-Humans and Hug-Aliens, would be happy.

Disprove the Proposition

Disproving the proposition can often be impossible, given the parameters. How many angels are their on the head of a pin? How long is a day 12 light years hence? How many life times does the average human repeat? These matters cannot be settled, in human terms, and thus cannot be proved or disproved. Such is the situation where matters on the alien presence cross the human desire for control. This is a multifaceted confusion. There are aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation that can wield deception better than the most practiced human. There are humans in establishment positions who will cloud the issue endlessly, as long as they can stay in control. There are humans who desire to profit from the alien issue, and cook up scenarios and roles for themselves as long as there is an audience. Where does the truth lie, and how can the truth be proven?

Unfortunately, this is not a matter that can be quickly put to rest. The issues at play are many, and involve the free will of man, the engagement rules that govern alien interaction with man, the engagement rules that govern alien interaction between orientations, and the mutability of truth itself. Different people see truth in different ways.

In all of this rises the issue of whether a given alien message, such as ours, is truly from ourselves or Nancy's imagination or government psychics. How can this matter be proved? It cannot. Psychics can insert themselves into others thoughts. Imaginative humans can and do concoct intriguing stories. And the truth can be before you, unrecognized and even rejected. It is for you to judge, listening with your heart and pondering with your mind. And when you have determined what is true, for you, then this you should hold to. It is, at essence, a matter of faith.

False Channels

There is a confusing mixture of channeled information supposedly from various alien groups, and from various human individuals or groups who may not actually be in contact with alien groups,. and this confusion is only going to get worse.
Claims that one is in contact with an intelligence from another world is easier to foist upon the listener than a claim that one is listening to the spirits of dead humans. In seances, for instance, the audience can state that the message being relayed does not sound right, that it doesn’t sound like Uncle Joe, or something an old woman would say. But if one is relaying a message that is supposedly coming from another world, almost anything goes, and it does. Fully half, 50%, of all individuals claiming to channel or the like are making this up, and they know it. The majority of those genuinely in contact, another 37% or so, are giving a garbled message so that there is a mixture of truth and uneasy feelings the channel may have. Thus only 12-13% of those making claims are relaying a true message. So the listening audience is completely confused in the main. It’s like a kaleidoscope of information and colors. They are hearing about worlds they have not visited, nor are they likely to, so they have no basis of comparison and certainly no way to prove out what is being said. If one is going to tell a fairy tale, one tells it far out rather than with any basis of validation, and in that way validation is never a challenge or a worry.
Each person must sort the plethora of information out for themselves. Balance this information against what you know. What does the Earth itself report to you? What does geological history tell you? What do you, as scientists, know to make sense? What does your knowledge of social science tell you about how people will react? And, last but not least, what have we reported to you. Many times we cannot tell you that you are receiving incorrect information, because of the Rules of Engagement. You must trust your own instincts. The majority of supposedly channeled information is deliberately generated by humans looking to either disinform the populace or generate income.
Those looking to disinform do so for a wide variety of reasons. Some disinformation is to put forth a message they wish the populace to believe. For instance, if some in your government wished the populace to believe that they have cut a deal with aliens, so that immediate conquest by rampaging aliens had been held at bay by negotiating skills, they would create a false channel to this effect. Some disinformation is to counter a message unwanted. For instance, if some humans wanted the populace frightened enough of aliens that they would cling to the establishment for protection, and an alien group, such as ourselves, reported that humans can repel unwanted visits from aliens just by taking a firm stance, these humans would create a false channel reporting otherwise.
In all cases where a fraud is being perpetrated, the false channeler must create a massive amount of details, or a single message as a standalone looks suspicious. Since none of this is provable, and the humans generating the fraud know they won't be challenged unduly, they wax poetic. This situation is not an alien issue. It is a human issue. Look around you at human society. The man who would maintain several wives in a society that allows him only one. What stories does he invent to explain his absences, the wife's inability to contact him at work, his financial shortfalls? Story tellers are in the main not punished by society, which pays good money for stories at the movies. Stories are seen as a way to blunt the painful facts, and an adept storyteller is more often than not rewarded for his talent! What occurs when the various wives discover each other? Most often, they all want the husband to be theirs!

False Claims

As the Awakening progresses, the flurry of increased sightings and communications from alien visitors will encourage false claims, for many reasons. Even in the past, when contactees and those claiming sightings were harassed, false claims outnumbered valid claims. Humans crave attention, in whatever form, as this is a trait that increases the likelihood of survival. The infant that cries the loudest gets rescued from distress and fed so that the parents can get some peace and quiet. The boy willing to step to the center of the group and present his ideas and plans is more likely to be followed on a romp or adventure than one who remains silent and keeps his thoughts to himself, and thus is first to the prize. The human animal demanding attention had the edge in survival, and as the survivor passed these genes along.

How does this human trait affect the Awakening?

  • Humans who see others receive praise and awards for good grades in school cheat on their exams even at risk of discovery and punishment in order to step into the spotlight. Police files show that copycat crimes occur because the perpetrator desires the spotlight, and those walking into the police station to confess are almost invariably not a criminal but simply an attention getter. The desire to be the center of attention frequently overrides fear of punishment or derision.
  • The desire to be the center of attention is strong, and where it cannot be satisfied otherwise can drive a human to present false claims. Thus where UFO research groups interview contactees and occasionally publish their stories, it is inevitable, in human society, that false claims of being a contactee would be made. False sightings are another such claim, as are claims of alien identity. How does one sort out the false claims from the valid?
  • UFO research groups have long held back key data files from their publications, by agreement, so that false contactee stories could be identified. The public, however, doesn't have access to the transcripts, nor are they privy to the patterns the mass of data forms. The public can be fooled. False claimants have enough information at their disposal to put together a credible story, claiming contactee status or a sighting.
  • Where the false claim includes alien identity, it is easily discredited, as no alien life forms exactly equate to the human shape and DNA composition. All such claims are false.

Those wishing to sort out false contactee or sighting claims from the valid must learn how to do this themselves, as by initial appearance they will both look valid. The false claim, however, will not hold up under intense questioning, as with all lies the truth become entangled in the many embellishments that elaborate lies require, and contradictions emerge. Read the valid literature published in the past by conscientious UFO research groups. Use this extensive data as a basis of comparison. But most of all, learn to discern the traits and profile of the attention getter. They will tend to embellish the story as the attention they get starts to wane, demand attention rather than react to it as it comes their way, contradict themselves increasingly as the story gets more elaborate, fly in the face of logic or known facts and well established trends, and answer questions evasively with a flood of irrelevant details rather than address the crux or gist of the question.


This mishap by NASA, wherein images taken by the Mars Surveyor that could be overlaid to show what NASA has been determined to hide were posted onto the NASA web site, will not be the last such mishap. The nervous peons at NASA, increasingly asked to work miracles during a time of rapid change, unexpected events, and unknown factors they are supposed to take into consideration, are dealing with rage. What causes mishaps? One can be worried, distracted, and this certainly is the case at NASA. They are headquartered at Houston, clearly subject to flooding and likely to be underwater early in the shift time, but at the same time they are expected to remain at their posts, loyal and true! One can be weary, asked to carry too many tasks, asked to keep an eye on too many trends at once, all running in different directions, and simply make a fatigue blunder. Autocratic bosses seldom consider the underling, who is barked at, and asked to do more, and told they are failing and incompetent when the boss is under stress. The boss, of course, can be incompetent, selfish, arrogant, but the underling is supposed to be unaware of that and try harder.
NASA peons are asked to maintain a cover-up of aliens, when their presence is increasing. The bosses, however, expect a miracle, and none can be wrought. So if distraction, worry about getting the self and family to a safer location, and fatigue at being asked to stretch beyond the human ability and capacity is not enough to cause an error, what is? Rage, the seething desire to see the hated bosses fry, get caught, lose it on national TV, themselves get caught in the floods, themselves get caught in a lie they cannot explain, anything but saunter around acting arrogant and untouchable, sneering at the peons like they are less than worms.
So what happened, to allow Hoagland this perfect example of a cover-up, all pieces of the puzzle in place, marked by NASA as authentic, and no explanation other than that some normal steps taken on these images were missed? More than fatigue, more than distraction, but a subconscious leak, allowing these images to get there before a review was done, as is a standard practice at NASA. Ooops, didn't this get reviewed? It was in that pile, in this queue, one assumed, one was sure a comment had been made, what happened to that sticker on the monitor saying go ahead with your days work, etc. This will not be the last such slip, and many will happen because of distraction and fatigue, but more will occur because the peons are enraged. And what does the Summary Image show, of Mars? Indeed, given the mining operations there, avenues for water washing are clear in the images. The standard construction of hominoids, on Earth, of geometric shapes, squares, rectangles, avenues straight away, not what nature designs but what many running vehicles designs. These cities laid out along a bluff, protecting the city from wind, not into or over the bluff, but where the land lies flat. It is quite unmistakable for a human hand design, and none who see it mistake it, despite the pathetic explanations of the NASA peons told to go forth and work miracles amid the public.


As one of the first UFO organizations, and one of the most influential, MUFON was early on seen by the secret government as a threat. Thus, they ensured that MUFON would move in sync with the interests of MJ12, by one means or another, and this control exists to this day. Where in early days MUFON was prevented from publicizing some of its more striking discoveries, they are now being pressed to reopen the past and get noisy about it. Expect a number of startling announcements from the scientists who form the core of MUFON, backed up with hard evidence. In that the core of MUFON held fast to the truth through the hard times, it seems only fair that they should now have an opportunity to be the vehicle by which the truth emerges.

Element of Doubt

Indeed it is true that on occasion a video or still photo produces what can arguably be one of our ships, but the point is still hotly contested. In the minds of the populace at large, who cannot discern fraud from fact, the point is still open. In the minds of experts, who on occasion are fooled, even a fraction of a percentage point puts the issue into the category of arguable. We do indeed allow some shots to develop, and others not. Reports from disappointed humans, who took a shot that didn't turn out, tends to strengthen skepticism, and we want some of that for the modulating effect. Were there to be a flood of shots challenging the experts, from humans without the capacity to produce high quality fraud, the level of anxiety would raise too rapidly. An occasional shot, even from a hick incapable of producing a high quality fraud, is arguable. Perhaps the hick had accomplices in a fraud. It's arguable.

The rule is, and will be for the near future, we keep the issue constantly before the populace, with a steadily increasing level of discussion, but always, always, with an element of doubt.

This element of doubt is necessary during the Awakening so your populace does not become unduly alarmed. A faint, a palpitating heart, distractible excitement, arguing with friends and co-workers for a few days, and increased interest in UFO subjects─none of this is considered a show stopper. Were the entire populace to react like this, there would be no problem. The Awakening would occur tomorrow. What we seek to avoid is the nervous breakdown, the fear in friends and co-workers raising to such a level that they take violent steps against the reporter, or the intensity of fear in the observer that would make them susceptible, incline them, toward giving The Call to the Service-to-Self. For this reason visitations are currently recorded only in the subconscious.

Prophet Yahweh

This is a true example of the Element of Doubt in play. I have mentioned that there would be increasing sightings in the sky, mass sightings, and moving to captures on film and video, which has occurred. Police videos, and more and more evidence where as on the early part of 1990, you scarsely found a valid photo of a UFO, they just simply did not develop on film or on video. We have stated that this would occur as readiness in the populace was there. Not anxiety but eagerness, but always with an element of doubt. This is a classic case of this being experienced. Yes, UFO's do appear. No, he will not have 100% success. He will have crashing disappointments just when he expects to have a big success. And we have belabored the element of doubt many times. Where to reduce anxiety, the populace is not given absolute proof. There's always something that those who cannot deal with the idea of the alien presence can cling and say 'it's all a fraud, it's all nonsense, they were all mass hypnosis, a blip on the video' and the like. But he seems well able to handle this, the gentleman does, and it is part of the Awakening process that is out there, getting buffeted about and making these claims and telling people to look to the skies.

ABC Special

Scarcely anything positive could be said about the much publicized ABC special on UFO’s, as it presented nothing new and gave equal time to debunking any facts presented, and refused to debunk the debunk. In addition, it gave prime focus on the triangular shape UFO, which we have stated is nothing more than a human stealth plane intended to confuse the issue and claim a human origin for the UFO sightings at some point in the future. Was the Peter Jennings documentary nothing more than an establishment shill? It was certainly sculpted by the establishment, who acted as editors. Thus, the most profound statements on the subject of the alien presence were not included. The repeated statement that there was no proof avoided the evidence, such as:

  • multiple captures on home videos, simultaneously, in Mexico during the 1991 Eclipse, movements showing, in angle and speed changes, maneuvers not possible by conventional planes;
  • landing site anomalies, where plants refuse to grow at the site for more than a year in some cases, with no conventional explanation;
  • crop circle nodes bent 90° and still growing, not crushed, where the crop yield is increased over crop not included in the circle arena, and the geometric precision and almost instantaneous creation of huge circle formations, none of which shows the hand of man but of the alien presence;
  • implants lately recovered from contactee bodies, simultaneous missing time and visitation reports from complete strangers corroborating each other, and pregnancies confirmed by doctors suddenly disappearing;
  • the astonishing number of eye witnesses to the Roswell incident, who were intimidated beyond any weather or spy balloon incident would have warranted, who saw alien bodies, which were then taken for autopsy, based against any excuse produced later by the Air Force such as a project Mogul balloon, carefully constructed in the 1990’s to line up with the evidence from 1947.

Does the Air Force lie? They did during Blue Book, but the Roswell lie was taken at face value and not challenged. Are Harvard professors, debunking away, a credible source? Then why not include the word of John Mack, likewise an esteemed Harvard professor who had actual data to submit, not just opinions. Hypothetical explanations of the abduction phenomena were presented, on equal time with contactee reports which are carefully based on hard data. Why was this ABC special even produced? Why not let sleeping dogs lie? The establishment is aware that mass sightings are on the increase, valid captures of UFO’s on video on the increase, and the public’s opinions on the matter leaning in the direction of comfort with the alien presence. They are trying to grab the lead, be the force that is leading the public perception, but will not succeed in this. Those who have had contact, or are intrigued enough to be seeking this, know the truth. Those who have or will in the near future have a personal sighting see in such productions as the ABC special a firm determination to turn the public from the truth, and are having their respect for the authorities trashed in the process.
The overall effect of this special is, to disgust those who know the truth, to puzzle those new to the subject so they seek more information, and to ultimately increase the suspicion that the establishment is lying to them. This begs the question, why is the establishment so determined to keep the public in the dark? Tell a child not to peek in a closet, and their determination to do so increases. Watch interest in the alien presence explode, and the truth spread around like water into every crevasse.

Orson Wells

The presentation of the radio drama War of the Worlds some decades ago in the United States was, as many have expected, a test. Given that the alien presence had up until that time been consistently presented as an alien threat, the public reaction was hardly surprising. Radio dramas are often confused with reality by those tuning in, as there are few clues that a fiction, rather than a factual scene, is being portrayed. On TV, the fact that one is watching a movie is quickly apparent. There are clues in the settings, the time gaps and leaps, and the frequent intimate moments which newscasters are not generally privy to. Thus, had War of the Worlds been presented on TV at that time, rather than as a radio drama, the reaction would not have been the same.

This test, which the establishment knew would be taken for a real broadcast by many, was to determine not how the public would react to a threat but rather to determine if they believed in the alien presence. They did, and thus they reacted, and the strength of the reaction told an establishment which had been congratulating themselves on having suppressed belief in aliens that they had not succeeded as they thought.

Subsequently suppression continued but got meaner, with mistreatment of contactees becoming more abusive and physical. Since the establishment at that time was in the main under the impression that aliens were only interested in a takeover, having made contact with Service-to-Self aliens first, and being unaware of the separation of orientations that takes place after 3rd Density, they felt that the panic that ensued after the Orson Wells radio drama was inevitable. They thought of themselves as holding back a flood, putting their fingers in holes in the dike, and looking out for mankind's welfare. The few suicides that the broadcast caused, and the potential heart attacks, were not a concern to the establishment at that time, as they considered themselves to be essentially at war and the nation in essence under martial law. All rules of human conduct go out the window when the leadership is themselves in a panic.

Staged Invasion

This rumor, spread by Greer, of a pending alien invasion, staged by the government, is unlikely to occur but as it is in the hands of man, anything could happen. The problems facing such an attempt to get the public well behind an all out Star Wars funding and effort would be to declare an invasion from space. The thought, also, would be to bring many countries behind the US in this. Russia, of course, would not buy into that, being privy to the alien presence all along. The primary problem with this plan is threefold.

  1. they would have to stage an invasion that would equal in technological skill what much of the world has already come to understand, or has personally seen, in alien technology - sudden disappearances, right angle turns at high speeds, gravity control, etc. Thus, a poorly staged "invasion" would actually come back on the perpetrators, a horror they contemplate continuously.
  2. to announce an alien invasion would be to admit to the alien presence. Leaks around the edges of this story would surely occur. Those reporting would forget what they were supposed to just have learned and start talking about what they already know. The public would see past this, realize they had been lied to all along, and once again, the perpetrators have shot themselves in the foot.
  3. we, and our brethren, realizing we are to be used in this manner, could foil the staged invasion by a real display of our technology, highlighting the difference in a manner no one could miss, and by our presence creating blunders in the execution of the staged invasion so the truth would be out without question.

Thus, we predict, albeit with the caveat that this is in the hands of man and could change as their free will rules in this matter, that no such invasion will be stated.

Alien Encounters

During the Awakening, sightings of alien ships will much precede sightings of actual aliens for a number of reasons. Recall that a key concern during the Awakening is to guard against raising the anxiety level of the humans on Earth, which would incline them toward the Service-to-Self orientation due to the self concern that is engendered during threatening situations.

The Outcome: Any sightings of alien life forms must be in a setting where the anxiety is slight, and is balanced overall by a sense of relief that alien encounters have been experienced with a reasonable outcome. The experiencer is not harmed, has not been intimidated, and finds they can communicate with the alien reasonably well.

The Experiencer: Where sightings of alien life forms will be forthcoming during the Awakening, they will occur only where the humans involved are considered strong enough to arrive at logical conclusions rather than panic-driven conclusions. These individuals are few and far between.

The Locale: Beyond the experiencer him or herself, there is the issue of how the humans in the immediate locale will react. The overall result must be a positive view of the alien presence. If an individual here or there will have a fearful reaction, this in and of itself will not prevent the sighting if their reaction is balanced out by receptive reactions in others.


Prior to Roswell, visitors were not required to record their visits only in the subconscious of humans. As the book, the Vedas, reports, humans saw their visitors as having all manner of shapes. In trying to relay their experiences, humans often stumbled and struggled. Many described them as odd animals, but beyond the physical appearance of their visitors, how to describe the phenomena that accompanied them? Levitation, space ships suddenly appearing or zooming away, lasers, the ability to disarm humans without touching them, etc. Thus, fire, wind, whatever might relay this experience, became the verbal story. This often confused those who came later, and could not ask for clarification of the story teller. To further cloud the issue are the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, who lived among mankind until a few millennia ago. They live in the Bible, as the giant Goliath, for instance, and are real visitors in hominoids form. They are the Gods of Mt. Olympus, the Visigoth in Germany, and giants reported elsewhere. Thus, visitors in many shapes and forms are mixed in with myth, and current mankind is left to sort it out. In the main, take your myths and stories in this context, and see what the picture paints! Most folklore is not story telling, but a serious attempt to pass on important information.

Next Phase

The Awakening is not on a linear climb to some point in the future when it becomes obvious to the vast mass of the populace that the alien presence is real, and among them. It is on a curve, akin to the rapid buildup that a parabola represents. In the past, encounters were few and far between, and reduced to what was taken to be tales and myths. When the Awakening was put upon a path that was to build exponentially until the Transformation was complete, the rules changed to allow few sightings and encounters only recorded in the subconscious. This allowed a reservoir of acceptance to build in the general populace, an acceptance those in authority in human society could not locate or control, though they tried.

Each level of acceptance, within a culture or country, or worldwide, allows another level of exposure in the general populace to ensue. Where are first sightings were deniable, passing quickly and seen by few and most often a single individual, this moved in late 1997 into a phase where sightings are seen by many, are vivid and undeniable, and even recorded on video or film. Still, they are being under reported by the media, and denied by many in authority. Those in authority that realize the inevitable are seeking ways to give in gracefully, while those who are rigid in resisting what they deem a takeover by outsiders are still shrill and becoming increasingly ridiculous in their denials.

The next stage will be glimpses of alien bodies, fleeting at first, and then increasingly solid views. Watch for cries of "demon" from the religious elite, and "insanity" from those clinging to the status quo.


Attack on America

Yes and no, this is what it seems on the surface─an attack by Bin Laden on the corrupt capitalist country that has led so many attacks on Muslim countries. But this attack would not have occurred unless infighting among the financial giants of the world, the major banks, had not occurred. Infighting was the instigator, and the primary culprit, but this culprit will not be the scapegoat. In the infamous attack on America on September 11, 2001, several unlikely bedfellows crawled into bed with each other, each for their own ends. Thus, where on the surface it seems a repeat of the Bin Laden attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, failed in the past and tried before the world in the courts, this was only using as the bullet a Muslim group that would be immediately suspect and placate most inquiring minds. The gun was held, however, by a rival bank of JP Morgan, who was devastated in the attack.
The Stock Markets and worth of so much paper the banks and wealthy rely upon for their status and control are being artificially maintained at this time, the longer to keep these elite on their high perch. We mentioned in November, 1999 that cooperation between the world's banking giants and governments was in place, toward this end. One means of this artificial support is to put forth losers, so that the general public might win and thus maintain their confidence to continue to play the game that the Stock Markets represent. Key players are to enter the field and take a loss, aborting panic, as this is considered a lesser problem than a full scale panic. Where this plan met with general approval, now that tight times and a worldwide recession has become a reality, there is argument among the players. You go first, no you go first, and these arguments have gotten heated. Many felt the time would never come, so agreement was only in principal, not from the heart. Thus those in the financial field with greater clout, threatened to force lesser participants to be the loser, and dark thoughts crossed many minds.
During the day of the attack, there were three things that stood out from the horror and stunned confusion that goes with any unexpected catastrophe.

  1. The first was the absence of the President from a role of confrontation and comfort. He was hiding, on the run, not seen as in command, and took hours to even muster a presence other than a statement or two repeating the obvious. It was clear to all that the Vice President, remaining in the White House, was running things. The lack of leadership was so apparent that this was mentioned repeatedly by the newscasters.
  2. The second was the repeated mention that such a well planned and executed attack had to have more than the usual terrorist support, had to be supported by or in countries unnamed. Muslim pilots were trained in major aircraft operations, undoubtedly in training simulation settings. Were they referring to Afghanistan, primitive and suffering from drought so severe the people are starving? They were referring to a sophisticated country, with the infrastructure capable of training Muslim pilots on the flight deck of these major commercial aircraft.
  3. The third was that the CIA had been clueless, a trend of late but so complete a blackout had occurred that it seemed beyond belief. Had this occurred in prior terrorist attacks? The terrorists were familiar enough with US airport security and the routines and roles of the staff to be able to successfully commandeer four planes, delivering the payload of three of them into the New York skyline and the Pentagon itself. No only was the CIA in the dark, it seems the intel went in the other direction!

The heads of the US government were too frightened, the attack too well planned and executed, for this to be just a terrorist attack. And JP Morgan affiliates resided on several floors of the World Trade Center and were a casualty of the sudden devastation - executives, records, and confidence of the market and public in dealing with them going out in a flash. The target was the banking systems holding the US and their elite and wealthy above those in Europe, in the arrogant manner Bush and his masters have employed of late. To understand the main target, and the support relationships causing a relative collapse among the wealthy and holdings of the US elite versus others, one needs to know the complex and mostly secret relationships between bonding banks, new issue of stock, loans between banks and governments, agreements with the Fed, and who holds what holdings privately or publicly! JP Morgan was the target, as a bank. The stock they were supporting, via their subsidiaries or associates, will suffer.


Conspiracy theorists have noted that during the World Trade Center attacks, explosions occurred almost immediately in floors below the strike area, or in the case of the Pentagon, above. The theory is floated that these plane strikes were assisted by insiders, wanting to create the climate that the Bush Administration has been all too happy to take advantage of - civil rights limited, the military beefed up, and no questions asked as it's all National Security.

  • A plane crashing into the side of a tall building does not just break windows, it creates a minor earthquake in the structure, snapping plumbing, as well as rupturing the fuel tanks. Fuel dropping into a ventilation shaft, mixing with air, is an ideal explosive mix, and would drop down into the shaft to the floors below. This is what occurred in the World Trade Center.
  • Likewise, where a plane crashes into the lower floor of a building, such as the Pentagon, the fuel will not go down, but spew upward along any avenue it has. Stairwells, for instance, carry not only fuel but fumes, and mixing with the air and having an updraft handy, this is likewise the direction an explosion would take. The Pentagon experienced severe fires, an inferno with no place to go. The World Trade Center fires had all four directions available to them, up, down, and sideways. The Pentagon had the fuel mix going up, creating a heat barrier so the heat of the burning plane itself could not dissipate upward. Like a blast furnace, encased, this creates super high heat, which melts many objects otherwise remaining. It is an untrue statement that there were no plane remains, just not what was expected, and thus rumors abound.

Thus, where those wanting to incite Martial Law in the United States with Oklahoma City and TWA800 and Waco incidents did not succeed, they were handed an unexpected opportunity in the 911 events. In that these New World Order types seem delighted to take advantage of these opportunities, the public is rightfully suspicious, but 911 was not their plan in any manner or degree. Martial Law requires a number of steps outside of what has occurred. The reaction of the United States public to the restrictions that have been attempted have convinced the architects that full blown Martial Law would be a mistake. They will rather use the excuse of Homeland Security to the max, and watch the line so they do not cross it and reveal their true wishes. The constant warning of terrorist acts about to happen are to keep this sense alive, even though most of these warnings are without basis.

The rumor that the Mosad are behind Palestinian terrorist attacks is like the many rumors that spread about the US 911. Where there is some truth to it, 95% of the actions are otherwise. In the main, these attacks are a shock, not wanted. They would like to control these attacks, but cannot. The occasional true rumor gets thus blown out of proportion. We are saying that those in the US wishing Martial Law caused Oklahoma City and TWA800 and the like, and lost. They did not cause 911, but take advantage of it. In like manner, Mosad is dealing in terror tactics.

Ultra-Right Unease

September 11, 2001 was both a blessing and a curse for the Bush Administration, owned by the elite as anyone following the rulings in favor of corporations and friends of Bush can see. During earlier days, the OKC bombing and Waco affair and shooting down of TWA800 were attempts to trigger Martial Law. This did not happen due to fast action on the part of many in government and the free-lance media who were alerted to the intent, and took steps to counter the planned result. Nevertheless, ultra right Republicans emerged from closed door meetings shortly after OKC, revealing their plan - it was Arab terrorists! Thus, the plan to initiate Martial Law early was thwarted, and went underground into back room grumbling. When September 11, 2001 hit, the Bush Administration and their allies in corporate America were stunned. They had no warning, and a fully loaded plane went into the Pentagon with no resistance whatsoever.
Where the public is told that the fourth plane turned toward Washington DC went down due to a scuffle with passengers determined to prevent the plane's misuse, in fact it was shot down by the military. This and the silly reasons given forth for the plane leaving NYC and crashing into a neighborhood, that the tail took tail winds, are scarcely believed by the uneasy public. Clearly, the safety of the skies is not secure, and bombs can be planted in tails, taking planes down, in NYC, the site of intense security now. Seeing the President by Coup looking frightened and discombobulated during his single TV appearance during the WTC strike, the public sensed something up about the PR campaign to present Bush Jr. as tough. The polls published, showing him popular to high degrees, are utterly false, and who is to know the better. Where the terrorists plan many additional assaults, they are unlikely to have the clout until they have recovered for several months. Bin Laden is indeed alive, and recouping his network, which is hardly devastated. One can note that key men have disappeared from Afghanistan, nowhere to be found, and will emerge later.
The American public is told the economy is about to turn, the Stock Market safe, and the skies safe as well. All of this has a false ring to it, and increasingly the public is speaking privately to friends and confidants that they feel they are being lied to. Enron was not by accident exposed to the world as the cesspool of deceit it was. We, and human allies, made sure the information about accounting irregularities got into the right hands. The New MJ12 at work. Likewise, the facts about the Bunker Government, as the Secret Government plans in operation since September 11, 2001 are called. Part of the Administration is absent, underground, while the other part is operating in Washington DC. And where are the balancing parts of the federal government, so much touted when discussion about the Constitution are before students and the public? Courts and Congress do not count, are not to be saved or salvaged, and this says more about the mindset of the Bush Administration than any Enron or frightened face of a cowardly President could say. They are outside the law, as they have been since they stole the election by shouting, and enforcing, a stop the counting rule, enforced by a Supreme Court never before interfering in elections in this manner. Thus, our prediction that the Bush Presidency would become increasingly irrelevant will be expedited.

MJ12 Mouthpiece

The Awakening and Transformation proceed as quickly as possible, MJ12 has also moved to this stance, having realized that this cannot be stopped and that suppressing the truth only allows the lies spread by those in the Service-to-Self orientation to prevail. Where we fervently wish for humans to understand the control they have over visits from aliens, MJ12 likewise dearly wants this message out, having been duped themselves by aliens in the Service-to-Self. Where we wish to warn humans of the cataclysms which will accompany the pending pole shift, MJ12 likewise cannot bear to think of the million of innocents who will be taken by surprise only because the word did not get out. At a minimum, they wish for the possibility of an approaching pole shift to be much under discussion. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, ZetaTalk is an MJ12 mouthpiece - not because MJ12 controls ZetaTalk, but because it does not suppress it or shut it down. This is also true of many other education vehicles, increasingly, as the Awakening progresses.

MJ12 Documents

A still hotly debated topic is the validity of what are purported to be documents from MJ12, dating back to President Truman's era. These carefully manufactured documents are authentic enough in appearance to convince many that they are real, yet flaws exist that have others convinced they are a fraud. Both situations are true, as the documents are what could be termed a half truth. The release of these documents, the content of which is false, was intended to be a leak by the government that would hasten the Awakening of the populace to the alien presence. Where the documents line up with the facts is in the existence of MJ12, periodic meetings in secret, and in those days the involvement of the President of the United States. Where the documents part from the truth is where they give the impression that MJ12 was a fleeting response, that the matters they addressed were limited in scope, or that they were almost casual about dealing with the alien presence and what this would mean for humanity.

MJ12 has been in the process of unburdening themselves of their tightly kept secrets from some time. This will never, frankly, in our opinion, be a complete bearing of the truth, but increasing mixing in of truth into semi-truths, which are just as effective and in some cases are preferable to the harsh reality of stark truth in that people can gradually become acclimated. They have a revelation. They read it. They sense some truth to this. Then it's debunked a bit. It's all a question. It's much under discussion. And in all of this, people really come to accept the reality. They think about it without having to adjust too harshly. This makes for a faster assimilation of the truth, and this is the route that MJ12 is using because they well understand this mechanism. Therefore, there is some truth mixed in with new documents, and increasingly this will be the case.

In the past, this information was presented in this manner with a small grain of truth and a great deal of brutal discrediting of the messenger. This pattern is increasingly going to be pleasant conversation without the brutality, but no one will actually know how much is true and not.

UN Role

A prior plan to use the United Nations to facilitate survival of the elite in the US and elsewhere has failed. This plan, much the talk of conspiracy buffs, involved placing parklands in the US into United Nations hands, and staffing these with soldiers foreign to the US. The logic was that these soldiers would not hesitate to use guns upon US citizens, or even US solders gone rogue. However, they proved difficult to manage, with many agendas and differing cultures dictating responses, so those who would be their masters became discouraged.

The United Nations today depends upon many factors in order to exist. It is funded by many nations, communications and travel arrangements allow all from around the world to participate, and all this is over and above the desire to have a United Nations force. Now comes the shift, wherein all travel such as air travel, rail travel, travel overland over bridges and roads, will stop. Fuels such as oil and gas will burn and not be pumped or refined, nuclear fuels will be shattered, the equipment not working, and man back to foot and horseback. Phone lines not work, short wave only intermittently between Service-to-Other groups supported, and all people worried about starvation and illness in the extreme. In such a setting, the last thing survivors are going to be worried about is whether folks from around the world are having conferences.

Microwave Towers

Uneasy about the many cover-ups they sense are in place, and the illogical behavior of major powers such as the US, the public sees conspiracy everywhere. The upshot of this unease is that the US public, at the least, suspect reasons behind the cover-ups and tries to make sense of them in this context. Should we list the cover-ups?

Alien Presence
UFOs are being sighted by pilots and masses of the populace at once, such as in Mexico City where these UFOs were caught on film by so many amateurs that it could not be denied. Denying the alien presence makes the most sense in the light of a rumor deliberately spread that the US made an alliance, to gain technology. However, in that the US has yet to emerge with this technology, this is dying out. What then is the reason? Increasingly the public, which has noted that no mass landing or assault by aliens has occurred, thinks perhaps the government does not want the public to learn something that would change their loyalties. Movies such as Signs, or ID4, where aliens capable of arriving wrapped in high tech are easily put down by humans willing to duke it out mano-a-alien, have added to this sense. Clearly, the government is not keeping an evil alien presence away, so ergo the presence must be good, as contactees report. Thus, point one against the elite governments, in this cover-up.
Earth Changes
Global Warming is floated as the cause of melting poles and rising seas and erratic weather, yet the key polluter in the world, the US, is uninterested in reducing emissions. Earth changes are putting companies into bankruptcy, employees out of work, and threatening the insurance industry with default. Nightly news reports that all countries are suffering, and increasingly the truth about starvation and ruin in other countries leaks out. The picture is grim, yet the elite governments chirp on as though the only issue were starting a war with Iraq, a nonsensical emergency in the eye of the common man. If earth changes, the melting poles and wild weather, are being ignored, then the government must know something, so the logic goes. This something, of course, is not being shared with the public, so, point two against the elite governments, in this cover-up.
JFK Assassination
Documented cover-ups such as the JFK assassination, where the ridiculous explanation of a single bullet floats out there today, the truth to remain under wraps for several decades yet to protect the guilty. Point three against the elite governments in this patently obvious cover-up.
Gulf War Sickness
It was clear that US soldiers were sent out unprotected to become sick, inoculated then becoming sick, and there is high alarm in the US Military because of this. The Gulf War sickness was first denied utterly by the US Military, but due to reporting on this matter and persistence in the horrified Veterans caretakers, the lack of concern by the US Military became obvious. The lack of caring stood out against the principles applied in all other wars or police actions, and thus when the suspicion, the correlation, to inoculations began to spread, a cover-up and unrevealed reason was suspected. What would be the reason that a government would casually send soldiers unprotected into areas suspected of germ warfare poisons, or handling radioactive materials? And why the rush to inoculate, the insistence that all soldiers have this treatment, when the sickness followed so closely those inoculated, whether they had exposure in Iraq or not? What reason would the US Military have for poisoning their own troops? What possible future lies ahead if they are concerned about being able to do this? Thus, assuming a horrific future in which not only the US Military troops, but portions of the populace, would be poisoned to please the elite in control of the US Government, conspiracy theories abound. Point four against the elite governments, in this cover-up.
Literally millions of the public in major cities, not only in the US but lately in Indonesia and Canada, have noted these clear criss-cross patterns followed by illness. Something of this magnitude, the illness alone, would normally hit the news, but the newscasters seem oblivious, despite being inundated by email and even being filmed with a backdrop of chemtrails behind them. Why the silence? The public suspects, linking this to the inoculation suspicions, that this is yet another means of poisoning the public to aid the elite in mob control at some future horrific event. Thus, point five against the elite governments in this cover-up.
Martial Law
Most evident in the US in the OKC bombing and TWA800 missile cause, are the attempts by the elite in government to create a scenario where martial law could be called forth. The public knows there was an additional leg, in military garb, found in the OKC wreckage, with the other body parts missing, and that almost 300 individuals in New York City interviewed by the FBI before they could talk to each other, saw a missile rise from the ground and hit TWA800. The governments answer? Ignore it. In a scenario where the world will be a good place in future, election or revolution held if elections are denied, the reason for calling martial law forth is missing. However, if a horrific future were around the corner, in line with the need for poisoning by inoculations and chemtrails, then mustering forth martial law now makes sense. Point six against the elite governments, who would have reason to desire martial law being imposed.

Now, with no more evidence that Microwave towers, EMF towers, in place here and there about the landscape, we have yet another conspiracy theory emerging. It has reached the point where the public leaps to the theory before they have a cause. Cell phones, using satellites and booster towers for phone conversations on the air waves, are increasing massively, due to their convenience. Does the public think that these cell phones, which are so sensitive to blockage from the towers that serve them that going under a bridge, behind a building, cuts out a conversation, do not need a strong infrastructure to support this deluge of conversations? In an attempt to service the public, and sell their networks, these towers have proliferated. That this is not a conspiracy theory deserving attention should be based on the rationale of whether crowd control could be done via microwave. Where it is true that babies have been murdered in microwaves, as human flesh can cook as well as potatoes, this is not an easy matter in the great outdoors. One would have to bombard the mob, with intense radiation, from all directions, for this to work. Now, if EMF towers were placed every half mile, around LA, and every half mile within LA, then perhaps the public would have cause for alarm.

Snooping on Contactees

As a part of our agreement with MJ12, we originally informed them of the contactee status of US citizens. It soon became apparent that this information was being misused by the CIA arm of the secret government, and we ceased this practice, altering our agreement. This was in place during the first two decades of our agreement with MJ12, the fifties and sixties, more or less. Those in the Service-to-Self orientation were also asked to keep the government informed, but as they don't keep their word the list of contactees from these aliens not only lacked their true contacts, it listed citizens who had never been contacted. Thus many were harassed by the CIA during those decades, pointlessly. We do report to MJ12 when we are taking a contactee elsewhere in the Universe, checking the contactee out and back in, in a formal manner similar to US Customs. As this is seldom done, few contactees have been affected by this routine.

As a result of discovering that Service-to-Self aliens were not reporting their true contacts, and our eventual refusal to list contactees at all, the CIA set up their own intelligence operations. In those days contactees were not aware of each other, so locating them was done by scanning for profiles. If a citizen indicated an interest in UFO subjects they were put on the list and subsequently watched through phone tapping or other surveillance. Nowadays this type of snooping and searching for contactees is done primarily in contactee support groups, which are infiltrated by CIA agents pretending to be contactees. As the majority of humans asserting contactee status are making it all up, and as the vast majority of humans interested in UFOlogy don't have contactee status, this is all an exercise in frustration for the CIA, and lately this activity has fallen out of favor. What's the point? They have a list of suspected contactees which is almost entirely incorrect, and the true contactees are unknown to them. Add to that the burgeoning list of contactees as the Awakening progresses and the budget cutbacks the CIA is experiencing, and one can see why the program has little backing any more.

Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia experiment was fictional, a disinformation scheme to divert humans from exploring the real experiment that occurred. The Philadelphia experiment much in the media is a fraud perpetrated to distract people from pursuing the real Philadelphia experiment, which didn't take place anywhere near Philadelphia. Servicemen were indeed injured, and because the risk of questions existed, the cover story was put up to effectively point any questioners to a dead end. The real experiment with moving between dimensions, which can and does occur naturally on your 3rd Density planet, was done in a warehouse in Kansas - rural, remote, virtually uninhabited because of sparse farm houses and farm hands. The area was inhabited only during planting and harvesting times.

Under intense compression, such as occurs in the center of the Earth, 3rd Density matter emits energy rays which approximate those naturally occurring in 4th Density. These rays escape the core of the Earth in bursts on occasion, thus causing the problems reported in the Bermuda Triangle, for instance, where ships or planes seem to disappear, then reappear. Essentially, the 3rd Density matter is temporarily confused as to its proper rate of vibration, and moves into the 4th Density state. This is akin to what we have done to contactees when they report having moved through walls. However, in the hands of humans, who received information on how to produce this effect from Service-to-Self aliens, this ability proved disastrous. Moving into 4th Density requires more than just bombardment of matter to the point of compression tension. It requires a total shift, and if one expects to return, a total shift back.

The humans conducting this experiment were of such an orientation that they did not care about the servicemen being used, or what might become of them. Rather than hesitate, knowing they did not have all the parameters in place, they proceeded. The servicemen, who were encased in a metal box, were left partially in the 4th Density, along with portions of their container. They were, of course, all dead, but the witnesses of this experiment, and the associates whom the servicemen had just recently been mingling with, were many. The government concocted a repeat experiment, which proceeded part way, enough so that the story as to the results was similar. Additional servicemen were subjected, knowing the probably results, but most of these survived to chat among themselves and their families. All secrets escape, leaks occur, and in this way the investigators would be altogether in the wrong vicinity, and talking to altogether the wrong participants!

Montauk Project

Having observed that the Service-to-Self aliens they were in contact with could do marvelous things, the secret government had no doubt that they could also travel through time. That this capacity is strictly regulated by the Council of Worlds and is almost without exception never granted to the Service- to-Self crowd when they request authorization was, of course, not mentioned. In concert with density shifting experiments in the Philadelphia Experiments, time travel was attempted. This was an utter failure, with the human scientists tinkering with their machines under instructions received from the Service-to-Self aliens, and suffering under the wrath of generals who were sure that the project was only failing because of their incompetence. After a time, the project was put on hold, due more to emotional and mental exhaustion than any change in plans.

Eventually, the generals involved realized that those in the Service-to-Self lie freely and without conscience, and abandoned the project altogether. Nonetheless, rumors abound, and due to the sensational nature of the project and the power that would accrue to those who might succeed, the rumors and interest in the Montauk experiment are unlikely to die.

Medical Implants

Imagine a government such as the Bush Administration, pondering the coming pole shift. They are not certain it will happen as we have defined, but note our other predictions have played out and are wary enough to be stockpiling food stuffs and beefing up the military to use as their personal defense force, or so they hope. They are wary enough to be pretending, publicly, that chemtrails do not exist. What might be their plans re the populace at large? Playing God, as they do in their smoke filled rooms, they divide the populace into desirable and undesirables. Those considered desirable are uniformly white, educated, passive in nature, and likely to be dependent upon others and desperate to cooperate. Those considered undesirable are people of color, those whose culture has taught them rebellion, or those prone to disease. In that most undesirables can be sorted out by color, social security number and past work record, or police record, they are not a concern. They will simply be excluded from any government sponsored survivor camp. But what about disease? Medical records are privileged, and few doctors are likely to change this practice over the next year.
Thus, human implants are not to locate those to be saved, but to identify those to be excluded, for medical reasons. Those rushing to be implanted are those who need to be quickly identified in a medical emergency. Ergo, they have a disease, genetic, or needing medication, or some such problem.

Mind Control

The dream of all controlling individuals, a category which includes the military hierarchy, is to create virtual robots out of the population at the flip of a switch. Riot control, preventing resistance, silencing dissent, ensuring complete adherence to orders or edicts - such are the heady goals of those who are control oriented. Humans use drugs, physical restraints, and threats and bribes to gain these ends, but none of these methods are fail-safe. In human-to-human encounters no one is paralyzed unless drugs or physical restraints are used, and likewise leaving a memory only in the subconscious where it can act like a post-hypnotic suggestion is achievable only by battering and splintering the conscious through trauma and drugs. The secret government, which in the early days was heavily influenced by the CIA, longed to master what they considered to be mind control techniques.

In fact, as we have stated, a human cannot be given a hypnotic suggestion they are not in accordance with, and during visitations the human is in control and can terminate contact at any time simply by willing it to be so. Even the paralyzed state, which makes use of an old portion of the human brain that is akin to a possum's brain, can be broken at will by the human. Nevertheless, the CIA did a considerable amount of casting about, trying to discover how aliens were able to paralyze humans and plant what they assumed to be post hypnotic suggestions. Needless to say, they did not succeed, but their fervor and rumors of this activity inspired such stories as the Manchurian Candidate, where humans, while unaware, are time bombs waiting to become absolute robots behaving in a preprogrammed manner. This is all so far from what is possible as to be positively silly.

Remote Viewing

Lest anyone be confused, what is termed remote viewing is simply telepathy, a natural and fairly common occurrence among mankind and the animals who call the Earth their home. Telepathy is intrinsic to life, but only about 10% of the human populace has enough native capacity to take note of it. Those with native capacity soon learn that they can anticipate phone calls from friends, anticipate and guard against personal attacks, and seem to intuitively understand what their loved ones need and want. The government has never failed to use telepathy to accomplish whatever they might consider their ends, but after observing the seamless way aliens could work together, without a word spoken, the issue got hot. As MJ12 was in those days heavily dominated by the CIA, they took up the topic and infected the goals of the operation with their own twists.

Remote viewing under the CIA's auspices was not done to simply garner intelligence on legitimate government security concerns, it was used to invade privacy, secure blackmail material, assist break-ins and thefts, amuse agents who wanted to snoop for personal reasons, and keep tabs on rival government agencies. When the operation failed to curtail enemy actions due to a complete lack of awareness of enemy plans and failure to predict, it ostensibly was shut down. As with all bureaucracy enclaves, it sought to perpetuate itself by reinventing its goals. Remote viewing would become a handy disinformation tool, impressing the public with what might seem to be an ability to read minds, and thereafter spreading disinformation as valid facts garnered through telepathy. To ensure a gullible public will believe, the remote viewing track record is supported by information supplied by the CIA.

Silencing Methods

Individuals in government service who become aware of MJ12 as more than a rumor are of course sworn to silence. In most cases, the motivation to cooperate with the edict is membership in MJ12, which grants MJ12 the right to kill the errant member should they get loose lips. Individuals being initiated into MJ12 membership sign papers granting MJ12 that right, but most think of this as a formality, an indication of the seriousness of the subject, and expect to have endless warnings and discussions long before any such action would be taken. In fact, what occurs when the issue come up is a quick trial and execution, as delays and warnings are what allow leaks to occur and preventing this from occurring is the point of the death sentence clause.
Even during a time when deliberate leaks about the existence and identify of MJ12 are on the increase, uncontrolled and unexpected leaks are still alarming to the leadership of MJ12. These are in the main military men, who joined the military and rose in the ranks precisely because of their need for tight control, so loose lips not intended to be loose are invariably alarming. The MJ12 board is in fact two boards. One is composed primarily of military intel bureaucrats at fairly high levels. Not all of them. Not necessarily the highest. They slip away for meetings and come back, and people think they spent a long time in the bathroom. That’s how carefully it is done. The meetings are not held in any kind of a place where cars drive up. They are often times held in cow barns, very out of the way so that they are never seen. They ride to and from by space ship and no one is the wiser. The locations change constantly.
Prior to issuing a death sentence, the guilty party is always brought in for questioning, an almost instant arrangement due to the travel service we provide to MJ12, which comes complete with our ability to cloak the movements of our ships and the activities of the passengers while on an official MJ12 trip. Once guilt or evidence of deliberate intentions is ascertained, often by injecting the subject with truth serum, sentence is rapidly carried out. Because they have many controls and are very strict in their rules, they come to their decisions quickly. There are no appeals. If someone is to be executed, it is carried out very rapidly and the individual has no warning. Assassinations are thus done very conveniently, but if it were not for our travel service, the CIA and the like are very expert at slipping a needle into an arm pit to fake a heart attack, or at using drugs that dissipate and don’t show up in the blood stream.
When a prominent individual is silenced, the death is carefully orchestrated to appear as an accident or suicide. If intense public scrutiny is expected, the body in involved in an accident that none would question, such as in the airplane crash that killed Clinton’s Secretary of Transportation Ron Brown. The cause of death is obvious, so the body is not examined in detail. Where the individual is living a quiet life, a car accident or perhaps a sporting accident, as in the death of former CIA director William Colby, might be involved. Other options include a simulated heart attack, via a needle inserted through the armpit where puncture wounds would not be discovered, or a simulated stroke─both caused by drugs injected and rapidly disappearing from the blood stream, undetectable upon autopsy.


Most people who cooperate with the government are not doing because they all sat down in a smoke filled room, shared a drink, and nailed down on the board exactly who's going to do what. The process is not at all like that. The private citizen is presented with an opportunity, with a serious person who comes and suggests that perhaps they might do this or that, is flashing credentials, is a most impressive person, intelligent, well groomed, and relays the message that it's necessary to downplay panic, to distract the populace, to counter something else that has gone wrong, and is always dressed in a way that the person feels that they are doing the right thing by cooperating with people who are like parents, looking out for society at large. People can be led to do the most outrageous acts with this kind of approach. They may have a little uneasiness about it, as they have no way of determining whether they are being told the truth., but they usually cooperate because they have a lack of information, and to go with the flow and do what they've been requested to do is the most logical thing, even though their intuition may be telling them otherwise.
Most of the frauds that are being put out to distract the populace have built in self-destruct mechanisms. Build-in discrediting, so that the populace is told a falsehood, but at the same time they're told that it is a falsehood, and discussions go in both ways. The CIA is famous for this, running people forth with a message and then cutting them off at the knees. Most often the people they use understand that this will be done to them, they understand that's it's necessary because the message that's going to be given will be upsetting and that by cutting them off at the knees and humiliating them, the populace will conclude it was just a hoax or a falsehood. Nevertheless, the message has been gotten out.
An example of this is the subliminal message in the false story about a capsule trailing Hale-Bopp. What were they talking about? Some sort of a virus that's going to come in a capsule and drop on Africa and destroy the crops. Are we not going to have crop shortages? Of course we are. People are being told to think about the potential of a crop shortage. Think about the potential of illnesses running rampant with an inability to stop this process. Maybe it's not even terrorism, but common illnesses like sewage that gets into the drinking water. People die from cholera by the thousands after certain earthquakes where this occurs, and this is going to be a rampant situation in your future. The secret government is trying to make the populace think to some degree, and they have allies in this who are willing to put out a message and then be willing to be ridiculed.
Many times these individuals do not know they're going to be ridiculed. They're in fact told they're going to be supported, and when they're trashed it's quiet a bit of a shock. They're also told not to complain and whine too loudly to the public. Then these individuals see the harsh side of the hand that they've been dealing with, now threatening to kill them, to main them, to main their loved ones or destroy their reputation. One only has to look to Bob Lazar to see what can be done. Evidence can be trumped up, manufactured, and prosecutors lined up with a glare pointed toward the individual. It's pretty scary. So most people just take their drumming and walk off and lick their wounds and don't say much.

Black Helicopters

Reports of black helicopters harassing and following UFOlogists and contactees and associated with mutilations are so frequent and numerous as to be considered a fact, even by skeptics. Everyone expects them to be an arm of the government, and would be shocked to learn that their ownership and activities are not under government control. Private members of the establishment have funded and run this enterprise, with the goal of maintaining the status quo. Consider how the activities of the black helicopters and MJ12 differ.

  • Where MJ12 wants the world to become aware of its past and present, as part of the Awakening process, it has never flagrantly displayed physical evidence of its existence. Why would they have done that over the past years when a prime concern was to deny their existence? Clearly by being noisy, flashy, and lingering about in public view, the black helicopters are not the arm of a government group concerned with secrecy.
  • Mutilations, not ever an activity of MJ12, have an association with black helicopters, which are frequently seen in the vicinity during and after a mutilation. Again, as mutilations are by design noticeable, leaving large carcasses mangled in ways impossible for anyone to ignore, this would not be something a secret government arm would engage in.
  • The black helicopters consistently harass contactees who are engaged in communication roles, giving the message that they should fall silent. Where this was the stance that MJ12 assumed in the past, the past few years have found them encouraging awareness of the alien presence. It is an open secret that the movie ET was initiated by MJ12. Why would MJ12 work at cross purposes to itself?

The black helicopters are housed at private facilities, the perfect cover. A barn, a warehouse, or a hollow dirt mound work as well as a vacant hangar at a private landing strip. Helicopters, of course, need only a spot to land upon, and can be draped with camouflage cloth or have collapsible walls of a shack or garage erected around it once landed. In a sheltered and isolated spot, such activity goes unnoticed, with the exit and return of the chopper accomplished in minutes. How does this enterprise learn who the contactees or UFOlogists are, and of their schedules and routes? Consider for a moment the number of ex-government agents, of all flavors, who are expert at tapping phones and at effective surveillance and, in particular, at infiltrating groups such as contactee support groups. Establishment groups who can afford fleets of sleek choppers can certainly lure ex-CIA members into their employ. And the new employer is not asking them to do anything they haven't already been doing - just a new pair of shoes.

Why hasn't a private operation like this been exposed, by either the government, the media, or private individuals? Money buys silence, and where money is not effective, accidents are arranged. Ranchers who have complained about helicopters flying over their land have quickly been silenced, by one means or another. Agents trained in espionage are not sloppy, know not to leave a trail, and can anticipate what steps any law enforcement agency might take. They are not prosecuted by the federal government because they can blackmail the prosecutor, being aware of the existence and operation of MJ12. Squeeze us and secrets you don't want revealed may come out, is the threat, so an uneasy staring contest has ensued, with neither party blinking. In addition, a number of the perpetrators, captains of industry, are members of the larger MJ12, and the good-old-boy system is alive and well.

Autopsy Tapes

The Roswell film is a clever fake, done not by the CIA but by a commercial group hired by those in the government popularly known as MJ12, and done, not surprisingly, on good old USA soil. What was its intent? Of course it was to acclimate the public to the alien presence, the sight of alien bodies, the thought that humans and aliens have contact, the image of their government in contact - but reassuringly with the impression that humans have the upper hand. How could it not be so, when alien bodies are being cut apart by humans in white coats. And for those too frightened by this thought, whose hearts are beating, blood pressure rising, anxieties distracting them from the day's work - there are the doubts about the authenticity of the film, which will soon be strengthened as more and more skeptics come forward with specifics. Ah, one can relax again, as it was just another fraud.

Will someone go to prison for having committed fraud? For what crime? Fraud must have monitory damages, and this has none. Fraud must have some sort of damages, and none will be forthcoming. What would be the claim? I was assured that aliens were real and then found they were not. Laughed right out of court. The perpetrator is expected to raise his decibels along with the skeptics, and is doing so right on call. All part of the plan. Of course the cameraman's story is hokum, and this is because the cameraman is hokum! As with Ray Santilli's story, the cameraman's story has been carefully staged and the search for the cameraman just props on the stage to make the cameraman's story somewhat credible. As we have stated, only one of four aliens survived, whom the government called EBE, and he was unconscious when recovered. Autopsies were performed on the other bodies, piecemeal and over time, and are still in fact being done on the frozen remains from time to time.

The body of the alien in the autopsy film, so human in appearance with few exceptions, was in fact a human. The differences noted were in some cases natural, in some augmented by plastic surgery, and in some cases faked. The base body was of a prepubescent girl who sickened and died in an institution for the retarded, and had long been a ward of the state. Retardation was caused by water on the brain, a condition that creates an enlarged head. The large eye sockets came with the package, but the eyes themselves were replaced by even larger orbs, the reason for the unblinking appearance due to the eyelids being stretched and incapable of closing. This girl was essentially a vegetable toward death, and was unable to consent or refuse treatment. Plastic surgery was performed in her last months to remove her navel and nipples, but the occurrence of six fingers and toes, a common recessive gene, was already present. This unfortunate youngster, abandoned essentially at birth and with multiple birth defects, had a physiological tendency to retain fat disproportionately in her abdomen.

For those who say these are too many peculiarities to occur in unison, we will point out that defects in fact do most often afflict the fetus in multiples. Genetic abnormalities most often result in spontaneous abortions, but where they do not, the surviving infant is ill formed and usually limps through a short life. Visit your institutions and find out, should you doubt. One problem triggers another, with heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, all malformed at once and the endocrine and nutritional systems askew. As for the organs, never seen clearly while being removed, these were substituted while all was a blur and in motion. How would it be that at an autopsy of such importance that a camera man would blur the image? Does he not understand how to operate his camera? Was he not chosen for his expertise? And if not, if he was inexperienced, why did he seem to have no learning curve in this regard?

All in all, however, we feel the autopsy film served its purpose, which was to set the populace to talking and thinking about the alien presence. The arguments about the authenticity of the film are evenly weighed, pro and con, and this causes the arguments to be all the more long lasting and heated. Just what the film makers wanted.

Information Agents

MJ12 has stepped up the pace of informing the populace. The policy of spreading information is now knocking out the former policy of disinformation, which was hanging about loath to let go. Habits are hard to break, and any established policy always has its advocates, but rules are rules and an order is an order.

Some new trends will become evident. We will still have the same old specialists, but they may be given to moments of honesty about their former role, packaged well in humor so an element of doubt is thrown in, or they may become born-again believers where formerly skeptics. The same old tactics will still be used, which is to assert independence from each other while in actuality supporting each other. They will still attack mutual foes with the old one-two, working in synchronicity with each other, but the foes will begin to change! Where many of the active disinformation specialists were identified or at least suspect, only a fraction were so compromised. These tended to be the witty, well educated, aggressive ones. Others, just as effective in affecting public opinion, were never suspected at all. And then there are the multiple Internet screen names used by most, which allow one to even carry on an argument with oneself.

Overt Agents

Spy and counterspy tales are the delight of many who enjoy a convoluted plot, and in this regard UFOlogy has not disappointed the populace. Everyone is accusing, or at least suspecting, everyone else of being a CIA agent, a disinformation specialist, in the employ of special interests, or at a minimum conning a gullible public out of their loose change. Beyond the heavy handed suppression that occurred in the past and, in truth, lingers today, what is it about UFOlogy that makes it so susceptible to this type of intrigue?

  • Infiltration of UFO interest groups, contactee support groups, and funded studies does occur, as in the past the government wanted certain discussions suppressed entirely and even in open times spin control is desired.
  • Competition for center stage is keen, and a time honored method for gutting the competition is to cast aspersions.
  • The government wants to be seen as promoting, rather than suppressing the Awakening, and thus may deliberately spread rumors about informative individuals, asserting they are government agents, in order to share the spotlight and applause.

How to sort this all out? Don't bother. Concentrate on the information, not trying to discern the source, and judge the worth of what is presented by how it fits into the whole, whether it has the ring of truth, and whether it has contradictions or consistency throughout. Else you will be lost in spy and counterspy forever.

School Surveillance

It comes as no surprise to humans that government agents are posing as college students, given the unrest on campuses that developed during the Vietnam war era, or that government agents are even posing as high school students, given the drug peddling that is done by pushers who wish to addict their customers at a young and tender age. But the possibility of surveillance in the primary grades seems remote. Since no adult could pass as a child, an agent would have to be a teacher or administrator. Such surveillance does occur, a little known and rarely suspected fact, but through indirect rather than direct means. Youngsters are measured in many ways beyond the standard IQ and achievement tests. Report cards, while confidential to the parents and school administrators, are within the reach of government agents, with the parents and child none the wiser.

Given that a child could not conduct a criminal enterprise or be recruited to assist the government until their late teens, what is the point of this scrutiny?

Since the crash at Roswell proved that the alien presence was real, the government has been uneasy about possible infiltration. Could not aliens capable of disguising their ships disguise themselves in human society? Well, of course this can and does occur on many levels, from a contactee given a screen memory to disguise the fact that they have been conversing with an alien to an alien walking in full view through a crowd where all who see him think they have seen another human. Beyond physical infiltration, spiritual infiltration occurs when infants are born as Star Children or walk-ins occur. It was knowledge of the hybrid program, the possibility of very human looking hybrids with alien qualities, that drove surveillance of the young, however, as this was seen as a potential for a super-human race with mixed allegiances, outside of the government's control.

Control oriented members of the secret government determined to find and tag them young, before such youngsters might become sophisticated enough to disguise themselves. Such traits as an exceptionally high IQ or remarkable athletic ability brought the youngster into steady monitoring, as well as any type of precocious abilities that could be termed super-human. A child who could see auras, or hear notes beyond the normal range, or displayed telepathic abilities, or had a remarkable memory for long numbers, or who mastered several languages at an early age - any of these exceptional abilities could bring a child under scrutiny.

This program is little known because it never went beyond peeping. No patterns of exceptional adulthood emerged from these children, nor did the adults differ from the norm in any manner. High IQ youngsters developed as they had in the past; athletic youngsters took advantage of their abilities as they had in the past; and those with precocious musical ability were pressed by their parents into performing, as they had in the past. The surveillance program essentially shriveled and died, though it was never formally closed, as is often the case with bureaucracies.


The X-Files premise is that agencies such as the FBI and CIA encounter and investigate the paranormal, the extraterrestrial, and keep files on such encounters. This is quite true, but they are not termed X-Files. This data goes by many names, all designed to avoid drawing attention. The mazes within the intelligence agencies cause even their leadership to get lost. Such files were in existence before the alien presence became a hot topic, as what is termed paranormal, in the form of ghosts and poltergeist activity, has always been present. These files grew by a quantum leap, in pace with the Awakening, about the time of the Roswell incident.

With the X-Files series the secret government hit pay dirt. The series has been wildly popular, in no small part because the producer does not shy away from controversy - he embraces it. Thus, the series has been encouraged to be more and more bold, as MJ12 wishes the public to adapt to the reality of the alien presence and their government's role in this. Where at first the series flirted with abduction and human experimentation and only alluded to the cold hand of the CIA in suppressing information, the series was encouraged to get graphic and to make the CIA the villains they have, in truth, been. The secret government is multifaceted, and many parts did not participate in the brutality that the CIA presumed that secrecy called for. They wish to be disassociated, and where the true story will in all likelihood never be told, the X-Files is coming darn close to it.

Alien Presence

Regarding the issue of the alien presence, and the lack of proof thereof. There is a vast panoply of evidence that far surpasses the evidence required to secure patents at the patent office! There one need not prove the theory upon which the gadget is based, but simply demonstrate that the gadget works. Do not our gadgets work? Do not the traces on radar screens, which those who would debunk hide from the public, demonstrate that our gadgets work?

And what does it matter what humans choose to bunk/debunk, as their actions in these matters, this time around, are as insignificant as the breezes to the tide. The tide is rolling in, and the dams are too flimsy to withstand the steady pressure. The tides in the past ebbed and flowed, without the influence of those who debunk the alien presence. When the tide flowed, they would step up their actions, and when the tide ebbed, congratulate themselves. This was as meaningful as the bird on the back of a water buffalo, who congratulates itself when the buffalo walks in the direction desired. This was and is self delusion, and those of deeper intelligence have always known this.

LSD Trip

During a dark period in US history, the CIA and military performed experiments on hapless and unsuspecting civilians, co-workers, and enlisted men. This is no longer the dark secret it was meant to be, as story after story has been told, and in an age of disclosure, documents have come forth to be waved about as proof to a horrified populace. Where the cover on the nightmare of radiation experiments has been stripped back, the CIA experimentation with LSD still hides behind non-disclosure claims. Did the CIA soak co-workers and inmates of mental wards in LSD, just to see what the effects might be? They did indeed, and the story as told by their victims aligns closely with the facts. The grand excuse in those days was that violating others was justified, and justification could always be found.

The true reason for the dreadful LSD experiments, which ruined many lives and drove many to their death, was an insatiable desire for control - the hallmark signal of those in the Service-to-Self orientation. LSD was rumored to be a truth serum, those dealing with a massive onslaught unable to put up resistance as all the walls were down and realities were running together without boundaries. What they got from their blubbering victims was gibberish, but this didn't stop them from repeating the experiment, just for the fun of it. Violating others is a power trip for those strongly in the Service-to-Self, and the CIA, from its inception, has had more than its share of such individuals calling the shots.



What is the Transformation? The Earth is undergoing a subtle transformation, as the Transformation is now. This Transformation has been progressing for at least this century, and will go for at least a century more. Transformations occur for many reasons. One reason is that the great majority of the entities native to the planet have reached an orientation decision, and are ready to proceed with other lessons, and 3rd Density planets are checked periodically as to their readiness for harvest in this regard. Another reason is administrative, and that is why the Earth is undergoing its Transformation now. The majority of those on Earth have not yet reached their orientation decision, but will be moved to another planet, as the Earth has been designated as a future home for Service-to-Other oriented entities.

To qualify for Service-to-Other orientation, an entity must consider others as often as the self. To qualify for Service-to-Self, the entity must focus on the self 95% of the time, almost exclusively. Where it may seem that these individuals would stand out, some very diplomatic and cultured people are of this category. They are able to disguise their self interest in condescension to others. They are able to disguise their self interest as the interests of the other. During 3rd Density, entities must decide their spiritual orientations - Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. Most, the vast majority, decide the latter on almost all 3rd Density worlds. This decision, or the lesson of 3rd Density as it is called, needs to precede almost all other lessons, as mixing the two spiritual orientations together creates chaos and thus other lessons cannot proceed. Many humans on Earth are choosing the Service-to-Other orientation, and mid-incarnation are thus joining the ranks of the Service-to-Others. This occurred in the past as well.

The world involves an increasing separation, by orientation, as the Transformation proceeds. The mix of Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self, and the proportion of undecided, will not change much as the cataclysms near and times get tough. Where some of the undecided will rise to the challenge and move into the Service-to-Others category, there will be others, operating in the Service-to-Other mode when things are comfortable, who will find their self focus increasing as their insecurities increase. Some, a very few, who are operating in the Service-to-Self mode, will find the troubled times pulling at their hearts, and will move back into the undecided category. A greater number will find their selfish nature accentuating during difficult times, and like those on the Titanic, will push all others aside to save themselves. They will move into the Service-to-Self category. So you see that the numbers will move about a bit, but essentially remain unchanged.


The Oahspe is a book read by few but with staunch devotees, as it speaks to truths mostly unspoken by man. Written at a time and in a place where Christianity was the only dogma allowed, the Oahspe could only have come from the mind of the man and by the hand of the man who wrote it. Thus it is clear to those who encounter it that it is channeled work. The battle between what mankind calls good and evil, the existence of many types of spirits with different motivations such as ghosts or demons or angels, and reincarnation are not new topics to mankind, as they are addressed in one form or another by the major religions. But the Oahspe addresses such subjects as

  • immature spirits,
  • spirits so poorly formed that they fail to prosper
  • the fluidity that incarnations can experience when there are more disincarnate spirits than bodies to accommodate them,
  • the rapture that some spirits find in corporeal pleasures.
  • reincarnation with a mission to right wrongs done during previous incarnations
  • administrative oversight of developing worlds by spirits in higher planes
  • the approaching transformation of the Earth and the interest in this among gathering spirits from many other worlds
  • the use of the periodic passages of what the Oahspe calls the Red Star to create change on Earth
  • the mentoring of democracy in the world in keeping with its approaching transformation

Those who would delve into the rich wealth of insight the Oahspe provides should bear in mind that it was written at a time when all books intended to be serious works spoke in the Biblical style. The reader should not be put off by the use of new terms for spirits in different stages of maturity or with different orientations or allegiances. Many of these new terms have a parallel term, and these parallels are useful in helping the new reader relate. Read with an open mind, letting what is being relayed sink in. As the reading progresses the reader will get a sense of what those who were speaking through the author, a simple man who practiced dentistry in the last century, hoped to relay. As with the Book of Ra, it can be difficult to understand, and is subject to many interpretations. The best advice we can give no this matter is to read with your heart as well as your mind. Follow the flow, let the nuances lie unanswered and unchallenged in your mind. Treat this as a garden you are walking through for the first time, and experience it fully without trying to categorize it! Much of what you will learn will be processed in your subconscious, and influence your conscious mind later. If you must dissect each phrase, and correlate it with each piece of information taken from another source, you will trash much of what you could otherwise gain. Live in the gray, not always insisting on black and white and strict compartmentalizations.


The Transformation is sometimes referred to as the Harvest. On your Planet Earth, because of the geological changes that periodically happen, the Transformation to 4th Density has been planned to coincide with these geological changes. The reason is simple, though some may view it in horror. During the coming geological changes the vast majority of your Earth’s populace will perish, suddenly. Those who survive will find a world without food or shelter from the elements. Medical treatment will be scarce, and hygiene the least of anyone’s thoughts. Consequently, even after the cataclysms, the die-off will be huge.
Reincarnation will not be affected by the pole shift any more than normal life cycles. Humans died young in the past. In the days of the cave man life was far shorter, so this is common to your species. There will be much death, and this has horrified many people, but at the present time the majority of humans on Earth, in fact four-fifths or more, do not have reincarnated souls but can spark new souls. This has happened because of the population explosion. Reincarnation on new worlds does not happen because of every intelligent life that harbors the possibility of this. We call these aborted souls. This is not any decision on the part of an administrative force, it just simply happens. Nothing sparked a soul. Nothing sparks a soul in a parakeet or a dog. If there is an indolent life, or one without challenge, frequently the soul dissipates upon death rather than remaining to reincarnate and grow and increase in mass.
Therefore the pole shift will result in quite a number of souls suddenly looking for reincarnation, but because this is a Transformation time they will be gathered, if they have not made their orientation decision to be Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, and whisked off to a water world to be reincarnated into a type of octopus and carry on their lessons. Those who are Service-to-Other will reincarnate into more intelligent hominoids on Earth, and those who are Service-to-Self and have firmly decided this will be sent off to various worlds, at times in human form, for what we would term a very unpleasant life among others of their own kind.

Hindu Yugas

Where the current Earth Transformation will encompass the entire population and even the physical density of the majority of the Earth and its Sun, there have been partial harvests in the past. These harvests involved parsing out mature entities to either the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other orientation, while leaving the vast majority behind to continue their orientation deliberations in their 3rd Density setting. These harvests occur in what could be termed cyclical periods, predetermined time frames, due to the work load involved in doing the evaluation and arranging the transfer. Individual harvests also occur, if the individual has given The Call on this matter and is ready for harvest. The Hindus, in touch with matters spiritual, are aware of these periodic harvests just as they are cognizant of reincarnation and lessons that span lifetimes.

As the majority of transfers in any harvest are entities who have determined to be in Service-to-Others, those remaining behind are the worse off for their transfer. Thus, the Hindus see the Yugas as cycles leading to increasing degradation. The balance is maintained, however, as the disruptive influence of those strongly in the Service-to-Self has also been removed. After a harvest, things seem more placid all around, the clashes between entities attempting domination and entities fighting for freedom leaving the scene temporarily. The Hindus are also confused about the significance of events, mixing in the start of certain preparations for the Transformation, for instance, with the regular activity of harvests. The Hindus had scant knowledge of the harvest dates, and scant understanding of the harvest cycle outcome, ascribing an eventual destruction to those entities not having made their orientation determination at a certain point in time. No such destruction of 3rd Density entities occurs, no matter how long they delay.


Many people, when encountering information about the coming geological changes due to occur just after the millennium, feel that the information strikes a resonance with them, is something they somehow knew about all along, and due to this connection with their own internal knowledge these individuals begin to seriously prepare for the changes. Such foreknowledge is due to one of three information pathways being in place.

  • The individual may be a contactee, and due to the frequent visitations that serious contactees receive, the subject invariably comes up. Not all contactees have foreknowledge of the coming cataclysms, as this information is not imparted due to our wishes, but because it fits into the context of The Call given. Say, for instance, that the contactee is concerned about a child and the changing world this child will have to live in. This is a natural context to discuss the coming cataclysms. If the contactee is concerned about an aging parent who will shortly die, or the ethics of receiving a reward for something they were inclined to do anyway, the subject may not come up. Thus a contactee may or may not have foreknowledge.
  • The individual may be perceptive regarding geology, inherently logical, and find the towering mountains and separating continents not explained at all by conventional explanations. If they encounter information about wandering poles and coal seams in the Antarctic and flash frozen mastodons with green grass in their stomachs in the Arctic Circle, their unease increases. Thus the subconscious begins to put things together, and they have arrived at a logical conclusion at odds with the explanation prated by scientists at Universities and published in the news. They know something has been left out, and when they hear about the periodicy of the geological changes, and the theories about the 12th Planet, it all falls into place. Thus inherently logical, independent thinkers may arrive at foreknowledge on their own accord.
  • They have foreknowledge from birth, actually prior to birth, as due to discussions with the birthing envoys prior to selection of their next incarnation the subject came up and they pressed for an incarnation wherein they would have a significant role. Such incarnations allow alien visitor answering The Call to cut to the chase, as you say, and discuss the issues right off. Such pre-birth knowledge going into an incarnation finds the human vaguely aware that there is a role they have chosen that is out of sync with the routine flow they see about them. They have had a sense of preparing, all their life, for something, but are not consciously aware of what the something is. When they encounter others aware of the coming cataclysms, the overwhelming earth changes and concurrent societal changes, they suddenly understand the mission.


The Transformation proceeds apace, but is understated for several reasons.

  1. If the choices are made based upon orientation, then the focus is not on action, and true change, but on posturing. How often have you heard someone say they are Service-to-Other, or have decided to become Service-to-Other. This is not a conscious choice, but the characteristics are clear enough in write-ups, so posturing can occur. It is deemed better to have the actions of the Transformation out of sight, below the horizon, so that humans can act according to their true orientation.
  2. Bait and switch is in plan to a great degree, among those who would foil the Service-to-Self in their gambits. If they think they have won, a country, a city, a political group, then they relax and gloat. Behind the scenes, it is otherwise. And likewise, there may be a false scuffle where no such battle reigns. This draws the Service-to-Self in that direction, away from where the true battle is waged. Thus, what is on the surface, in the open for humans to observe, is not indicative of the true state of affairs. Suffice it to say that the Transformation not only proceeds apace, but is doing better than expected, here on planet Earth!

Growth Rates

Entities grow in different directions. Some move toward Service-to-Others, and quickly learn this is their orientation. Others move steadily toward Service-to-Self, and desire the greater power that a higher density will grant them. They beg to move forward. The entity being incarnated has little say in the matter, however. Were this otherwise the lessons to be learned would be avoided.

Entities do not grow, spiritually, at the same rate. Some even grow backwards, losing ground. Some take full advantage of the learning experiences offered to them by an incarnation, and others coast, avoiding unpleasant lessons and simply enjoying the pleasant experiences the incarnation offers. Thus during any season of harvest, the harvesters discover that there are entities who have not grown at all, entities who are not ready to emerge from the current density, and entities who are ready to move forward. Many of the entities who are ready to move forward have, for some time, been ready. They are ahead of their time.

There are paths by which entities who are ready to move forward can hasten their emergence from the density. This is, essentially, a call to the administrative powers for a type of hearing. Those who are ready to emerge from their density know, instinctively, how to call. Were they not to know how to call, they would, by definition, not be ready. However, most in the Service-to-Others orientation do not desire to leave the density prematurely, as they are bound, in their hearts, to help their density mates. They wish to help others to arrive at their conclusion. They wish to help others with the struggle. They are self-sacrificing and devoted, and concentrate on the problems of others to the same extent they concentrate on their own struggle.

Therefore, where the Service-to-Self emergents clamor to move forward, wanting the greater powers that await them in a higher density, the Service-to-Others emergents most often remain. Thus at any harvest season we find these entities, laboring among their benighted kindred, without complaint.

Gradual Change

The word Transformation brings to mind in many sudden change, but as the Transformation is now it is obviously happening gradually. What changes have already taken place, and what are the signs of change? Throughout history there have been places and times noted for cruelty and repression - Inquisitions, the Dark Ages, Nazi death camps, and recently Bosnia. Likewise there have been other places and times noted for the opposite - ancient Athens, the Bill of Rights, socialized medicine, and Civil Rights. In this matters have been not black and white, but gray, for if a theme was then dominant proponents of an alternate way of thinking were also hard at work. During the Dark Ages great discoveries were made, and ancient Athens had its close-minded bullies.

During the Transformation to 4th Density, however, polarization occurs so that alternatives are not so much present as elsewhere. Here we have open-minded exploration of ideas and democratic ideals, and there we have repression. At first, this polarization and separation takes place family by family, then township by township, then spreading to larger areas. Bosnia is an example. Those of kind heart wishing to live harmoniously with their neighbors were not only not heard, they were driven out. Some areas of Argentina have never recovered from the Dirty Wars, and are not about to. If one looks to Scandinavia, one finds legislated consideration, support of others, and public access to information of all kinds. Those who do not find this climate to their liking leave to settle elsewhere. These trends toward separation will continue, and acerbate, during the Transformation.

In step with spiritual change, physical change has taken place. The concepts espoused by the Green Movement, begun in the Netherlands, are now espoused worldwide, and words and thoughts have been followed by action. Pollution control and abatement, once the purview of minuscule government agencies, now hits the front pages regularly and occupies the hearts and minds of researchers world wide. The results, evident only within the past few years, include microbes that eat pollution, plants that cleanse the soil, and alternative natural products that don't pollute. Likewise, some religious movements such as Islamic dictates have become more harsh and repressive, resulting in increased restrictions on women. In racial relations advocates of separation have grown bolder and even managed to reverse progress of late. If one takes note of the physical signs and follows them to their source, one can almost delineate the boundaries of spiritual separation. Signs of transformative change!

Note: below added during the Dec 28, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Sessions.
Polarization in the main goes on undetected, with humans migrating to areas they sense will be more compatible with their thinking. Humans join groups, decide what shops to shop in, take walks in this or that park, all based on orientation, increasingly. Political groups, religious affiliations, all are affected by orientation leanings. Decisions as to what groups to belong to, what locales to live in, what employer to work for, are made daily based on the sense the human has that their chosen orientation fits in.

  • If a group plays ball, hard, with ridicule of those losing, and another plays ball for exercise, and ensures that all attending get a fair physical workout, these are attended by humans with different leanings.
  • If a political party is elitist, cruel to those in need and giving increasing power to the strong and ruthless, this is not a Service-to-Other oriented group.
  • If a church is so rule oriented that the elders cannot be challenged even when they rape children, and refuse to be called to account, this is not a Service-to-Other oriented leadership.

At a certain point, during a polarization period, these trends are noticed, as they become extreme. This is the point reached today, thus noticed. In the past, where the vast majority were undecided, only the occasional fully developed Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other would be about to influence matters. Jesus, or Genghis Khan, so their influence was obvious. During the Tranformation, where an influx of Service-to-Other Star Children, including Walk-ins that increase their numbers dramatically without the birth or maturation of children being required for influence, those in the Service-to-Self are threatened. The percentage of Service-to-Other on the Earth is tipping, and the Service-to-Self among humans feel uncomfortable. They group more tightly, to be with their like kind. They seek more control, get more shrill, dictate more rules, and restrict access to themselves. This is all to increase their comfort level, to return to the comfort level they remember in prior times. This desire for control, to return to the good-ol-days, is what in fact drives the polarization, as the Service-to-Self willingly separate!

Mixed Groups

In a mixed orientation society there are several barriers to the complete polarization that is the end result of the Transformation process. As might be expected, these barriers are all to the favor of those in the Service-to-Self, who prefer to have those in the Service-to-Others around, as prey. Beyond the obvious fact that the two orientations can physically intermingle in a mixed orientation setting, there is the tendency of those in the Service-to-Others to feel responsible for others, and to linger. Ultimately, through death and the sorting out that goes on prior to the next incarnation, the orientations do separate, if only because all those not in the Service-to-Others have been removed. Is there nothing a responsible human in the Service-to-Others can do during this time to avoid the traps being continually laid for them?

As life on Earth will get increasingly desperate, with food shortages and injuries and a continual high level of panic, those in the Service-to-Others will feel strongly drawn to remain with those in need. In truth, there is not much that can be done to change the circumstances, as life will be rough at best and subsistence about the best that can be hoped for among humans not living in hybrid communities. But what can be adjusted are attitudes and expectations, which can be adjusted to reality and in anticipation of future circumstances.

  • Separation of the orientations is inevitable, and any guilt trips those in the Service-to-Self try to lay on conscientious humans should be put firmly into this context. Humans are not in charge of this separation process, and cannot influence its outcome or pace. Those in the Service-to-Self should be thrown onto their own resources, to fend for themselves, which in any event is the setting they can anticipate in the future. To placate and wait on those in the Service-to-Self only creates, ultimately, a ruder shock in the future. Thus, it is in fact a kindness to refuse to be their servant class.
  • The standard of living will drastically drop, titles and positions attained will lose their meaning, and any false sense of security from savings accounts or possessions will shatter. Thus all those who survive the pole shift will need to adjust to the new reality. Where this will be difficult for all, it will be most difficult for those who are used to demanding service. Their demands will increase in proportion to their sense of deprivation, which will be acute. Exhausted and half starved themselves, stoic humans in the Service-to-Others orientation will find themselves surrounded by a chorus of wailing and angry demands. Do something about this situation, will be the demand, when there is nothing to be done. Thus, those in the Service-to-Others orientation, anticipating this, should learn to tune a deaf ear to all demands on them, as they will have their hands full simply doing what they know needs to be done.
  • Self help, wherever possible, should be the rule, as the burden on responsible individuals in the Service-to-Others orientation, attending to the needs of all around them, will be overwhelming. These individuals will be the ones keeping the mechanisms of food and energy production and shelter construction in motion, who will do the planning and organizing and rallying the distraught to address the steps that need to be taken. These individuals need to keep themselves strong, else if they drop from exhaustion there will be no leadership. Thus whimpering and ploys for assistance should be met with the counter demand that such assistance only be requested when self help has been tried, and tried repeatedly, and given only when it is obvious to all that assistance from others is needed.


In that the 3rd Density world that man currently lives in is such that they cannot easily group by orientation, into Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self groups, this is a point of confusion during this Transformation time. A group of Service-to-Other individuals, seeking to separate, will soon find themselves being visited by those wanting to take advantage of them. A group of Service-to-Self individuals are the first to arrive in such a setting, as this is ideal to their way of thinking. Most Service-to-Other individuals have family and friends they are intertwined with, who have mixed orientations, are undecided. Then enter the rule of law, societal laws, which require these relationships to continue. Governments do not want groups to isolate themselves, and consider this a great threat. Look to the rage with which the FBI invaded isolated groups a decade or so ago, to see how this is viewed. They consider all citizens to be their property, and insist on the entanglements that are wrapped around the individual from childhood on, remaining. One must have schooling, be papered, get a job, be taxed, produce offspring that are likewise controlled. The rage over abortion is an example of how far this sense of control and the importance to those power mad can go. There must be no escape.
So how does this change, after the shift, during the Transformation? First, isolation and separation from government control is automatic. Governments will lose control utterly, and isolation be the norm, not something sought. Thus, it comes down to how a small group, or a community, might separate and polarize. Think of your family, how family members or workforce members find compatible associates and tend to migrate toward them in their free time. If the controls over family support or showing up for work were gone, this would occur increasingly, and become full time. You have the Service-to-Self minded, who go off to loot and look for the weak. They thus are removed from strongly Service-to-Other groups, as these groups tend to cooperate well with each other, and defend themselves. Now you have the undecided, remaining with the Service-to-Other or straggling along on the periphery of the Service-to-Self. In a Service-to-Other environment, there is much serious discussion, and expectation that all will work hard for the general welfare. Undecided find this grim, no fun, and at the first opportunity peel away and set off on their own. Thus, if doing well, they establish their own communities, and if not doing well, die off.
To a great extent, the every-day life that man has today, in civilized countries, will not exist. Disease, infections, and accidents will strike quickly and decimate survivors. Thus, Service-to-Other communities will increasingly find themselves the survivors among survivors. When this occurs, they will find themselves in contact with high tech communities of humans and hybrids, living together. At this point, if not earlier by being assisted unannounced, they will find their lives improved. Thus, to imagine this polarization, this separation by orientation, remove the rule of law, the demands of society, and carry forward the natural trends you see among people today.

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, long in the know about the possibility of the passage, has also been making their plans. The Fatima warnings, which they have withheld from their flocks, combined with confessions by high level Catholics which were relayed to the Pope, have convinced the inner circle around the Pope that this is a likely scenario. They have two choices, to:

  1. inform their flocks and go through the distress with their flocks, and
  2. to save their own skins and emerge as leaders of those left living.

They have clearly chosen the latter, in that they announced the Fatima warning as a planned assassination of the Pope, and are willing to risk the loss of membership in the scandals surrounding the priesthood lately, in preference to closing the inner circle. Cleansing the church, at this time, would remove too many of the inner circle needed for a tight cover-up into the end times. Thus, pedophiles are protected, and victims paid off, as the higher priority is saving the skins of the inner circle. They will not do this in Rome, likely to be a mess of volcanic ash, but will move to a site as yet undecided. Likely sites are Africa, in places where the church has dominated the local folk, or South America, in countries where they feel an allegiance with the government. Their expectations that they will be leaders in the future is of course absurd, but arrogance seldom is realistic. They will be on the streets, with those of their flock they have abandoned, no better off, and not at all able to deal with the situation. Thus, an ignominious end, to an ignominious life.
The Catholic Church is unique in knowledge due to the grip of fear they place around those born into the religion. Confession, without which the poor souls are told they will burn in hell, is mandatory. Those who state that confessions are confidential are lying, as information deemed important to the Pope, to the inner circle, to maintaining the wealth of the Catholic church, is passed on. Corporate heads, government heads, in confession, are deemed thus, and get confession by special priests in many cases. Other religions do not have such information inroads. Given the information the Catholic Church gained, who said what when, they then had blackmail to learn more, and did gain the information they sought. Those giving them the information had their confidence, as they had mutual goals:

  1. maintain the wealth,
  2. maintain control and leadership,
  3. save their own sorry skins before those they are responsible for, such as the flock or the public in the case of governments.

Repressive Control

Lately the FBI has been in the news in the US by being freed from many restrictions, by the Bush Administration, re domestic spying. This has caused an uproar, but is scarcely unique in the US or elsewhere. Look to Arabian, which runs all internet access through one portal, so as to restrict access to web sites elsewhere not to their liking. Look to China, which thought to lie to the world on Tianaman Square, until they found Fax machines had done them in. Look to North Korea, which punishes any citizen, even children, crawling across their borders to seek food, at the point of death from starvation. Look to the Catholic Church, which tells the sheep to fear the shepherd, their priests, even when the priests are committing the worse crimes against the children in the flock. To what extent will those in power resort to maintain their control, as it slips?
It is not so much what they will do, as what they have done. This may be increasingly revealed, causing the public to think that this is new, but it is the old, now exposed, not new. Thus, spying by the FBI is not new, has been done even without permission, for decades. Do you think Congress, in hearings, is being told the truth, or even presented with those in the know? Those reporting to Congress are purposefully kept in the dark, so as not to slip or have a conscience problem. Those in control, behind the scenes, do as they wish, in the smoky need-to-know rules that the CIA and NSA and similar agencies in Russia and Europe have. In countries where it is no secret that spying and repression exist, this is hardly new.

  • China has jailed political dissent for decades, mistreating these humans in the worst manner, as did Russia in the past, in the Gulag. Organs harvested from still live inmates, starved and brutalized for the enjoyment of sadistic guards.
  • Indonesia treatment of East Timor is an example of raw power, exposed to the world only because of brave reporters who risked their lives, repeatedly. Kill the populace, with Indonesian military, and lie to the world! This is not news, and where meeting with objection, just goes underground.
  • In Africa, the oil interests sent in brutes to spray the natives objecting to pollution practices, birth defects, and the like, with bullets. This is defended by the oil interests in the US, the offenders excused from the world court, as it were.
  • In the US, the worse polluter in the world, the US, is excused from restrictions, while the rest of the world goes to Kyoto. Such is the supposed leadership of the free world!

Spying on citizens has gone on, is going on, to the extent the forces doing this chose to do so. In future, as this year plays out, this will diminish, those forces far too busy defending themselves to keep track or even care. Thus, those bugs, those wire taps, can be disconnected, placed elsewhere to fool those who might check on them, and the truth increasingly flow, those wanting free communication increasingly free to talk to others. Such is the progress of the Transformation!

Breakaway Consternation

During the Transformation, gradual polarization of the two spiritual orientations occurs, so that Service-to-Other groups emerge and grow in numbers while Service-to-Self groups harden and become more intense in their power trips. The Service-to-Others groups are increasingly operating in the 4th Density spiritual mode, working together in a highly cooperative mode that requires few rules, and when isolated from those in the Service-to-Self enjoy increased productivity and freedom from slavish obedience to often irrelevant policies and procedures. However, when the polarizing groups encounter each other the freewheeling activity in the Service-to-Others groups causes consternation in those firmly in the Service-to-Self orientation - breakaway consternation.

Those strongly in the Service-to-Self have often learned to use the rules of society to their advantage, from robbing others through the stock and bond markets to riding on the backs of hard working individuals whose ideas and work products are taken by the Service-to-Self with as little credit or financial return to the workers as possible. Their maneuvers are clothed in laws and religious strictures, and without all these rules that the state and church enforce, their power trips would be curtailed. Thus, when they see Service-to-Others groups operating without these rules, they become nervous. Might this trend continue? What kind of a life does this foretell for the Service-to-Self individual who has no intention of doing their fair share or letting those they think of as their virtual slaves escape?

Those in the Service-to-Self will attempt to bring the emerging Service-to-Others groups under their control, and failing to do so will tighten their grip on those already under their control. Their breakaway consternation manifests in intrusive checking on the plans of those under their thumb and vicious attacks when they find simple cooperation replacing slavish obedience to rules. They feel the grip they have loosening and slipping, and this makes them frantic. How dare the Service-to-Others breakaway!

Change Agent

Raised to follow the rules or face the consequences, most humans in all cultures worldwide do so in adulthood without stepping outside the bounds. For Islamic cultures, woman adjust to being draped head to toe when outside the home, the horrific example of rebels stoned and raped ever on their minds. Stop at the red light or be fined, regardless of whether cross traffic exists at the time or not. Pay your bills or lose your possessions and credit rating. Mind the corporate policies and nod approvingly at the dictates of the boss or lose your job. Go through the motions with the spouse even though love has long gone, as this is the only approved sexual outlet and divorce makes one an outcast, socially. Rules, regulations, confining expectations, so much a part of life that other than a quiet seething anger adults are not aware of these invisible ties that bind them to walk in prescribed ruts.

What happens, then, to create a rebel, one who openly rebels against the rules and antagonizes those enforcing them? Anger that has boiled over and cannot be contained, once expressed often puts the rebel into a mode where he cannot go back, and thus in an almost suicidal plunge, he moves forward, free at last to express his resentment. For every rebel that flashes defiance, there are thousands in a quiet revolt, a personal revolution building and waiting for an opportunity. There is the building process, then the opportunity where the threshold drops temporarily, and another rebel is born.

  • The Muslim woman, long resentful but feeling her situation hopeless, finds during warfare and upheaval in her country that she can dress as a man, take up a weapon, and move about the streets freely, her bravery part of her disguise - the warfare spilling into her village the opportunity. Once having stepped out of her bonds, she plots another course for her life, freed of her invisible bonds. When the women in the village find themselves trapped in their robes, but needing to flee, she suggest another mode, the rebel now a leader.
  • The dutiful citizen, paying his bills and minding the traffic signs and wearing the appropriate dress and prating the corporate agenda at work, is presented with earthquake upheaval that has reduced his home and workplace to rubble - the earthquake, the trapped and injured neighbors, the opportunity. Thinking survival, solely, he breathes more deeply and finds his head clear for the first time in years, the focus not on the rules but the emergency at hand. Is it looting to take rope from a store, without paying, to rescue those trapped under fallen trees? Once having cast the net of expectations aside, the adult thinks about these matters, and no longer reacts in a programmed manner.
  • The spouse who finds love gone but the ties that bind still in place deals with the cold shoulder in bed, the hostile comments at the dinner table, by distractions and sadness, but one day a flat tire on the road provides a socially acceptable meeting between two lonely people, and by the time the tire is changed and a cup of coffee in thanks has passed, the rules about fidelity are being ignored - a simple flat tire, the opportunity. The life long gone is suddenly a possibility again, and plans are laid on how to complete the process, divorce, arrangements, and being bold.

Given the upheaval to come during the increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity leading up to rotation stoppage, breaking roads and twisting rails, shattering cities and exploding pipelines, what can be expected of those living today under the rules they were raised to abide by, without question? For every individual harboring seething resentment, anger over senseless and inhumane rules, there will be an opportunity to step into a different mode of action. The soldier, told to point his gun at a child and shoot, not only refusing but turning his gun to protect, not main, the child, rebelling. The housewife, told by her husband to stay in the house, no longer safe, with the children, taking the car keys and leaving home and husband for good, rebelling. Police and firefighters, told by officials to let the buildings burn and to blockade escape from the city as their presence in a Martial Law directive is required blocking roads so looters cannot move to more affluent areas, turning a deaf ear to the orders and doing what their hearts tell them is the right thing to do, rebels all. Thus, in those counties where it seems freedom is dying, democracy stolen, dictatorship on the rise, take comfort. Help is on the way, the Earth changes will allow an opportunity for all to live lives more real, more caring, than was imagined.


NESCARA [National Economic Stabilization And Recovery Act] is a concept only, being floated out to determine interest in such a concept by the establishment who is aware that the common man will increasingly experience personal loss, and become increasingly desperate.

  • Taking the US as an example, the Fed has cut interest rates to a low not experienced since WWII, and is practically giving away money.
  • Bush and the GOP, against their usual inclinations to support only the rich and powerful, have decided to allow federal funds to be paid to the unemployed, who have recently run through their compensation and are now without weekly checks of any kind.
  • The economic indicators are all down down down, though the "experts" pronounce otherwise, with one company after another going belly up or laying off workers.
  • Workers from private to government jobs are taking pay cuts or declining wage increases, even when warranted by cost of living increases, in order to retain their jobs at all.
  • The Stock Market, maintained under tight control by money managers given firm orders not to sell but to buy, is floating where it is only because of a monumental control efforts, and would crash if neglected for a day.
  • The public did not buy for Christmas, in spite of promises in the media that this would be a big spending year, and as soon as 4Q results are in, the stocks will start plunging again.
  • Bankruptcies are at a record high, and will soon overwhelm the courts.

What can the establishment do to forestall panic, riots, placards waved in the air over angry heads in front of the White House, a story that would surely get in the news somewhere, in spite of media control, and the cat out of the bag. Would the public buy that some general amnesty was about to be issued? Would they even consider such a concept? If rumors were to circulate, on the Internet, would this get around, get mentioned at coffee houses, at bars, at the workplace? If so, then such rumors are worth floating, if not, then another tack needs to be taken.
NESCARA was such a test ground, and determined that where this was highly attractive to the man on the streets, none of whom are without debts, it was deemed impractical by any but the most childish. Who would buy that banks would forgive all debts? This is how they make their living. Who would buy that politicians would resign? They fight tooth and nail to get into politics, where they are in the power structures, on the stage, and must be pried away from this life, in the main. And how to adjust the inequities? If one man owes another a debt, is this not absolved, while debts to the banks are? Where is the line drawn? Rent past due? Home ownership recently arranged forgiven the same as home ownership one payment from completion? The concept is ludicrous, when examined as to workability, and after an initial perk of interest, soon falls into this type of discussion on how it would be implemented. Thus, the establishment has determined that other means, such as frank payment of unemployment benefits, an extended coverage, needs to be done.

Science Fiction

The media─movies, books, and TV shows - often portray transformative aspects, but this is taken to be fiction by the audience. One such aspect is the definitive battles between good and evil, as portrayed in the Star Wars series, which quite accurately mirrors the determinations on spiritual orientation to be made during 3rd Density. In Star Wars the fictional portrayal shows this to be a physical battle, rather than a spiritual decision, but the battle is won at key points because of spiritual decisions - young Skywalker facing his fears and standing up to all manner of intimidation; Darth Vadar saving his soul at the last minute by following suit, concern for his son overpowering all concern for self; Hans Solo, uninvolved and self protective, joining a cause in a heart-beat to save his friends, risking all; the moral slavery those serving the Empire live under and the terror tactics used by the Master to enforce subservience. Do these not exemplify the spiritual crossroads faced by humans in 3rd Density?

Other such transformative aspects portrayed in the media are the variety of life forms in the Universe, the degree of habitability throughout the Universe, interdimensional or what we term differing density shifts, rapid space travel, and time travel. These aspects are skewed to show primarily hominoid life forms, primarily dry land planets, and free movement during time travel - all of which are incorrect assumptions. However, presentation of the concepts in general is transformative to the audience. How do the writers and the cinematographers come by concepts that mirror the world to come? Have they been inspired? Without a doubt. Select creative writers and artists, who give The Call and are sufficiently motivated and talented, are taken on tours of the Universe, presented directly with life forms, conditions on other planets and engagements between those in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other. They are portraying, in human terms, what they have seen.

New Age Trends

Where the ideas expressed by New Agers are not all that new, having been present in many oriental philosophies and a cornerstone of the Hindu beliefs, their upsurgence and universal application is new. Those espousing what is termed New Age philosophies come in for a lot of abuse because many fear the trend. New Age philosophies are quite the opposite of those espoused by the New World Order crowd, but both will sharpen and escalate in their attempts to influence mankind as the Transformation progresses. Where the New World Order crowd wishes mankind to see itself allied only with humans, and in particular only with those in control of human society, New Age viewpoints stress a universal alliance. Concern for the ecology and recycling efforts are also characteristic of New Age groups, who stress living in harmony with nature rather than brutalizing it. The New World Order crowd has disdain for such concerns, treating ecological concerns as an imposition. It is no coincidence that then President George Bush, a strong advocate of the New World Order, held back committing the US during the most important ecological conference of the century. The battle has commenced, and during the Transformation it is a fight to the finish!

Culture Differences

Human cultures have much in common with other 3rd Density hominoid cultures, but have less in common, as one would expect, with 3rd Density cultures where the intelligent life form is amphibious, lays eggs, has no limbs, or flies. Culture is a factor of the concerns of the life form, and of the environment the life form finds itself in. For instance, on a planet with little water and searing sun at midday, it would be an unthinkable crime to bar one's door to a stranger needing shelter. An open door philosophy would become part of the culture, else the struggling members find themselves decimated due to being fried, literally, due to lack of civility. Because humans have evolved on a world with large carnivores, human cultures are notable, through not unique, for violent tendencies. You kill, maim, and brutalize each other to a degree which would never even be imagined on other 3rd Density worlds, and think not much of it. This violence, and it's acceptance, creeps through your culture, so that teachers punishing small children with a slap, or fist fights among small boys, are considered normal. During future galactic encounters, this will be put into a different perspective.

Meaning of Life

Humans, unsure of an afterlife and without proof that reincarnation exists, often wonder what the point of it all is. Why struggle to be good when good guys seem to finish last. Why work to build an empire when disaster can strike and bring it to ruin. They look around and ask, is this all there is? They wonder if there is a God, or if there is why atrocities are allowed to occur. It all boils down to the question - what is the Meaning of Life?

Confusion is deliberate during 3rd Density, a relatively short density, as the single lesson to be learned comes to a focus fastest when the eye cannot see past the horizon. Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other is the decision to be made, but as this is an emotional and moral decision, rather than an intellectual decision, not knowing the outcome of this decision keeps the action going in the proper arena. Imagine if youngsters in school were given no descriptions on the outcome of their curricular decisions. This is a trendy idea which is scarcely followed, as parents and teachers and family and the media all influence youngsters by pointed references and applause or punishment if not by outright demands. The youngsters might be entranced by building things with blocks but be told that will only lead to a dirty job working with one's hands, or be gifted at music and be enthralled in composing music to the exclusion of all other activities but be reminded just as constantly that performers don't have the lifestyle that white collar professionals can look to. The youngster's choices, in short, are not made based on their inclinations in the main.

During 3rd Density the spiritual choices to be made crystallize quickest when no influences are allowed to interfere. Being aware of the outcome during the learning incarnations slows the process because intellectual decisions are made that are contrary to the emotional and moral leaning, so backsliding and vacillation set in. In situations where 3rd Density entities are told the outcome of their decisions they almost invariably announce they are Service-to-Other, when in fact they are dithering between the orientations and haven't decided. Then hypocrisy sets in as self-centered motives are masked, and when the entity cannot deny to themselves that they are acting with self-centered motives they may abandon the effort altogether in self-defeating rebellion. When unaware, they are more honest with themselves, ponder the results of actions and how they feel about this more openly, try various alternatives more playfully, and in general proceed with the business at hand in a more genuine manner.

During the Transformation few entities complete their 3rd Density lesson under the duress of the rapid pace of change. Some entities leaning toward the Service-to-Other rise to the opportunities presented to do greater acts of service. Many entities leaning strongly toward the Service-to-Self act out their orientation choice without hesitation, practicing for the life they are sensing awaits them, where the spoils go to the strongest and boldest. Those entities who are incarnated undecided into the Transformation, which is now, almost invariably remain in that state, as the increasing polarization in the world around them detracts from, rather than adds to, their own introspective search.

Thus, the Meaning of Life during 3rd Density is to determine your spiritual orientation, which we can tell you now as we are well within the Transformation.

Who to Believe

We have explained that many channels are false, claiming to channel either for personal glory and attention or to deliberately disinform, and that true channels often speak poetically in metaphors and analogies or become so fascinated with a concept that they give it undue emphasis. We have also explained that many prophecies become misinterpreted messages due to the ear of the listener wishing to hear what they want to believe. Thus, the brief rescue that those firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation have been offered during the worst moments of the pole shift has been interpreted as the Ascension by Christians. We have also explained that the exact year of the pole shift is erroneously reported by many true channels, either because the human channel wants to deny what is in their future or because the aliens themselves are reluctant to give humans such terrifying news when there is little that most can do about it, and where dates have been reported in antiquity the measures by which the prophecy can be determined as a present date are not accurate.

Thus, humans receive many conflicting messages. Who to believe?

This situation of mixed or conflicting messages is certainly not new to humans, who deal with such elements in every aspect of their lives. Lovers say the three little words - I love you - but may be speaking of sexual desire or the need for affiliation or protection. Political promises are rife with conflicting statements, to say nothing of false intent. Both employer and employee misstate their qualifications and ability to deliver, the employer promising an exciting and educational environment and the prospective employee claiming competence to do the job. Product advertisement is so overstated that whole sections of the government are tasked with being watchdogs of such behavior. Criminal and civil prosecution find both sides giving conflicting claims of guilt or innocence and following up these claims with elaborate explanations and evidence. So why is it that humans expect to find absolute precision and truthfulness regarding the millennium prophecies and channeled claims?

As with all of life, you must think for yourself and make your own determinations.

Belief Systems

During the Transformation some things line up nicely and undergo change smoothly and other things are on a collision course. Where people hold belief systems that stand at odds to information increasingly accepted by the populace as fact - a crisis is in the making. As with the crisis a round Earth presented to those convinced the Earth was flat, or the crisis the bones of Early Man presented to those convinced man was formed in a day - the alien presence presents a crisis to those convinced that man is the only intelligent species in the Universe or was brought forth by God in his likeness. This crisis is not peculiar to the highly religious, but as the precepts of many religions align with such concepts, the devout are prone to find themselves in this position.

On the first point, that man is the only intelligent species, the belief system is assaulted on all sides. Space ships indicating interstellar travel, feats such as rapid travel or disappearance, reports from contactees of medical miracles or genetic engineering feats, the ability to levitate objects - all point to a higher intelligence than Homo Sapiens possesses. Those resisting this fact must either capitulate and admit what their senses and logic are telling them or turn the other way and refuse to even contemplate the onslaught of information. These people are not hard to identify. They turn red in the face and start shouting their beliefs when presented with facts that challenge those beliefs, as though the argument were to be settled by volume.

On the second point, that man was made in God's image, the belief system places the individual in the position of having to choose. Either the belief can be broadened to include all life as being in God's image, placing Homo Sapiens in a peer relationship with other intelligent life forms, or the belief system holds and the alien visitors are held to be ungodly - demons. Here too the individual rigidly clinging to a belief system at odds with the facts can be recognized. As more and more information on the variety of intelligent life forms is made available, this individual turns away from the discussion with a dark face, muttering warnings.

How should those eager for the Transformation and comfortable with the new concepts being presented deal with those so rigidly caught in inappropriate belief systems? Pressing the facts on them does little good, as resistance only increases under pressure. In fact, the opposite approach works best. Make a casual comment now and then, but back off the subject. Do not confront. Let the facts work their magic, as they often do.

Judgement Day

The millennium, with its transformative aspects, has been colored in many ways by many religions. The Christian religion paints this as the day of judgment, which in some respects it is! During the Transformation, those souls who have been practicing a true Service-to-Others orientation, where they care for others as much as the self, will get their reward, in a manner of speaking, by being allowed to incarnate again on Earth for what they would consider better times - life with others of the same orientation, or a Heaven on Earth. Likewise, those souls who have been practicing a determined Service- to-Self orientation, where they care for themselves 95% of the time and scarcely ever think of others, will find they are destined to what most would call a Hell - life with others like themselves!

Will the graves open and the dead walk again? In that all spirits who have been incarnating on Earth will be sorted out during the same general time period, this story has a relationship to the facts. Jesus did not mean that he himself, personally, would be returning to act as judge and jury, but that he and his group, along with others, would be involved with the Earth at this time.

Blue Star

The coming Transformation propagates so many expectations that it is no surprise that stories abound. Some of the favorites involve being transformed by light, a take-off from the notion that entities evolve toward existing only in light form and the awareness that contactees have that highly evolved entities visit them in light form. Along those lines is a fanciful story that a Blue Star will arrive during the Transformation to bathe the Earth in healing rays. There is no such Blue Star nor is the Transformation to occur in this manner. The Transformation looks inward, to the hearts and minds of Earthlings. It is here where the healing light, so to speak, comes from, not some magical saving ray from outer space. Humans looking for salvation must look to themselves, and this is one of the lessons to be learned. Only spiritual infants look to others for salvation, as the infant looks to its parents.